An airdrop is a type of airlift in which items including weapons, equipment, humanitarian aid or leaflets are delivered by military or civilian aircraft without their landing. Developed during World War II to resupply otherwise inaccessible troops, themselves often airborne forces, airdrops can also refer to the airborne assault itself.

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    Referral Pixelverse Airdrop

    From: Pixelverse - Sa mga nag grind ng pixelverse airdrop may bago nang feature na pet na makakakuha tayo ng 100 pix sa isang araw at mag rereset to kinabukasan kaya make sure na kunin niyo ang 100 pix daily for free. - Kung wala pa kayong pixelverse gamitin niyo lang code ko para maka kuha...
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    Tea Protocol - A decentralized protocol for Open-Source Developers Raised total funding: $8M Supported by Coinlist 50% token supply for Governance & Ecosystem How to gain your first points? (375 ITN points) Register using Gmail Go to your...
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    Crypto Capybara Airdrop ( TAP TO EARN + SOCIAL TASKS )

    CAPYBARA Click this link to register: -After clicking the link click start din click feed your capybara
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    Crypto Sabay na kayo sa $ELYS airdrop mapepera na soon.

    malapit na mapera , at kakasimula ko palang may makukuha ka agad na 2000 XP point after mo ma follow ang kanilang twitter at instagram bali tag 1000xp yun tapos ang gagawin nyo ay claim nyo yung elys at usdc na token sa faucet message kayo dito if di nyo ma gets tapos nyo makuha yung elys at...
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    Farm Na!! #Season 2 Pixiz Farm | Win $PIXIZ on Twitter
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    Bagong bago pa mga lods fresh from the oven. Baka pumaldo tayo dito Hidden content
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    Crypto $CELIA Airdrop

    Pasok na mga kuys habang maaga aga pa free mining airdrop to! Just register and verified your account here: Hidden content Note: If di nyo makita yung verification code sa email nyo try to check your spam and promotions sector ng email nyo What is $CELIA? -The Celia Token (Abbreviated As...
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    Crypto $PIXFI airdrop (Pixelverse)

    Bagong play to earn airdrop mga paps. Gawin nyo lang yung mga tasks muna like complete your profile to earn XP/PIX of your character and feed your pet/bot. Hindi pa open yung "battle" option nila pero mag oopen na yan soon kaya register na agad para makauna nanaman tayo. Link: Hidden content
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    Referral Elfin Metaverse Airdrop! (Backed by binance lab)

    ➡️Claim Faucet: BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet Faucet - BNB Chain ➡️Airdrop link :- Elfin eSports ➖Connect Wallet [BNB Testnet] ➖Click three line Menu ➖Click "Airdrop" > Do Tasks ➖Check in Daily [+5 Points] ➖Done
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    Referral New Airdrop (-: Testnet Backed By BINANCE :-)

    ⚡Elfin Kingdom ➖Get Points ( Binance invested project) ➡️Claim Faucet: BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet Faucet - BNB Chain ➡️Airdrop link :- Elfin eSports ➖Connect Wallet [BNB Testnet] ➖Click three line Menu ➖Click "Airdrop" > Do Tasks ➖Check in Daily [+5 Points] ➖Done
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    Referral Pixelverse - Confirmed Airdrop

    Pixelverse Click this link to register 1. Sign in using your google account 2. Navigate to your profile and link socials 3. Choose your avatar 4. Done!
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    PAW ZERO FOUR PAW ZERO FOUR PAW ZERO FOUR Earn $PAW404 by posting about @pawzerofour on X/Twitter. The more engagement your collect, the higher you will move up the leaderboard. Every time you post a tweet or mention @pawzerofour, our system will analyze the engagement on that tweet for 24...
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    Referral Xterio Confirmed Airdrop! (Backed by Binance)

    Possible Airdrop: $50 > $100 > $300 > $500 > $800 > $1,000+ Cost: Free Total Funding: $55M Xterio is a global, cross-platform play-and-earn developer and publisher working to create deeply engaging gaming worlds enhanced by digital ownership Step 1: Join Campaign 📍 Click FORGE 📍 Sign up...
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    Referral OPTOPIA Testnet - Confirmed Airdrop

    OPTOPIA Click this link to register 1. Connect your wallet 2. Finish the Pioneer's Quest which is sign sa wallet, follow sa twitter and join sa #forbidden# server. (Para ma-grant si OFV) 4. Finish Galxe Tasks 3. Done! Umpisahan mo na baka maubusan ka!
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    Referral CARV portocol airdrop mobile

    Join the SOUL Drop campaign. Earn SOUL and future token airdrops! Download CARV Play app now via link or use referral code TTKP2F. CARV - Modular Data Layer for Gaming and AI
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    Referral New airdrop same as $MOJO

    FORGE Grind! grind! grind! $XTER
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    AI Arena Airdrop! $11M total Fund Raised | Backed by Paradigm, Framework and more. Cost: $0 (Free) ▫️Earn TGE points by completing quest ▫️ Refer friends to earn more points ▫️ Convert TGE points to tokens at TGE 🔗Airdrop Link: Arena Hub Guide 1. Open AI Arena airdrop page 2. Signup your...
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    FREE AiRDROP | FixelVerse

    FREE AiRDROP | PiXELVERSE Just Sign Up Here ⬇️ Pixelverse | Dashboard Just input Your Email Address & Wait For The Verification Code Mapupunta kayo Sa Home DashBoard Nila At Makikita Mo May Free 500 PiX Token kana Agad, Just Do The Other Things Like Editing Your Avatar & Profile or You...
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    Referral $TEA Airdrop Confirmed

    Wag pa huli guys!
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    Referral Pepecash airdrop

    Pepecash airdrop. Hindi pa listed sa mga exchanges pero soon magkaka presyo din ito. Do the task lang. Tapos pwede na makuha ang 42290 na pepecash. Need lang Ng pang gas fee para ma wí†hdráw. Sa metamask nyo e wí†hdráw, bnb smart chain Pepecash
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    Referral Nodepay Airdrop Alert!

    Kung gusto nyo pumaldo this 2024 sipag at tyaga tapos pasok agad 150 slots nalang kailangan! 🚨🚨🚨🚨 Hidden content
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    Unblock update mukhang malapit na'to👀 Unblocked Confirmed Airdrop 🪂🚀 (UCP = $LOL SOON)🥳 $15M fund raise $LOL token & airdrop confirmed Led by the former CFO of Polygon 1. Go to: 2. Complete daily tasks and quizzes 3. Connect wallet and twitter 4. Claim Referral Points...
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    Referral Smolbound Hub Airdrop- join now!

    para iwas sana all sa dulo sali na! join here: Smolbound connect twitter and complete the task
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    Referral Sama nyo na din mga finafarm nyo, sa mga airdrop hunter

    New Users who join Unblocked Quests (Quests | Powered by Unblocked) with my referral code will receive 3500 UCP! (converts to $LOYAL at launch) Code: vQAYtXsc5O
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    do task guests lang guys sipagan lang lalo sa pag task wag tamarin magiging mapera din yan Hidden content
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    Referral Xterio Airdrop $1000

    BACKED by BINANCE✅ kakaSTART lang kanina + 55M$ FUNDS unahan nyo na 1st day ng póints system✨ Tweet to Earn points. FORGE
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    Referral 1B Supply OGC Airdrop : Claim Everyday! Join now!

    OGC Token with 1billion Supply Join here: OGCommunity -Claim token everyday ! complete task
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    Referral Battle Showdown: $GAMBIT Airdrop

    $GAMBIT Click this link to register Join the future of gaming with BSD Gambit! Stand a chance to win $ELS tokens by completing tasks on the Gambit Points System (GPS) @ Battle Showdown: Gambit ! 🌱 Use this code for an additional 1,000 points. Code: llwkgl
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    Referral Battle Showdown: Gambit Airdrop Earn wELS Points: Join Now!

    Sali na para iwas sana all ! Battle Showdown: Gambit use my refferal code to recieve 1000 points -Refferal Code: gmrdts connect twitter and complete task 🔥 Join the future of gaming with BSD Gambit! Stand a chance to win $ELS tokens by completing tasks on the Gambit Points System (GPS) @...
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    Referral IQT Protocol Airdrop Join Now!

    IQT Protocol Airdrop Join Now! How to join: IQ MARKET Airdrop IQ Rental Marketspace | Profile | Airdrop -log in via wallet claim daily iq points gas fee needed around 0.03 matic poligon Next to go: $IQT MEGADROP | Week 3 $IQT MEGADROP | Week 3 by IQ Protocol | Galxe -complete the quest...
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    Sali na kayo bagong Airdrop gawa lang kayo ng social task sa twitter liit lang ng supply ng token 3000 supply sali na kayo dito: Xtremeverse | Xnet
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    Crypto SmolBound Airdrop! Easy Tasks lang!

    Complete mo lang easy tasks like follow twitter and retweet, Join #forbidden#. Just click the link below. Join na para di ka na magsanaol kapag naiwanan ka na naman 😉 Smolbound
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    Crypto Polymon Airdrop

    Claim niyo na sayang 200$ First go to Trust wallet And add token, you see a icon on top of right corner click on + and then Click on network seclect polygon Paste this contract address 0xB127A19d8c2E507412D01a2F38CcbFa5864611B8 Then click on import Then click on the receive copy...
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    Crypto Baboon Airdrop

    💧 Baboon @Airdrop💧 🏆 Task: ➕ 40 USDT + 20,000 BOON for Top 30 TikTok videos. 👨‍👩‍👧 Referral: ➕ 40 USDT + 20,000 BOON for top 20 referrers each. ➡️ ↪️ Ceate a TikTok video by using the Baboon effect and upload on to your TikTok...
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    Referral Sa wala pa - Notcoin Inu Airdrop

    Notcoin Inu Airdrop Reward: 20,000 $NOTINU each for First 50,000 Participant Referral: 10,000 $NOTINU each for valid Refer Airdrop Link Do the Complete All tasks on the Bot & submit your data. Join us on our journey as we unleash the potential of Notcoin Inu and pave the way for a new era of...
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    Crypto $SQD airdrop

    Today, we're launching the Subsquid Points Program, with the first phase live This is Subsquid's very first airdrop campaign! Join Here: Subsquid Points Program Just connect your twitter do follow like and repost task and invite your friends Connect your BURNER WALLET and sign 0 cost.
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    Referral Top 5 Free TG CRYPTO MINING . Tap2Tap lang every 12 Hours

    Puusukin pa natin ang Mundo ng DutDutan sa TG 🔥🔥🔥✅ TAPSWAP 📌Powered by #SOLANA. Decentralized Exchange on SOLANA Blockchain. PLAY on TG 👇 HAMSTER COMBAT🚀 DUTDUTaN sa TG 🙌 🍅 $TOM CLICKER Get a Free airdrop just...
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    Crypto Habol habang early pa!!

    Free Founders Node (If you are seeing this, then you are still early) But you must hurry. The first 1420 to complete the Nodepay Quest will secure a founders node. When all 1420 are through the gates, this channel will disappear forever… Founder's Node Perks ✣ Earn before anyone else: first...
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    Referral Iluvium x Samsung Pre-registration kong wala kapa neto isali muna sa bigtime Airdrop na legit

    ALREADY REGISTERED FOR PRIVATE BETA 4! ♊ One of the biggest airdrops in Web3 gaming has finally arrived. REWARDS: 200,000 $ILV in airdrop ($19,162,000) 🪂👀 Link: Hidden content
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    Guys bagong efarm natin since CARV may mobile APP na 🥳🥳 FREE to FARM 🥳🥳 ChatGPT The Carv Protocol mobile app has arrived! ✅ Step 1: Simply download the app - Google Play: Google Play: CARV: Data To Earn - Apps on Google Play - App Store: App Store: CARV: Data To Earn ✅ Step 2: Log in using...
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    Referral Smolbound Airdrop Alert Limited Time Only!

    Another aabangan nanaman para pumaldo napaka Massive potential! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚨🚨🚨 Hidden content
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    Referral Confirmed Airdrop! Photon Supernova:

    Confirmed airdrop! Photon Supernova: Incentivized Testnet is LIVE! Cost? $0 Backed by: Gelios, SatoshiSync and more big investors!Photon is a decentralized, low-cost, builder-friendly Bitcoin L2 powered by BVM and Celestia to scale the next generation of Bitcoin’s on-chain ecosystem. Link...
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    https://t.:love:me/tiger_:love:drop_bot?start=r1463789122 (remove emoji) LIMITED LANG. NFT Project under TON Network. Grab it guys!
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    Referral Photonchain Testnet Airdrop

    Hidden content
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    Referral SENDER LABS Airdrop! Backed by Binance Labs & Pantera Capital. PALDO tayo dito!

    About Sender Labs Sender Labs is a dedicated infrastructure service provider within the NEAR ecosystem, backed by Binance Labs,, Pantera Capital and many other prestigious institutions. Its flagship product, the Sender Wallet, has garnered more than one million downloads worldwide...
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    Crypto Photon Airdrop

    Photon. $PTON Airdrop … ✅ Connect Twitter ✅ Connect Wallet ✅ Complete tasks
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    BAGONG BAGO PA MGA SIR Hidden content