An airdrop is a type of airlift in which items including weapons, equipment, humanitarian aid or leaflets are delivered by military or civilian aircraft without their landing. Developed during World War II to resupply otherwise inaccessible troops, themselves often airborne forces, airdrops can also refer to the airborne assault itself.

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  1. R

    Referral Travelfrog bitget Airdrop

    Try na natin to ! Travelfrog Airdrop from bitget habang maaga pa mina na! Join here: Travelfrog
  2. S

    Referral # TAMAN Airdrop (Launch July 22,2024)

    Here we go 💪 The mini-app for Taman's #airdrop program on the @MantaNetwork is officially here. The first door to step into our gaming world has opened Let's move forward 🔥 Taman - Heroes Kombat 🌐Taman Channel:
  3. M

    Referral pìrâ†é Nation Airdrop PALDO DITO!!!

    REGISTER KAYO PARA MAKAKUHA KAYO NG gen1 pìrâ†é may natitira pa ako slot sa referral code ko paunahan na langòò†ÿ-717òò†ÿ-717òò†ÿ-717
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    Referral Swan Chain Airdrop ($SWAN)

    Swan Chain Confirmed Airdrop 🤝 Announced 3 days ago, sali nyo to sa finafarm nyo! Earn more $SWAN tokens for future rewards🔥 Total 20% Supply For Airdrop (Testnet + Mainnet)🤯 📌Listing In Q3 (Probably September) 💸Cost: FREE 💰Funding: $3M Backed by Binancelabs, SNZ and more... ✍️Guide: 🔹Go...
  5. E


    How to claim Banana? Banana is the governance token with a total issuance of only 10,000,000. Among them, 800,000 Banana tokens for community airdrop, and distributed to community users for free. 1,000,000 Banana tokens for presale, and the presale price is 1 ETH = 1,000 Banana. After the...
  6. G

    Referral Wizardy BC AirDrop

    Join the adventure in Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC! Dive into a world of magic and mystery, collect powerful NFTs, and engage in exciting clicker gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to NFTs, this game offers fun and rewards for everyone. Start your journey now and become the ultimate...
  7. D

    Crypto Nebx airdrop based on twitter age

    Check your X account 🚀Our X Social Platform Deserves More Value🚀 I just claimed 5,467 XCOIN! What about you? Rate your profile and claim your free $XCOIN #NebX #airdrop now! 👇👇👇 Nebx
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    Referral Confirmed airdrop join the early stage

    Super Champs Confirmed Airdrop🪂🪂 Backed by Kucoin , Coinbase and Solana • Raised: $14M • Cost: 💯 FREE Link : SuperChamps | Welcome to the $CHAMP token challenge • Connect Your MetaMask • Enter Your Email & Verify • Enter Your Username • Complete All Tasks • Claim Your points 🧑🏼‍🌾🧑🏼‍🌾🧑🏼‍🌾
  9. B

    Referral Next Airdrop New Pwede na e Grind

    Di kaba pumaldo sa pixelverse baka Dito swertehin ka Grind na tayo habang maaga pa .Balita ko Hanggang 2 weeks lang toh habol na bago lang toh. Hidden content Tanggalin nyo lang emoji
  10. D

    Referral Planetarium Possible BIG Airdrop Incoming!!! Join Now

    Planetarium Airdrop Immortal Rising II (Backed by Animoca, SamsungNext and Krust) Step by Step Guide: Visit Link Connect your gmail Go to "Mission" tab Complete all missions You can use my code for additional ORB points (w/in 24hrs)👇 fsVyw4XGIx Quiz Answer: immutable Join their #forbidden#
  11. T

    Crypto Plume Airdrop Testnet

    Plume Testnet Phase 1 Update Plume Lounge & Daily tasks is now live! Cost: FREE Guide: Connect your wallet here LINK Mint Goon NFT You can bridge some Sepolia test tokens here bridge Claim faucet daily to earn Miles points Complete all tasks available Do daily check-in About the project: Plume...
  12. A

    Crypto Hybrid testnet (Wag na papahuli simple task lang)

    Baka dimo pa nagagawa to? Dont skip to join Must Join guys FREE lang to and potential airdrop project Hybrid Airdrop Join here: Hybrid | Quests Connect wallet(I prefer metamask extension) Complete all quest Invite is optional but recommended 1 XP = 1 $HYB points
  13. C


    FREE] NODEPAY AIRDROP Late on $GRASS? Then, be early with NodePay. Run Node for free via Extension and earn Node Points by turning your WiFi/Data on. Register here: Nodepay: Track your earnings Free 5000 just type the voucher code: COMPENSATION
  14. K

    Crypto Verida airdrop claim

    Claim nyo na verida nyo..
  15. L

    Crypto Rocky Rabbit (Airdrop)

    Bagong Airdrop guys Scan Lang Qr code mga guys
  16. P

    Crypto Dogs Airdrop Solution: "Who are you dawg"

    Dogs: http🦴s:// 1. open link remove emoji lang para gumana, wait lumabas "who are you dawg" 2. close yong dogs tapos punta settings ng tg. lagay ka username if meron na, edit mo username mo. 3. kapag okay na step 2 click mo ulit yong link...
  17. V

    Referral Satoshi core airdrop 100 legit

    Satoshi - Global Free Airdrop Just click the link mga ka phc. Satoshi - Global Free Airdrop
  18. F

    Crypto Airdrop alert.

    Try nyo. Wala namang mawawala. EARN POINTS | Cros
  19. G

    Referral CERTIK SKYNET airdrop. complete quest answer

    sa walang account sign up here ⬇️ answer here ⬇️ Certik Q&A mukhang may potential na airdrop. sabay na mga lods
  20. Y

    Crypto AIRDROP HAPPENING IN Satoshi!!!

    Start claiming before it ends!! Join here: Satoshi - Global Free Airdrop Satoshi - Global Free Airdrop
  21. D

    Referral Warpcast airdrop

    Sa mga may warpcast jan Animoca Brands’ Onchain Summer Campaigns MUST DO FOR WARPCAST USERS and Also for Non Wapcast user Additional 666,666 $Tower Airdrop.. From July 12 to July 18 DO NOTE YOU NEED MINIMUM OF 3K POINTS TO BE ELLIGIBLE USING MY REF LINK GETS YOU AN ADDITIONAL 100 POINTS...
  22. P

    Referral pìrâ†é Nation: $pìrâ†é Airdrop & Season 2

    Sa mga wala pang account di pa huli ang lahat.
  23. C

    Crypto New play to airdrop

    Mga paldo sa nyan heroes, metalcore, pixel eto ang bago,, SuperChamps | Welcome to the $CHAMP token challenge
  24. T

    Help Airdrop on hamster kombat question

    kailan po yung airdrop dyan sa hamster?
  25. R


    Grab nyo na ang laki ng binibigay ni cto na free aidrop Satoshi - Global Free Airdrop
  26. T

    Crypto Tabi Airdrop

    Backed by Binancelabs LINK Do daily check in Upgrade your mining rate Complete tasks Share to earn additional points
  27. V


    Ethermail Airdrop Update 📣 Check yours sa sumali (still open for Phase 2. You can still join) Hidden content
  28. N


    Backed by BITGET WALLET parang Blum Lang sobrang early pa pasok na! Hidden content
  29. V

    Crypto [Airdrop Soon!!!] Backed by Bitget.

    Tomarket Potential Airdrop - Backed by BitGet and Foresight How to earn: 1. Go to ---> Tomarket App 2. Check in daily 3. Collect ripe Tomatoes every 6 hours 4. Use ticket and play the game (Blum concept) 5. Finish 3 tasks (more tasks soon) 6. Invite your friends to receive extra earnings...
  30. J

    Spellborne Airdrop Confirmed (Season 1)

    SpellBorne Airdrop confirmed Cost: Free Play to airdrop Join na kayo habang maaga pa season 1 pa lang parang pokemon lang Spellborne
  31. X

    Referral Superchamp play to airdrop $Champ

    Touch down 50k. Wala pa ako kahit isang referral nito partida. Kaya ikaw join kana. Wag mong ifade to. Ako na nag sasabi sayo. Tulungan ko kayo sa quest. Free to play no gastos kahit pisong duling. Sobrang enjoy laruin tapos papaldo kapa. Super Champs (Backed by Coinbase, Animoca Brands...
  32. M

    Referral Bitget airdrop

    first project bitget airdrop enjoy farming
  33. S

    Referral Super Champs Confirmed AirdropBacked by Kucoin , Coinbase and Solana

    Super Champs Confirmed Airdrop🪂🪂 Backed by Kucoin , Coinbase and Solana • Raised: $14M • Cost: 💯 FREE Link : SuperChamps | Welcome to the $CHAMP token challenge • Connect Your MetaMask • Enter Your Email & Verify • Enter Your Username • Complete All Tasks • Claim Your points 🧑🏼‍🌾🧑🏼‍🌾🧑🏼‍🌾
  34. J

    Crypto Confirmed Massive Airdrop (Yung sagot sa quiz nakalapag na) No Social Quest

    Confirmed Airdrop🪂 MASSIVE FUNDING✅(raised $41.4M) BIG NAME VC BACKERS ✅ (Polychain Capital, APTOS, OKX Ventures etc. + an undisclosed round with #Binance Labs! ) Complete the Movement Labs Galxe Tasks for 100 points 👀 Quiz Answers Hidden content
  35. L


    try nyo to bagong airdrop Super Champs solid to Sa phone mo sya malalaro Super Champs (Backed by Coinbase, Animoca Brands and other big investors) Funding : 14M USD Cost : Free Guide : Go to : SuperChamps | Welcome to the $CHAMP token challenge Connect Wallet Sign up using email Use...
  36. D

    Crypto ( My Wifi pero need Income? ) Create and Link your Wallet ! Grass AIRDROP Out now ! [ USING MOBILE ]

    ( USING MOBILE ) Create and Link your Wallet ! Grass AIRDROP Out now ! For Android User Must Needed : KIWI BROWSER Hidden content Grass: Earn a Stake in the AI Revolution
  37. I

    Crypto OVERTAKE AIRDROP! free mint no gas needed

  38. V

    Crypto 3,000 PHP Received from DOP Airdrop. Check sa sumali

    DOP Airdrop Update 📣 Check sa sumali Hidden content Profit na
  39. V

    Referral Play to Airdrop [Super Champs]

    Try to ulit bagong Play to airdrop. grind na agad fresh pa. Availabe din ung game nila sa andriod and IOS...G na.. walang gastos sipag lang kailangan! SuperChamps | Welcome to the $CHAMP token challenge

Did you know?

Credit is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party wherein the second party does not reimburse the first party immediately, but promises either to repay or return those resources at a later date.

Lenders want to make sure all their bases are covered before they extend you credit. That means they may look at factors other than your credit score to determine whether to lend you money. Your employment status also can play a role: If your income is too low or you haven’t been at your current workplace long, those factors could weigh against you.

Errors can come in a variety of forms. You may not have been credited for a payment you made, or you may have been charged for a purchase you didn’t make. A debt might be listed more than once, or your balance might be wrong.