A legend is a genre of folklore that consists of a narrative featuring human actions, believed or perceived, both by teller and listeners, to have taken place in human history. Narratives in this genre may demonstrate human values, and possess certain qualities that give the tale verisimilitude. Legend, for its active and passive participants may include miracles. Legends may be transformed over time to keep them fresh and vital.
Many legends operate within the realm of uncertainty, never being entirely believed by the participants, but also never being resolutely doubted. Legends are sometimes distinguished from myths in that they concern human beings as the main characters rather than gods, and sometimes in that they have some sort of historical basis whereas myths generally do not. The Brothers Grimm defined legend as "folktale historically grounded". A by-product of the "concern with human beings" is the long list of legendary creatures, leaving no "resolute doubt" that legends are "historically grounded."
A modern folklorist's professional definition of legend was proposed by Timothy R. Tangherlini in 1990:
Legend, typically, is a short (mono-) episodic, traditional, highly ecotypified historicized narrative performed in a conversational mode, reflecting on a psychological level a symbolic representation of folk belief and collective experiences and serving as a reaffirmation of commonly held values of the group to whose tradition it belongs.

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  1. R

    Help Mobile Legend Partnership for tournament

    May alam po ba kayong org or page na nag sponsor ng mga diamonds for tournament sa school campus? Thanks
  2. M

    Help Mobile legend

    Guys pano po makakuha Ng free collector skin sa ml.🥺
  3. M

    Tools Mobile Legend Skin Injector P93

    Imoba Reborn part 93 Update nung una kong upload 😁 ⚜️modded by me niremoved ko lang mga ads para di kana mahirapan pa ⚜️100% no ban proven and tested ⚜️Enjoy ! ⚜️Pa comment po kung need na i update si app. 🔰Tutorial para sa di alam pano paganahin. 🔰Visit this Thread: Whoop whoop 😈 Hidden content
  4. P

    Stickman Legend (Menu Mod)

    Do you like fighting games Try This Have Fun and Enjoy ! Hidden content
  5. H

    Tools Granger Legend Skin Script

    Granger Legend Skin Granger Legend Skin Script - OP Braxy
  6. E

    Help Movie link naman po ng The legend of hei 1080p download

    Mga boss baka meron po kayo link ng THE LEGEND OF HEI yung download mga boss
  7. M

    Tools Mobile Legend Skin Injector P92

    Imoba Reborn part 92 Update nung una kong upload 😁 ⚜️modded by me niremoved ko lang mga ads para di kana mahirapan pa ⚜️100% no ban proven and tested ⚜️Enjoy ! ⚜️Pa comment po kung need na i update si app. 🔰Tutorial para sa di alam pano paganahin. 🔰Visit this Thread: Whoop whoop 😈 Hidden content
  8. E

    Mount tips,The Legend of Neverland

    Any tips po paano makakuha ng mount w/o recharging? Napakapangit ng free mount nila, sisiw na puti🙄
  9. P

    Help Next Legend Skin

    mga lods sa tingen nyo, anong next legend skin ang i lalabas sa magic wheel shop? dko kasi trip ngayon yung mga nasa magic wheel shop na legend skin. baka may alam kayo kung sino i lalabas na nxt legend skin sa magic shop.
  10. C

    Looking for kasama epic legend

    Baka may gusto sumama 889540056 ml id ko
  11. M

    Tools Mobile Legend Skin Injector P91

    Imoba Reborn part 91 Update nung una kong upload 😁 ⚜️modded by me niremoved ko lang mga ads para di kana mahirapan pa ⚜️100% no ban proven and tested ⚜️Enjoy ! ⚜️Pa comment po kung need na i update si app. 🔰Tutorial para sa di alam pano paganahin. 🔰Visit this Thread: Whoop whoop 😈 Hidden content
  12. G

    Mobile Legend

    Anu kaya mangyayari kung isali ang ML sa mga subjects sa paaralan
  13. M

    Tools Mobile Legend Skin Injector P90

    Imoba Reborn part 90 Update nung una kong upload 😁 ⚜️modded by me niremoved ko lang mga ads para di kana mahirapan pa ⚜️100% no ban proven and tested ⚜️Enjoy ! ⚜️Pa comment po kung need na i update si app. 🔰Tutorial para sa di alam pano paganahin. 🔰Visit this Thread: Whoop whoop 😈 Hidden content
  14. S

    Help Need taga buhat hanggang Mythic V [50 dias or more as reward]

    Sino ang player dito na nagcocore at kayang bumuhat? Pabuhat sana ako kase di ko kaya mag solo eh panay talo. May reward ka naman (friendly reward). Add nyoko at mag pm kayo dito or sa ML or pwede din sa messenger. ID #: 441358227 or Makentosh. Current Rank: Legend 3 (2 stars) Ako na...
  15. B

    Help Deity of legend

    Ano po yung super upgrade sa deity of legends thank you sa sasagot
  16. S

    Help Game id?

    Parehas lang po ba ng game id yung main account saka dummy pag sa isang cp lang gamit? Parehas kasi sakin ng game id magkaiba lang ng server hindi ko tuloy ma redeeman yung sa dummy ko
  17. N

    Help Tobyeah & Cardo on ML Sino na nakalaro ang mga ito? kilabot ng trashtalk ng ml ngayon

    guys sino na nakalaro ng dalawa nato? hanep yung mga birada nila ng trashtalk kakadistruct sa paglalaro eh
  18. I

    Help Any Tips Dyan Sa Rotation?

    May map awareness naman po ako gusto ko lang po yung kung pano yung proper rotation yung tamang oras sa pag rotate? Salamat po sa sasagot
  19. S

    Help Anong software/program?

    Guys, anong software o program sa pag gawa ng legend sa map? salamat sa tulong!
  20. P

    Help Ml pilot gaming sino pwede?palit dias

    sino nagpapilot dito ng account? epic 2 ako 3 stars hanggang legend 5 lang?comment at ng mapagusapan Ps. yung Legit ha
  21. Mga Legend pasok po

    Mga Legend pasok po

    Legend lang makakasagot nito..
  22. D

    Mythic. party or pa ampon squad

    Hanap ako kaparty or active na squad. With or w/out #forbidden#. Always online ako. Di na kasi active sa squad namin kaya di na maka rank up. Hirap na solo ngayon.
  23. A

    Help How to get 60fps and up in league of legends / other online games

    Hi mga ka PHC How to get 60fps and up in League of Legends? I've search sa google na yung iba core i3 makakakuha na di naman naka indicate yung full specs. Please help, Thanks in advance :)
  24. I

    Help High frame rate mode

    Nung update pa to ni kimmy eh nawala yung HFR mode sa Oppo and Vivo devices.. Pati sa mga Xiaomi rednote Snapdragon 425 and Kirin processor ung nawalan Yung sa oppo devices Oppo F1 at iba pa meron nang fixed Na pwede ilagay sa documents kaso sa aaming snapdragon 425 core wala mga paps eh pwede...
  25. M

    Any solution sa taas baba ng ping sa ml?

    Any Solution po sa Taas Baba ng ping ng Mobile Legend? bumababa na po credit score ko kakadc
  26. D

    Rank sa mga hindi lag, afk. need matino kasama.

    Looking for a team. Trio or by 5. Yung matino kasama. Sabihin nyo lang kung smurf or sa Main account para road to mythic ulit. Role ko sa main account, kahit ano wag lang tank. Iisa lang kasi alam ko. Johnson lang hahaha. láρág nyo IGN nyo. Smurf account ko dalawa. Pero mas inuuna ko yung...
  27. G

    Trivia Facts about hades

    Although he is depicted as evil in most Greek myths and fables, he is much more than just a merciless god of the underworld. Here are 10 facts about Hades. 1. Hades isn’t actually evil He is actually altruistic and passive, bringing balance to the human world. He’s only harsh when souls try to...
  28. G

    Trivia Facts about zeus

    Greek God of the Sky and King of the Gods Zeus was the first of the GODS and a very imposing figure. Often referred to as the “Father of Gods and men”, he is a sky god who controls lightning (often using it as a weapon) and thunder. Zeus is king of Mount Olympus, the home of Greek gods, where he...
  29. G

    Trivia 16 facts about dragons

    Dragons are one the world’s most popular mythological creatures. They are represented in cultures all over the world in places like China, Europe and right here in the Americas! They’re popular in books, films, and TV. At Surprise Ride, we think even something as fun as dragons can be a...
  30. G

    Trivia Facts about aswang

    The terrifying Aswang is the most feared creature of Philippine folklore—and with good reason. Stalking its prey in the small, rural towns of the Philippines, this deadly monster nocturnally hunts for a meal of human flesh and blood. What is an Aswang? The Aswang (æ·swang) is a flesh-eating...
  31. A

    Help Sino gusto buhatin ko sa epic

    Sino Gusto Buhatin Ko Sa Epic Sabay na tau Isama kita Drop Ign Follow moko Then Follow back konalang Ph_Hajay Akin Drop mo Ign mo para Alam ko i follow ko Bawal Cancer ayaw ko ung tigas ulo
  32. A

    Babagsak pero di susuko!(ovpn)

    Wazzzuuuuup! Ka-PHC! Well, First of all mukhang alam niyo naman ata ang pinaka newest news sa tnt ngayon, maraming promo na naging legendary mula ng august 25, 2017 :( sadly but true. School is dead ig2 is dead and t2 has 800 mb capped. Nauubosan na mga kaphc! :( nakakaiyak. but before...
  33. C

    Closed No capping..

    hello mga bossing.. any promo na walang capping sa globe and tm?? salamat..
  34. D

    Tutorial Magsawa kaka online mobile games just apn only! with a very low ping

    Again for the few time left in phcorner,here me again Pero ishishare ko na din ito Maaring maraming nakakaalam At ibang iba way kung paano kaya respect na lang (alam nyo nga kaso ikaw lang nakaka alam) Pero ito ang way ko Familiar din ba kayo sa apn na gamit Ko yung...
  35. I

    Closed Working ehi for mobile legend gamers

    Hi can i ask po for working EHI yung low ping pang mobile legend please? thanks po ~.~
  36. A

    Closed Pocket wifi at http injector

    Sir bka meron po nkaalam paano palakasin at maka connect ung 3 cp sa pocket wifi cdc trick. Pero sa laptop po malakas.Salamt din po sa mga Legend. More power
  37. K

    Closed Legends of kundun (mu online)

    Ang MU online sa pc nasa android na.. Iba to sa MU origin at MU SEA kasi kopyang kopya ung sa pc. May Magic Gladiator at Dark Lord na kaya laro na ^_^ Download links googleplay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lokgameonline.lok apkpure...
  38. L

    Legend Is Here

    Legend Is Here .. :D
  39. L

    Blood & glory legend apk v.2.0.2 unlimited everything

    BLOOD & GLORY: LEGEND Developer: Glu Welcome to Blood & Glory Legend – the highly anticipated sequel to the AAA blockbuster smash-hit Blood & Glory! Return to the arena and bask in the blood-hungry cheers of the crowd as you fight to become a LEGEND!“Blood & Glory: Legend still...
  40. N


    i am legend, i am legend, i am legend, i am legend