A wet wipe, also known as a wet towel or a moist towelette, disposable wipe, disinfecting wipe, or a baby wipe (in specific circumstances) is a small to medium-sized moistened piece of plastic or cloth that either comes folded and individually wrapped for convenience or, in the case of dispensers, as a large roll with individual wipes that can be torn off. Wet wipes are used for cleaning purposes like personal hygiene and household cleaning; each is a separate product depending on the chemicals added and medical or office cleaning wipes are not intended for skin hygiene.
In 2013, owing to increasing sales of the product in affluent countries, Consumer Reports reported that efforts to make the wipes "flushable" down the toilet had not entirely succeeded, according to their test.

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    Help MXQ PRO 4K (fake) accidentally clicked wipe cache partition instead of wipe date/factory reset

    Mga boss ano kaya gagawin ko, hays. Na mis click ako, mag fafactory reset lang sana pero napindot ko ung wipe cache partition then ito na ang lumalabas after nag reboot. "E: Failed to mount cache/recovery/last_locale" "E: Failed to mount cache" nag boboot loop na ganyan pag nag reset ako sa AV...
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    Question about wipe data/factory reset in recovery mode

    Permanently deleted na ba pag nag wipe data/factory reset sa recovery mode? Wala na bang ibang way para marecover data? Nagtry na ko ng madaming recovery apps pero no luck lahat.
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    Help I Factory Wipe All data reset sa Win10 and after Mag wipe success Nag papa log in ng"Other Account" password.

    Helloso guys this is my problem. After po mag factory wipe all my data and reset po windows 10 i expected fresh po from the start ang loptop ko. Pero after reset may lumabas na Other users Password log in. so hindiq alam input ko since wala naman ako tineguster na pass and username po. Paano po...
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    Wipe data

    same lang po yung dalawa except sa keep? yung tulad ng ginagawa nila sa shopee dati na reset pero di shopee/farming purposes ito
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    Kaya nakakatay e

    Naka OPEN nanaman hayss kaya nakakatay e Tigilan na kasi si POSTERN hindi paba kayo nadadala ? Nandyan naman si ShadowSocks app for ShadowSocks at HTTP Injector para sa HTTP Socks tapos dami pasikat sa FB bandang Huli parepareho tayong mawawalan.