Disability is the experience of any condition that makes it more difficult for a person to do certain activities or have equitable access within a given society. Disabilities may be cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or a combination of multiple factors. Disabilities can be present from birth or can be acquired during a person's lifetime. Historically, disabilities have only been recognized based on a narrow set of criteria-- however, disabilities are not binary and can be present unique characteristics depending on the individual. A disability may be readily visible, or invisible in nature.
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities defines disability as:

long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder [a person's] full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.Disabilities have been perceived differently throughout history, through a variety of different theoretical lenses. There are two main models that attempt to explain disability in our society: the medical model and the social model. The medical model serves as a theoretical framework that considers disability as an undesirable medical condition that requires specialized treatment. Those who ascribe to the medical model tend to focus on finding the root causes of disabilities, as well as any cures-- such as assistive technology. The social model centers disability as a societally-created limitation on individuals who do not have the same ability as the majority of the population. Although the medical model and social model are the most common frames for disability, there are a multitude of other models that theorize disability.
There are many different terms that exist to explain different aspects relating to disability. While some terms solely exist to describe phenomena pertaining to disability, others have been centered around stigmatizing and ostracizing those with disabilities. Some terms have such a negative connotation that they are considered to be slurs. A current point of contention is whether it is appropriate to use person-first language (i.e. person who is disabled) or identity-first language (i.e. disabled person) when referring to disability and an individual.
Due to the marginalization of disabled people, there have been several activist causes that push for equitable treatment and access in society. Disability activists have fought to receive equal and equitable rights under the law-- though there are still political issues that enable or advance the oppression of disabled people. Although disability activism serves to dismantle ableist systems, social norms relating to the perception of disabilities are often reinforced by tropes used by the media. Since negative perceptions of disability are pervasive in modern society, disabled people have turned to self-advocacy in an attempt to push back against their marginalization. The recognition of disability as an identity that is experienced differently based on the other multi-faceted identities of the individual is one often pointed out by disabled self-advocates. The ostracization of disability from mainstream society has created the opportunity for a disability culture to emerge. While disabled activists still promote the integration of disabled people into mainstream society, several disabled-only spaces have been created to foster a disability community-- such as with art, social media, and sports.

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  1. M

    Help Help how to disable hotspot button

    tulong po papano po ma disable hotspot button? which is ayokopo sana sya maopen or ma disable lang man po. I'm using poco x3 nfx custom rom is derpfest and rooted po cp ko. thanks
  2. U

    Tutorial Uninstall or disable an Application

    Use Brevent apk https://streamable.com/1lbl2d
  3. A

    Closed How to disable mention notification in messenger gc

    Ito kasi yun. Meron kaming gc sa workplace na nakamute sa settings ko. So hindi tutunog, mag popopout ang chat heat or mag nonotify sakin kapag may general chat. Kapag nimention or tinag na ako ng isang member sa gc tumutunog yung notification at saka lalabas yung chat head ng gc. Which is...
  4. F

    Help Disable Facebook Add Button

    Anyone po na may alam pano idisable ang Facebook Add Button?
  5. H

    Help Disable IPv6

    pano po i disable IPV6 PLDT home fibr?
  6. B

    Help Fb disable

    Mga boss pano ma fix yung fb account disable simula nung december 4 pa salamat
  7. M

    Help Disable Facebook Acount

    SA mga naka encounter nito mga lodi. Baka may alam kayong paraan paanop ma retrieve yung fb acount kapag ganbito po. Please Help po sana.
  8. R

    Help Globe at Home Fiber accidentally Disable the DHCP settings help :(

    Mga lods aksidente ko po na disable yung DHCP settings ng Globe Fiber router ko ngayun di ko na mapasuk yung router mismo, di rin ako maka internet huhuhuhu. Di rin ako sure kung anong ipv4 config settings ilagay ko. Eto pala yung ipconfig niya: Windows IP Configuration Host Name . . . . . ...
  9. A

    Help How to disable windows update permanently

    patulong po paano nag disable ng windows update permanently
  10. M

    Naka disable ang Developer Options sa GCash, pero naka-ON ang USB Debugging at Unknown Sources! Na-bypass kaya? (Non-rooted, ADB method)

    Na-disable ko yung Developer Options sa GCash, pero naka-on ang USB Debugging at Unknown Sources! Na-bypass kaya? (Non-rooted, ADB method) Dito ko nadiscover na nabypass ko si GCash kahit naka-on ang USB Debugging, at naka on rin ang Unknown Sources. Gamit ko ay SetEdit. Hidden content Hinide...
  11. J

    Help Keyboard disable

    Paano po ba mag disable ng internal keyboard sa dell laptop? Kahit yung mga tutorial sa yt di talaga gumagana eh
  12. K

    Help Disable gmail recover willing to pay

    Baka meron ditong marunong mag recover ng gmail accounts na disable kase , willing to pay 100gc may importanteng pics lang kasi sa gmail account nayun alam kopa email at pass
  13. S

    [question] about disable apps sa astron smart tv

    Mga boss paano madisable ang mga apps na di ko need sa Astron Smart TV?
  14. Z

    Tutorial Help Disable Ap Isolation for HG6145D2 RP2931

    Pa help po how to disable Ap isolation sa router HG6145D2 RP2931. need kasi para gumana google home devices.
  15. Y

    Help Adobe

    baka may idea po kayo ma solusyonan ito This unlicensed Adobe app has been disabled.
  16. S

    Help How to disable adblock

    pamo to mawala, di ako dl ng files wala naman akong extension na adblocker respect
  17. P

    Help Pano po iset yung disable to certain hours yung wifi? converge F670L po yung amin

    hi pano po kaya mapakita or mapalabas tong feature na to sa converge admin namin yung iseset yung mac into certain hours lang sya makaka connect? like yung photo below, ngayon kasi talagang mac filter lang meron
  18. S

    Help Disable sign-in windows 10

    bka may iba kyong way dyan pra ma disable yung sign in password ng windows 10 dami ko ng napanood sa yt not working pa din po e. TYSM!
  19. I

    Help Help po para ma disable yung lumang facebook account

    Patulong naman po. Lumang account po ito ng bestfriend ko, at nagiging cause po ng away nila mag asawa. Baka may way po para ma disable. Hindi nya na po matandaan ang username at password e. We tried na ireport ng madaming beses pero ayaw pa dn po. Maraming Salamat po sa tutulong.
  20. P

    Help Pa help po, na disable po aking faceboòk account.

    Pa help po, na disable po fb ko, matagal na po fb ko 2012 pa, nandito po lahat mga files ko po at mga gc ng school ko po, pa help po please.
  21. R

    Paano ba i disable ito?

    Ito po ung phone ko
  22. R

    Help Otg disable timeout

    Mga master baka alam nyo kung paano ma disable ung otg timeout for 10min gusto ko sana naka on lng salamat
  23. P

    Disable Adblocker in android

    Bat ganon na disable ko na yung ad blocker sa chrome ,bat may may pop up parin na edisable pa ?pano to??
  24. S

    Help How to disable exit in notification area?

    Baka my nakakaalam paano mag disable yung exit or Quit program ng anydesk sa notification area windows server 2016 katulad sa picture na pag right click mo sa icon nang anydesk dapat naka disable yung Quit, hindi dapat naclick yung Quit. para pag my gagamit na ibang user sa PC hindi nila ma exit...
  25. S

    Help R051 wifi password disable

    Paano ba e disable ang password ng R051 modem?
  26. B

    Help Gmail Disable

    Sinu dito naka experience na nadisable yung gmail nila 😭 Narecover nyo paba? Nag send na ako ng appeal today, yesterday night lang nasign out at nadisable gmail ko, connected pa naman yung gmail nayun sa fb,phcorner at ml ko 🥲
  27. D


    I have an issue with a few devices on my network that all share the same attribute. Everytime they log in, their mac address changes. The devices all have the same identifier InPro Comm Android. Each device randomises the last 6 digits of its MAC address on each log in making it impossible to...
  28. E

    Help Converge Net Disable & Enable

    guys may idea ba kayo paano kontrollin ung internet ng Converge sa admin setting niya? madalas kasi ung mga tao dito samin puro kompyuter nalang balak ko sana idisable and enable ung internet samin hahahaha. ung mas ok sana kahit nakakonek via lan port at wi-fi mawawalan ng internet.
  29. R

    Help Windows 10 disable update

    sino may alam paano magstop ang windows 10 update using cmd?salamat po in advance sa mga makakatulong..
  30. F

    Help Sleep mode disable in Windows 8.1

    bakit kaya naka disable ang SLEEP Mode rito, madalas ko pa naman gamitin ang sleepmode kesa sa shutdown wala ring SLEEP rito
  31. M

    Help Netflix

    May nakita ako dati dito na thread na pwede ipatch para disable yung "Your account can't be used in this location." Nasaan na kaya yun?
  32. M

    Help Paano mag disable ng dhcp ng ZTE h288a

    Pahelp po paano e disable yung dhcp nitong old modem ko ZTE H288A from globe. Gawin ko sana wifi extender.
  33. M

    Help Realme disable HyperBoost

    Mga lods, mga users ng realme.. Paano po ba i-disable o tanggalin yung floating menu na nasa upper left ng realme Phones (Realme 7 Pro). Hinanap ko sa Settings ang terms/word na "Hyperboost" pero walang lumalabas, nag-search na din ako sa YøùTùbé/Google pero wala halos ako makita o mali lang...
  34. W

    Help Facebook Permanently Disable My Account

    PA HELP MGA KUYS HUHU Alam kong ilang ulit na nila ni disable tong main account ko, panay send naman ako ng mga legal documents sa kanila mga ID pati birth certificate hindi ko alam nag send lng ako ng screenshot sa csgo pati trade link sa steam kasi bibigyan ako ng skin ng classmate ko, nag...
  35. C

    Help About screen brightness

    Ask ko lang po kung paano ma disable ang Adaptive/Automatic Brightness ng Laptop, pansin ko po na, nag cha-change yong brightness pag naka saksak ang charger. Madami na po akong na search sa YT, and none of them works. Anyone who knows how? Thank you po. :LOL:
  36. D

    Help Help Bot

    Ako lang ba or talagang disable na " Send message" or conversation sa PHC? or may new update dko lang napansin?
  37. W


    pano po i fix disable gmail dahil po sa YøùTùbé ρrémíùm,,,thanks
  38. Y

    Help Pldt fiber Rp2841 ipv6 disable

    Baka may alam dyan kung paano idisable ang ipv6 sa pldt fiber di ko lang alam kung paano ito, pala modem ko HG6245D Rp2841
  39. P

    Help Disable safe mode without display

    Hello kaphc, Paano po idisable ang safe mode without display? Sira napo kase lapto lcd ko. Nakaconnect nalang siya tv using hdmi to hdmi cable pati hdmi to vga. Nung nagrestart ako to safe mode parang dina madetect yung hdmi or vga cable. Sana may makatulong po. Salamat!
  40. I

    Help Paano i disable

    Mga lods pano to i disable sobrang sagabal
  41. X

    Help Gmail Account Disable

    Ako Lang ba o tlgang Nag didisable si Gmail. Ilang account na ginawan ko ng 6months YøùTùbé nadisable lols.
  42. K

    Google account disable

    Na disable din ba google account nyo kagaya sakin?3 accounts ko na disable.hahaha
  43. P

    Tutorial PLDT FX-ID3 - Disable auto update firmware.

    PLDT FX-ID3 - Disable auto update firmware. 1. Open google chrome first then type in the url "" 2. Then you login using the registered username and password. Username: pldthome Password: (depending on what you have registered) 3. You will see like this once you have successfully...
  44. E


    sk ko lang ba kung may way ba ma block or ma limit yung internet ng cp pag connected sa hotspot yung ibang devices na naka connect sa router namin. Example: Router - Cp(Open Hotspot)- other unauthorized devices. Ang nangyayare kasi naka connect yung isang tao sa wifi namin tapos ioopeb nya...
  45. E

    Tutorial Disable|Fix FPS Capping/Throttling on MIUI phones (no root/with root)

    What's FPS capping? Yung kahit kaya/supported naman ng device mo yung 120FPS/90FPS sa ML, naka max na din graphics settings pero hanggang 60FPS lang talaga. Common issue eto sa MIUI 13 at MIUI 14 devices. Madali lang din naman fix nyan, either magisk modules, lsposed modules or yung pinakasimple...
  46. P


    Magandang Hapon mga ka PHC! May konting katanungan lang po ako sa mga pc expert natin dyan. Papaturo sana ako mga boss kong paano ko madidisable yung CMD, CONTROL PANEL, REGEDIT, FIREWALL and ETC kapag naka Guest account ang PC ko po? Medyo makalikot po kasi yung pinsan ko, sa guest account po...