A sysop (; an abbreviation of system operator) is an administrator of a multi-user computer system, such as a bulletin board system (BBS) or an online service virtual community. The phrase may also be used to refer to administrators of other Internet-based network services. A sysop usually doesn't earn money, but donates his activity to the community.Co-sysops are users who may be granted certain admin privileges on a BBS. Generally, they help validate users and monitor discussion forums. Some co-sysops serve as file clerks, reviewing, describing, and publishing newly uploaded files into appropriate download directories.Historically, the term system operator applied to operators of any computer system, especially a mainframe computer. In general, a sysop is a person who oversees the operation of a server, typically in a large computer system. Usage of the term became popular in the late 1980s and 1990s, originally in reference to BBS operators. A person with equivalent functions on a network host or server is typically called a sysadmin, short for system administrator.Because such duties were often shared with that of the sysadmin prior to the advent of the World Wide Web, the term sysop is often used more generally to refer to an administrator or moderator, such as a forum administrator. Hence, the term sysadmin is technically used to distinguish the professional position of a network operator.

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  1. E

    Help Surf2sawa converge login admin password router zte

    baka may alam ng admin at password ng router zte nee ko mapalitan yun wifi password namin thanks.
  2. D

    Admin access for B312-939

    Patulong po sana sa ating magagaling nag master para maunlock po ang making modem. Model: B312-939 LAN MAC: 5021ECCE83EC
  3. C

    Pa Admin Acess po

    Pa Admin Acess po sana matulungan Huawie B535-932 LAN MAC adress: 30:AA:E4:FD:E0:64 God bless you sir
  4. U

    Globe Admin access

    Pa admin access at pahingi unlock code B312-939 IMEI:864998044362275 Mac Address:0C:83:9A:99:B2:A2
  5. M

    Pwede po kaya ma Admin Access B312-939?

    Device name: B312-939 Configuration file version: B312-939-CUST LAN MAC address: 28:64:B0:77:9A:AA Mga paps okay lang po ba maka abala kung pwede ma admin access ito? Kung pwede thankyou in advance po salamat sa tulong mga boss.
  6. J

    Help Any way para maaccess ung admin panel ng tenda o3 na naka-ap mode?

    Mahirap po kasing mareset ung router na nasa pole kaya nag se-search ako ng way para ma access ung admin panel thru web para doon ko nalng ereset, possible po kaya?
  7. A

    Globe Admin access

    Pahelp po ma admin access po modem ko B315s-938 Mac:98:9C:57:7B:E0:69
  8. Y

    Help Pa admin access po B312-939?

    Pa admin access po B312-939 LAN MAC address: 78:C5:F8:E8:4D:37
  9. S

    Pa admin access po mga idolo

    #pa admin access po mga idolo mac address : 0479704B414C B310_B414D
  10. H

    Admin Access B315Bs-936

    HUAWEI MODEL: B315Bs-936 MAC ADDRESS: 14:5F:94:D9:13:E3
  11. H

    Help Pa admin access Globe at Home

    Pa admin access ayaw kasi ma IP v4 diko mahanap sa openline lang. Modem model : ZLT S10G Lan Mac: D8: D8:66:C2:AE:61 Nilagyan ko ng space sa may D8:(space) D8 kasi nagiging emoji Salamat po
  12. J

    Help Admin access inquiry

    Ask ko po sana kung may nakaka alam ng super admin access po ng Fiberhome modem ng pldt po? Thanks in advance po sa mga sasagot po
  13. L

    B535 932 ADMIN ACCESS

    Pa admin access po. MAC address: 00:AD: D5:75:EE:BC B535 932 V10
  14. L

    Globe Pa admin access po B312-939

    Model : Huawei B312-939 LAN MAC - 0C:83:9A:9A:21:82 Software version login @ Thank you po in advance.
  15. D

    Help B310as-938 admin access?

    pa help po pa admin access mga sir LAN MAC address: 90:2B:D2:60:A9:5C IMEI: 864434034968384
  16. J

    Pa ADMIN ACCESS B312-939 po sana

    Huawei Model: B312-939 Lan MAC Address: 44:C7:FC:68:A2:15 sana po matulungan.. thank you so much sir!! god bless po
  17. Z

    Admin access password

    mga master pahingi admin password ng b312-939 lan: 34:B2:0A:03:76:F4 salamat po sa makabigay
  18. L

    Admin access B312-939

    pa admin access naman po Device model: B312-939 LAN MAC address: 50:21:EC:CF:25:08
  19. R

    Globe Prepaid - B535-932 Admin access (gcash ko payment pag nagawa)

    Hi po pede pa help sa admin access: Device name B535-932 LAN MAC address 68:13:24:23:84:27
  20. M

    Globe GLOBE B535-932 Admin Access

    Paadmin access po GLOBE B535-932 LAN MAC ADDRESS 00ADD575C2DC Thanks po.
  21. Z

    Globe Full admin access for B310as-938

    Please pa admin access namn po ng B310as-938 gusto ko magband locking bos. Bagal kasi po sa area ko ang globe. MAC Add E0:24:81:DD:EC:35 IMEI 86443038338642 thanks in advance po paps
  22. M

    Pa admin access po sana b310as-938

    pahelp po sana magpa admin access po .. sana matulungan nyo ko .. salamat
  23. K

    Help Globe huawei admin access B315s 938

    hello po. pa help naman po admin access ng b315s 938 LAN MAC FCAB90474C15 thanks po agad
  24. V


    Device name: B315s-938 IMEI: 864436032003676 IMSI : 515025525845398 My number: +639958313082 Hardware version: WL2B310M01 Software version: 11.323.07.00.158 Web UI version: LAN MAC address: 8C:25:05:B4:36:30 WAN IP address:
  25. G

    Help po! pa Admin Access B312-939. Salamats...

    B312-939 Configuration file version: B312-939-CUST LAN MAC address: 00:BB:1C:EA:B4:BD
  26. K

    Help Admin Access Request

    Hi Sir, Need help to have Admin access po, Thanks Sir B315s-938 LAN MAC Address: B4:CD:27:3B:B5:3C
  27. V

    Admin Access B312-939

    Pa admin access po. TS in advance kaPHC! Model B312-939 Lan Mac Address: 10:E9:53: DF:69:B9
  28. Z

    Iba Talaga Admin Ngayon.

    DCPO Director PCol. Richard Bad-ang was relieved of his duty as DCPO chief, the Police Regional Office XI confirmed. Bad-ang was relieved due to the death of the 7 alleged drug personalities following Mayor Sebastian Duterte’s war on drugs declaration. Mabuhay mga shabu pushers! 😍😍😍
  29. C

    Looking For B310as 938 admin access

    Pa bili po ako ng admin access ng modem ko pa Direct message po presyong pang student lang po. MOP: Gcash/Instapay Mac address: 88:BF:E4:7B:56:2A
  30. D

    GLOBE B35-932 Admin access

    Help po mga lods admin access badly needed for school purposes :cry: LAN MAC: E0:E0:FC:0D:95:B9
  31. M

    Admin Access

    Pa admin access po mga sir/màm LAN MAC address 54:0D:F9:4A:E7:F6 Salamat po
  32. P

    Pa admin access b312-939

    B312-939 50:21:EC:C9:FE:A4 salamat po
  33. A

    Baka pwede po pa full admin access B315s-938

    Device name: B315s-938 IMEI: 864436034702804 LAN MAC address: D0: D7: 83: B6: DE: B8 Remove space lang po. Salamat.
  34. M

    ADMIN ACCESS B312-939

    Pa Admin access po sana Model: b312-939 lan mac address: 34 : B2 : 0A : 00 : AE : A4 Salamat po!
  35. J

    Help Help admin access B315s-938?

    B315s-938 54:BA:♥️D6:6E:9D:7A paki-alis nalamg heart emoji mga boss
  36. J

    Course Udemy - PowerShell Regular Expressions: Regex Master Class 5/6/2024

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit like button for more useful sharing. thanks Hidden content *Take note that this is limited time only guys and please pa feedback na lang guys if buhay pa yung link. Enjoy 😊
  37. J

    Course Udemy - Interface Windows User Commands From The Beginner To Admin 5/6/2024

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit like button for more useful sharing. thanks Hidden content *Take note that this is limited time only guys and please pa feedback na lang guys if buhay pa yung link. Enjoy 😊
  38. H

    About Huawei Admin Access Generator b315s 938

    MGa master pwede po ba pa Admin Access ako ng modem. Zero signal kasi ang modem ko. Salamat
  39. P

    Help Surf2Sawa Admin Access (Huawei EG8145V5)

    Good Day po. May pwede po ba makatulong sa regarding sa admin access ng Huawei EG8145V5 modem ni S2S. Need ko lang talaga mag add ng additional wifi router sa isang lan port. Lagi nalang kasi may nakakaconnect sa wifi namin ako pa yung di maka connect. Salamat po
  40. C


    Pa admin access po salamat po 74:22:BB:AB:18:BB
  41. A

    ADMIN ACCESS B312-939

    pa admin access po Model: b312-939 lan mac address: 5c:78:f8:16:df:d5 thank you po in advance:love::giggle:
  42. A

    ADMIN ACCESS B312-939

    pa admin access po Model: b312-939 lan mac address: 5c:78:f8:16:df:d5 thank you po in advance:love::giggle:
  43. J

    Help Windows 11 Admin password forgot

    nka win11 Ghost spectre po ako nalimutan ko yun pass ng admin nakaka pasok nlng ako thru pin panu po mapalitan o recover yung pass?