In physics, sound is a vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave, through a transmission medium such as a gas, liquid or solid.
In human physiology and psychology, sound is the reception of such waves and their perception by the brain. Only acoustic waves that have frequencies lying between about 20 Hz and 20 kHz, the audio frequency range, elicit an auditory percept in humans. In air at atmospheric pressure, these represent sound waves with wavelengths of 17 meters (56 ft) to 1.7 centimeters (0.67 in). Sound waves above 20 kHz are known as ultrasound and are not audible to humans. Sound waves below 20 Hz are known as infrasound. Different animal species have varying hearing ranges.

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    Help Humming sound LAPTOO HELP!!

    ano kaya ung sounds mga sir? kala ko fan lang.. pero napalinis ko na fan pinalinis ko kala ko fan lang, tas bumalik nanaman tubkg after malinis ng fan.. ano sa tingin nyo? received_1119508015970769.mp4
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    Course [FREE COURSE] Audio Masterclass - Music Production and Sound Engineering Course

    Can you produce like a pro in your home recording studio? Do you have a microphone, audio interface, digital audio workstation software, and loudspeaker or headphone monitoring? Congratulations! You're ready to make recordings that are truly professional in quality. But what's holding you back...
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    Help Windows 7 no sounds

    Pahelp guys .. bat nawala ang sounds ng pc ko . kahit saksakan ng speaker wala talaga . paano po eh fix guys
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    Mga master tulong lang. Ung phone ko Kasi kinabit ko ung phone ko sa speaker then tinanggal ko ay ayaw ng maglabas ng sound ung CP ko. Parang always naka headphoneode sya. Any tricks po kaya?
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    Help HDD Clicking Sound

    Good morning po tanong kulang bakit nag clicking sound yung HDD 1-2mins after mag start ng pc...pero 100% life pa naman siya..
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    Help Need help computer no sound

    Hi guys ,nagbuild ako ng system unit gamit yung cpu, gpu at ram ko dati galing upgrade. Bumili lang ng 2nd hand motherboard, chassis at psu. May ssd M.2 na rin po ako brand new kaso yung hard drive di ko pa po nakakabit. Okay naman siya nag oon naman kaso walang sound sa speaker at headphones...
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    Help Mxq pro 4k delay sound

    may alam po ba kayo kung pano po i fix yung delay ng sound sa mxq 4k pro??
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    Closed Pa delete post ty

    May nakakaalam kaya kung ano title netong tugtog? Tinry ko lang gayahin base sa memory ko yung tunog (Awit ayaw ma attach nung file)
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    Help Windows 11 Ghost Spectre no sound

    Freshly installed windows 11 superlite ghost spectre 😅 kaso problema walang sound. Help pls. Na update, uninstall at reinstall ko na mga audio drivers ganun pa rin.
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    Help Windows X Lite No sound

    Walang audio OS ko huhuhu we can't open this ms contact support link daw
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    Help for Laptop sound

    Pa help naman po kung panu maibabalik ang sound ng laptop po.. bigla na lang nawala.. simula ng kinonnect sa speaker ayaw na tumonog. pero pag naka speaker naman may sound, panu ko kaya ma fix yung ganung prob.. pa help naman po salamat
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    Help Phcorner notification sound hindi mapatay

    naka select na ng NONE pero may natunog parin. Sa inyo ba ganito rin? May natunog parin na notification popping sound kahit nakapatay na yung mga opsyon sa taas?
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    Android App Auto play sound fb chrome not working

    paano mag auto play sound sa fb chrome sa pc ayaw kasi gumana ng autoplay sound kailangan mo pang pindutin yung sound button para magkaroon ng sound
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    Android App MusicLine - Music Composition v8.21.1 [prémíùm]

    Requirements: 7.0 and up Overview: Easily compose anytime, anywhere!! musicLine has come out in Android at last! musicLine is a dreamlike composition app that allows anybody to easily create music within 3 minutes. Children to adults, beginners to professionals; let's all compose an...
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    Help Mga master

    pasabit mga master Decibel X - Pro Sound Meter
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    Help Sound

    weird sound na tumutunog pag nasa website nato
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    Hidden content MAG PASALAMAT
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    Computer no sound

    Pa help po wala kasing sounds computer ko kapag sa YøùTùbé mag play ng videos.. Pero yung mga download ko na videos may sound naman patulong po
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    Help Realme 8 5g sound issue

    mga idol pa help naman po, ba't po mahina yung sound ng realme 8 5g ko?? ok naman pag naka earphones, pero pag 'di naka earphones ang hina ng tunog. pls help^^ tytyty
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    Event sound

    looking event music effects and sounds
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    Help Best amp integ for sound system for bass?

    Best amp integ for sound system for bass?
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    Help Obs sound

    Hi question lang bakit nawawala yung stream sound pag inoon ko yung mic sa game minsan nag eecho din, pwede pa help?
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    Help Any Sound Enhancer App For Laptop

    Nakafull volume na mahina pa din i think sa movie to na audio...Meron kayang enhancer app?Tho yes bluetooth speaker is the way pero naiwan ko sa school🤣
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    How sweet does this sound?

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    Help Windows 10 pro no sound

    help how to fix no sound after awake from sleep mode ? sino naka experienced? install new driver doesn't solved set as default speaker doesn't solved need pa ireboot para magka sound ulit .. anyeone?
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    Sound check lang muna.

    Hidden content
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    Help Gmeet irecord ng may sound pwede ba?

    Binidyo ko gamit ang screen recorder habang nag gmeet kame.After ng record ko pliney ko wala pala sound sa setting naman nakaon pero walang sound.Hindi po ba talaga pwede irecord ng may aound yun gmeet?
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    Help Buzzing sound on port

    ano kaya issue neto pag sinaksak ko sa audio port speaker or headset man may buzzing sound ano kaya possible na reason neto. fron panel and back may buzzing sound pero sa headphone ko na usb wala naman buzzing sound mobo ko is h110m pro vh plus
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    HELP - Epidemic Sound

    Pa-help po sino may bin ng epidemic sound, badly need lang po for lights and sounds tomorrow
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    Help ML no sound

    Sir paano ifix ml , sa first 3 mins okay naman tapos biglang mawawala
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    Help Soundcraft ui16

    Guys baka mayroon kaung alam na nagbebenta ng souncraft ui16 mixer. Lowest price offer.
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    Help Best Sound Enhancer for Android Recommendation

    Aside po sa Viper which required root, any sound enhancer na marerecommend nyo? Yong sakto lang po timpla ng bass at treble sana. Thanks.
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    Trivia Water Sound

    Water makes different pouring sounds depending on its temperature If you listen very closely, hot water and cold water sound slightly different when being poured. The heat changes the thickness, or viscosity, of the water, which changes the pitch of the sound it makes when it's poured. What we...
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    Usapang Sound System

    ano po kaya magandang set-up na pang bahay... pwedeng sa sound trip, movie at videoke... magandang tip na bilihin? yung pang outdoor naman? Tnx...
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    Trivia Roosters have built-in earplugs

    Roosters have built-in earplugs Considering a rooster's call can reach 140 decibels or louder, it might leave one to wonder how the rooster itself keeps from going deaf when that noise is coming right out of its beak. It turns out, the farm fowl have built-in earplugs. Researchers found that...
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    Trivia Your thumb doesn't make a sound when you snap your fingers

    Your thumb doesn't make a sound when you snap your fingers The sound you hear is actually created by your middle finger hitting against your palm, not your thumb rubbing against your index finger. Point this out to your friends in any conversation and you'll receive snaps for being clever...
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    Trivia Cats can manipulate us with meows that sound like crying babies

    Cats can manipulate us with meows that sound like crying babies Research has found that our finicky feline friends know just what to do in order to get us to give them food and attention. One study published in Current Biology found that when cats used a more baby-like meow called "solicitation...
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    Sound check lang.. haha

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    Help Loudspeaker problem

    ano kaya problema pag paputol putol yung tunog ng android pag nakaloudspeaker
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    Adobe After Effects / Premiere Pro ( Mister Horse Sound Effects )

    Share ko lang yung gamit ko na sound effect gamit ang Mister Horse Preset. 1. Install nyo lang yung Mister Horse. 2. Sa after effects or premiere click nyo lang Window>Animation Composer 3 3. Click nyo yung add folder then go to the file location and click nyo yung folder. May mga...
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    Stereo sound problem

    baliktad kasi sound ng phone ko pag naka headset. pagnaglalaro ako yung kalaban nasa kaliwa but yung sound is nasa kanan..ano solution dito?
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    Help Arduino #4

    swing servo motor back and forth when detected a sound by sound sensor or a rain sensor has detected and stop when thiers no detected
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    Help Automatic baby cry cradle

    wiring diagram of automatic baby cry cradle using: Arduino servo motor rain sensor sound detector buzzer speaker