Hunting is the human practice of seeking, pursuing, capturing, or killing wildlife or feral animals. The most common reasons for humans to hunt are to harvest food (i.e. meat) and useful animal products (fur/hide, bone/tusks, horn/antler, etc.), for recreation/taxidermy (see trophy hunting), to remove predators dangerous to humans or domestic animals (e.g. wolf hunting), to eliminate pests and nuisance animals that damage crops/livestock/poultry or spread diseases (see varminting), for trade/tourism (see safari), or for ecological conservation against overpopulation and invasive species.
Recreationally hunted species are generally referred to as the game, and are usually mammals and birds. A person participating in a hunt is a hunter or (less commonly) huntsman; a natural area used for hunting is called a game reserve; an experienced hunter who helps organize a hunt and/or manage the game reserve is known as a gamekeeper.
Many non-human animals also hunt (see predation) as part of their feeding and parental behaviors, sometimes in quantities exceeding immediate dietary needs. The one that does the hunting is the predator, and the one being hunted is the prey.

Hunting activities by humans arose in Homo erectus or earlier, in the order of millions of years ago. Hunting has become deeply embedded in various human cultures and was once an important part of the rural economies—classified by economists as part of primary production alongside forestry, agriculture and fishery. Modern regulations (see game law) distinguish lawful hunting activities from îllégâl poaching, which involves the unauthorized and unregulated killing, trapping or capture of animals.

Apart from food provision, hunting can be a means of population control. Hunting advocates state that regulated hunting can be a necessary component of modern wildlife management, for example to help maintain a healthy proportion of animal populations within an environment's ecological carrying capacity when natural checks such as natural predators are absent or insufficient, or to provide funding for breeding programs and maintenance of natural reserves and conservation parks. However, excessive hunting has also heavily contributed to the endangerment, extirpation and extinction of many animals. Some animal rights and anti-hunting activists regard hunting as a cruel, perverse and unnecessary blood sport. Certain hunting practices, such as canned hunts and ludicrously paid/bribed trophy tours (especially to poor countries), are considered unethical and exploitative even by some hunters.

Marine mammals such as whales and pinnipeds are also targets of hunting, both recreationally and commercially, often with heated controversies regarding the morality, ethics and legality of such practices. The pursuit, harvesting or catch and release of fish and aquatic cephalopods and crustaceans is called fishing, which however is widely accepted and not commonly categorised as a form of hunting, even though it essentially is. It is also not considered hunting to pursue animals without intent to kill them, as in wildlife photography, birdwatching, or scientific-research activities which involve tranquilizing or tagging of animals, although green hunting is still called so. The practices of netting or trapping insects and other arthropods for trophy collection, or the foraging or gathering of plants and mushrooms, are also not regarded as hunting.

Skillful tracking and acquisition of an elusive target has caused the word hunt to be used in the vernacular as a metaphor for searching and obtaining something, as in "treasure hunting", "bargain hunting", "hunting for votes" and even "hunting down" corruption and waste.

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    Help Ip Hunter

    Mga paps ano gamit nyonip hunter?
  2. J

    Globe TM May IP Hunter for 936 PC po ba?

    May IP Hunter for 936 PC po ba?
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    Dropmb Free File Hosting | UPDATED-IPHunter_1.0.apk
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    Hunter Assassin v1.71.8

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    Globe TM Ip Hunter apk

    Download (Open in Chrome browser) Download niyo nalang if kailangan niyo, pwede din yan sa wifi
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    Any Android version? or PC atleast
  8. C

    IP hunter

    Anong apps ang accurate sa pag hunt ng IP para sa mga vpn apps?
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    Tutorial Hunter Assassin v1.71.8

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    HTTP Custom, IP Hunter

    Recommended ba na gamitin ang IP Hunter ng HTTP Custom? Kung ganon po, ano yung ilalagay rito sa IP box? TYIA.
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    Help Sini meron updated IP hunter

    pahingin naman po IP hunter yung walang palaman
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    Closed Closed

    Thankyou ♥️
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    Help I'm a jobhunter.

    Good evening mga ka PHC! Hirap ng walang trabaho. Walang income. Feeling pabigat. Baka naman may mairecommend kayo? Alabang/Muntinlupa/Las Piñas. My qualifications are 2 years college grad / ICT Work Experience: Graphic Artist 2 years ( Knowledgeable in Photoshop and Illustrator) NC III...
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    RRB-1 globe ehi

    RRB-1 Kahit anong promo p Ok p sya sa GS50 comment nalang kong ok gamtin Salamat...
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    Help Paano po mag timpla ng no load payload sa globe

    Manga boss Paano mag timpla ng no load payload sa globe??
  16. J

    Help Signal

    Ambagal po ng signal ng sun dto samen ..pag nag palit po ba ko sa smart ganon paden signal
  17. J

    Help Paturo namn po mag root sa xiaomi redmi 5

    Mga mastah paturo wla po ksi akong makita sa yt bka png redmi 5 plus ung mga un hahah
  18. B

    Globe TM Hunt hunt

    Magpupuyat ako para lang . Maka-hunt ng panibago . Game game :)
  19. L

    [ᴛᴇᴀᴍ] ᴘʜᴄᴏʀɴᴇʀ ᴘᴀʏʟᴏᴀᴅ ʜᴜɴᴛᴇʀ

    Wala ng paligoy-ligoy pa, balak ko magtayo ng team dito sa PHCorner. Para sa mga taong mahilig sa Free Net at mga mahilig magshare.
  20. K

    Http injector vpn sa pc kaya ba ang monster hunter world?

    Tanong lang po kaya po ba ng Http Injector Sun sim yung Monster Hunter World (PC)
  21. J

    Patulong setting ng monster hunter tri sa android

    May nakakaalis Alam po ba sainyo settings by nosnter Hunter tri sa dolphin emu sa android ambagal po ksi skin
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    Globe Gs50

    pag inextend po ba si gs50 may 2gb pa na dagdag sa go watch??
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    Globe TM Pa help po sa gs50

    Paano po magit ung 2gb free na pra sa videos png dodownload ko po kasi ty
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    Need feedback if working

    100% fast Create a shadowsocks tapos Kunin lahat ang offer sa switch E off ang data at ang switch tapos e on ang data At e connect mo sa shadowsocks at Boom don pwede lahat ng internet
  26. J

    Low ping 3 days

    Tested ko na po sa ml d po lag
  27. C

    Closed Gsw the hunter of working proxy HTTPS Transparent 17.38Kbps HTTPS Transparent 7.56Kbps HTTPS Transparent 19.17Kbp Feedback to me and like and share if working by GSW
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    Archive Professional häçker

    I need someone who can track and trace. Kailangan ko ung marunong maghäçk ng kahit na anung account. 200k ang nakataya dito. Marunong din naman ako kaso kailangan ko ung makakakuha ng ip address ng target. Note: scammer ung hahabulin natin dito kailangan lang natin ng ebidensya na maiibibigay sa...
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    Closed Lead generation masters - enge tips :d

    Pasok lang po mga Masters :) mang hihingi po sana ako ng tips and info's para sa pag hahanap ng correct email address... techniques and apps will be accepted .. work matters.. thanks kaPHC. MABUHAY :D
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    Closed Introduction

    Hello po sa inyo, ako po si nico_joseph_o_aruta. Isa po akong newbie dito.
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    As of 5:56am hindi pa din ako makaconnect reason? alam na this, kaya sana next time wag masyado pa wanna be hindi naman po sa nagdadamot tayo pero tayo ang naapektuhan. bash mo ako
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    Closed Guardian Hunter [MMO] Parang Pokemon kasi nangongolekta ka ng Guardians

    Guardian Hunter [MMO] Parang Pokemon kasi nangongolekta ka ng Guardians ANG EEVOLVE DIN! :D hahahaha! natuwa lang ako sa game na ito kaya isshare ko bago lang din ako wala pa Guild kaya mas ok kung tayo tayo magiging mag kaka guild...
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    Closed Bm622i 2011 mac hunter and changer

    NEW UPDATE HAS BEEN RELEASED V2.2.1 FIX REPORTED ERRORS - POSTED BELOW!!!!! Ang tools na to namely BM622i Assistant is 100% natry ko to sa windowsXP 32bit at Windows7 64bit, sa windows8 hindi ko pa nasusubukan.. Eto ay nagamit ko na din panghunt at solve na solve ako sa results gamit ang tools...
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    Closed fasstesst tool for hunting!!

    sa mga bm622i , bm622m at dv235t users dyan , a must have tool for sniping mac address. credits nalang sa mga master natin na ng modify neto. -no malware, virus at kong ano pang palaman!! -modified version of wimac hunter here is the link huwag na po...
  35. D

    pasubok naman po nang vip mac

    Sa mga idol kong hunter/sniper/scanner ng mga mac dyan, baka pwde makahingi ng vip mac kahit isa o dalawa lang, gusto ko lang ma try kong totoo ba talaga na umaabot ng 7-8 mbps ang vip mac. newbie lang po.:D:):hungry:pm nalang po sa gustong mag bigay.
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    Closed [TOOL][FREEWARE] WiMac Hunter (Bm622i 2010,Bm622m 2012,DV235T)

    UPDATE:V3.4 HUNTER bm622m 2012 and DV235t = NO REBOOT bm622i 2010 = REBOOT po ang gamit ko, hindi po restore default Changelog: V3.4 1.mac changer for dv-235t added 2.turbo mode for bm622i added 3.pwede na din ung option na "use this mac after hunting" sa dv-235t 4. ung option na "use...
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    i'm new here..

    sana marami akong matutunan dito.(y)