Problem solving is the process of achieving a goal by overcoming obstacles, a frequent part of most activities. Problems in need of solutions range from simple personal tasks (e.g. how to turn on an appliance) to complex issues in business and technical fields. The former is an example of simple problem solving (SPS) addressing one issue, whereas the latter is complex problem solving (CPS) with multiple interrelated obstacles. Another classification is into well-defined problems with specific obstacles and goals, and ill-defined problems in which the current situation is troublesome but it is not clear what kind of resolution to aim for. Similarly, one may distinguish formal or fact-based problems requiring psychometric intelligence, versus socio-emotional problems which depend on the changeable emotions of individuals or groups, such as tactful behavior, fashion, or gift choices.Solutions require sufficient resources and knowledge to attain the goal. Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and consultants are largely problem solvers for issues which require technical skills and knowledge beyond general competence. Many businesses have found profitable markets by recognizing a problem and creating a solution: the more widespread and inconvenient the problem, the greater the opportunity to develop a scalable solution.
There are many specialized problem-solving techniques and methods in fields such as engineering, business, medicine, mathematics, computer science, philosophy, and social organization. The mental techniques to identify, analyze, and solve problems are studied in psychology and cognitive sciences. Additionally, the mental obstacles preventing people from finding solutions is a widely researched topic: problem solving impediments include confirmation bias, mental set, and functional fixedness.

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    Help Excel Vlookup Problem

    Can anyone help me regarding this so dalawang sheet kase gamit ko yung isa input ng data so yung isang sheet doon ko kinukuha kaso kapag gumagamit ako ng vlookup sa pag input ng data sa isang sheet ganito sinasabi even thought tama naman yung formula ko.
  2. L

    Help Adsterra problem (saan ilalagay ang code para ma update ang payment sa addsterra?)

    Dear Publisher, Please, put this string into the text field to update your profile: ff47___4
  3. P

    Help CLOSED

  4. J

    Please help facebook request review problem

  5. W

    Closed Display problem

  6. F

    Help Sim registration problem

    How kakabili ko lang
  7. C


    Pa help naman po paano po i connect ito na parang ip webcam or na vi-view through internet...
  8. C

    Help UPS Failing or Problem with our electrical wiring???

    Anyone na naka-experience ng ganito? Scenario: Random beeping ng UPS ko. At kasabay nu'n damay din parang buong kuryente namin. Nagfi-clicker ang lights, na para bang humihina ang kuryente namin. Kelangan ko pang unplug muna ng ilang minutes yung UPS (mawawala ang flickering) tapos plug ko...
  9. O

    Toll? No Problem

    l CTTO
  10. T

    Problem solved

  11. P

    Help Infinix Zero X Pro Problem

    Ano po kaya prob neto? Di na nagbubukas. Stuck na siya sa Ganyang logo. Pahelp naman po please!
  12. R

    Help I have a problem with my meta account which requires a metapay code xxxx

    hello everyone! I have a meta business problem which requires the verification of my visa bank card, and it asks for the labelle code of metapay xxxx how I can retrieve this code, knowing that I searched in my bank statements I I couldn't find it please I need help, also knowing that I have been...
  13. J

    Napasobra ata saing ko..

  14. A


    Mga paps ano ang solusyon sa Green Blinking PON sa WiFi Router?
  15. D


    Kayo rin ba?
  16. 3


    Hello po sa inyu, sana may makatulong saken regarding dito sa pag reformat ko ng PC. Ayaw kasi nya ma reformat at lagi ko na encounter to na Blue Screen. Ano ba dapat Gawin?
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    Help Closed

  18. M

    Mi Account Problem

    Ask ko lang po if may way po ba para maremove ang mi account sa cp ko. Yung number kase na gamit ko sa pag register ng xiaomi account ay deds na. di ako makapag change pass ng account. Thanks po in advance Phone: Xiaomi Redmi note 5 Totally working pa po
  19. S

    Problem solve

  20. K

    Help Lag problem

    Hello po ask ko lang ung laptop ko po kasi acer nitro 5 pag naglalaro po na hindi nakacharge hindi po smooth ung game pero pag nakacharge po dun nagiging smooth ung gameplay. Iniisip ko lang na baka masira agad battery ko pag ganung naglalaro habang nakacharge lagi.
  21. C

    Help Pc problem

    Nakakapag taka po kasi mabilis naman ang pc ko dati maganda naman performance pero nung finormat ko inalis ko lahat laman masyado na siya lag and nagcracrash nag aauto restart minsan blue screen ano po kaya problema lag padin kahit 500gb naman ang space
  22. C

    Help Custom ROM, inverted colour problem

    hello ask kolang sa mga naka custom rom jan. meron bang naka ranas ng inverted ung kulay ng videos, hindi naman lahat pero may specific na videos na mag iinvert yung kulay niya. ano kaya problem neto.. at anong solusyon? .. thanks
  23. H

    Help Problem Solving 2

    Wiily the worm is on the top of a well 6m high and Sonny the snail is at the bottom, directly under Willy. Willy descends 50cm each day and climbs back up 20cm at night. Sonny Climbs 100cm at daytime and slips back 50cm at nighttime. How long will it take the two to meet if they start their...
  24. W

    Help MXQ Pro 4k 5G(fake) board ZQ01F-v2.1 Maskrom mode problem

    hello, meron po ako fake na MXQ Pro 4k 5G, board ZQ01F-v2.1 2022.09.09, RK3128A, ESP8285. na flash ko cya sa maling firmware. buhat non maskrom mode na lang cya. ayaw tumanggap ng kahit anong firmware, pero tumatanggap cya ng compatible na bootloader kaso after flashing maskrom mode pa din...
  25. N

    B310As-938 Problem

    Bakit kaya na wawala minsan yung internet ng phone ko , pero sa laptop meron naman FW: Huawei RELOADED 2023 Final by jhowel22 ito yung current config
  26. M

    VPN Built in openvpn modem problem

    Nung isang araw working pa dito mga configuration ng ginagamit ko ngayon hindi gumagana samantalang yung mga configuration na gagamitin ko dito gumagana naman sa android at pc pero dito sa built in oenvpn ayaw magconnect naexpirience nyo din mga lods Pero yung builtin openvpn for modem ni...
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    Help Freenet Cafe Problem

    anyare sa freenet cafe panel biglang gumanito.
  28. C


    If parehas ko kayo nahihirapan mag on ng phc messenger at puro connecting lang kahit legit net or mag vpn man,tapos kahit phc app na gamit niyo at wala parin, simple lang gagawin 👇 Hidden content
  29. A

    Help Photoshop generative problem violation

    Mga sir ano problema nito? Try ko na uninstall lahat change account na din same pa rin
  30. C

    Help Shopee account problem

    Panu mag scan di ko ma open yung account ko Sana may mka sagot Panu ma open yung account ko
  31. M

    Help Camera Source Problem

    Good day po. Baka may naka experience na nito sa inyo ? Paano niyo po naayos ? Hindi mag display ung External Camera ko. Nag try ako sa Default Cam app ng laptop ko and sa Zoom App, pati na din sa OBS studio. May driver naman na naka install pero hindi mag display ung Shot ng Camera ko...
  32. S

    Help Excel problem

    Patulong naman po mga sir ano kayang problema ng office 365 ko sa excel? pagnagbubukas po kasi ako ng excel at nagsasave parang naghang siya ng 3secs yong parang hindi siya mapindot tas bigla po siyang magblack screen po yong mismong monitor ko ng mga 2 secs. saka siya magsave ganun din po...
  33. P

    Help Google drive problem

    Hello. Patulong namn po paano ayusin yung link ko sa gdrive. Pag nag share po ako ng link ng folder sa gdrive, tapos pag na access ko na yung link, di naman ma download yung mga files. 🤔 Paano po kaya yan???
  34. P

    Help Adobe Premiere Pro (Lag Problem)

    mga paps may problem ba adobe premiere pro ngayon? kasi sobrang lag, like tatlong device na ang ginagmit ko ang lag parin delay siya
  35. G

    Help Earphones plugin problem

    MGA paps ask lng sana about SA phone ko kapag plinugin ko earphones ko bale it will start mag salita ng Oras para may voice female na nagsassalita Ng time. Ano kaya problema Dito? naka off Naman talkback
  36. S

    Dog skin problem help

    Recently nag move kami then pina groom sya after ilang days may ganyan na sya walang mga vet clinic dito sa nilipatan namin maliban dun sa pinag groomingan na din. Any idea kung ano to?
  37. L

    Monitor problem with vertical stripes and Black Spot

    Hello, when turning on my monitor, I came across this situation: black ρá†ch at the bottom vertical colored stripes A lower right region with an intensely bright light spot. The monitor has not been damaged in any way. I simply turned it off one day and when I turned it back on, it was like...
  38. K

    Help LENOVO B575E

    This is my LENOVO B575e almost 9 years never been repair then yesterday when I turn it On.. this is what happens, No Boot, No Display, No Caps lock & NumLock Lights, (and tried) External Monitor No Display also.. Only Light is in the Power On what seems to be the problem guys (those experience...
  39. K

    Help My Lenovo B575e Laptop what seems to be the problem?

    Guys problema ko sa Laptop ko na Lenovo B575e umiilaw yung light nya sa power pero NO Sounds na gumagana yung laptop and also no Screen display as in Patay yung screen nya. Pinindot ko na din yung NUM Lock pero wala syang ilaw.. tinanggal ko na din po yung RAM, HARD DRIVE, at CMOS BATTERY pero...
  40. Z

    Help Laptop problem help

    hello mga paps may tanong sana ako, may laptop ako di nana gamit for a couple of months medyo na basa rin ang whole system at na tuyo na , but nung nag try ako nag charge inabot nang 5-6 hrs but di parin nag turn on pero may indicator na nag charge siya nag try narin ako long press nang power on...
  41. M

    Help Avive mint problem

    Pa help nman mga paps panu mag mint kay avive ? Sa mga wala pa register here:
  42. J


    version ng MQ725 pocket wifi Smart_Bro_MQ725_1.4 problem is nag auto restart sya paano po mawala sya thank you.
  43. F

    Help Mobile networks poor signal problem

    Ask lang: humina signal nang smart mobile network ko dahil sa mga peso wifi nang aming mga kapitbahay. Is it possible po ba na makaapekto ito sa mobile network ko?
  44. K

    Help Mi tv stick date and time problem

    mga boss patulong naman po. everytime kasi iturnoff tv ko palage connected but no internet. ..need pa po icorrect ang date and time para gumana ulit. kahit po naka automatic time zone hindi po nabalik sa tamang oras at date.kahit nareset na ganun pa din po.globe at home router pala internet ko...
  45. I

    Brother DCP T700W Problem

    Sa mga Printer technician dyan or naka encounter na rin ng ganito at na fix na. patulong nman po sa problem ng Printer ko na Brother Dcp t700w pag turn on ko ng printer ay nag notif na ng message na 'Unable to Init 49, See Users Guide...' di ko na kasi mahanap ang user manual nito. Ayaw na nia...
  46. B

    Help Xiaomi phone Battery Problem

    Redmi note 9 po model ng device ko. Pinalitan ko siya ng battery due to bootloop, unfortunately if 20% na siya mas madali nang malowbat lalo na kung nag gi-games. I think 1 percent nababawas within 5-10 seconds. Na try ko na po siyang i-calibrate pero dati pa rin. Any alternative solution? Thanks!
  47. M

    Help Gilas pilipanas problem?

    mga boss anong masasabe mo nyo sa gilas anong kulang coach or player?
  48. D

    Help Laptop Screen Problem (Glitch/Flickering)

    Ano po kaya possible na sira nito mga ka-PHC? Bigla nalang siyang nagkakaganyan. Wala pong sira sa mismong screen niya. Wala pong basag, lines, black dots, etc. Maliban po jan sa bawat gilid na namumula. (Which is matagal na pero di naman nakakasagabal kaya nagagamit ko naman) Unang...
  49. C

    Help Iphone 8 heating problem

    Nung nakaraang araw bigla nalang siya namatay nung kakaopen ko lang ng app. Walang response or kahit ano man, ni try ko buksan and disconnect and connect battery (nag rresponse naman pero namamatay) and umiinit sa "sec.1" kahit iconnect lang battery kahit di i turn on. Nag antay ako ilang hours...