Wi-Fi () is a family of wireless network protocols, based on the IEEE 802.11 family of standards, which are commonly used for local area networking of devices and Internet access, allowing nearby digital devices to exchange data by radio waves. These are the most widely used computer networks in the world, used globally in home and small office networks to link desktop and laptop computers, tablet computers, smartphones, smart TVs, printers, and smart speakers together and to a wireless router to connect them to the Internet, and in wireless access points in public places like coffee shops, hotels, libraries and airports to provide the public Internet access for mobile devices.
Wi-Fi is a trademark of the non-profit Wi-Fi Alliance, which restricts the use of the term Wi-Fi Certified to products that successfully complete interoperability certification testing. As of 2017, the Wi-Fi Alliance consisted of more than 800 companies from around the world. As of 2019, over 3.05 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices are shipped globally each year.Wi-Fi uses multiple parts of the IEEE 802 protocol family and is designed to interwork seamlessly with its wired sibling, Ethernet. Compatible devices can network through wireless access points to each other as well as to wired devices and the Internet. The different versions of Wi-Fi are specified by various IEEE 802.11 protocol standards, with the different radio technologies determining radio bands, and the maximum ranges, and speeds that may be achieved. Wi-Fi most commonly uses the 2.4 gigahertz (120 mm) UHF and 5 gigahertz (60 mm) SHF radio bands; these bands are subdivided into multiple channels. Channels can be shared between networks but, within range, only one transmitter can transmit on a channel at a time.

Wi-Fi's radio bands have relatively high absorption and work best for line-of-sight use. Many common obstructions such as walls, pillars, home appliances, etc. may greatly reduce range, but this also helps minimize interference between different networks in crowded environments. An access point range of about 20 metres (66 feet) indoors while some access points claim up to a 150-metre (490-foot) range outdoors. Hotspot coverage can be as small as a single room with walls that block radio waves, or as large as many square kilometres using many overlapping access points with roaming permitted between them. Over time the speed and spectral efficiency of Wi-Fi have increased. As of 2019, some versions of Wi-Fi, running on suitable hardware at close range, can achieve speeds of 9.6 Gbit/s (gigabit per second).

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    Help Smart Bro sim to PLDT Prepaid Wifi

    bawal ba ung bro sim gamitin sa pldt prepaid wifi? nakainsert na ung bro sim sa wifi. need nagsign up para makaaccess sa gigalife app. pero pagnagsign up na ko, d makaproceed dahil sa error na to. bawal ba ? sayang kasi e
  2. S

    About zlt s12 pro modem to use as wifi extender

    Hello. may nakapag try na po ba kung pwede ung s12 pro as wifi extender? gawin ko sya sanang bridge mode para sa converge na net namin para umaabot sa kabilang room. Any inputs po kung pano? salamat
  3. Z

    Help Ano po kaya possible default password neto smartbro wifi

  4. A

    Help Piso wifi using Surf2sawa of converge

    Mga master, tanong ko lang po kung meron ba ditong piso wifi gamit ang surf2sawa? Okay naman po ba sya for piso wifi?
  5. A

    Help Smartbro home prepaid wifi

    Panu po paganahin yong 5 Ghz? Naka lock lang po sya sa 2.4 Ghz
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    Globe TM Bka meron po kayong piso wifi config

    Hi Mga lods baka may config po kayo for Pisowifi Http injector or http costum. Thank you po
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    Closed Qr code WIFI connection sharing question

    Kaya ba ng android 8 device mag share ng wifi connection gamit qr code? Gusto ko sana makiconnect sa wifi network doon sa school. Naka connect pa naman siya sa pinakamalakas at mabilis na wifi doon. Tapos nang nakita ko lang kasi sa tablet niya na android 8 yung OS kaya pala walang option mag...
  8. A

    Help Closed

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    Help Wifi Monitoring Connected Devices and their Data Usage

    Baka may apps po kayo na may ganyang feature tulad sa Title,, ung pwede mo i monitor ung mga naka connect syo tsaka ung data usage nila sa wifi.. Windows 10 user po
  10. S

    Wifi häçk

    Sino dito marunong or may app pang häçk ng kahit anong wifi? thanks mga lods
  11. D

    Help Globe at Home Wifi Billing

    Good day sa inyo, Tanong ko lang sa mga naka Globe at Home Wifi. Tataas po ba ang bill namin kahit di kami nag bayad ng wifi? For example: samin ngayon di kami nakapag bayad ngayong month at wala din naman na internet kami pero balak namin ulit mag bayad after 2 month kasi tight budget ngayon...
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    Help to choose home wifi modem

    crowdsourcing sa mga gumagamit ng home wifi modems. balak bumili kasi sa bagong workplace ako nakadestino mahina ang wifi signal + sabayan pa ng walang cellular data signal sa loob ng opisina. bale sa 1st floor ako ng school building tapos ang building na iyun ay 3-4 floors kataas. So siyempre...
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    Help Smart bro lte pocket wifi mf920ts IMEI 000000000000000 and signal stuck in 3g

    ang smart bro lte pocket wifi mf920ts ko ay na stuck sa 3g signal at ang IMEI ay 000000 lahat pano po to ma ayos sana matulongan nyo ko :cry: any solution po sana matulongan nyo
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    WiFi häçkING UDEMY Certificate Expires In...

    Platform: Udemy Expires in :4 day's Certificate: ✅ Hidden content
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    Help Help bypass wifi 2hr time limit

    Baka Meron kayong tips paano mag bypass ng 2hr time limit
  16. I

    Help Wifi and Bluetooth greyed out

    Pa help po sa iphone 6s plus yung Wifi at Bluetooth greyed out
  17. R

    Help Unlock my Pocket wifi M022s Model

    Baka po may makakatulong. Salamat po
  18. S

    Bago po ako dito. any tips po mag häçk ng wifi ?

    Hello po. pa help naman sa nakakaalam
  19. Z

    Help Company Guest Wifi?

    Naka konek ako sa company Guest wifi namin gamit http injector na piso wifi confi. Malalaman kaya nila ito? Please answer 😊
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    Mga paps ano ang solusyon sa Green Blinking PON sa WiFi Router?
  21. C


    Hello guys, help naman. Loading lang kasi si BPI at gcash pag naka wifi pero pag data okay naman.
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    Wifi venddo

  23. K

    Help What pocket wifi should I choose?

    Hi Guys, may question sana ako about pocket wifi. My choices are smart pocket wifi LTE-A, tplink m7350, dlink dwr-932.. Oks ba to? or mas ok kapag 5G pocket wifi na?
  24. X


    Ask ko lang kung meron nakakalaam sa inyo pano dagdagan yung limit dun sa whitelist pag magmamacfiltering ka. Hanggang 8 lang kasi limit saken
  25. R

    Piso Wifi Model

    Guys ano kaya ang model and admin access netong wifi? Papalitan sana ng admin account
  26. J

    Help Xiaomi wifi extender pro

    Tanong ko lang kung makikita pa din ba ng owner yung mga nakaconnect sa wifi extender dun sa mismong wifi nila? Tia.
  27. S

    Help Anu po best WiFi Router?

    Anu po best affordable na router ngayun na ma bibili.. preferably sa shopee po
  28. M

    Globe Baka may pa benta dito na secondhand globe at home wifi yung mura lang sana.

    baka lang naman. or may alam po kayo pabenta. salamat po.
  29. C

    Help Mi wifi extender pro?

    Mga boss after ilang hindi na sya nag blue blue. Need pang ireset para magblue ulet. same issue din ba sainyo.?
  30. F

    Help Good wifi router for bida fiber

    Hello, ask ko lang kung ano magandang wifi router na may qos ang pwede gamitin sa bida fiber, disabled kasi yung mga lan ports. Yung mura lang sana, wala pang budget. salamat :)
  31. B

    Help Hi guys may solusyon po ba kayo sa globe at home wifi na may load naman pero ang nalabas ay no network connection. Salamat po

    Sana po matulungan salamat po ng madami😇
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    Help Pano po iset yung disable to certain hours yung wifi? converge F670L po yung amin

    hi pano po kaya mapakita or mapalabas tong feature na to sa converge admin namin yung iseset yung mac into certain hours lang sya makaka connect? like yung photo below, ngayon kasi talagang mac filter lang meron
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    Help Pano kaya mag frequency lock sa pocket wifi na galaxy pocket wifi 5g

    baka may idea kayo mga boss pano mag frequency lock sa galaxy pocket wifi 5g na unit band lock pa lang kasi na ta try ko eh
  34. A

    Help Help Smartbro Home prepaid Wifi

    Na sim lock po sya Nag ask ng PIN. di ko alam ang pin
  35. K

    Broadband wifi extender

    Hi, ano po ba maganda broadband wifi extender sa townhouse setup, Extend sana namin un house 1 sa house 3 , approximately distance 34feet
  36. A

    Help Smar Bro Home Wifi prepaid

    Kararating lang kanina.tinitest ko.bagal ng connection tapos pa wala wala yong signal at e na sign Panu ba to?
  37. C

    Help Hi bakit hindi maka sagap ng wireless wifi ang aking PC?

    Bakit hindi maka sagap ng wifi ang pc ko? Nasa 2nd floor po kase yung router namin paano po maayos? My PC mother board:MSI B450m Pro VDH MAX
  38. L

    Globe prepaid wifi open line

    Paano po ba openline to salamat po sa sagot
  39. K

    Help Pocket wifi for gomo

    gumagana ba globe pocket wifi sa gomo? any recos?
  40. Z

    Help Help in *****ing a wifi password

    Is there a way to ***** a wifi password? NB: for my education purpose
  41. L

    Help Wifi Voucher

    Paturo nmn paano gumawa ng config for wifi na pa Voucher mga idol, salamat sa tutugon. Rizal mountain location. Mahal ng voucher dito sa bundok.
  42. R

    Help Openline pocket wifi

    Pa help naman po mga master kong pano i openline tong pocket wifi ko
  43. A

    Smart TNT Sun Best Internet Promos for Globe at Home Wifi(openline)???

    Mga lods ano magandang internet promos jan for smart/tnt? Gamit ko kasi this past few months ay yung "free" unli data ng rocket sim na 30 days. Kung wala sa official store sa lazada yung sim, unli data sa gigalife. Kaso nag mahal na naman pala yung sa giga life tae. Tapos pawala-wala yung sim ng...
  44. S

    Help OUTDOOR AP WITH BRIDGE or Other way to extend piso wifi?

    ano po bang ways niyo to extend wifi antennas na may dedicated IP pool ? gusto ko kasi mag extend ng wifi range para makaconnect yung ibang kapit bahay
  45. P

    Help How to kill connection na naka connect sa wifi niyo? like wifikill or netcut using ios or android higher ver

    hi guys nabubwisit kase ako sa pamangkin ko ang ingay lagi sa madaling araw halos hindi kami makatulog.. di namin mapagsabihan,. naka converge kami walang option ng block ip.. yung wifikill naman di nagana sa higher ver ng android at need naka root. meron po ba kayong workaround para marestrict...
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    Help Pocket WiFi Vloggers

    Palapag naman paps ng mga VLogger na kilala nyo na nag rereview ng mga pocket wifi
  47. 1

    Unlock pocket wifi Huawei

    Pa unlock 861303030420216
  48. W

    Help Vendo Piso Wifi, why so slow?

    Mga master ask ko lang bat ang bagal ng vendo wifi ki nd umaabot ng 1mbps, pero pag direct ako naka connect sa modem (black mamba) umaabot 10mbps. Ano kaya ang mali sa set up ko or sira? Patulong naman po please sa maalam dyan salamat.
  49. V

    Help Unicom VN009

    may nakapag try na po ba ng vn009? kamusta po performance? may heating issues or restarting issue po ba? malakas po ba hatak ng data? balak ko sana bumili ok lang sakin kahit walang bandlocking dahil malapit lang ako sa tower ng TRAMS