In finance, stock (also capital stock) consists of the shares of which ownership of a corporation or company is divided. (Especially in American English, the word "stocks" is also used to refer to shares.) A single share of the stock means fractional ownership of the corporation in proportion to the total number of shares. This typically entitles the shareholder (stockholder) to that fraction of the company's earnings, proceeds from liquidation of assets (after discharge of all senior claims such as secured and unsecured debt), or voting power, often dividing these up in proportion to the amount of money each stockholder has invested. Not all stock is necessarily equal, as certain classes of stock may be issued for example without voting rights, with enhanced voting rights, or with a certain priority to receive profits or liquidation proceeds before or after other classes of shareholders.
Stock can be bought and sold privately or on stock exchanges, and such transactions are typically heavily regulated by governments to prevent fraud, protect investors, and benefit the larger economy. The stocks are deposited with the depositories in the electronic format also known as Demat account. As new shares are issued by a company, the ownership and rights of existing shareholders are diluted in return for cash to sustain or grow the business. Companies can also buy back stock, which often lets investors recoup the initial investment plus capital gains from subsequent rises in stock price. Stock options issued by many companies as part of employee compensation do not represent ownership, but represent the right to buy ownership at a future time at a specified price. This would represent a windfall to the employees if the option is exercised when the market price is higher than the promised price, since if they immediately sold the stock they would keep the difference (minus taxes).
Stocks are a function of capitalism, and therefore the stock market operates by the price mechanism: a stock cannot be classified as an investment unless it pays a dividend – the standard dividend yield being 2% – otherwise, it must be classified as a speculation (********). However, if one decides to reinvest the dividends, it is not speculation, and assuming for ceteris paribus, this will lead to an exponential growth of







{\displaystyle FV=P*(1+r/m)*m*t}
, where P is the initial investment, r is the yield, m is dividends per year, and t is number of years. A "dividend king" is a stock which has had an increasing or constant dividend yield for over 50 successive years.

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  1. S

    Help Tutorial to change stock ROM of Redmi Note 10 and erase bloatware

    Pa help po mga ka PHC dami kasing advertisement sa phone. Tapos di ako comfortable sa stock ROM na Global
  2. S

    Smart TNT Sun Mga sir pa ano puba mag stock ng shareable data?

    Mga sir ask kulang ano po pwede promo mag extend itong shareable data ? Pwwde puba all data na promo?
  3. K

    For Sale 570 dias for ml 390 PAYMAYA UNLI STOCK

    For sale dias for ml 570 3x topup lang po per account
  4. S


    Mga paps. Patulong naman maghanap ng rom na may feature na floating app po yung pwedeng maka pag float ng apps habang gumagamit din ng ibang apps. Wala po kasi ako nyan sa cp ko OPPO CPH2015 po model. Salamat po sana may tumulong
  5. H

    Help Vivo Y19 Stock at Funtouch Os

    Pa help mga boss, sabi sakin bypass daw po yan, after ko mag format ganyan na nangyare. Pahelp sana may pumansin Thanks
  6. J

    Help Stock on Fastboot

    Guys pa help naman always restarting den pagtpos ng logo mapupunta sa fastboot den mamatay den uulit lang ng uulit,,dinala ko sa mga technician try ni nila ireprogram success naman kaso ganyan pa din ang resulta…ayaw tumuloy laging hanggang fastboot lang..may sulution pa kaya ja…techno pova2 po...
  7. P

    Realme 8 4g(RMX3085) - STOCK ROM

    Realme 8 4g (RMX3085) -stock ROM Region: India. BD, NP, MM, PK, LK. Global. VN, PH, TH, KH, AE, IQ, EG, MA. ID, RU, KZ, UZ. Hidden content
  8. N

    Course Udemy - How To Trade Stock Options For A Living (Downloadable)

    Terabox: Udemy - How To Trade Stock Options For A Living shared from Ne****han - TeraBox
  9. O

    Clinical Anesthesia 9th Ed - Barash, et. al.

    Title: Barash, Cullen, and Stoelting's Clinical Anesthesia Author(s): Bruce F. Cullen, M. Christine Stock, Rafael Ortega, Sam R. Sharar, Natalie F. Holt, Christopher W. Connor, Naveen Nathan 229 MB converted PDF MediaFire Hidden content Mega Hidden content
  10. S

    Question po for flashing Stock rom

    Need po ba i-Auth Bypass muna ang phone bago makapag Flash ng Stock rom? Kasi pag nag Auth Bypass po ako error nya SLA/DA Error po eh.
  11. B

    Globe ZLT-S10G stock firmware?

    Hello po, sino po may legit na stock firmware any version po for s10g? Simula po kasi nung na debrand laging walang signal. Nagtry narin po ako mag search and download dito sa forum kaso failed to verify ang file ang lumalabas pag nag upgrade ako sa portal nya. SALAMAT PO
  12. B

    Help Macbook pro update and stock sa log in

    Pahelp po nag update macbook pro after update ayaw na tanggapin password. Nung napalitan na nastock naman sa log in at may lumalabas na Macintosh HD unlock to log in. Please help po ano kaya nangyari. Salamat in advance
  13. E

    Help Stock no display and fix Ez Debug Led Msi a520m-a pro afterdowngrade

    pano po kaya ma fix ito? after downgrade bios update di na nag display tas dinawawala ez debug led may ilaw keyboard pero mouse wala
  14. S

    Help Huawei B525s 65a Stock Firmware (White Mamba)

    Good aftenoon po sa lahat. Baka meron po kayo flashable file bigla nalang nawala WIFI and ayaw narin via lan cable. Na reflash ko narin sya multiple times. Thank you
  15. S

    For Sale Selling 500pesos Smart Load Card (current stock: 15) 425 Pesos each

    Selling 500 pesos Smart load card. 15% dc. willing to send personal info and video call during transaction. Please respect post. NO TIME for scammers. dami na nag kalat na scammer lalo na sa FACEBOOK.
  16. G

    Honda Wave S 125 Hindi na stock yung makina kaya padin ba i long ride 90km balikan?

    mga boss Honda Wave S 125 kopo 2nd hand e napalitan na mga pyesa sa makina sabi ni mekaniko quality naman daw .. gusto ko kasi sana mag las piñas - pampanga mga 88km ata.. any tips boss sa mga ganitong kalayong ride tas 125 lang dala para hindi ma pwersa makina ng motor ko? thanks
  17. M

    Infinix zero 5g stock logo

    Mga boss ano pwede gawin dito sa infinix zero 5g after update bumagal den namatay nung bumukas nag stock na sa logo ?
  18. M

    For Sale Selling AMD A10-9700 CPU with AMD Wraith Stock Cooler

    Selling used AMD A10-9700 CPU with AMD Wraith Stock Cooler. Offer kayo kung magkano kaya nyo. Specs:
  19. B

    Help Questions about Crypto and Stock market.

    Anong pinag kaiba nung dalawa? And ano mas maganda pag aralan at pasukin. And kung may tips kayo or suggestions kindly drop in the comments thanks..
  20. S


    pa help mga boss pano pa ifix pag ganyan lumalabas pag inoon ko computer
  21. A

    BlackShark 2 Original Chinse Stock Firm

    Hi sinu po kaya merong same phone na running CHINESE FIRMWARE? or sinu may backup ng firwmare BALCKSHARK 2 SKW-A0
  22. E

    Crypto Stock or crypto?

    sino investor rito sa stock market at crypto market? ako kasi galing sa crypto market pero pumapasok sa isip ko na mas sure ball pag sa stock lalo na sa mga bluechip company mag invest😅
  23. S

    Help Shopee/Lazada get notified when the product has restock

    May way po ba na pwede makareceive ng email or sms kapag nag restock na si seller? TIA
  24. M

    Help [Stock Videos] Saan po nakaka download ng stock videos?

    With no copy-write strike and fair to use. Thanks po sa maka notice :)
  25. K

    Tutorial MXQ Pro 4K Stock Firmware for (RK3128 - ESP8089 / RK915A Wifi)

    Baka may kailangan ng stock ROM ng MXQ Pro 4K / SKone TV boxes nila. Galing yan sa backup ko incase na mag hang sa logo yung sakin. Dalawang ROM yan, Yung isa galing sa ESP8089 na wifi at yung isa naman galing sa RK915 na wifi. STOCK Firmware lang po ito hindi siya naka custom. Panoorin niyo...
  26. P

    Globe UPDATED m022 pocket wifi STOCK FIRMWARE

    Lods pa drop naman po ng firmware nyan nawalan po ako signal after mag flash naging smart po dashboard gusto ko po sana mabalik sa original dashboard
  27. P

    Help 2023 M022 STOCK FIRMWARE?

    Mga lods may updated link po ba kayo ng stock firmware ng m022 pocket wifi led sana may mag reply badly need po
  28. P


    Lods baka may back up kayong stock firmware ng m022 nadali po kasi ng isang post ung saken nawalan ng signal after ko ma flash naging smart dashboard gusto ko sana mabalik po sa dati salamat po
  29. P


    Lods pa drop naman po stock firmware ng m022 sayang din kasi pag diko maayos etong pocket wifi 😢
  30. B

    Help Stuck on amazon live payment

    stuck on amazon live payment any help nag generate ako nang live cards as usual kaso after di ko nagawa sa prepayment ni amazon in short stuck up gumawa nako nang fake email fake cards generated
  31. T

    Help Free course for stock video footage tutorial

    Baka meron po kayo free course tutorial for Stock Video Footage tutorial for basics yung nag sesell po ng videos as videographer hindi po photographer salamat po in advance
  32. P

    Help Stock Logo Iphone6s+

    Kaya pa ba maayos iphone 6s+ stoock logo, nung dinalaa ko kasi sa repair shop naag flash sila tapos nag iistuck sa 20% pag nag flaflash sabi need daw i reball yung cpu, may iba pa bang solution?
  33. A

    Help 2years stock na motherboard

    2 years na stock un motherboard ko hindi nagamit nasa box pa gumagana padin po kaya yun bebenta ko sana kaso baka daw dina gumagana motherboard ko po ay steel legend b450 sa sumagot salamat po
  34. B

    NBA images / stock / PNGs

    Hello PHC, Meron ba ditong working under NBA media company? May bago kasi akong client under NBA and I REALLY NEED HD images of NBA players, stock images, PNGs if possible. Willing to pay if may bayad (bulk) Thank you!
  35. T

    Help Step By Step Guide To Selling Stock Video tutorial

    Hello po mga sir baka naman po meron kayo nito baka po pwede maki share salamat.
  36. D

    Help Oppo A5 2020 stock rom

    pahelp po possible bang mag degrade ng software? feeling ko kasi mas bumagal phone ko nung nagupdate to android 11
  37. 1

    Help How to flash new stock ROM Infinix Note 12 G96??? (Turbo/X670)

    Hindi ko po kasi alam yung tamang way or kung paano po nagawa ng iba sa latest SP Flash Tool po kasi hindi nagana yung scatter file ng specific model ng phone. Natatakot na po ako kasi papagalitan ako ng nanay ko :(
  38. B

    Help Is this a legit site for downloading and flashing stock roms for oppo and realme?

    Hello mga paps ask lang po if legit ba ito na site? Oppo Stock ROM Archives - Oppo Stock ROM
  39. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 55

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content
  40. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 54

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content
  41. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 53

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content
  42. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 52

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content
  43. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 51

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content