Google LLC ( (listen)) is an American multinational technology company that focuses on search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics. It has been referred to as the "most powerful company in the world" and one of the world's most valuable brands due to its market dominance, data collection, and technological advantages in the area of artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Five American information technology companies, alongside Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft.
Google was founded on September 4, 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were PhD students at Stanford University in California. Together they own about 14% of its publicly listed shares and control 56% of the stockholder voting power through super-voting stock. The company went public via an initial public offering (IPO) in 2004. In 2015, Google was reorganized as a wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Google is Alphabet's largest subsidiary and is a holding company for Alphabet's Internet properties and interests. Sundar Pichai was appointed CEO of Google on October 24, 2015, replacing Larry Page, who became the CEO of Alphabet. On December 3, 2019, Pichai also became the CEO of Alphabet.The company has since rapidly grown to offer a multitude of products and services beyond Google Search, many of which hold dominant market positions. These products address a wide range of use cases, including email (Gmail), navigation (Waze & Maps), cloud computing (Cloud), web browsing (Chrome), video sharing (YøùTùbé), productivity (Workspace), operating systems (Android), cloud storage (Drive), language translation (Translate), photo storage (Photos), video calling (Meet), smart home (Nest), smartphones (Pixel), wearable technology (through the acquisition of Fitbit), music streaming (YøùTùbé Music), video on demand (YøùTùbé TV), artificial intelligence (Google Assistant), machine learning APIs (TensorFlow), AI chips (TPU), and more. Discontinued Google products include gaming (Stadia), Glass, Google+, Reader, Play Music, Nexus, Hangouts, and Inbox by Gmail.Google's other ventures outside of Internet services and consumer electronics include quantum computing (Sycamore), self-driving cars (Waymo, formerly the Google Self-Driving Car Project), smart cities (Sidewalk Labs), and transformer models (Google Brain).Google and YøùTùbé are the two most visited websites worldwide followed by Facebook and Twitter. Google is also the largest search engine, mapping and navigation application, email provider, office suite, video sharing platform, photo and cloud storage provider, mobile operating system, web browser, ML framework, and AI virtual assistant provider in the world as measured by market share. On the list of most valuable brands, Google is ranked second by Forbes and fourth by Interbrand. It has received significant criticism involving issues such as privacy concerns, tax avoidance, censorship, search neutrality, antitrust and abuse of its monopoly position.

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    Android Huawei Nova 7i install Google Play Services

    Anyone Huawei users here na napagana yung mga google app like playstore? Pic for attention.
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    Tutorial How to set up Google Drive Host using /set_user command

    Hidden content
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    Tutorial How to Get Google Cloud Linux Server

    Pasok mga di estab hahaha... try nyo na🫶 Hidden content
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    Tutorial How to scan apps for malware safely using Google Colab and Google Drive

    Hidden content
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    Anu pinagkaiba ng google site website at ng website programmer languange

    anu pinagkaiba ng google site website at website using php,python, etc.. at bakit di nahahäçk ang google site website bat kadalasan na hahäçk ang website using php, python.. kung di nahahäçk ang google site website bat di na lang yun ginagamit ng mga company o ng iba natin programmer
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    Help Google based sites and apps locks @ 500kpbs

    Area Bulacan Any way to bypass? For some reason yung google based apps and sites ay naka speed cap sa more or less 500kbps only, di ako maka watch ng 1080 60fps sa YøùTùbé, l 2160p 60fps loading nalang since ang bagal Nakakainis mag update sa playstore kase stuck din sa ganung speed...
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    Help Paunlock po google books

    Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish
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    Help Pa unlock book google

    Constructing Measures
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    Help Google account can't sign in

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    Help Pasabit google workspace kahit 14 day free trial lang

    Bigyan nalang kita 100 gcash papa..thanks aana may makapansin.
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    UDEMY - Mastering Google Docs - Complete Google Docs Course

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    Help Google account recovery?

    nasnatch ang cellphone ko kahit alam ko ang password di ko na masign in sa cp ko ngayon yung pangrecover ko na sim nakasalpak don sa cp kong nanakaw ano kayang pwede kong gawin para marecover pls help
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    Help Help google bypass sa cp

    Baka alam niyo po mabypass FRP google kasi naformat cp ko need ng google account na naka sign in
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    Help Make a python script that do a google search every time i copy a text

    make a python script that do a google search every time i copy a text
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    Help Alternative for google scholar?

    May alam kayo site na kagaya ni google scholar na pwde ma e search yung mga articles or past research or thesis yung sana libre... Yung iba kasi bayad kapag gusto e download... Pang RRL lng po ng thesis sa amin Thank you po
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    C# Google Cardboard Issue in Unity

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object VrModeController.Update () (at Assets/Samples/Google Cardboard XR Plugin for Unity/1.21.0/Hello Cardboard/Scripts/VrModeController.cs:89)
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    Help Google Cloud VM

    May paraan po ba para magkitaan yung Google Cloud VM ko at yung local network ko? Di kasi sila makapagcommunicate directly na walang intervention ng 3rd-party services like tailscale. May config ba sa Google Cloud VM instance para maset ko na magkitaan yung dalawang magkaibang networks?
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    Android Automatic force closed google playstore other related google apps help

    Already Clear data uninstalled updated version still Automatic force closed. pa help TIA
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    Android Which is better for Huawei Non google Devices? Gspace or Gbox?

    Or baka may iba pang Goods dyan. Tagal magload ng Wild rift sa Huawei y6p ko eh. :3
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    Course FREE LIMITED Udemy Course (Learn Google Bard: The AI Language Model That Can Do It All)

    What you'll learn: Understand the different components of Google Bard Learn how to use Google Bard to generate different kinds of text Learn how to use Google Bard to translate languages Learn how to use Google Bard to answer questions in an informative way Understand the limitations of Google...
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    Course Vue JS + Google Maps API: Ultimate Beginner's Friendly Guide

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    Help Wfsn d makapag login using direct google log in

  23. G

    PC App HELP! Recover a google authenticator sa PC..ASAP

    Please help. ASAP po if possible. Kasi yung pc from teletech is required na maipair sa device. So tinry namin via PINGID, di gumana. Tapos nung sa Google Authenticator, gumana siya. Kaso nadelete accidentally yung account sa device. Ngayon nirecover namin siya pero "google" yung lumalabas at di...
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    Help Tr*janSMS-PA

    good day po! sino naka receive ng notif from built in or installed cleaning app about sa "Tr*janSMS-PA" sa google app sa android devices nyo? I think common to sa Huawei or Honor devices. Any ideas why it's happening? salamat sa response.
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    Course UDEMY - The Complete Google Sheets Course - Google Spreadsheet Tips

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    LF Work Ano po kaya ang work na pwede for someone na knowledgeable sa Google sheets?

    Hi guys! As metioned sa title ng thread, ano po kaya nag work na available for someone na knowledgeable sa sheets/excel? Like capable po gumawa ng mga dashboards, pivot tables, at alam mga formula? Recently kasi parang mas nagiging interested ako sa data hahaha salamat po sa makakasagot.
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    Help Google UX Design Professional Certificate [Coursera]

    Baka po meron kayo nito. Google UX Design
  28. L

    Crypto Supra Oracles & Google Cloud partnership

    Article News Sa mga wala pa para Iwas sana all Register na Hidden content
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    Free any In-app purchase up to $12 Download Link: Hidden content
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    Help Google drive, Mega drive

    Is it possible to compress file sizes before downloading them from Google drives and mega drives?
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    Help Pa help google cloud

    Pa tulong po mga idol need kasi ng credit card or debit card para gumawa ng google cloud baka naman pwedi mapa lagay ng credit card or debit wala po siyang bawas kahit piso need lang talaga ng credit or debit card para ma sure ni google na hindi ka robot Need po kasi namin api ng google map...
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    Help Google Tag Manager Expert Help

    Pa help guys! May expert po ba dito sa Google Tag Manager need help lang sa pag track ng submit ng submission form.
  33. T

    Help Google sheet highlight

    In WPS there is an option that you can enable highlight row and column when selecting a cell which is called "reading layout" is there an option on Google sheet?
  34. L

    Automation of attendance

    Does anyone have a way to automate check in an check out of attendance using QR code and Google excel?
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    Course [ Udemy Course ]Complete Google Slides Course - Create Stunning Slides [ 100% off ]

    Enroll Asap Hidden content
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    Help Google meet prem

    Mga paps pede makasabit or makahingi ng google prem pang google meet lang
  37. M

    Help Sino po may Google AI OCR API?

    Baka po pwede makahiram sa naka-free trial sa google cloud. Need lang po sa project namin. Ayaw po kasi tanggapin yung paymaya at ibang cards ng ate ko nung nag-aapply ako ng free trial.
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    Course UDEMY - The Complete Google Drive Course - Mastering Google Drive

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    Course UDEMY - Complete Google Slides Course - Create Stunning Slides

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    Help Google Play Pass pasabit

    baka po meron na kayong Play pass account dyan pasabit naman po sa Family Library
  41. S

    Help Upload image to google drive using JavaScript

    Henlo po, may pamilyar ba dito paano mag upload ng image/file to specific folder using javascript balak ko sana maglagay sa page na pwede magupload ng image tapos sa gdrive mag sasave at pwede ma retrieve. Salamat
  42. M

    Help Sino po may Google Vision API?

    Pwede po pahiram ng google vision api fro project purposes?
  43. O

    Help Google Account: Verify Your ID

    Paano kaya ma verify ito mga lods, tama naman email at passqword, kaso eto na next Kailangan ba talaga magbigay ng phone ?
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    Help Coursehero - Midterm Examination CE Laws Ethics and Contracts - Google Forms.pdf

    Pa unlock po masters thank you! Midterm Examination CE Laws Ethics and Contracts - Google Forms.pdf - 7/26/2021 Midterm Examination: CE Laws Ethics and Contracts Midterm | Course Hero
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    Tutorial How to check if your emails or passwords are leaked on the darkweb thru Google One (free)

    For Google users Only Go to your Google -> Manage My Account -> Security or click here Security Scroll down kayo sa pinaka baba until makita nyo to Click lang Run a scan with Google One ayan madami akong hits yung main password ko pa na ginagamit dati pakalat kalat na pala di ko alam...
  46. C

    Google Drive migrate to OneDrive

    Pa help naman po mag migrate ng files from Google Drive migrate to OneDrive. Dati gumagana yung, pero di na kasi ngayon
  47. X

    Help Google apps on FREE VIDEO (bot question)

    May FREE VIDEO ako sa GigaLife ng SMART, kasama dito ang YøùTùbé, Netflix, Smart Livestream, at iWantTFC. Bakit gumagana ang Google Search, Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos at Google Meet kahit hindi sila kasama sa FREE VIDEO, at wala din akong ibang data subscription? Wala...
  48. S

    Help Google Account Can't Sign In

    Pa-help po, hindi ko na ma-sign in yung google account ko although tama naman yung password. Unfortunately, hindi na po active yung recovery number na gamit ko don even yung cp na dati kong gamit sira na 😭. Is there any other way para ma-recover kaya yon? Salamat po sa sasagot.
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    Help Help Samsung FRP Google Model SM-a536E/DS

    How to bypass Samsung FRP Google Model Sm-a536e/ds. hindi ko kasi ma bypass kahit anong tools na ginamit ko android utility na ginamit ko ayaw parin. baka meron kayo dyan mga ka ph na tools pang bypass.
  50. L

    Help Google sheets

    Hello po, ask ko lang po sana kung may paraan ba para ang isang google sheet na may functions like filter at search kapag i share sa isang team pwedeng gamitin ng lahat ng sabay like per user iba iba sila ng makikita. Wala akong makitang matinong sagot sa google eh o baka imposible ung gusto ko...