VPS/VM (Virtual Processing System/Virtual Machine) was an operating system that ran on IBM System/370 – IBM 3090 computers at Boston University in general use from 1977 to around 1990, and in limited use until at least 1993. During the 1980s VPS/VM was the main operating system of Boston University and often ran up to 250 users at a time when rival VM/CMS computing systems could only run 120 or so users.
Each user ran in a Virtual Machine under VM, an IBM hypervisor operating system. VM provided the virtual IBM 370 machine which the VPS operating system ran under. The VM code was modified to allow all the VPS virtual machines to share pages of storage with read and write access. VPS utilized a shared nucleus, as well as pages used to facilitate passing data from one VPS virtual machine to another. This organization is very similar to that of MVS; substituting Address Spaces for Virtual Machines.

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    S·T·S Paano magsetup ng vps

    paturo po setuo ng vps
  2. Y

    Help Need Linux VPS for my website

    Need Linux VPS for my website, can anyone tell me where to acquire? I tried OVH Cloud however they always cancel my orders.
  3. M

    Help Vps for free internet

    Pahelp po sana ako magbuild ng sarili po. Salamat
  4. W

    S·T·S Down Netmod PC|CP Prémíùm D.O VPS SG DNSTT No Load 7.16.24

    Tested PC Netmod Download Here for PC: NetMod VPN Client Can be used in CP search Netmod in Playstore Don't Use Unregistered Sim , Airplane mode on Windows10 or Reboot your router after you change SIM Update 7.16.24 Down Hidden content
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    Aws Vps Deploy

    Hello mga lods sino magaling mag set up ng vps may aws kasi ako di ko alam mag deploy ng vps baka may maka tulong sakin
  6. J

    G·TM Aws Vps

    Hello mga lods sino magaling mag set up ng vps may aws kasi ako di ko alam mag deploy ng vps baka may maka tulong sakin
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    May nakapag try na ba mag host ng web dito nahihirapan ako ea gusto konalang pamigay hahaha i try both window server and ubuntu and debian using nginx and IIS ayaw talaga sakto naman lahat ng gawa ko sa OVH madali lang nakapag up agad ako gamit debian
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    Free vps

    pahinge guys vps walang pera ehh kung sino lang gusto mag bigay
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    Help Kailangan ko na mag expand ng vps ko sa digital ocean willing to pay po

    kahit sana yung ρrémíùm intel na 7usd per month kaso parang mabigat na sa bulsa....baka may mga nag ka card dito nyan hehehe willing to pay basta kailangan ko basta ang vps for a year hehehe
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    S·T·S Free unlimited internet VPS (HC CUSTOM)

  11. C


    Here's a simple guide how to add memory swap in your vps server to cover the memory needed when you have a low ram vps Hidden content Note: To avoid further questions, This tutorial is for advanced members only with simple/basic knowledge in vps servers
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    S·T·S HC DigitalOcean prémíùm own VPS UDP|SlowDNS SG 7 Days

    down updated here: https://phcorner.net/threads/hc-netmod-digitalocean-ρrémíùm-own-vps-udp-slowdns.2003229/ Hidden content
  13. Z

    Help Any cheap VPS?

    Hello guys, may I ask anong Virtual Private Server yung pwede ma installan ng laro, as in maglalaro ako, hindi yung mag tayo ng server. Tsaka if possible pwede gawing Windows 10 ung OS? Baka may alam kayo ung affordable lang sana?
  14. P

    Dedicated server

    Suggestion mga paps anong maganang server provider maliban sa DigitalOcean AWS Hostinger yung pang makasan pero di masyadong mahal Specs qualification RAM 200GB+ STORAGE 100TB+ expandable
  15. K

    Help Cheap VPS for Node JS #forbidden# BOT

    Good Evening mga ka PHC baka may alam kayong murang VPS may yearly na kaya mag host ng nodejs BOT... gamit ko ngayon ay pylex kaso 1 client at a time lang maganda sana pede madami kahit mga tatlo thank you goodnight
  16. D

    Sinong naka subok na dito ng Zenlayer VPS or Dedicated Server?

    More info sa Dedicated servers nila: Bare Metal - Zenlayer Sarap sana lumipat kasi may Manila server sila kaso ang mahal :) Grabe din ang capping sa 30Mbps :/
  17. 3

    Help Contabo VPS

    may payamaya/gcash payment po ba sa contabo? planning to host website in vps.
  18. 3

    Help Lf vps

    cheap price po sana with panel for webhosting
  19. P


    how po mag install slow dns dropbear sa vps??
  20. R

    Help Vps

    mga master pabili droplet ung good for 1 year sana salamat
  21. A

    Help VPS

    Ano magandang gawing sa cloud pcs nato madami to mga 160pcs
  22. I

    For Sale Ultimate Server (VPS) Protection (Anti DDoS, Anti bruteforce, Physical protection, and more)

    VPS Protection guide, I will also help you via screenshare or voice call If needed. What it teaches you Setup a simple yet very powerful firewall. Increase It's security against physical access. Enhance SSH login. Mac changer. IPv6 protection. Improving users password hash and security...
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    Help VPS Question

    Ano ba pwede gawin sa VPS? May maganda bang pwedeng gawin dito hahaha
  24. D

    Closed UDP setup VPS server 10dys valid

    sana gumana sa inyo Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content
  25. P

    Help SLOW DNS

    Pa help mayroon akong slow dns maker sa vps ko paano po ito mapapa bilis dati yong speed nasa around 500kbps at minsan umaabot ng 1mbps ngayon nasa 300kbpa below nalang speed nya may problema po ba sa script or sa vps mismo?
  26. P

    Tutorial How to make your own slowdns using ur own vps and domain

    this tutorial is for those who still dont know how to set up ur own slowdns from scratch Hidden content
  27. 0

    Help LF Free or Cheap Linux/Ubuntu VPS

    Looking for Free or Cheap Linux/Ubuntu VPS, if cheap padrop ng rate. Salamat!
  28. P

    Help Linux VPS Ubuntu ssh

    Pa help naman po wala ng space paano mag free up space?
  29. A

    Help Cheap vps sana yung mabilis or baka may mabilis

    cheap vps sana yung mabilis pero mura lang or baka may mga tuts
  30. J

    Help Pano magka edu mail for azure vps?

    Pano magka .edu mail para lang sana sa azure free vps?
  31. A

    Help Cheap Vps hosting?

    May alam ba kayo cheap vps hosting or free from downloading stuffs and directly storing it in gdrive or some sort? Kahit session based lang na nag koc
  32. P

    S·T·S Godspeed|High Specs VPS server|udpxSlowdns prémíùm

    UDPxSLOWDNS update High Specs VPS Using zivpn https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zi.zivpn Hidden content
  33. Y


    Aside sa OVHcloud, mayroon po ba kayong alam na vps unmetered bandwidth? Planning to host my own media server ;)
  34. J

    Lf azure student vps

    lf azure student vps/account
  35. W

    Help VPS PH Based

    Bukod sa cloudsigma mga bossing, may alam pa po kayong ibang vps provider na may ph server?
  36. R

    Help Vps

    paavail mga master ng vps pang 1 year sana salamat
  37. K

    Help VPS Hosting (GCash Payment)

    baka may alam kayong vps hosting na gcash payment
  38. K

    Help VPS Provider

    Baka may alam kayong vps provider na may gcash payments sa pagbabayad yung trusted sana except sa Hostinger
  39. Z

    Help Any cheap VPS with 32GB or more RAM?

    Hello, mga idol! Nagbabalak kasi kami gumawa ng server at need namin ng malakihang RAM na VPS na pwede rin mag switch ng OS. Ano ma rerecommend niyong VPS with 32GB or more RAM at can switch OS na offer?
  40. S

    Vps script for no load

    baka po meron kayo dyan mga lods script po para sa vps pang no load try kulang po gumawa ng no load

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