Beginners is a 2010 American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Mike Mills. It tells the story of Oliver, a man reflecting on the life and death of his father, Hal, while trying to forge a new romantic relationship with a woman, Anna, dealing with father issues of her own. The film is based on the coming out of Mills' own father at the age of 75, five years before his death.Beginners premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, where the Los Angeles Times heralded it as a "heady, heartfelt film" with a cast who have "a strong sense of responsibility to their real-world counterparts". Christopher Plummer received numerous accolades for his performance, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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    PHP PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store

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    Help Recommendation for 3D Printers for Beginners

    Recommendation for 3D Printers for Beginners? Thanks!
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    Crypto The Cryptologoy Academy E-Library (TRADING BOOKS FOR FREE)

    Free trading COMPLETE books Hidden content Important rules to follow, especially as a beginner in order to become a consistently profitable trader.
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    Puro sugal dito, eto try nyo baka makatulong sa financial problem nyo hehe. Giving away this method, Not because im mother Theresa, but just because i remember how it felt when i started and i had some ppl on here that did support me and helped me, so i feel obligated to give back. Now i work...
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    For beginners

    okay lang ba sa mga baguhan sa pag momotor na unang motor nila is 400cc or kailangan mag stick sa lower cc?
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    ANO PO dapat gawin if mag gym? if kukuha ako personal trainer need ba may tip? ano yung mga apps na pwede ko gamitin para malaman ko routine ko I want to target abs and lose weight. para sa gym goers only and pls don't tell me just google it lol
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    Boolean help

    Hello po, tanong ko lang if ano ang mali at kung ano dapat na gawin ko dito sa code ko. Ang balak ko po kasi gumawa ng program na for loops. Mag iinput ng name si user tapos mag iinput sya ng number kung ilang beses nya gusto iprint ang name nya. E.g Rius (name) 7 (times of repeat) Then...
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    Closed Hi

    hi thanks to all
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    Closed 1 comment = 1 post >>> true | [30 posts, 5 posts/month? easy]

    From: Read this: Many thanks to them! Specially to Staff Member Futility.
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    Closed Newbie lang po aku

    magandang araw mga master... ano po ang dapat gawin ng isang baguhan?
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    Closed biginners

    Hi po sa lahat ng meyembro ng ph corners.. sana po marami akong matutunan sa inyo at ma share ko po ito sa iba pa nting kababayan na wala alam sa mundo
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    Closed Domain Hosting

    Draft sir anu po requirements or mga need bago magsimula sa domain hosting newbie here sir kung may free time ka po daan ka po sana dito for a few suggestion.. salamat po madami pa po akong hindi alam pero i am willing to learn master.