A design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process or the result of that plan or specification in the form of a prototype, product, or process. The verb to design expresses the process of developing a design. In some cases, the direct construction of an object without an explicit prior plan (such as in craftwork, some engineering, coding, and graphic design) may also be considered to be a design activity. The design usually has to satisfy certain goals and constraints; may take into account aesthetic, functional, economic, or socio-political considerations; and is expected to interact with a certain environment. Typical examples of designs include architectural and engineering drawings, circuit diagrams, sewing patterns and less tangible artefacts such as business process models.

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    Help Quantitative research design and research gap

    pahelp sa research gap at research design thanks rush bayad ako
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    Help Tanong lang about coder sa project design

    Good morning po sa lahat mga bossing. Ask langpo kung pwede ba maghanap ng magtutulong sa amin as coder sa project design or capstone namin dito? tanong ko langpo ng maaga baka po kasi bawal, ayaw ko naman po mapagalitan. Hinde korin po alam kung paano yung paghahanap ng coder po kaya baka mo...
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    Design to HTML

    Hello mga master. Magandang gabi po. Ano pa po ba ibang way para makapag design at maconvert sa html for free? May bayad po kasi sa figma at plugins nito. Iinsert po sana sa email. Yung maki-click po ang mga icons or text (like hyperlink or website inside an email). Salamat
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    Course [UDEMY] - Learn Web Design using WordPress & Start Freelancing

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit react button for more sharing Hidden content Take note that this is limited time only pa feed back if okay pa yung link thanks! 😁
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    LF Work Graphics design Photoshop, Illustrator, others Internship

    Hi mga ka PH baka may kilala po kayong company na tumatanggap ng intern. Newbie lang ako editing ...Thank you
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    Course [Udemy 2-6-24 Limited] The Complete Powerpoint Design And Delivery Course For 2024

    Business Communication Using PowerPoint - Be an Expert at Creating and Delivering Captivating PowerPoint Presentations. Hidden content
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    Course [Udemy 2-5-24 Limited] Ultimate Guide To Product Design: Design Thinking Approach

    What you'll learn Learn the top business principles behind product design Develop the mindset, skillset, and toolset of designers, artists, and innovators In-depth look at the psychology behind what drives user behavior and how to build products to cater to core human needs Learn how to...
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    Course [Udemy 2-5-24 Limited] Complete Graphics Design and Video Editing Masterclass

    Description Unlock your creative potential and become a skilled graphic designer and video editor with our Comprehensive Masterclass! This Udemy course is carefully crafted to guide beginners and intermediate learners through the essentials of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, and Adobe...
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    Course [Udemy 2-5-24 Limited] Learn UI UX Design Adobe XD : Learn User Experience Design

    Description Welcome to the ultimate Adobe XD Masterclass, where you'll transform your design ideas into stunning user interfaces and engaging user experiences! This comprehensive Udemy course is your ticket to becoming a proficient UI/UX designer, whether you're a beginner or an experienced...
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    Course [Udemy 2-4-24 Limited] Ultimate Electrical Design And Fundamentals

    Description This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with a deep and holistic understanding of electrical systems, covering key aspects such as theory, design, safety, installation, and testing. Participants will embark on a journey through the fundamental principles and...
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    Course Learn To Design And Build Website [UDEMY FEB 4 2024 LIMITED]

    What you'll learn How to design beautiful and modern portfolio websites using Figma How to convert Figma design to WordPress website How to find design inspirations to create website from scratch How to choose right colors, prototype and images for portfolio website UI UX design best practices...
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    Course [UDEMY] - Blender Mastery for Beginners: 3D Design & Rendering

    🏆: New ⏰: ASAP (Limited time only) ⭐️: 4.2/5 👨‍🎓: 6,869 students 🎭: Design > 3D & Animation 👄: English (US) 💬 Comprehensive Guide to Blender: Covering 3D Modeling, Texturing, UV Mapping, Photorealistic Rendering, and More! Hidden content
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    Course Web Design & Development, Create Web Experiences

    Web designing is the process of planning, conceptualizing, and implementing the plan for designing a website in a way that is functional and offers a good user experience. User experience is central to the web designing process. Websites have an array of elements presented in ways that make them...
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    LF Work Graphic Design for your product, brand, or business and personal

    I'm just starting up as a graphic designer. and I'm always down to try new things. I work fast, but I never sacrifice quality—your brand is important to me, and I want to make sure it always shines. I'm offering my services as a personal graphic artist. Here's what I can bring to the table...
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    Course [Udemy] Logo Design Essentials [Jan 31 2024]

    Udemy Link: Hidden content ✳ 🎀 𝐿𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝐹𝑒𝑒𝒹𝒷𝒶𝒸𝓀 𝓅🌞 🎀 ✳:02Hype:
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    Help Logo Design

    Sino po magaling jan sa logo design? "DE LEON LIGHTS AND SOUND" Simple lang pero elegante tignan may BLACK at RED.
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    Course [Udemy] UI/UX Design With Figma : 5+ Real World Projects | Free Course

    What you'll learn Learn to design for all types of devices using Figma and other tools used by some of the top designers in the world Master both Web and Mobile design principles and how to go from sketching to fully fledged high fidelity designs that will wow customers Learn to be a designer...
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    Course [Udemy] Autodesk Structural Robot R.C.C Villa Design in UAE [Jan 27 2024]

    Modeling, analysis and design of 4 stories Villa in UAE using AutoDesk Robot software Udemy Link: Hidden content
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    Course [Udemy] Learn ETABS & SAFE in the Structural Design of 15 Stories RC [Jan 27 2024]

    20 hr Analysis and design of 15 stories and one basement R.C Building on ETABS and SAFE including earthquake design Udemy Link: Hidden content
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    Course [Udemy] Prokon Analysis and Design of 3 Stories R.C.C Building [Jan 27 2024]

    Prokon Structural Design + Analysis of 3 Stories R.C.C Building (columns, Slab, Foundation, and beams) Udemy Link: Hidden content
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    Course [Udemy] CSI ETABSV19 steel structure analysis and design

    Structural analysis and design of a steel Hangar structure Udemy Link: Hidden content
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    Course [Udemy] Prokon Civil Engineering Structural Design R.C.C Element [Jan 27 2024]

    Modeling, analysis and design of R.C.C element using Prokon Software according to ACI code Udemy Link: Hidden content
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    Course [Udemy] Robot structural design 15 stories residential buildings [Jan 27 2024]

    Analysis and design of 15 stories and one basement R.C Building on Robot software including earthquake design + Pool Udemy Link: Hidden content
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    Ran Online Customized Market Map [Japanese Design Wood]

    Hax4Bytes[Keppu] Original Market Map Design Hidden content
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    Help Residential Electrical Design

    Good Day Fellow EEs! Anong parameters ginagamit nyo or pano kayo nag bibigay ng presyo sa client regarding sa price ng electrical design? Thanks in advance
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    Course [Udemy] UI UX YøùTùbé Figma Design Course For Beginners [Limited] [Jan 13 2024]

    Udemy Courses for Free UI/UX YøùTùbé Figma Design Course For Beginners Learn Complete UI UX YøùTùbé Figma Design Course For Beginners Hidden content
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    Web App UI/UX Design

    Hello po, baka need nyo or may kakila kayo dito ng UX/ User Interface designer dito for your mobile application but will do designs for web also. Thank you po💙 Sample live UI design files: figma Ito po yung potfolio ko for UI, Graphic Design: behance Fiverr for mobile app UI Design
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    Tutorial UDEMY Data Science: R Programming Complete Diploma 2023 ( 4 days left)

    Learn all the R skills you need to become a Professional and Certified R Programmer with this Complete Bootcamp ⏰ : ASAP (Free For 500 Users Worldwide) ⭐️ : 4.2 / 725 students 👄 : English (US) HOT NEW Hidden content This course includes: 5 hours on-demand video 4 downloadable resources...