A tutorial, in education, is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture, a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.
A tutorial can be taken in many forms, ranging from a set of instructions to complete a task to an interactive problem solving session (usually in academia).

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    Baka meron kayo nito mga idol.. Need ko lang matuto mag photoshop.. Baka meron kayong step by step tutorial..
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    Tutorial - Video Editing With Filmora 12

    Just sharing. (y) These are series of video tutorials for video editing using Filmora 12. File Type: .ts Click here. ❤️💋(y)
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    UNLI CHANGE NAME ON FACEBOOK 2023 No Need Wait 60days How to change name? 1. Open your chrome browser PC/Phone 2. Type: www.facebook.com or m.facebook.com (Log in your fb account). 3. After you login type: https:// accountscenter. facebook. com/ (remove space) 4. Click search bar ==> then...
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    Help Tutorial

    Pa tutor naman pano palitan picture ko dito tagal ko na pala dito di ko pa alam minsan lang nakapag open bc sa work
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    Tutorial How To Install McAfee Total Protection (Not A Free Trial)

    May thread ako wherein nagse-send ako link for them to download and install McAfee antivirus, sometimes nagre-reply din ako sa mga threads sa freemium request, and it appears that some of you are having trouble installing. I mean, some of you installed the software pero naka-free trial pa rin...
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    Help Ran Online Cheat Buying Tutorial

    Sino dito meron cheat for any ran online games? palapag mga lods.
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    Globe TM Tutorial On How To Find A Working Bug/Host

    To find bug host for your sim company servers, You need help with At Same IP the website SNI bug host generator and finder After going here, You will see the picture below, Cutting the search box desirable seams official website of sim company. Capture below will come captcha, type the...
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    Tutorial Better Line Art Tutorial by Ergo Josh

    Better Line Art Tutorial by Ergo Josh There is a VERY good chance you have experienced the disappointment of creating stale lineart/drawings that lost all of the energy of the original sketch :( In this tutorial, I show you what I have learned over the past 6 months that have enabled me to...
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    Crypto Legend of Constellation: Awakening (Play-to-Earn Beginner's Guide)

    Overview Legend of Constellation: Awakening is currently the most innovative mobile NFT game card in 2023! An idle strategy game that only requires 2-3mins of playtime to claim the rewards and mining profit. It is a NFT game under D&E Technical Limited 🏤 Company Information; ✅Company Name: D&E...
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    Tutorial: Huawei Globe B312-939 changing bandwidth and antenna (No need admin access and login)

    ayan yung link *star nyo nalang kung may account kayo dyan. hehe. 1. download, then unzip 2. open any browser > 3 dots > settings > extensions > enable developer mode > load unpacked 3. locate adminer kung nasan yung manifest na file * check nyo nalang after ma-unzip 4. after...
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    How to make Pancake Tutorial

    Hidden content
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    Crypto BXN step by step tutorial!

    habol na kayo guys soon pera na ito step by step tutorial tayo🫸🫷 1.Download the app 1st. https://wallet.blackfort.network/invite?id=0D8PLMICTV MAY PA AIRDROP SI BLACKFORT Name Email (verify email) Set up passphrase Code: 0D8PLMICTV 2nd. punta sa metamask fill lahat ng box ADD NETWORK SA...
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    Tutorial Digital Art Tutorial - Class 101 Painless Art by Ken

    Im sharing one of my ρáíd Digital Art Course Requirements: 1. Terabox (dahil large files po eto saka pwde ma stream sa pc or android). Join TeraBox referral program ( Original Webmaster center) to Make money online 2. Digital Art tablet or Pencil 3. Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop 4. Mindset 5...
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    Tutorial Tutorial kung pano gumawa ang GCASH Amex

    PS. Para makuha ang CVV click lang nyang get new code then later on may mag ttext nang cvv code
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    Globe TM Closed

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    Closed Closed

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    Smart TNT Sun .

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    Referral Legit earning app with tutorial(step by step)

    First step: Download the novelah app in your playstore/app store! If Wala here's the Link --> Use Novelah App, read novels for free Second step: After you installed the novelah app enter the Click the enter invitation code 25006543 to claim your extra 30k up to 100k points Third step: Go to...
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    WordPress tutorial

    good evening mga ka phcorner, baka meron po kayo tutorial on how to basic sa WordPress for build a portfolio or a blog yung free din po sana yung step by step. TIA
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    Help Canva Pro tutorial

    Hello po paano po makagawa ng canva pro solo yung pede maka add ng font, willing to pay rin. With video sana na step by step. Can send tg acc or fb with vouch sana salamat
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    DITO Freenet noload

    Kanina pa ako experiment ng experiment sa "dito" network, di mag connect, nakakapagod, tapos sa globe naman deads na magic ip (puerto princesa city) hays, paano po mag connect sa "dito" network no load, baka may alam naman kayo jan, pa share, thank you
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    Help Ruijie ew1200g Pro

    Any Tutorial how to config ruijie ew1200g Pro to vlan?
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    Globe TM Tutorial naman po kung paano setup ng slowdns d ko kasi mapagana

    Salamat sa magtuturo 💕
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    Globe TM Bypass promo tutorial

    depende sa promo nyo palitan nyo na lang host pili na rin ng dns na mabilis sa inyo pwede din sa ibang network para lang to sa mga newbie para hindi mauto ng unlimited kuno
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    Help Pano daw ba malaman yung default password ng Converge Wifi.

    Pa help po sana maka hsck ng default zte converge wifi password looking forward sa mga replies and response niyo po
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    dahil maraming nag tatanong eto na tutorial pano mag import ng cookie Hidden content
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    Get Anyone's Details Only By Their Email Address No Downloads Necessary Hidden content
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    Tutorial PHP Tutorial Tagalog [Updated Thread]

    'Di ko na kasi ma-edit 'yung contents ng thread ko na PHP Tutorial din. Gawa na lang ako bago kasi may mga comments pala don na sabi dead link na daw. Update ko na lang ngayon. Hidden content Feedback kung working 'yung link. All credits goes to GPL aka PHP Lord
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    Referral Old Coinbase 40$ tutorial ( kita ko lang sa fb)

    TUTORIAL SA COINBASE Country not supported? Punta ka settings ng coinbase wallet then disconnect mo coinbase mo. Punta ka sa 1st quest, start mo then pagka authorize dalian mo sa pag tap nung start quest. Pag lumabas naman si transak mag back kalang then start quest ulit. Kapag Country not...
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    Help Tutorial

    anyone have tutorial how to create your own vpn ?
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    Help Ovpn tutorial

    Mga sir pwede po bang paturo pano gumamit ng Ovpn? need ko po kasi ng internet sa trabaho ko sa field. sana po may matyagang mag turo. nagayon pa lang salamat na po.
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    Help Tanong tungkol sa tutorial

    Hello new member po ako. Totoo bang kapag matagal ka na sa PHC magkaka-access na po tayo sa mga tutorial ng ρrémíùm Accounts? Katulad ng Yt, Netfix, VIU, etc.
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    Referral Tutorial for self clicking in adsterra

    download extensions like this multiple url opener Hidden content Chat GG PT Apologies for the misunderstanding. Here are 50 instances of the URL you provided as text: maggegenerate si gpt ng singkwenta na url tas ilalagay niyo yan sa extension na nauna Please note that the content of the...
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    Tutorial CB Quest Not Supported Country Tutorial

    Eto full tutorial nasa Picture na pag di nyo pa nakuha bahala kayo ..
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    Tutorial (Tutorial) How to Remove Bot Lobby Server in Farlight.

    Hidden content 2
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    Tutorial How to download files with TeraBox? [Video Tutorial] [Music]

    Hidden content Hidden content - Video Tutorial - My Music Library shared from Ky***yy - TeraBox 138 GB | OGG 320 kbps vorbis Dropden - Free File Hosting - TeraBox Apk - Tips: Pag mababa sa 500 MB yung file folder idownload nyo na lang via website. Gawin nyo "Desktop site" yung page...
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    Tutorial Tutorial on how to make your own shortlinks? Easy and safe

    🌌 Tutorial on how to make your own shortlinks 🐟 🏖️Is a Quick way to shorten a link without login to create a short link. just copy the link below replace "destinationlink.com" with your destination link...
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    Referral Tutorial How to make short links?

    Is a Quick way to shorten a link without login to create a short link. just copy the link below replace "destinationlink.com" with your destination link. https://semawur.com/st/?api=4d6a4db903764922aa34928e7679f2bdaf37f328&url=destinationlink.com Example ...
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    Anyone palapag naman po ng tutorial nito? salamat mga master..
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    Tutorial Binance Tutorial for Beginners 2022 The Step-By-Step Guide ELPATRON

    Hidden content
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    Globe TM Noload Tutorial para sa mga newbie

    Globe Tm Noload Tutorial note: luzon visayas lng working no need load 1. Install IZPH VPN app IZPH VPN - Apps on Google Play para sa walang Playstore https://www.mediafire.com/file/x0ijf3o9bwvhmuo/izph149.apk/file 2. Open app and update config 3. Select any ovpn server or ssh server and...
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    Tutorial Aerial Photography Post Production Tutorial ELPATRON

    Drone Film Master Class Uniquely designed master class, teaching post processing for creating stunning short drone films by award winning aerial videographer Vadim Sherbakov. Aerial photography post-production tutorial An exclusive 44 minutes tutorial for post processing aerial photography from...
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    DITO Dito Noload Tutorial

    DITO NOLOAD TUTORIAL Freenet at Walang blocking. 1. Install IZPH VPN app IZPH VPN - Apps on Google Play para sa walang Playstore https://www.mediafire.com/file/qw99jy3hij5cdsx/izphvpn147.apk/file 2. Open app and update config 3. Select any slowdns Dito Noload server 4. Start and enjoy. Note...
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    Help Free course for stock video footage tutorial

    Baka meron po kayo free course tutorial for Stock Video Footage tutorial for basics yung nag sesell po ng videos as videographer hindi po photographer salamat po in advance
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    Globe TM TUTORiAL walang bitawan HTTP CUSTOM -SSH ACCOUNT

    Tutorial .. SSH server USing HTTP CUSTOM need IPhunt Follow this Step : Gawa ka ng SSH account . example lang to : ang info ng SSH account mo ay ganito Host : lus-1.opensvr.net SSH PORT/Dropbear PORT : 22,143 SQUiD PORT : 8080 Username: opentunnel-Leech Password: 123456 Next Step : Open mo...
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    Crypto Pi network

    baka alam nyo po pano gamitin tong pi network? kaoopen ko lang kase,baka may magturo para kumita ako mga lods...
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    Tutorial Photoshop beta with Genarative AI (adobe creative) Pangmasa

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Euj5QBctMK6ZoApQlmHLB83dochF_rL_?usp=drive_link ============== Instructions: ============= 1. do not disable internet 2. install Creative_Cloud_Set-Up 3. do not allow AGS (adobe genuine service) if prompt 4. login with your account (GOOGLE or facebook) 5...
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    Totoo,real Theory's

    After meron nag post ng UDP tutorial pano gumawa, ilang araw lang deds agad ang UDP , na ma tagal² din yun gumagana. After mag bunyi dahil meron pang DNSTT, deds agad ilang lang din 🥲 Saklap
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    Tutorial PLDT FIBR faster load sa mga sites

    So dahil may internet issues si PLDT ngayon try this temporary tips para mapabilis pagload ng mga sites niyo. For MODEM: Go to https://192. 168.1.1/ then login niyo yung user and pass niyo Go to LAN > DHCP Server Configuration then enter this to your Primary DNS 1.1.1. and for Secondary...
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    Tutorial Google at YøùTùbé mabagal fix tutorial

    Install http injector Use this ehi bypass na lahat YøùTùbé google.