Computer programming is the process of performing a particular computation (or more generally, accomplishing a specific computing result), usually by designing and building an executable computer program. Programming involves tasks such as analysis, generating algorithms, profiling algorithms' accuracy and resource consumption, and the implementation of algorithms (usually in a chosen programming language, commonly referred to as coding). The source code of a program is written in one or more languages that are intelligible to programmers, rather than machine code, which is directly executed by the central processing unit. The purpose of programming is to find a sequence of instructions that will automate the performance of a task (which can be as complex as an operating system) on a computer, often for solving a given problem. Proficient programming thus usually requires expertise in several different subjects, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms, and formal logic.
Tasks accompanying and related to programming include testing, debugging, source code maintenance, implementation of build systems, and management of derived artifacts, such as the machine code of computer programs. These might be considered part of the programming process, but often the term software development is used for this larger process with the term programming, implementation, or coding reserved for the actual writing of code. Software engineering combines engineering techniques with software development practices. Reverse engineering is a related process used by designers, analysts, and programmers to understand an existing program and re-implement its function.

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    Help LF: IPTV Programming

    Looking for IPTV programmer from local to international. Already have live app via google.
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    Help Programming

    Make a Library Management System using Visual Studio and MySQL.
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    Help Programming Courses

    Meron ba kau ma susuggest na programming and coding courses for newbie. Trying to expand my skillset para mka demand ng mas mataas na rate for freelancing sana.
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    Help Programming

    Pahelp po sana mag program ng mini mp3 player sa arduino. Tnx
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    Help Pa-unlock po sa bartleby at coursehero, salamat po!

    Answered: 1. Create a constructor named Exam that… | bartleby
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    Help Pa-unlock po sa bartleby and chegg. Thanks in advance po!

    Answered: Procedure: 1. Write a simple… | bartleby
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    C & C++ C++ Programming Final Project [BSIT - FIRST YEAR]

    HELLO WAZZAP ITS ME WIZ AGAIN So story-short yung teacher namin na lalaki sa CC101 ay lumipat daw sila ng bahay at balak nya daw na di na mag turo sa amin hangang finals, sad thing is magandang teacher sha mag turo kahit na sa online makikita mo terror at isa sa pinaka favorite nya ay ako like...
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    Help Pa-unlock po sa bartleby, Thank you in advance!!!

    Answered: Hands-on Activity Blood Bank (Part 2)… | bartleby
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    Tutorial Question's about Programming? Ask anything here!

    Hello! Kung meron kayong mga Questions regarding your programming problems whatsoever. Ask niyo lang dito! { Php, Python, C#, C++, Js, anything } Note: I will not answer questions na galing sa mga questionnaires/modules niyo sa school. Show a little effort. Wag i-asa lahat yung sagot sa iba...
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    Help Java Programming

    Pahelp Po, kung paano Po magcode nito. Using Netbeans, create a program that ask the user for the number of male and female students registered in a class/section. the program should display the total number of students and the percentage of males and females in the class. Sample Output Enter...
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    Pahelp po about java programming, maraming salamat po.

    Pinapalitan po kasi sa amin ng gagamitin variables to, parang irerevise namin pero ganto pa rin yung mga codes na gagamitin, kaso wala po akong maisip ano pede gawin dito. Maraming salamat po. https://meycauayansti-my.sharepoint...NFrpXnBMlgWhgBHT6tZy5Mej00qWtQuvpHsw?e=Y4WwzM
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    Guys pede pahelp about java programming

    Pinapalitan po kasi sa amin ng gagamitin variables to, parang irerevise namin pero ganto pa rin yung mga codes na gagamitin, kaso wala po akong maisip ano pede gawin dito. Maraming salamat po...
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    Tutorial Kung IT/CS ka need mo to malaman

    Pampadali ng buhay, mas maganda kung mamaster nyo ngayon pa lang yung tinatawag naten na terminal, the command line, or the shell. :cool: Enjoy learning, feedback naren guys Basahin nyo to ... Hidden content Tuts naman dito ... Hidden content For reference ...
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    Help Java programming

    Paturo naman po ng programming sa android. Assignment kasi namin.
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    Mobile Development Programming Language

    Sa mga mobile developers diyan, ano gamit niyong language or framework? Share niyo naman experience niyo. Thank you! PS. Kaway kaway sa kapwa ko react native developer na mag-uupgrade ng version tapos maraming package na ginagamit:ROFLMAO::cry:
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    Programming/coding approach, try nyo baka epektib

    The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. It uses a kitchen timer to break work into intervals, typically 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Each interval is known as a pomodoro, from the Italian word for tomato, after the...
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    Help Programming projects?

    sa mga working po, pwede mo parecommend ng mga projects based sa mga work nyo or mga projects nyo na naenhance yung skills nyo para sa work nyo? pag nagsearch kasi ako sa google halos pare-pareho lang results, tho, wala naman problem pero parang hindi sya pang work project.
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    Help Tutorial for beginners about com programming

    mga paps baka meron kayo dyan compiled files tuts. about computer programming
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    Help Pa-unlock po sa coursehero saka chegg! Thankyou in adcvance!!!
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    Help Pa-unlock po sa coursehero, Thankyou in advance!
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    Help Pa-unlock po sa bartleby, Thank you in advance!

    Answered: Hands-on Activity Blood Bank (Part 1)… | bartleby Answered: Hands-on Activity Blood Bank (Part 2)… | bartleby Thank you!!!!
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    Help Java programming

    Sino po ang magaling dito sa java patulong po
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    Help Planning to choose BSIT

    Hello po 1st year college na po sana ako ngayon tapos BSIT plano kong piliin kaso nagstop po ako, gusto ko po mag self study para di sayang yung taon baka may guide kayo diyan kung ano uunahin kong aralin na pwede i-self study about programming tapos may mga app po ba sa mobile na pwede...
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    Help R Programming/R Script

    Anyone po natanggap ng R programming commissions? Rush po sana deadline mamayang 11:59 pm. Thanks in advance po!
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    UDEMY Web Developing and Programming Ft. Designer Course

    Join the millions who are learning how to establish an online presence with Udemy's social media marketing courses taught by qualified experts. Take online courses that can improve your social media presence to become a social media guru. Make a plan and make the most of networking sites...
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    Tutorial UDEMY Archive - Part 2

    Mixed-up UDEMY lessons!!! Snipe nalang sa preview if andito mga interest niyo na tutorials and lessons. Part 2 na!!! Preview: Hidden content React and comment nalang mga kaPHC SHARING IS CARING STAY TUNED FOR MORE Udemy Series <3
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    Programming Commission

    Hi! ask lng kung meron dito na gumagawa/ nag tuturo ng programming in student price? salamat hirap talaga ng programming :( salamat
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    Tutorial Python Udemy Paid Courses

    Learn Python online at your own speed with Udemy. Start right now with a fantastic deal. Join the millions of students from across the world who are already using Udemy to study. Take a Python training course from Udemy to upgrade your skills. Discover why millions of people trust our industry...
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    Array-based and Linked list

    Good evening po baka po may makatulong gumawa ng code para po sa instructions na to, thank you po! Include a function on both implementations, array-based and linked list, that will display the current count of the items in the stack. Your program must use the function in a working and sensible...
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    Help Pa-unlock po Chegg, Thank you in advance!
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    Baka pede makahinge files direct run na visual studio 2010

    Baka pede makahinge files direct run na visual studio 2010 ,naka chromebook(converted to windows) kasi ako 14gb local c: .balak ko i run sa external drive..Salamat mga lods hit like ko nalang...pag aaralan ko lang ulet
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    PHP Sa mga mamaw sa IT diyan pahelp naman

    I'm incoming Second Year Student , BSIT. Baka pwede naman makahingi ng tips or notes sainyo hindi ko pa kasi alam kung ano ituturo kaya hindi ko rin alam ano aaralin ko :) gusto ko pag pasok ko sa sept may alam na ako hahahaha Maraming salamat mga master!
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    Help C++ 24 Hour alarm to 12 Hour

    #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <windows.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> #include <sstream> using namespace std; class alarm { public: tm alarmtime, presenttime, differenceintime; time_t now; alarm() { now = time(0); presenttime =...
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    Tutorial Learn Python programming the fun 8-bit way

    Hidden content
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    Help Need Suggestions for Good Learning Technique

    Hello mga paps! Kakasimula ko lang mag aral ng coding at manghingi sana ako sainyo ng suggestions about good learning technique na magagamit ko sa pag aaral ko. Salamat po
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    Tutorial Website na free, para maging isang web developer 2022

    Hi everyone, I just want to share to you guys, ung website na free for aspiring and current developers. If gusto nyo matututo or mas mapa enhance ung skill nyo try this website. Freecodecamp ------> Totally free and if matapos nyo ung mga tutorials mas...
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    Python Python IDE

    Hingi po sana ako ng suggestions ano magandang IDE for Python or saan makadownload. Kung meron din for android phone sana
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    Closed PHP Mysqli Pa help po

    Mga lods, patulong po sana nag-aaral palang po ako
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    Closed Sublime Text 3 Serial Number

    Sublime Text 3 Serial Please let me know nalang if gumagana pag hindi hanap ulit ako. Make sure na for Sublime Text 3 yung software ninyo 😂 Hidden content Enjoy. ˃ᴗ˂
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    Tutorial 9 Sites to practice programming

    9 Sites to practice programming and solve challenges to improve programming skills. Hidden content Support 🤘
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    C & C++ LF commission C language c++

    sino po nag papacommission dito sa coding C language
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    C & C++ C++ Tutorial How to

    Good Day, Dito basic tutorials on how to code in C++ 1. how to count characters words and spaces 2. how to know if a word is palindrome 3. how to count digits of a number 4. convert decimal to binary 5. how to find factors of a number 6. find the greatest common factor of two numbers 7...
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    Hello PhCorner, Plano ko sana maging self-taught programmer. May question lang ako sa mga professional dito hehe, san ako pwede mag start? Like anong mga topics ang dapat ko munang daanan o matutunan? Hoping na may makakasagot.
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    Help Coding book

    Bought this at lazada for 400 pesos, and im 3rd year college student as cpe. Okay ba tong book na to? or for fundamentals and basic principles lang? Kung mayroon po kayong book na marecomend much appreciated. Lalo na if available sa laz or shopee po thankss.
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    C & C++ Pa help po C language

    Kulang nalang po ng ganito #include <stdio.h> #define rSize 3 #define cSize 4 void accScores(int scores[rSize][cSize]){ int row, col; for(row = 0; row < rSize; row++){ printf("\nStudent %d:\n", row+1); for(col = 0; col < cSize; col++){ printf("Quiz...
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    C & C++ Patulong po C Programming - C File Handling

    Hello mga kuys! Please pa help HAHAHHAHA been debugging this since morning tas di ko alam pano eh. Pano ba mag lagay ng file extension na .txt sa C File handling instead of typing it manually as a user? Bale ang magiging name ng file is depende sa name ng student na ininput as a user Example...
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    Tutorial [CY4NFILES] Learn Arduino in this 30 Days Challenge: From 0 to Hero

    Learn Arduino in this 30 Days Challenge: From 0 to Hero Master Arduino in this 30 Days Challenge with a Step by Step Practical Approach from scratch and start making projects What you'll learn Start to programming Arduino Discover things that will help you to excel in Arduino programming...
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    Tutorial [CY4NFILES] Coding Basics and Problem Solving and Logical Thinking

    Coding Basics and Problem Solving and Logical Thinking Manual Testing To Automation Testing Part 1 What you'll learn Learn Coding Essentials Learn on Critical/Logical Thinking Lean problem solving skills Understand the building blocks of programming Concepts before you start learning...