RPG Maker, known in Japan as RPG Tsukūru (RPGツクール, sometimes romanized as RPG Tkool), is a series of programs for the development of role-playing video games (RPGs) with story-driven elements, created by the Japanese group ASCII, succeeded by Enterbrain. The Japanese name, Tsukūru, is a pun mixing the Japanese word tsukuru (作る), means "make" or "create", with tsūru (ツール), the Japanese transcription of the English word "tool".The RPG Maker series was originally released primarily in Japan, but people started to translate and release the software illegally in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, and North America with RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003. Most of the later engines have been officially translated.

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  1. R

    Djinn Caster v1.3.1 | RPG GAME | OFFLINE

    One day, the young man Elmir is handed a mysterious dagger by a perishing man on the run from the army. Sealed within it was the manifest power of ancient days... This power is known as "Djinn". With the world facing certain doom from the rise of an ancient evil, the long-awaited hero must seek...
  2. S

    Ano rpg mga nilalaro niyo ngayon mga idol?

    Ano rpg o games na nilalaro niyo ngayon, yung may earnings kahit f2p bukod sa night crows? Salamat mga idol🥰
  3. S

    Guardian War: RPG Pixel Games Ver. 0.2.17 MOD Menu APK | Unlimited Currency | God Mode | Ads Removal Package | Unlimited Resources

    Game Name: Guardian War: RPG Pixel Games Game Version: 0.2.17 Needs OBB: No Needs Root: No MOD Features MOD MENU ✶ Unlimited Currency ✶ God Mode ✶ Ads Removal Package (skip ads, rewards without ads) ✶ Unlimited Resources Free download: Hidden content
  4. A

    Open World RPG suggestions

    Open World RPG games po na kaya ng Realme 12 pro+ 5G, salamat
  5. B

    Ano po magandang RPG na laruin ngayon? yung pwedeng kumita.

    Ano po ng magandang RPG ngayon na pwedeng kumita
  6. S

    Sand of salzaar MOD

    A martial arts world game among desert tribes, this is an exotic desert surrounded by long yellow sand and full of unknowns. In this desert, you can try to do whatever you like, create a unique legend with your own hands, take your partner to explore the mysterious treasure buried under the...
  7. A

    Pokemon Redemption RPG Textbased Game

    Sa mga Pokemon fans dian, Try nyo ginawa kong game na textbased w/ gif pokes/location images. Explore na lng for features inside the game. REGISTER kayo then drop nyo dito ingame/username nyo to activate account. ▶️ Homepage | Pokemon Redemption RPG
  8. L

    Direct Link Wandering Sword Build 12686552

    Wandering Sword is a Chinese martial-arts RPG where you play a young swordsman caught up in a feud and nearly dies. Escaping the event puts you on the path of pursuing the highest form of martial arts and exploring the pugilistic world to become the great hero you are always destined to be...
  9. R

    Rpg android

    suggest android apk rpg gacha games
  10. R

    Rpg gacha

    rpg gacha games suggest po yung matagal mag grind
  11. S

    Tutorial Sword and Magic Ver. 2.8.5 Private Server - SAM VILLARGAME - Free Giftcodes- MMORPG

    Playstore Link: N/A Game Name: Sword and Magic Name of Private Server: SAM VILLARGAME Language of Private Server: English, 8 Multilangual Version: 2.8.5 Private Server Features This Server New Release 14/01/2024 GIFTCODE STARTERPACK GEAR01 PESO01 VIRTUE01 VIP01 MONEY01 EXPUP01 EXPUP02...
  12. K

    Dito sim user help

    Good day po , Sino dito ang DITO user na nakapag activate ng imessage ung sakin kasi ayaw , naaway ako ni esmi di daw ako ma contact help bago ako awayin ulit mmya dapat maayos ko . salamat
  13. 8

    Help RPG offline game

    Need your suggestion guys. Do you have any recommendation for an offline RPG game. My laptop is acer swift 3. -Windows 11 Home -Intel® Core™ i5 1240P Processor -8GB ram -512GB SSD -14.0" & Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics (4gb Vram) Thank you so much in advance.
  14. C

    Suggest offline RPG games

    Hello po mga lods, baka my mai-suggest kayu na RPG dyan na offline at hindi masyado mabigat e-download. salamat mga lods 🙏
  15. C

    Need recommendations

    Any good RPG game recommendations for android beside hoyoverse games?
  16. I

    RPG PC Game

    Any recommended PC games similar to Genghis Khan, MIR4, Perfect World? Yung may auto attack sana para pwede while working. Thank you
  17. J

    RPG Mobile Game

    Any recommendation for a RPG mobile game? I would like to try something new.
  18. S

    Closed MuRPG The Ultimate Idle RPG Adventure for Android and Browser (Private Server Browser Games)

    Permission to post. If wrong thread pls move in the right thread. Thank you. Welcome To Idle MURPG MuRPG Idle RPG is an enthralling idle role-playing game that lets you embark on an epic adventure right from your fingertips. Join muRPG, the free-to-play idle RPG! Choose from 3 distinct classes...
  19. Z

    Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space v3.0.38 [Unlimited Money]

    Name: Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space Version: 3.0.38 Root: No Mod features: Unlimited Money Download Link: alien_invasion_v3.0.38_mod.apk - mod4android Mirrors: https://uploadrar.com/ff8h0rv9mc06 Download File from DevUploads Download File from DropGalaxy
  20. B

    Skill based Rpg Suggestion.

    Baka may alam kayong laro na skill based Yung nag lelevel up yung skill mo like mining crafting and fishing ganun . Parang OSRS na maganda graphics haha
  21. H

    Help RPG PC games

    Any RPG recommendations please :)
  22. R

    Evoland 2 2.2.0 (Full) RPG Android Game

    Evoland 2 2.2.0 Full Offline ** Limited time launch price until June 27th ! ** Onboard on an epic RPG adventure of more than 20 hours through video games history filled with a ton of funny classical games references. From 2D RPG, through 3D vs fight to a shooter, a trading card game and more...
  23. R

    Oceanhorn Offline RPG Game (Full version)

    OVERVIEW You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone… The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious necklace. What happened? Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets. Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient...
  24. P

    Best rpg games? online sana

    pa suggest naman po yung marami sanay pinoy naglalaro salamat🥲
  25. A

    Combat Quest - Archer Hero RPG

    Combat Quest is a game where players will spend their time through levels filled with monsters and archer characters with impressive skillsets. You can easily access the way to control the protagonist and confront many different types of monsters. At the same time, the character’s power system...
  26. S


    meron pa po ba working na rpg games, like zenonia 3, destinia? yung mga rpg games na magandang laruin compare sa ngayun na malalaki ang mb boring naman sa adventure at gastos
  27. K

    Rpg suggestions

    Game suggestions po sana offline PC thanks
  28. M

    Rpg mobile

    suggest nga kayo mga idol ng rpg online yung may trade system thanks
  29. J

    Recommend RPG

    Any recommendation of RPG na may magandang kwneto at simpleng battle style
  30. G

    Tutorial Powerlust Action RPG Offline

    Looking for interactive offline Role Playing Games (RPG) ?? Try this one! Unlocking The Thrilling World Of Power lust: An Offline Action RPG Embark on an epic journey as you unlock the thrilling world of Powerlust, a captivating offline action RPG that will leave you spellbound. Immerse...
  31. P

    RPG Mobile

    Any recommendations for RPG games for mobile?
  32. D

    Super Mario RPG (JB Switch)

    Title: Super Mario RPG Release Date: Nov 07, 2023 Hidden content
  33. Z

    Tap Titans 2: Clicker Idle RPG v6.4.0 [MOD]

    Name: Tap Titans 2: Clicker Idle RPG Version: 6.4.0 Root: No Mod features: Unlimited Coins - Coins increase when spent Download Link: tap_titans_2_v6.4.0_mod.apk - mod4android
  34. D

    Rpg Suggestions

    Suggest naman po kayo ng magandang online role playing games.
  35. S

    Ano po maganda offline RPG games na latest ngayon?

    Pasuggest naman po.thanks po
  36. Z

    Tap Titans 2: Clicker Idle RPG v6.3.1 MOD

    Name: Tap Titans 2: Clicker Idle RPG Version: 6.3.1 Root: No Mod features: Coins increase when spent Download Link: tap_titans_2_v6.3.1_mod.apk - mod4android
  37. Z

    Skullgirls: Fighting RPG v6.0.0 MOD

    Name: Skullgirls: Fighting RPG Version: 6.0.0 Root: No Mod features: 1. No Skill CD 2. Unlimited Skill Download: Skullgirls_v6.0.0_MOD.apk - mod4android
  38. I

    RPG Isekai Rondo v1.1.5g latest APK

    Play Link: [ρrémíùm] RPG Isekai Rondo - Apps on Google Play APK Version: v1.1.5g Updated on: Jul 24, 2023 Info: Sho, a young man who spends his days in an exploitative company in modern Japan, is reincarnated into a parallel universe as Shaw, due to an accident! While the job given in his new...
  39. J

    (Role Playing/Offline Apk Mod) Powerlust Action RPG Offline V0.992

    DESCRIPTION Unlocking The Thrilling World Of Powerlust: An Offline Action Rpg Embark on an epic journey as you unlock the thrilling world of Powerlust, a captivating offline action RPG that will leave you spellbound. Immerse yourself in an immersive gameplay experience that combines intense...
  40. M

    Any recommendation for RPG mobile games

    Any recommendation for RPG mobile games? Para sa mga casual na player.:)
  41. Z

    Referral Another early access like arkm project has potential airdrop soon

    Early join gamefi alpha 🤑 Join the airdrop of Pahdo Labs Anime RPG! Heres your Link: Pahdo Labs Twitter: @PahdoLabs Co-partne by a16z
  42. J


    Rpg offline games like FF8 etc please! MatsaLOVE!
  43. M

    [Android] Snowbreak: Containment Zone - Best 3D RPG but TPS Shooting Game with Gacha! With cool waifus!

    Snowbreak: Containment Zone Overview Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a 3D Sci-Fi RPG-shooting game. It is a most anticipated gacha game, on top of that, this is the first Third-person shooter of the gacha game industry that no one have ever made. There are a different abilities to each...
  44. C


    Baka may ma-recommend kayo mga boss salamat..

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