In geometry, topology, and related branches of mathematics, a closed set is a set whose complement is an open set. In a topological space, a closed set can be defined as a set which contains all its limit points. In a complete metric space, a closed set is a set which is closed under the limit operation.
This should not be confused with a closed manifold.

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    Help Special Force Rush. Force Closed.

    Ano po kaya problema ng SF ko. Pagka login ko. Ganyan lumalabas. Salamat sa makaka sagot sa aking tanong.
  2. D

    Tutorial How to sign up to Monster Hunter Now closed beta(Android/Ios)

    Players can sign up to a closed beta test of Monster Hunter Now, a new mobile title from Niantic. Here’s how to access the closed beta. Pokémon GO developers Niantic are set to drop a brand new real-world action RPG mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Monster Hunter Now will offer players...
  3. H

    Bilibid to be closed down by 2028

    Biibid to be closed down by 2028 Saan naman kaya irerelocate ito?
  4. M

    Crypto Webmining Closed April 10 2023

    As of today April 10 2023, nag close na yung web mining app. But not literally “closed” but the admins ofc ran away from their users. The telegram group chat was set to deletion after one day, the so-called “mentor” deleted his account earlier today. all accounts that were trying to wí†hdráw...
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    Help Developer

  6. D

    Help Smartbro Home WiFi R051 V011 Openline help

    hlelp po
  7. J

    Help How to make VPS keep on running even closed?

    Pahelp po pano po gawing keep on running yung VPS even iclosed po sa android thank you po sa makakatulong.
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    Sound stopping,camera force closed and Fingerprint not working

    May nakaranas ba sainyo to nung update kayo SA MIUI 13? bigla Kasing nag Sound slottering/stopping,camera force closed and Fingerprint not working Mi 11 lite.po phone KO help Naman po samaat
  9. A

    Help Closed Loop LED Christmas Lantern with Music

    Hi! Baka po meron dito may alam paano namin maeexecute yung project na binigay samin. Puro lang kasi kami online simulation ng mga lab exercises. Wala pa kaming hands-on experience kaya clueless kami ano po gagawin dito huhu. Project: Closed Loop LED Christmas Lantern with Music Specs...
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    Help Closed message paano po?

    Ask ko lang po sana sorry Hindi po Ako gaanong Gamay sa mga tools ni Phcorner kung ano lang po Ang nakasanayan ko na tools yon lang po Ang ginagamit ko. Ask ko lang po paano po ba yong closed message? Yong kailangan pang mag react ng like, heart or etc. Para maview Ang full content nila...
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    Store Closed

  12. H

    Closed Phcorner for Good, For safety of All free internet just like 8 years ago

    eto napapansin ko guys.. nung 2011 ang free internet umaabot ng 2-3 years bago mahuli, proxifier, ultrasurf, Magic IP, tampered monkey, SSTAP, shadowsocks, OVPN, at marami pa iba..alam ko karamihan sa inyo nakaabot sa mga to. ngayon 1 month or 2 months nalang umaabot free internet katay na...
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    Closed Ioe exception closed

    I get 200 HTTP status but after that I get IOE exception closed any help?
  14. V

    Closed Gtm ehi (established)

    Globe, Touch Mobile Established muna 1 Month (Exp. Date: December 1)
  15. Y

    Closed Closed thread

    as in?
  16. S

    Closed Ehi

    Yun favorite ehi ko socket closed na. Babalik pa kaya yun sa dati?
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    Closed thread

    1. D*wnload the attachment below. 2. Create a folder on the Drive C:\ Name it as PSIPHONCMDStyleVersion2 3. Extract PSIPHONCMDStyleVersion2.rar to the folder. 4. Double-çlíçk PSIPHONCMDStyleVersion2.reg (Registration Entries/Registry) 5. çlíçk Yes. 6. Open PSIPHON CMD Style v2.exe 7. 3...