Globe Telecom, Inc., commonly shortened as Globe, is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. The company operates the largest mobile network in the Philippines and one of the largest fixed-line and broadband networks. As of December 2022, Globe's total mobile subscriber base had reached 87.9 million. It is also the country's largest telecommunications company in terms of market capitalization.

The company's principal shareholders are Ayala Corporation and Singtel. It is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GLO and had a market capitalization of ₱363 billion as of the end of August 2021.

Globe offers commercial wireless services through its 2G, 3G, 3.5G HSPA+, 4G LTE, and LTE-A networks, with 5G currently being deployed in key areas in the Philippines. Its 5G coverage is available in over 3,000 locations all over the country and nearly 100% of the population in the National Capital Region, Davao City, and Cebu.

In 2016, Globe introduced its Globe Lifestyle brand as a way to connect to its customers through fashion. It also launched two entertainment divisions: Anima (formerly Globe Studios), which focuses on film and television production, and Globe Live, which focuses on live concerts and musical events.
  1. P

    Help Globe G Swipe

    Nanalo ako ng 100 globe rewards paano kaya to mga sir?
  2. D

    Help Globe promo

    Ano pong magandang promo sa globe na may unli at pwede i bypass na walang speed cap? Nakaka sawa na kase unli tiktok ni Smart
  3. V

    G·TM Globe GoWatch bypass

    7day bypass will waiting gtmnøløad plss hintay lang pø
  4. J

    iOS IPhone Globe Factory Unlock

    ✅Eligible lang po itong Globe Factory Unlock for iPhone XR up to 15 Pro Max only Hidden content
  5. K

    For Sale For sale Globe regular load 310 discount 10 maging 300 para sayo with 20% voucher code sa LAZADA!

    310 regular load para sayo maging regular 300 load san ka pa?! meron ka pang 20% voucher code sa lazada kaya avail na!
  6. M

    G·TM Pano pabilisin si globe?

    Mga bossing pano pabilisin ang globe? Patulong naman. Salamat sa tutulong!
  7. Z

    G·TM Ano po yung mgandang free net for globe and dito sim

    Sana may makatulong po lagi nalng kasi po ako nag papaload medyo mabigat sa bulsa Ty po
  8. K

    For Sale For sale po 310 Globe load with 20% 0ff Lazada voucher po

    meron po sana akong 500php kaso naging 310 dahil binawasa ni globe sa utangload ko. kaya yan po remain load ko po. via Gcash po sana para pambili ko ng inhaler. astham attack kasi ako now. :(
  9. K

    G·TM Sino gusto load 460 po sa globe?

    Via Gcash po payment sana please. Need ko po pang-dagdag pambili ng inhaler po 😔
  10. C


    Hello po, pa help din po sa admin access for Huawei Globe Prepaid Wifi: Huawie Model: B312-939 LAN MAC ADDRESS: 5C78F814E219
  11. M

    G·TM Globe tm free net

    Free internet globe tm follow nyo nalang instructions check nyo nalang kung GANA sa area nyo
  12. C


    siraulo ata tong globe fiber prepaid pag gabi walang internet laging LOS 🤬
  13. K

    Help Unligo149 all access data consumed

    Baguhan lang po ako, question ko lang kung ano pwede kong gawin. Kakaregister ko lang kaso ambilis makain ng 5gb all access data ng unligo149, kahit yung sa unli apps lang naman gamit ko. Bali di na ako makaaccess ng iba, anong solution kaya pwede ko gawin kahit yung unli sa specific apps nalang...
  14. L

    G·TM Globe promo na sulit

    May alam po ba kayo na globe promo na sulit? At pwede gawin unli kapag gagamitan ng vpn? Yung mga 15 days ang validity.
  15. R

    Help Mas sulit ba promo ni globe kaysa kay smart?

    I have an idea po kasi na mag switch between smart to globe, naag request nadin ako ng code for porting, but hesitate ako maybe magsisi lang ako, ano sa tingin nyo? Hehe Thankss
  16. S

    Help Good news, sana may papalit na sa ip hunt, 4G Globe towers ang susi

    Good news ito sabi ng isang user, malapit din sya sa globe tower like me, may ip freenet din sya! Kayo ba huys pa comment yung mga malapit dyan sa globe towers, kung madali ba mag ip hunting ng ip na may freenet?
  17. Z

    Globe Ano sulit na promo png data kay globe?

    Anong sulit promo kay globe pang data?
  18. G

    Help häçksdata ng globe

    Bakit kaya merun häçksdata ung globe ko.. go+149 lang naman pinaload ko.. oras palang nagtext na agad ung globe 499mb nalang daw data ko..
  19. M


    Yan po lumalabas, di po ako mka pasok sa admin portal. na try ko na din po gamit ibang browser, ayaw talaga. Pa tulong po, thanks
  20. V


  21. M

    Help Anong maisuggest nyo saking magandang Plan or wifi?

    Hello po, looking po for recos if anong magandang plan or wifi na bilhin ung stable po sana, preferably Ilocos Sur area since bago lang me sa area at gamitin for work purposes. Thanks :)
  22. S

    G·TM Closed

    [/SPOILER] :AquAhh: :AnimeLick::AquAhh::AnimeLick:
  23. D

    Help Globe Net slow?

    hi, baka may way mapabilis yung ping habang nag e-ml, lagi kasing nag i-spike ping ko umaabot ng 300ms bigla bigla, minsan na nga lang maka laro lag pa:(
  24. P

    Help OTP issues after porting to Globe

    Nag-port ako from DITO to Globe dahil kailangan ko lang talaga is yung personalized number nila. Also, di rin kasi nila supported ang Samsung devices for VoWiFi. So, after porting out yesterday and had it activated around 8PM, nung una medyo hirap maka-receive ng calls and text and eventually...
  25. W


    need help pa admin access po sa Globe B535-932 Lan Mac Address: A2:76:DB:F7:D3:C0 Salamat po
  26. B

    Help Globe data validity

    Mga ka PHC ano ang pang extend nio ng days sa data nawala na kasi gocreate .
  27. J

    Help Globe ZTE MF293N Openline

    Globe ZTE MF293N Openline Baka meron po paano gawin? share knowledge po, thank you
  28. O

    Help Share a Load sa Globe

    Good afternoon mga master ask lang baka may alam po kayo. Paano po mag SHARE A LOAD sa globe. Sorry badly needed lang po. Salamat ng marami po
  29. P

    G·TM Closed

    Bawal ata close muna
  30. L

    Looking For LF> 200 globe load

    Pabili 200 load 15-20% dc sana
  31. Y

    Help Paano maka host website locally using home router ng globe?

    yung problema kasi is hindi maka port forward, ano ba magandang setup dito
  32. K


    May paraan po ba ma unlock PUK sim?
  33. A

    Globe tagal sumagot ang agent

    ang tagal sumagot ng mga agent ng globe walang matinong makausap ano pa kaya ibang contact nila para sa mga concern
  34. K

    Help Globe gcash otp

    Pahelp po di makareceive ng otp sa gcash kahit maganda signal smart sim gamit ko
  35. W


    OPENVPN FOR MODEM share ko lang config na gumagana lang sa modem or router na may nakainstall na OPENVPN UI UNLI DOWNLOAD NO CAP NO BLOCK:NOIDONTTHINKSO::NOIDONTTHINKSO: FOR GOWATCH AND PLAY ONLY Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content Hidden content
  36. D

    Help Meron ako gustong alisin sa wifi na device kaso wala siya dun sa list? Globe Fibr

    Aalisin ko lang laptop nung pamangkin ko kasi over na sa laro kaso wala siya dun sa list ng devices, lahat ng connected devices andun pwera sa laptop na yun.
  37. X

    Trivia NoLoad | Alam nyo kung bakit mabilis na...? | Sokpaa!!

    NoLoad | Alam nyo kung bakit mabilis na...? | Sokpaa!! na-block v2ray vless. Hidden content .......
  38. J

    G·TM Bad news for gtm v2ray goodnews for stsnoload

    bad news may limit na yong request ni cloudflare mga idol gusto ko man e update yong vpn natin pero useless din mga 1 hour lng down nanaman config natin. pero huwag mag alala may sts noload tayo (ovpn) Yan lang muna gamitin nyo salamat INET VPN - Apps on Google Play
  39. P

    Globe at home (B312-939) pa admin access po

    mga boss pa help po sana ipa admin access po. Huawei Model: B312-939 LAN MAC address: 54:0D:F9:46:CB:FE
  40. S

    Globe Globe B312-939 Admin Access

    Patulong naman po ma-acess ang admin. Huawei Model: B312-939 LAN MAC Address: 10:E9:53:E6:EE:A1 Salamat po.
  41. F

    Help Globe TM No Expiry Data?

    Is there any promo in globe na no expiry sa data like magic data of smart?
  42. P

    G·TM Globe sim

    may roam on roam off po ba na tricks sa globe incase na block yung sim or wala na tlaga pag asa pag ma block?
  43. J

    G·TM New Globe Sim W/5gig Free Blocked!!!!

    Kakabili ko lang kahapon ng Globe sim,,Pag open ko ng Data nagtext si globibo na welcome blah blah blah at isang pang text na pwede ko na maenjoy ang free 5GIG (Go50) ginanmit ko na ung free browse dito browse nood duon hanggang makatulog,,pag gising ko nde na ko makabrowse at wala na...

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