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In computer security, logging in (or logging on, signing in, or signing on) is the process by which an individual gains access to a computer system by identifying and authenticating themselves. The user credentials are typically some form of username and a matching password, and these credentials themselves are sometimes referred to as a login (or logon, sign-in, sign-on). In practice, modern secure systems often require a second factor such as email or SMS confirmation for extra security. Social login allows a user to use existing user credentials from a social networking service to sign in to or create an account on a new website.
When access is no longer needed, the user can log out (log off, sign out or sign off).

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  1. M

    Help Paymaya error log in

    Hi mga master, pano kaya ito hindi ako maka-log in sa paymaya lagi lumalabas itong error log in kakagawa ko lang ng account sa paymaya 2 days ago at upgraded na din fully verified.
  2. I

    Help Microsoft account suspicious log in attempt

    pa-help naman po kung paano mapatigil to ilang weeks na rin may gusto mag log in sa account ko. Although unsuccessful naman lahat kaso nakaka-overthink pa rin.
  3. S

    Help Facebook cannot log in may nakaranas ba nito

    Baka may nakaranas nito facebook authenticator kaso di makalog in baka may makatulong thank you po
  4. J

    S·T·S GigaPoints Register without log in

    Guys pa help naman my ways ba para makapag register ng gigapoint ng walang giga app?
  5. M

    Referral 7 DAYS LOG IN AIRDROP

    AIRDROP🪂 Daily log in, Mint your energy for 7 days. bloodloop.com/onboard?ref=Enrick
  6. R

    Help Bypass log in key on apps

    Guys pa help ma bypass log in key sa apps nilagyan kasi ng key nung nag mod
  7. G

    Pubgm log in problem..

    Ako lang ba ang di maka log in sa PUBGM?? Pano kaya to.
  8. J

    Help Paanu gumawa ng Log in/log out application interface

    Mga sirs may link po ba or video tut paano gumawa ng Log in/log out application interface. SALAMAT po
  9. L

    Help Globe One App (di maka log in)

    Pa help naman, di ako maka log in sa globe one app. See attached screenshot. Nag clear cache na ako and clear storage. Uninstall, restart and reinstall. wala pa din.
  10. D

    Help Converge log in user and password

    Pa help naman po, nag reset nrin kmi ng modem namin. Nag try ako Ganto user: Admin Password: Converge@zte123 Kaso ayaw pdin incorrect daw. Ano po kaya mali
  11. E

    Paanu po ito i log in sa netflix?

    Paanu po ito gamitin sa Netflix app using smart tv?
  12. I

    Tutorial How to IP log in PHCorner messenger silently

    Thanks to Aeth3r for this idea. EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Hidden content
  13. R

    Converge nokiag-1425g-b admin log in

    Please help po regarding admin login.. try ko call sa support di. maka bigay ang agent... need it to enable bridge mode . thank you in advance sa maghelp
  14. Y

    Help Pahelp naman po, na häçk cellphone namin

    Yung gmail ng coc ng kuya ko, naka log in sa cp namin 2, den binibenta nya daw, binigay nya gmail at password, den ayun nag reset cellphone namin, pano po kay nangyare dun? Na copy kaya mga data namin?
  15. M

    Help Di na maka log in sa telegram after phone reset

    Baka may pwd maka help after ko kasi mag reset ng phone ayaw na mag login sa telegram, eto mga error Then meron pa isa minsan 'an internal error occured' Tia po sa makatulong..
  16. U

    Help Maya app di ako ma ka log in

    kayo din ba di rin makapag log in sa maya app o ako lang ba nakakaranas ng ganito.
  17. T

    Help Prime Video error in log in

    Mga lods, question lang po baka lam nyo correct link para makapag-log in sa PRIME VIDEO. nag nakaraan naman nakakapanood pa ko. Ngayon pag-open ko yan na nalabas po. Hoping mapansin po. Even sa apps same issue encounter. Matsala lods in advance.
  18. L

    Help Jump Assembly Log In

    baka may account kayo dyan sa beta test pa share naman 🤗
  19. B

    Help Macbook pro update and stock sa log in

    Pahelp po nag update macbook pro after update ayaw na tanggapin password. Nung napalitan na nastock naman sa log in at may lumalabas na Macintosh HD unlock to log in. Please help po ano kaya nangyari. Salamat in advance
  20. S

    Help Gmail log in

    Paano ko po mala-log in Gmail ko nanghihinge ng tap verification kaso sira na yung old phone ko kung saan naka sign in.?
  21. S

    Closed Gcash Can't log in - Fixed !!

    Good day! May nakaencounter n kia dito ng same issue sa Gcash. Naunlinked cia bigla "your 90 days aunthentication expired". Tpos ndi ko na cia ulit malog-in. Salamat sa sasagot.
  22. L

    Log in page

    bakit kaya di sya napupunta sa target na page na ito " header("Location: admin/dashboard.php?login=success"); exit(); // Don't forget to exit after redirecting } else { $_SESSION['login_success_timestamp'] = time(); header("Location: user/dashboard.php?login=success"); exit(); // Don't forget to...
  23. J


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  24. Z

    Help PHC Log in thru FB

    Pahelp po mga master nag-eerror yung main account ko po rito sa PHC naka bind sa FB ayaw mag log in. Okay naman po yung FB Account ko po.
  25. M

    One piece fighting path CN log in prroblem

    Baka naman po sa mga marunong mag ayos neto patulong po huhu Sabi kase nila pag install ng appgallery matic na syang ma lolog in may gamit din akong vpn pang china di ko sya malarooo
  26. X

    Legacy origin

    how to log in?
  27. R

    Help Help ph corner log in using twitter

    Baka may alam dyan twitter kasi yung gamit ko pang log-in dito sa ph corner bat kaya ganto pag pinindot yung twitter?
  28. K

    Referral Free lang need mulang log in araw araw

    Makakakuha ka ng points at mokoconvery yung points into gcash guys pwedi rin kayo mag recharge kung risk takers kayo explore nyo nalang pero may free siya araw² pag nag log in ka sa may gusto lang po walang pilitan Hidden content
  29. R

    Pa help po samsung smart tv

    may iptv smarter po ako paano mag log in diyan sana mapansin niyo ako
  30. R

    Help About NBI log in

    Natatandaan ko naman ung pass ko pero invalid log in, tapos pag forgot password naman tapos i enter ung email, no accout existing. Pano to? Ka kaapply ko palang ng first time jobseeker registration sa kanila last week, pag log in ko ayaw na. Possible kaya denilete acc ko?
  31. T

    Gcash log in error

    alam nyo ba pano maayos tong gcash account ko laging error pag mag log in e.. tama naman un code..
  32. J

    Help I Factory Wipe All data reset sa Win10 and after Mag wipe success Nag papa log in ng"Other Account" password.

    Helloso guys this is my problem. After po mag factory wipe all my data and reset po windows 10 i expected fresh po from the start ang loptop ko. Pero after reset may lumabas na Other users Password log in. so hindiq alam input ko since wala naman ako tineguster na pass and username po. Paano po...
  33. I

    Help Smartbro home wifi advance admin log in

    Help po sana may tumulong panu po maaccess advance admin ng smartbro home wifi bablock ko lang yung mga kumokonek sa wifi salamat sa tutulong
  34. T

    Help Gcash log in problem

    may alam ba kayo pano maays gcash account ko di ko na ma log in e
  35. D

    Register and log in to get 120Pesos reward. Daily check-in reward 4Pesos with GCash payout

    Daily login reward 4P The latest monetization model - allowing everyone to get dividends from MECATL battery production. Register and log in to get 120₱ reward. Daily check-in reward 4₱ Sign up Minimum deposit 500₱, minimum wí†hdráwal 300₱
  36. T

    Help Gcash log in error

    pwede paturo pano maayos maka log in sa gcash palaging error e
  37. B

    Help GCASH log in

    Mga lods may way po ba mag log in sa gcash using email? Nawala ko kasi yung number ko pero nakabind naman sa email ko yung gcash account.
  38. L

    Help Gcash Log in Error

    Why po hindi ko malog in gcash ko? gnito po nalabas..
  39. M

    Help Can't log in my gcash acc

    so ayon nga bale halos 2 months ko ata nde naopen gcash ko kasi nawala sim ko tas nung nahanap kona hindi kona sya maopen yan lagi nalabas "something went wrong " mabubuksan pa kaya to or block na? Haisytttt
  40. J


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  41. V

    Closed Hi lodi P10 everyday pag log in sa Paymaya, Proof meron

    ❤️Sharing is caring lods welcome back 🏆Punta ka lang sa Playstore at download mo app na Paymaya(Maya) 🏆Log in lang araw araw lods ket wala ka cash-in/top up 🏆P10 araw araw wala ka gagawin iba once a day lang bisitahin mo Paymaya mo after registration. No referral link needed direct sa...

Did you know?

Credit is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party wherein the second party does not reimburse the first party immediately, but promises either to repay or return those resources at a later date.

Lenders want to make sure all their bases are covered before they extend you credit. That means they may look at factors other than your credit score to determine whether to lend you money. Your employment status also can play a role: If your income is too low or you haven’t been at your current workplace long, those factors could weigh against you.

Errors can come in a variety of forms. You may not have been credited for a payment you made, or you may have been charged for a purchase you didn’t make. A debt might be listed more than once, or your balance might be wrong.