In electricity generation, a generator is a device that converts motive power (mechanical energy) into electric power for use in an external circuit. Sources of mechanical energy include steam turbines, gas turbines, water turbines, internal combustion engines, wind turbines and even hand cranks. The first electromagnetic generator, the Faraday disk, was invented in 1831 by British scientist Michael Faraday. Generators provide nearly all of the power for electric power grids.
The reverse conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy is done by an electric motor, and motors and generators have many similarities. Many motors can be mechanically driven to generate electricity; frequently they make acceptable manual generators.

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    Help Sim Number Generator

    May apps po ba na pwede mag-generate ng Philipines telecom na number? Thank you
  2. R

    Tutorial Prémíùm Link Generators

    These sites are free to download services. You can generate ρrémíùm links for Free ! works with Rapidgator, Mega and other Cloud services to direct download... Hidden content Hidden content
  3. S

    Help Capstone Generator

    May website ba kayu ng Capstone tittle generator pa bulong namn badly need lng para sa presentation namin bukas
  4. L

    Help Free US number generator?

    Hello po sa inyu, may alam po ba kayu na free app or website na nag generate ng US numbers? Salamat po sa sasagot.
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    Help AI Generator image

    baka may alam po kayo free or pasabit po
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    Help Q: Ai Image generator for FREE

    San po kaya pwedeng ka pag generate ng ganito pic, uso ngayun na may pangalan sa damit na Free lang or sa ρáíd Ai lang po ba talaga nagagawa yun?
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    Help Help AI Image Generator For Android

    Help AI Image Generator For Android Na Kahit hindi rooted Puro for rooted device kasi nakikita kong apps, kung meron lang naman. Salamat Ka Phc 😘
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    Admin access generator?

    sa nagbayad ng admin access thru fb. magkano at ano status ng wifi nyo?
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    Tutorial Free Avatar Generator

    A ρrémíùm service that creates an interesting avatar for you. Supported by GPT-4 Vision and DALL-E 3. You just need to upload a photo and choose a style. A high quality avatar will be ready. Ideal for social networks Hidden content
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    TRY NYO TO MGA BOSS ANG LUPET Hidden content
  11. Z

    Video to ai generator?

    Good day mga idols. Meron bang free or modded apps na makakapag generate ng personal video to Ai video for mobile? Thank you
  12. C

    Help Function Generator

    Baka may nakakaalam kung ano.x ang mga materials needed and pano gawin ang Function Generator (Sine, Square & Triangle Waves). Patulong po for final project. Madami kasi akong nakita sa YøùTùbé and nalilito ako alin dun ang gagayahin ko. Any suggestions po? Ty
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    Help AI 3D model generator

    Mga boss baka meron po kayo alam na application or website ng puwede mag generate ng 3d models. Maraming salamat po in advance
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    Android App Baka isa eto sa hinahanap nyong image generator

    Click mo lang ako Steps : Join beta Accept invite Need mag Subscribe Makagawa kana.
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    Help BarCode Generator Help!

    Mga bossing baka meron kayo jang ***** ng active Barcode generator? 15 days trial lang kasi e haha, or baka meron kayong ibang software ng barcode basta may Code 128B thank you.
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    Free AI Image Generator

    Share ko lang guys. Free AI Art Generator
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    Course Udemy Course | Qr Code Generator Using JavaScript

    Udemy Course 📌Qr Code Generator Using JavaScript ⏳6hours Left Hidden content
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    Help Anyone can recommend a browser desktop website they can use, like this AI generator for free?

    Anyone can recommend a browser desktop website they can use, like this AI generator for free?
  19. W

    Image AI generator paano gagawin?

    Ask lang ako sa mga master Kung balak gagawa ng isang Image AI generator saan mag uumpisa? Yung simple lang na input at output...
  20. P

    Help AI Song Generator with other voice

    May alam po ba kayo na site na pwedeng gamitin ang voice ng tao para kumanta tulad ng nasa tiktok? Pa sabit naman o pabulong naman.
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    QR Code Generator Using JavaScript (Udemy)

    Learn How To Generate QR Code Using JavaScript & How To Create QR Code Generator Website Hidden content What you'll learn Detail About QR Code How To Generate QR Code How To Generate QR Code Using JavaScript How To Create QR Code Generator Website Baka magamit nyo sa capstone nyo 4days left.
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    Help What App/Site for Power Point AI Generator?

    What App/Site for Power Point AI Generator?
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    Help AI Video Generator

    Mga ka-PHC, may mga alam ba kayo na AI Video Generator na free? Or something related. Gusto ko kasi gumawa ng cheer para sa team namin this coming Agency Olympics as a support. Thanks in advance!
  24. C


    Hello help po kung sino may alam diyan ng magandang AI generated photo yung kuhang kuha po.
  25. K

    Image generator AI for poses and outfit

    May ganto po ba mga idol? Para makakuha ng idea sa pormahan
  26. B

    Sino may Idea Phone Number Generator?

    Sino may Idea sa Phone Number Generator yung auto save na sa Contact sana ?baka may apps kayo pwede i suggest
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    Help Video Barcode Generator

    Mga lods, tanong lang po. May barcode generator po ba ng video? Salamat po sa sasagot.
  28. A

    Help Public Link Generator

    Lodz anong gamit niyong site para madownload ng iba ang videos or files niyo?
  29. R

    Tutorial List - AI Image Generators

    List of AI image generators and related tools for creating, searching, and transforming images. Hidden contentHidden content
  30. O

    MagicAI - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS 1.4.3

    Baka may need nito Download MagicAI - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS nùlléd 45408109 MagicAI is designed to help you generate high-quality content instantly, without breaking a sweat. AI Text Generator AI Image Generator AI Code Generator AI ChatBot AI Speech to Text...
  31. G


    Sa mga Hirap mag Edit ng PAYLOAD sa Config nila .. VISIT THiS SiTE May PAYLOAD GENEARATOR Ang kailangan mo lng ay Bug HOST ✓Select Server ✓Create Account Kahit wag mo muna idownload yung Configuration ✓Click MENU ✓SELECT V2ray Config Generator Openvpn Config Generator...
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    Trivia Portable Generator para sa bahay!

    Check Here ⭕HIGHLIGHTS: 【Updated Multifunctional Outputs】: 1*AC outputs(200W/peak 400W), PD USB-C, 12V DC , QC3.0 USB-A, USB port . With multiple ports, you can charge all the devices you need at once. 【3 Ways of Recharging】 Wall outlet,Car charging , Solar panel(sold separatly) 【3 Modes of...
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    A.i. Wall Art Generator (Free to Generate)

    FYI Studio Maganda to pag mahilig kayo sa mga Wall art, meron din sila Canvas, Tshirt design, Tattoo Design, and Room Design. Sample sa Wall art nila. Pero may bayad if gusto mo ng e download yung design, 1$ per download more or less 55php ito yung gawa ko na...
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    Flex your AI Generated Images, Ito sakin ...

    I am Using Maze .Guru Maze Guru is an AI art generator that supports generating various impressive images from "text to image" and "image to image". Here's my AI Generated Images using MazeGuru
  35. W

    Smart TNT Sun Imperva Generator

    closed due to selling in facebook
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    Help AI 3d model generator

    Anong websites or A.I generators na pweden gamitin para mag generate ng model from text, needed lang for our project in thesis, like for example Fuzzy mitigation system for dried fish, tas mag gegenrate siya ng model para sa title above
  37. 3

    Trivia Google text-to-music generator MusicLM

    MusicLM, an experimental tool from Google that turns written prompts into music, is now accepting early testers via AI Test Kitchen, the company's testing ground for AI technology. To sign up for MusicLM's waitlist, go to Google's AI Test Kitchen (Link below) Google will send you an email...
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    Help Help bot

    How important is it for small business owners to consider ethical and social responsibility when making business decisions? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of doing so?