In phenomenology, the terms the Other and the Constitutive Other identify the other human being, in their differences from the Self, as being a cumulative, constituting factor in the self-image of a person; as acknowledgement of being real; hence, the Other is dissimilar to and the opposite of the Self, of Us, and of the Same. The Constitutive Other is the relation between the personality (essential nature) and the person (body) of a human being; the relation of essential and superficial characteristics of personal identity that corresponds to the relationship between opposite, but correlative, characteristics of the Self, because the difference is inner-difference, within the Self.The condition and quality of Otherness (the characteristics of the Other) is the state of being different from and alien to the social identity of a person and to the identity of the Self. In the discourse of philosophy, the term Otherness identifies and refers to the characteristics of Who? and What? of the Other, which are distinct and separate from the Symbolic order of things; from the Real (the authentic and unchangeable); from the æsthetic (art, beauty, taste); from political philosophy; from social norms and social identity; and from the Self. Therefore, the condition of Otherness is a person's non-conformity to and with the social norms of society; and Otherness is the condition of disenfranchisement (political exclusion), effected either by the State or by the social institutions (e.g., the professions) invested with the corresponding socio-political power. Therefore, the imposition of Otherness alienates the person labelled as "the Other" from the centre of society, and places him or her at the margins of society, for being the Other.The term Othering describes the reductive action of labelling and defining a person as a subaltern native, as someone who belongs to the socially subordinate category of the Other. The practice of Othering excludes persons who do not fit the norm of the social group, which is a version of the Self; likewise, in human geography, the practice of othering persons means to exclude and displace them from the social group to the margins of society, where mainstream social norms do not apply to them, for being the Other.

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    Help Gcash from other country

    Na send na daw sa gcash from other country at may receipt na po ito. Pero d ko pa nakita. Paano ba ? Kahapon pa lang.d ko pa na receive.
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    Mga bossing, baka may marerecommend kayo na pwedeng gamiting system cloner gaya nung sa realme system cloner? thanks in advance po mga bossing
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    Help Can I transfer converge router to other area?

    Hi! pwede ko ba ilipat ang converge router sa ibang area/ibang nap without informing the converge office?
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    Patulong about other apps or site

    San pa po ba pwede or anong app or site pa pwede ma save yung files/apps/etc same sa terabox mga lods ?
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    Tutorial Bypass Maya Crypto to send in other wallet

    Normally you can't send crypto outside Maya crypto network. Kasi wala lang Haahahaa Hidden content
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    Help Other way ng hardreset

    May other way po ba para di ma detect sa mga shopping app like shein and temu kahit hindi i hard reset ang cp? Thank you po sa makakasagot
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    Help Netflix unable to watch from other country

    May other way ba na makapag stream bg netflix kahit nasa ibang country? I mean di kasi nakaka stream ung ate ko , ph ung netflix account tas nasa taiwan siya, Gumagana kaya kapag nag change ng region ung phone nya?
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    Paano magswitch to other network using the same number. If gusto mo magswitch ng ibang network at ayaw mong palitan ang number mo, pwedeng-pwede na yan at libre pa di mo na kailangan bumili pa ng bagong sim at i-memorize ang panibagong number. 30 minutes hour to 4 hours lang ang process neto...
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    Help DITO SIM Call & Text to Other Networks

    help naman mga lods. ako lang ba o nahihirapan din kayo magtext at tumawag sa ibang networks gamit DITO sim? panu ba gagawin? huhu
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    Globe Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi can't access ML and other websites

    Pahelp po mga lodi. Bakit ganun yung prepaid wifi ng globe, hindi po kami makapag ML kahit may load naman at hindi din maka access ng ibang websites tulad ng Google scholar and others. Ano po pwedeng gawin dito? Salamat po
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    Villar, 15 other PH tycoons land on Forbes' 2024 billionaires list

    MANILA, Philippines — Real estate mogul Manuel Villar, who chairs property developer Vista Land & Lifescapes, emerged as the only Filipino in Forbes Magazine’s top 200 billionaires in 2024. He ranked 190th in this year’s list, up from 232nd in 2023, as his wealth grew 28 percent to $11 billion...
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    Crypto Paano po mag lipat from binance to other platform?

    Paano po mag lipat from binance to other platform?
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    How To Get Photoshop (Or Any Other Adobe App) For Free

    Download: GenP: https://www.mediafir…elease.zip/file Creative Cloud: https://creativeclou…=creative-cloud CCStopper: https://github.com/eaaasun/CCStopper Hidden content
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    Crypto Any other way to access binance?

    Pa help ! any other way to access binance? Salamat
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    Help How to limit internet speed for other user - Globe fibr

    Can someone help me? 50mbps lang kasi yung plan ko sa Gfibr. May kupal akong kasama dito sa bahay na 24/7 kung mag YøùTùbé and mag smart tv. Thanks!
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    Trivia Life on Other Planets?

    The discovery of an extrasolar planet always seems to be followed with a position on whether it is habitable or not. This is especially seen when it is claimed that the planet is terrestrial and within its star's habitable zone, also called the "Goldilocks zone" in reference to it being not too...
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    Help PLDT HOME FIBR (Only google and YT working), other sites cannot access

    Pa help po PLDT HOME FIBR (Only google and YT working), other sites cannot access Kahit anong devices na iconnect ko ay ganun pa rin ang nangyayari po
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    Good eve , meron po kasing offer si globe na unli 149 for 7days kaso choosen app lang . Gusto ko sana piliin ang YøùTùbé/viu kaso po mas nagfafacebook ako. May alam pa kayo kung paano e bypass para both magamit at ma suli ko yung unli without sim blocking ? Thanks po
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    Help Baka may other sites kayo na parang Filmxy?

    Ilang araw ng maintenance daw si Filmxy
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    Help How to do this on Facebook pages or other soc meds.

    Ask ko lang po paano gawin ung ganitong Name? Ayaw po kasi gumana sa mga font generators. Thanks in advance po. :whistle:
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    Help Recover and Repair Realme GT Master Edition and other Realme phones

    Mga lods help naman i-backup and repair ng Realme GT Master Edition na nacorrupt. Meron bang app or software para jan?
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    Help Kaya po ba i-open Line sa other net itong Samsung A22 5G(lock to Smart)

    Hi ask ko lang po if may pag-asa pa po ba na mapa-open line ko itong company phone na nireleased as disposal. Nag-ask na kasi ako sa mismong smart hinahanapan po kasi ako ng recomendation letter to open line na may signatories ng company namin kaso hindi naman sa akin naka-pangalan ito. Gusto ko...
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