In the pursuit of knowledge, data (US: ; UK: ) is a collection of discrete values that convey information, describing quantity, quality, fact, statistics, other basic units of meaning, or simply sequences of symbols that may be further interpreted. A datum is an individual state in a set of data. Data usually is organized into structures such as tables that provide additional context and meaning, and which may themselves be used as data in larger structures. Data may be used as variables in a computational process. Data may represent abstract ideas or concrete measurements.
Data is commonly used in scientific research, finance, and in virtually every other form of human organizational activity. Examples of data sets include
stock prices, crime rates, unemployment rates, literacy rates, and census data.
Data represents the raw facts and figures which can be used in such a manner in order to capture the useful information out of it.
Data is collected using techniques such as measurement, observation, query, or analysis, and typically represented as numbers or characters which may be further processed. Field data are data that are collected in an uncontrolled in-situ environment. Experimental data are data that are generated in the course of a controlled scientific experiment. Data is analyzed using techniques such as calculation, reasoning, discussion, presentation, visualization, or other forms of post-analysis. Prior to analaysis, raw data (or unprocessed data) is typically cleaned: Outliers are removed and obvious instrument or data entry errors are corrected.
Data has been described as "the new oil of the digital economy". Data, as a general concept, refers to the fact that some existing information or knowledge is represented or coded in some form suitable for better usage or processing. Data is the smallest units of factual information that can be used as a basis for calculation, reasoning, or discussion. Data can range from abstract ideas to concrete measurements, including but not limited to, statistics. Thematically connected data presented in some relevant context can be viewed as information. Contextually connected pieces of information can then be described as data insights or intelligence. The stock of insights and intelligence that accumulates over time resulting from the synthesis of data into information, can then be described as knowledge.
Advances in computing technologies have led to the advent of ''Big Data''. Big Data usually refers to very large quantities of data, usually at the petabyte scale. Using traditional data analysis methods and computing, working with such large (and growing) datasets is difficult, even impossible. (Theoretically speaking, infinite data would yield infinite information, which would render extracting insights or intelligence impossible.) In response, the relatively new field of ''Data Science'' uses machine learning (and other Artificial Intelligence (AI)) methods that allow for efficient applications of analytic methods to Big Data.

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  1. Z

    Help May cap parin ba unli 125/349?

    naka register ako ng unli 299 before mag price change and noticed na kaya na mag up to 2k res sa yt. sometimes bumabagal rin to 400+Kbps pero i dont know ano ung dahilan. might be my network band selection(gamit ko lagi 1,3, and 5 sa bahay, and band 28 sa school) or si smart lang talaga haha.
  2. F

    Smart TNT Sun Maintenance si Gigalife: Cloudfront lost, UNLI DATA lost and more.

    Binalik yung Gigalife appsa no load at no promo na access ko pagkatapos ng maintenance. Mawawala ba yung CF base at ibang pang GCash promos na mawawala? Date: Dec. 5-7
  3. A

    Smart TNT Sun Smart Unli data 99 noon 125 na ngayon

    Dati 99 7 days.. ngayon 125 na Ano kaya nangyari bigla nag price hike din 😅😅😅😅😅😅 ..
  4. A

    Smart Smart Unli data for all site

    Smart Unli Data for All sites.. Dating 99 ngayon 125 na
  5. K

    Help Tatagal ba ung sharealble data ko ?

    Pag nagreg po ba ako sa giga stories 299 ung 30 days ...ung natitirang shareable data ko sa giga power promo n reg ko dati tatagal po b ung expiration nung shareable data ko... Meron po kc akong 20gb pa n shareable data eh tas mag expire bukas pag nagreg po ba ako sa giga stories 299 n pang 30...
  6. H


    Sa mga SIM na may unli data thru *123#, here's the update: Medyo may kamahalan na ngayon. Dati 299 lang, ngayon 349 na. Pero goods pa rin naman 😁
  7. S

    Smart TNT Sun SMART New UNLI DATA+

    So ayun, nag dial ako sa *123# to check kung talaga bang nag increase na sila ng price, at nag increase nga sila. But, may nakita akong bagong promo nila na UNLI DATA+. See ss below: Ayun lang. Pakicheck din sa inyo kung meron din kayong ganitong promo. Or baka alam nyo na nalate lang ako...
  8. W

    Smart TNT Sun Unli Data Rocket Sim at GOMO

    Ayayay pag ibig. Tumaas na rin cla. Haha. Pati GOMO 599 na rin. Pero mas okay pa rin gomo ko kc wala speed capped sakin. 😁
  9. D

    Smart TNT Sun Unli data at unlifam

    kung taas presyo si gomo, ganun din kay smart aray na lang talaga hahaha
  10. I

    Smart TNT Sun Unli data 599 at unli fam 999

    The end is near. Umay
  11. N

    Help SIM with Unli Data

    Sino po may binibinta na SIM with Unli Data?
  12. J


    Yung Unli Data ng Smart is pili lang pala ang meron. Kaya ba siyang i-register kahit hindi available sa simcard ko? Salamat sa sasagot
  13. F

    Smart TNT Sun Smart unli data for selected sim price update

    Since last year pa may unli data offer 'tong sim ko. Lasy year ko lang din binili. Nag update yung price niya.
  14. A


    Still kickin' 😄 sana'y sa inyo din ❤️ Happy Snow mga ka PHC 🥶🎄🎅
  15. I

    TNT TNT Vpn

    Help naman po, hindi naman po ako heavy Data user gusto ko lang po sana patipidin yung 1 month surfsaya ni TNT . Any Vpn po na safe at no Banned sa Sim Thankyou. Bukod sa Surfsaya may iba pa kayo alam na promo for 1 month , Call Text Data
  16. A

    GOMO Pahelp naman sa New tricks ng BYPass ng UNLI Data up to 5mbps ng GOMO.

    Pahelp naman sa New tricks ng BYPass ng UNLI Data up to 5mbps ng GOMO. As you can see hindi na sya nababypass simula nung naging 599 na ung UNli Data ng GOMO. Kahit naka 112.198.XXX.XX na ung IP mo nag rarange parin sya sa up to 5mbps. try nyo. doon kayo mag speedtest sa
  17. A

    Help No Expiry Data

    Ano pa pwedeng sim bukod sa GOMO?
  18. W

    Unli data

    Kinakatay na daw ni smart yung unlidata? Kasi kung kakatayin na nila yung promo bat pa sila nagtaas ng presyo sa unli? Yung dating 99 pesos, 125 pesos na. Yung dating 299, 350 na.
  19. X

    Closed .

  20. T

    Help MTK STS Unli Data

    May bago nanamang kumakalat sa fb na unli data 100 pesos for 30 days using this app mtk sts. Sino nakaka alam pano gumawa account? Haha
  21. S

    Smart Unli Data new price

    Additional 50 is just okay for me. Sa inyo ba guys okay lang yung price?
  22. M


  23. K


    Try nyo na lg gcash yan
  24. S

    Help Smart Unli Data

    Mawawala na ba talaga ang UnliFam999 at UnliData599?
  25. E

    Help Need Recommedation para Mobile unli Data

    Pa help po mga lodi, bakasyon ako this comming January ano ma suggest nyo na mobile provider Requirements: Data Internet Unlimited Duration: 1-2 months Cellular Hot Spot (para ma share ko sa tablet ko) Thank you
  26. S

    Unligo 140 unlimited data

    Pwede cguro yan bypass nalang sa vpn
  27. G

    GOMO Bat Wala pong unli data?

    kailan pa pwede bumili hahaha gusto ko ma mtry samin malapit lng samin yung tower ng globe
  28. K

    Smart TNT Sun Smart 5g SIM unlidata 299

    Smart 5g sim ko po unlidata available Parin po sa akin only 299 pesos a month.
  29. P


    anu pinaka sulit na data load for globe or any network ngayun? Thank You
  30. Z

    DITO Closed

    Wala ng paligoy ligoy pa Hidden content
  31. C

    DITO DITO Data for sale

    Selling 30 GB of my DITO Data. 8 pesos per GB. 70 pesos if 10 GB. GCash Transaction only. Payment first. NOTE: Only 2 days validity ng data. Giving up on DITO due to the difficulty of calling to other networks. (I'm the only DITO Subscriber in my family). PM for the transactions.
  32. H


    Legit po ba na mag eexpire ang mga deped sim sa december? designed for work from home lang daw po kasi yun sabi ng kakilala ko.
  33. T

    Smart TNT Sun Unli Data mawawala na?

    Totoo ba hanggang Dec 2 na lang available ang unli data ni trams?
  34. C

    Smart TNT Sun Unli data hanggang december 2 nalang?

    totoo poba? 🥲
  35. H

    Help Unli data 599 change imei

    Ano po kayang problem nito nai-change imei ko na yung s10g ko galing yung imei sa nasira ko ng smart pocket Wi-Fi but still no internet parin?
  36. E

    Help ALL DATA 50 ayaw mabawasan dahil kay Unli data 299

    Goodevening Ask lang ako sa inyo, bakit ayaw mabawasan ng All data 50 kasi nag load ako All data kahapon tapos nagagamit ko naman pero nag Unli data ako dahil mag eexpire naman si All data with in 3 days nagulat ako napakahina naman ng internet ko kahit may Unli data na tas All data 50 ano kaya...
  37. P

    Help Data Connection in San Miguel Bulacan (Smart or Globe)

    mga paps sino dito taga san miguel bulacan sa buliran banda ano mas malakas ang internet globe or data sim? and pa suggest na din ng promo worth 1 week unli data. Thanks!
  38. A

    Tutorial An easy way to bypass gomo unli data

    Una, is through refreshing your IP ADDRESS by airplane mode or changing the lte band To check your IP go to Dapat yung IP mo should start with 112.198 If hindi refresh mo lang signal mo hanggang ma obtain mo ang 112.198 na IP mo Mostly IP ni Globe/Gomo is...
  39. M

    Smart TNT Sun Unli Data User ka ba? Pasokk

    Good day mga paps! Hanggang ngayon meron pa ring unli data promo sa sim ko, sa inyo ba? At as I observed, may capping pa rin itong promo pero nu'ng nag-connect ako sa VPN (not paid), bumilis ang download. Try n'yo gumamit mga paps ng mga VPN tapos direct connection ('wag magpayload, maba-block...
  40. T

    Looking For UNLI DATA 99 or 299 SIM

    May nagbibinta ba dito? bibilhin ko. yung may unli data 99 po. Thanks
  41. E

    Help Fresh Format OS could data still be recovered

    pwede pa po bang ma recover ung files sa C: na fresh installed ng bagong OS nag reformat po kasi kami may mga important documents na naka lagay sa C:
  42. S

    Help PLDT Sim with 5G data pwede ba?

    Halu mga master, pwede ba magamit ang 5G ni PLDT sim kahit di 5g yung phone? nasalpak kase sya sa router which is si R291. Di ko pa kase natry baka masayang lang din pagload ko. Salamat sa sasagot.
  43. E

    Help SMART 299 UNLI DATA

    NAG WWORK LANG PO BA UNG UNLI DATA SA 5G NETWORK AREA? like, i need po pa ba na nasa 5G area ako para gumana ung unli data? Thank youuu!!!
  44. B

    Smart TNT Sun My 10php Load to your 10 Giga points

    Pa Trade po ng 10php ko sa 10 points nyo
  45. Y


    baka maii gusto mag SWAP sa 7points cu , offer nalng kayo :)
  46. J

    DITO Points to data

    My 3 dito points to your data
  47. W

    Unli data sa smart

    sainyo gumagana pa unli data 299 ni smart?
  48. V

    May free data ba sa GTM.?

    May free data ba sa Gtm..?? sa messenger.? Ngayon naka pag free data nako sa TM. gamit ang messenger noon kasi hindi ako maka pag data sa messenger connecting lang naka lagay, Sa inyo ba ngayon nakapag free data na ba kayo..?
  49. A


    Ilan daily data usage nyo using no load? Patingin HAHA
  50. P

    GOMO Gomo Unli Data nag mahal?

    Hidden content