A password, sometimes called a passcode (for example in Apple devices), is secret data, typically a string of characters, usually used to confirm a user's identity. Traditionally, passwords were expected to be memorized, but the large number of password-protected services that a typical individual accesses can make memorization of unique passwords for each service impractical. Using the terminology of the NIST Digital Identity Guidelines, the secret is held by a party called the claimant while the party verifying the identity of the claimant is called the verifier. When the claimant successfully demonstrates knowledge of the password to the verifier through an established authentication protocol, the verifier is able to infer the claimant's identity.
In general, a password is an arbitrary string of characters including letters, digits, or other symbols. If the permissible characters are constrained to be numeric, the corresponding secret is sometimes called a personal identification number (PIN).
Despite its name, a password does not need to be an actual word; indeed, a non-word (in the dictionary sense) may be harder to guess, which is a desirable property of passwords. A memorized secret consisting of a sequence of words or other text separated by spaces is sometimes called a passphrase. A passphrase is similar to a password in usage, but the former is generally longer for added security.

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  1. J

    Recover default admin password

    may way ba para ma-recover yung default admin pass? naka-admin access ako now e kaso gusto ko i factory reset feel ko kase may problema tong b315-938. sa kasamaang palad nawala ko yung notes kung nasaan ko pinaste yung default admin pass.
  2. S

    Help Oppo a9 frp bypass

    paturo po mga lods kung paano mabypass password nakalimutan na po kasi yung password
  3. B

    Help PA HELP PO infinix x6525 nakalimotan po ang password wala din po recovery mode

    PA HELP Po nakalimotan po pattern ko sa infinix x6525 wala din pong recobery mode kahit anong buttons walang gumagana
  4. L

    Course [UDEMY] - Practical Password cr4cking - Office Files | Ethical häçking

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit react button for more sharing Hidden content Take note that this is limited time only pa feed back if okay pa yung link thanks! 😁
  5. G

    Help EphilID nalimutan ko password

    Good day all, patulong naman po sana ako, yung e Phil ID ko kase , nasend ko nansana sa isang phone , kaso need nh password para maopen , eh yung password nandun sa nasira po naing phone. Pano ko kaya maoopen tong ePhilID po? Sanamay makatulong. Adobe acrobat x pdf pass. Remover x Di maka...
  6. T

    Help Wifi password sa Ethernet

    May way po ba para malaman yung password ng wifi na computer na naka Ethernet cable?
  7. C

    What's the password

  8. V

    Help Pahelp po, ask lng po if my tools po ba sa pc na mkapag backup ng data from mobile phones to pc kung nakalimutan password?

    Mga lods pahelp po!, ask lng po if my tools po ba sa pc na mkapag back up ng data from mobile phones to pc kung nakalimutan password? VIVO Y11 nakalimutan kasi password may mga files po na important, my way po ba pra ma back up ito? khit mga ***** tools po? maraming salamat po sa help
  9. E

    Kali...fluxion method chances of getting a wifi password?

    tingin nyo syempre masyado maramin may alam ng method na yan at malamang madami ang may paraan para maka iwas sa attack na yan...tsaka mga wifi ngayon lalo na 5g networks may precaution na sila dyan sa deauth pa ano chances na makakuha ng wifi pass gamit fluxion?
  10. A

    Help Wifi default password

    baka may alam po kayo sa default password niyo PLDTHOMEFIBRkbGxF
  11. S

    Help Default password Huawei Router (Converge)

    Hello ask langg po kung ano default credentials ng converge balak ko po sana ichange pass. Thank you
  12. L

    Course [UDEMY] - Complete Windows Password Cr@cking Course | Practical Guide

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit react button for more sharing Course Includes: 💸 Price: FREE 📝 Enrolled: 37040 students 🌍 Language: English 🏅 Certificate: Yes Only 48 Enrolls left Hidden content Take note that this is limited time only pa feed back if...
  13. D

    Help Converge log in user and password

    Pa help naman po, nag reset nrin kmi ng modem namin. Nag try ako Ganto user: Admin Password: Converge@zte123 Kaso ayaw pdin incorrect daw. Ano po kaya mali
  14. L


    patulong po lara makakonek or malaman password.. salamat mga master
  15. T

    Help Default Wifi Password

    Mga lods bka may idea po kayo sa default wifi password nito? Maraming Salamat sa makatutulong!
  16. J

    Help Admin username at password sa hg8145v5 na debranded

    Ano po admin username at password ng hg8145v5 na debranded?
  17. P

    Help Administrator and password

    please help, nag update ang pc ko tapos hindi na ako maka access as administrator, guest account at hinihingi ang admin at password sa tuwing may i install oh mag rrun as administrator. dati naman hindi nahingi ng admin/password ito kahit hindi ako ang admin. itong pc nabili ko sa mga...
  18. X

    Help Huawei Nova 3i Password problem

    May Bypass po ba para sa password ng Huawei nova 3i nakalimutan ko po kase yung pass na nilagay ko may mahahalagang files kase dun sa loob kaya ayoko muna i reset baka sakaling ma hilot pa
  19. L

    Help Tama ang password pero di makakonek

    Help po tama naman yung password ng wifi pero unable to connect, pano po ang gagawin? Thank you
  20. J

    Huawei manager username and password

    Pa help po nakapasok na po ako SA IP address Ng Huawei manager KO po. Ano po ba dapat ilagay SA user name at password SA log in page?
  21. T


    Sabi ng installer after 1 month pa raw bago pwedeng palitan ang password, totoo ba?
  22. T

    Pwede malaman yung password ibang router?

    Pwede ba malaman yung password ng ibang router connected sa lan lang mismo?
  23. I

    Tutorial Cr1ck Pi-Hole password

    Pi-Hole is basically a DNS server for your Pi device for your other devices DNS so you don't need to install a DNS client in all of em, think of it as a router. Hidden content
  24. Z

    Course [UDEMY] - Ethical häçking: Master Password *****ing

    What you will learn Master Brute Force Techniques ***** Open Archives Conquer System Passwords Real-world Application Description Welcome to “Ethical häçking: Master Password *****ing” – Your Path to Cybersecurity Proficiency! Elevate Your Cybersecurity Game: “Ethical häçking: Master Password...
  25. K

    Help Pahelp po mag format and remove bios password

    Mga sir pahelp po sana ako para mag remove ng bios password at mag reformat ng laptop po. No access po kasi ako sa bios and wala rin po akong manual, wala rin pong budget mag pa technician papahelp po sana ako ng mga DIY laptop ko po is HP elitebook 840 g8 po.
  26. M

    Help PDF password remover / unlocker

    Hi mga master. may makaka recommend ba dito ng pdf password unlocker or remover. Salamat sa makaka tulong
  27. B

    Full admin"telecomadmin admintelecom" meron po bang way para mashow yung password using this admin account?

    may paraan po ba makita or ma show password ang converge wifi gamit tong admin account na to kasi po ito lang po ang pangaccess ko eh hindi ko po alam yung default admin account nya kaya ito lang po ginamit ko kaso hindi ko mashow password nya
  28. C


  29. H

    Patulong guys yung phone ko di maka connect sa wifi, tama naman ang password panu po to ma fix?

    Patulong po panu ma connect ang Huawei y7 pro 2019 ko sa wifi tama naman ang password at ok lang naman Yung data kaso naka wifi kami ayaw nya ma connect sa kahit anung wifi kahit sa Pisonet. Patulong po panu ma fix
  30. D

    Help Recover gmail acc

    Hello po pa help naman ma recover gmail account ko, yung phone and simcard nawala no access and allyung tanging username lng ng gmail ang alam yung password nakalimutan na kasi please help now sana thank you. sa tutulong
  31. O

    PHP Help forgot password

    LF php programmer na mag integrate ng forgot password sa login namin, di na Kasi nag chachat Yung gagawa daw , nabayadan na rin huhu
  32. G

    Tutorial Bios password generator(sa mga dipa nakakaalam)

  33. P

    Cheat ML CHEAT NEW UPDATE MOD MENU - FREE no key no password

    Unlock all skin Map häçk Auto aim All esp features Drone view Damage up And more... Credit: ModzNeverDie Download link: Hidden content
  34. P

    Cheat ML CHEAT NEW UPDATE MOD MENU - FREE no key no password

    Unlock all skin Map häçk Auto aim All esp features Drone view Damage up And more... Credit: ModzNeverDie Download link: Hidden content
  35. R

    936 tattoo default password

    May nakakaalam po ba ng default password nito? tagal kasi magreply nung binilhan ko sa shoppee. Di ko maconnect sa net haha salamat mga boss
  36. A

    Help Phone password

    Pano tanggalin yung password ng cellphone nakalimutan yung password ) :
  37. S

    Pede po Pahelp? Iphone nakalimutan Password. Di na gumagana fingerprint

    Pahelp po, di na gumagana yung fingerprint e nakalimutan na password ng Iphone.
  38. P

    Samsung bypass password 4pin

    Hi po ask lng pano mag bypass ng 4 pin sa samsung
  39. F


    Introducing AVIRA Password Manager Pro, now available for 6 months absolutely FREE! Are you tired of forgetting your numerous passwords and struggling to keep your digital life secure? Look no further! AVIRA Password Manager Pro is here to revolutionize the way you manage and protect your...
  40. V

    Help Lenovo T540p Supervisor Password

    Meron sa office namin old lenovo laptop T540p. i7-4770 processor, 8gb ram. Gawin ko sanang R&D system ko sa office kaso meron supervisor password. Paano kaya ito matanggal..
  41. A

    Help Vivo forgot password

    Na observe ko po kasi may nagpaparent ng mga unlock tool. May way po ba na ma unlock po ang phone ng libre? Maraming salamat po!