A design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process or the result of that plan or specification in the form of a prototype, product, or process. The verb to design expresses the process of developing a design. In some cases, the direct construction of an object without an explicit prior plan (such as in craftwork, some engineering, coding, and graphic design) may also be considered to be a design activity. The design usually has to satisfy certain goals and constraints; may take into account aesthetic, functional, economic, or socio-political considerations; and is expected to interact with a certain environment. Typical examples of designs include architectural and engineering drawings, circuit diagrams, sewing patterns and less tangible artefacts such as business process models.

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    Help Help po sa pag design ng sticker nato para sa galon ng water station namin

    Guys patulong po baka may ma suggest po kayong idea para mas maging maganda yung design ETO Yung luma naming design sa sticker gusto sana namin baguhin suggest naman po kayo font at mga babaguhin at kung ano ano pa Eto po yung nagawa nanamin
  2. D

    LF Talent Looking for an Illustrator. I'll pay per design.

    hey guys, naghahanap ako ng illustrator para sa T-shirt design, I'll give you a concept then ikaw bahala mag design. Let me know your asking price. Thanks
  3. S

    Need Component Design like button, cards, etc?

    Guys share ko lang this site, madami syang component design na pwede nyo gamitin if may project kayo
  4. K

    Course Canva Rockstar: Design Like a Pro for Social Media Success ( UDEMY )

    FREE For Limited Enrolls Canva enables users to create stunning graphics, videos, and more, perfect for enhancing social media marketing efforts. Canva Rockstar: Design Like a Pro for Social Media Success – CourseVania
  5. N

    Help Pa help po download freepick salamat

  6. N

    Help Pa unlock po FREEPICK ,salamat mga masterρrémíùm-vector/vector-futuristic-abstract-background-pattern-sport-jersey-design_38080966.htm#fromView=search&page=1&position=9&uuid=bf00f1bb-5aa5-4942-8de2-4f2e611caa8c para sa jersey po salamat ng marami
  7. M


    Mga master saan po ba pwede mag download ng mga design na free para sa mag jersey or t-shirt?
  8. I

    Android App Canva: Design, Art & AI Editor MOD APK (ρrémíùm Unlocked)2.266.1

    Canva: Design, Art & AI Editor MOD APK (ρrémíùm Unlocked) Apk link Hidden content
  9. J

    Help Simplified Reinforced Concrete Design ni Mark Jefferson Castro

    hello po mga paps, sino po may pdf copy ng Simplified Reinforced Concrete Design ni Mark Jefferson Castro? Mahal kasi sa shopee eh di afford huhu
  10. F

    Course Free Udemy Course: UI/UX Design Masterclass with Adobe XD: From Beginner to Pro

    here's the link: Hidden content feedback lang mga paps and dont forget to follow Godbless tyty!!!
  11. S

    Home Design Dreams v1.8.1 MOD APK

    Details Hidden content How to download Hidden content Link Hidden content
  12. H

    Course UDEMY - Web Design Course For Beginner to Advanced

    Web Design Course For Beginner to Advanced link: Hidden content
  13. S

    Help Fun Run Design

    Help naman mga PH baka meron kayo dyan na x design. Kukuha lang ako ng idea light color kasi gusto ni boss e mag papa funrun sila using people at animals with vagetables.
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    Course Free Udemy Course: Ultimate Electrical Design and Fundamentals

    here's the link: Hidden content feedback lang mga mga paps tyty follow me na rin Godbless!!!
  15. Y

    Basketball layout design

    mga idol patulong naman,,anong site ung pwd kong pag gawan ng layout ng baskteball jersey?,..salamat mga idol
  16. V

    Magazine Flowering: Easygoing Floral Design for Surprising Contemporary Arrangements

    🌼 A fresh, contemporary flower-arranging book from the Miami-based studio Calma Floral, with foundational tips, flower recipes, and bountiful photography that will teach you how to create irreverent arrangements for any occasion. 🌺Heralding a new era in floral design—one that favors a playful...
  17. L

    Course Udemy | Professional Diploma: Customer Centricity & Design Thinking | Limited Time Only | May 01, 2024

    Professional Diploma: Customer Centricity & Design Thinking by MTF Institute What you will learn: ✅We are thrilled to unveil this latest course Professional Diploma: Customer Centricity & Design Thinking which is designed to unlock your full potential and propel you towards success...
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    Pa help naman po sa design nito what can you suggest po

    So my project po kami na machine learning . project po namin is data extraction ng mga drivers license sa mga magagaling mag design jaan pahelp naman what can you suggest po
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    Course Free Udemy Course: SmartPhone 3D Logo and Mockup Design

    Hidden content here's the link: Hidden content feedback lang mga paps tyty!!! Fletcheru :Blob: :Blob:

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