The inch (symbol: in or ″) is a unit of length in the British imperial and the United States customary systems of measurement. It is equal to 1/36 yard or 1/12 of a foot. Derived from the Roman uncia ("twelfth"), the word inch is also sometimes used to translate similar units in other measurement systems, usually understood as deriving from the width of the human thumb.
Standards for the exact length of an inch have varied in the past, but since the adoption of the international yard during the 1950s and 1960s the inch has been based on the metric system and defined as exactly 25.4 mm.

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    Trivia What is the difference between "May I come in?" and "May I get in?"

    “May I come in?” is used for asking permission to enter a room. Usually we knock and then say these words. We use the words come in as most of us walk into the room. “May I get in?”, “get in” is used when we ask somebody whether we can jump into a boat, or a swimming pool, or get into a bus...
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    Poll Fps Config. Cheap tips and trick for mobayl leyjind! Get in!

    Busy na ko this past months kaya d nako naging active, but now medyo nangangailangan, but ill do my best, sana matulungan ko kayo at matulungan nyu ako🤧 -Gojoo🐟
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    Help Gcash low fees on cash in?

    Saan po may murang cash in sa gcash? 2% na po kasi ata sa 7/11 kung di po ako nagkakamali. Salamat po sa magiging suggestions
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    Help Tanong - regarding ASYNC in REACT JS

    good day po .. tanong ko lang po .. ano po bang ibig sabihin ng ASYNC po dito ? \ const fetchUsers = async() => { const headers = { 'Content-Type': 'application/json' } fetch("", { headers }) .then(res => res.json())...
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    Globe love letter? Ask lng po

    main sim po.. niloloadan po ito gosakto70/gs50, di din ako heavy user.. ginagamitan ko lng ng vpn kpag nanunuod ako ng movie sa fb Mamablock nba ito in 3days? May pwede pbang gawin pra maiwasan? pacomment po kyo sa baba salamat in advnce
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    Crypto Minimum cash in!!

    Mga paps magkano po ba ang minimum cash-in sa using cliqq kiosks mga papss?
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    Tears in heaven

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    Help Cant connect skyvpn

    pano po makapag internet pag hinohold yung internet qo ni globe??? ginagawa ko po kasi Surfalert hold. pagkatapos niyan ubos na 10 pesos qo. pa help namm mga boss. -.- Ty nga pala sa makapag help sakin :)
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    Closed Meron ba tayon messenger gc?

    HELO PO MGA PHC.... Matanong ko lang meron po ba tayong group chat sa messenger? PA-ADD NAMAN KUNG MERON
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    Closed Kingdom in chaos

    Sino po may kingdom in chaos unlimited coins and gems Hindi po kasi talaga kaya haha Thanks po sa magshare God bless and more power!
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    Closed Internet cutter

    Pa help po meron po ba way para maka block sa communect sa wifi namin.. Pwde pa help sa non rooted na cp or sa pc nlng if meron pa help po
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    Closed Welcome sa lahat

    hi, sa lahat ng new member welcome
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    Closed Injector for pc

    Pagod nakong kakahula :( patulong naman step by step plss