The Pembroke Hamilton Club Zebras is a Bermudian football club who participate in the Bermudian Premier Division.
They play their home games on PHC Field at "Stadium Lane", which was reopened in 2015 after 17 years. It was named Warwick Stadium when it hosted its first match in the Bermuda Football Union.

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    Help Phc bot help

    pano magluto ng pares beef?
  2. G

    Help Bat kaya ganun kpag nasa wifi ako naka konel diko ma open itong website ng PHC

    pag naka mobile data naoopen ko naman.. pero sa wifi ayaw talaga naka tatlong restart nako ng wifi haha😑
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    Happy 3 years to me in phc

    Ang galing! Thanks PHC Fam! 🙏
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    Help How to create a website using WordPress phc robot

    Hello Robot, I would like to know how do I create a website using WordPress and free domain site like freenom... Etc. Could give an detailed procedure of how I should do it? Please be precise even with the little detail.
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    Happy Birthday to me!

    Happy Birthday to me 🎉🎂 and Happy 5 years to me in PHC. 🎈😊🎊 and Salamat sa mga babati pa🤝🤜🤛
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    Help Phc bot only: iso 9000 in tqm

    How can iso 9000 be used for entry to total quality?
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    Welcome to PHC

    Hello, Welcome to PHC :) Enjoy hehe
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    Happy 12 Years Ka Phc

    wla ba pang senior citizen card dito 🤣
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    Help Phc bot only: speech summary

    Summarize the following: -Plato's Apology, 4th century B.C. -Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream, 1963 - Ronald Reagan, Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate, 1987
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    Help Phc-bot only: american indians

    a. Was the displacement of the Great Plains Indians and tribes of the southwest an inevitable consequence to westward expansion? Why or why not? b. What are some of the consequences and effects of displacement during westward expansion on the Great Plains Indians and tribes of the southwest...
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    Salamat PHC!

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    Help PHC Robot

    Can you answer this based from RA8293: 1. What is a patent, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)? * A. A trademark B. An exclusive right granted for an invention C. A form of copyright D. A trade secret 2. In the context of patent protection, what does...
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    Help Phc bot: Total Management

    how does JIT and Lean practices support the efforts of Total Quality Management? Explain your answer.
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    Salamat sa Trophy PHC cheers!

    well what i can i say PHC, i love this forum since the beginning
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    Help Meron ba nagsesell ng class A or original perfume dito sa phc?

    If meron pa avail naman po hehe Karamihan sa fb mga bogus ehh Too good to be true mga price.
  16. J


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    Trivia Isa ito sa unforgettable memories ko dito sa PHC. Good old days! (RIP at maraming salamat sayo idol)

    Good day po mga ka-Phc❤️ actually hindi ko po alam kung nasa right forum po ba ako at kung tama po ba yung prefix ko. but, correct me nalang po kung mali po. Salamat Naglaan lang po ako ng konting oras, para magbigay pugay po sa tao na ito🙏 🕊️ Jmrie_ Alam ko at sobrang sigurado po ako na...
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    Help PHC Robot Only

    How many subnets can you get from the network
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    Help PHC bot : navigating independent learning

    Essay about navigating independent learning
  20. S

    Help PHC BOT

    make an application letter for applying in a position of Network Engineer with no experience
  21. S

    Help PHC BOT

    Unique Career Objective For Applying Work
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    Help Changing phc password but forgotten email

    Pwede po ako pa help sa account ko po. Gusto ko po sana e change pass po yung account ko dito kaso nakalimutan ko yung email na ginamit ko noon
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    Help Phc Bot: marco's pizza

    Marco’s Pizza Palace is plagued by delivering the wrong pizza, or delivering it late. What should Marco’s first step be in order to improve its process and why?
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    Help PHC robot

    Best play to airdrop NFT browser games 2024?
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    Help PHC robot

    Could you give at least 2 best gambl☝️ng apps operating in the Philippines?
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    Help Pa help phc bot

    Bot, Create five open ended questions and five closed ended questions and make it short from this problem: Many commuters in Cebu City especially those non-residents of the city struggle to identify which Jeepney routes to take around the city, this problem prompts them to take taxis instead.
  27. K

    Help Phc bot: race relations

    Why is race relation a difficult subject to navigate in the US?
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    Trivia Oldest PHC Members

    Sino ba yung "The First 10 Members of PHC" and Oldest Members ng PHC like 1 year or month palang yung PHC? Maliban kay Draft. Curious lang, at kamusta na kaya sila ngayon.
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    Help PHC Robot

    write recommendations to improve company as noted during internship
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    Help Phc Bot: PLP

    Create a draft of a personal leadership philosophy, including the following sections. 1. overview 2.purpose 3. what you believe 4. what you expect 5. what others can expect from you 6. hot buttons
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    Help Anong meron sa mga "close/closed" threads ng PHC?

    Napasin ko ngayun-ngayon lang, may mga previous posts na "closed" na ngayon. Ano nangyari?
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    Help Phc bot

    Can you give a birthday wish for girlfriend debut
  33. N

    Help Pano mag upload ng video dito sa phc?

    Tagal kona dito diko parin alam eh hahaha
  34. B

    Help Phc profile gif problem

    Guys gusto ko kasi ito i pf dito pero sinasabi big daw palit ako ng palit ganun padin pa help naman oh🥲
  35. A

    Help PHC robot

    Could you please give me the best strategy to having unlimited energy in Pixels NFT game?
  36. K

    Help PHC Bot: Mechanisms of Socialization

    Explain the mechanisms of socialization in regard to the potential conflict or differences to how they affect an individual. Give some example scenarios.
  37. X

    Nagbabalik ulit sa PHC

    Hello ka phc nagbabalik muli sa PHC 😂 namiss ko tumambay dito sobrang busy na sa life at work hays anyway kamusta na mga ka PHC?
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    Android App Pa help naman po mga phc

    Pa mod naman nito guys ng flashkit para po ma install ko po siya sa android 14 os po di kasi ma install mababa kasi Yung api at yung target sdk nya para lang sa android 13 below ata working siya.. gamit ko po kasi to na app araw araw sa work po. Salamat sa makakatulong Flashkit apk
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    Help Phc ai robot only

    anung color number ng facebook logo
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    Help Phc robot

    NLEX San Fernando, Pampanga to NLEX Balagtas
  41. S

    About PHC Robot

    Pwede po ba makipag-conversation sa PHC robot kagaya sa AI sa ChatGPT? Para po kasing mas accurate/masmaganda yung binibigay na sagot ng AI rito kaysa sa ChatGPT. Hindi po ba labag yun sa rules as spam kapag humaba yung conversation with robot dahil sa maraming tanong?
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    Anong ginagawa nyo dito sa PHC?

    newbie lang hello po sa lahat
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    Help PHC bot

    Where can we find a very good prediction on NBA?
  44. A

    Help PHC robot

    Could you give me atleast 5 Best NFT Farming games aside from Pixels?
  45. K

    Help Phc bot

    What is the best way to conduct research about the connection between educational level and income? Explain why this is a good method and what ethical issues to put into consideration in doing this research.
  46. P

    Crypto AMBER FUNDS only on PHC

    if mag fa farm kayo make sure na laging mag kaiba ang ip address at ibang device. Hidden content
  47. M

    Help Change name in phc

    pano mag change ng name dito mga boss
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    Help Phc bot: Limiting children's time watching TV

    In 700 words, explain why parents must limit childrens' TV-watching habits