Computer programming is the process of performing a particular computation (or more generally, accomplishing a specific computing result), usually by designing and building an executable computer program. Programming involves tasks such as analysis, generating algorithms, profiling algorithms' accuracy and resource consumption, and the implementation of algorithms (usually in a chosen programming language, commonly referred to as coding). The source code of a program is written in one or more languages that are intelligible to programmers, rather than machine code, which is directly executed by the central processing unit. The purpose of programming is to find a sequence of instructions that will automate the performance of a task (which can be as complex as an operating system) on a computer, often for solving a given problem. Proficient programming thus usually requires expertise in several different subjects, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms, and formal logic.
Tasks accompanying and related to programming include testing, debugging, source code maintenance, implementation of build systems, and management of derived artifacts, such as the machine code of computer programs. These might be considered part of the programming process, but often the term software development is used for this larger process with the term programming, implementation, or coding reserved for the actual writing of code. Software engineering combines engineering techniques with software development practices. Reverse engineering is a related process used by designers, analysts, and programmers to understand an existing program and re-implement its function.

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    Java Object Oriented Programming using JAVA

    baka po may mga notes kayo or tutorial about OOP java ng makapagadvance reading and learnings tia.
  2. M

    Help Pa recommend po ng laptop na good for gaming and programming

    Good day ka PHC, Pwede po pa recommend ng laptop na goods pang gaming at pang programming. Budget po is 55k. Thank you!
  3. Y

    Help Solidity Programming Course

    Saan pwede mag aral ng solidity programming na merong certificate?
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    Python - EBOOKS

    Python Series.. 1. A Practical Introduction to Python Programming Click here. 2. Fundamentals of Python Click here. 3. Data Mining Click here. 4. Object-Oriented Programming in Python Click here. 5. How to THINK. Click here. Just sharing. (y)
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    C# Help c languagae programming

    1. Payroller C language Ask the user to enter their years of work as integer and their kind of work as a character: 'B' for Blue-collar worker 'W' for White-collar worker Compute their salary based on the following table: < 2 yrs | < 5 yrs | 5 yrs & above B 10,000 | 12,000 | 15,000 W...
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    Help Programming C language

    C language Ask the user to input an integerx. On the next lines of our console: Print the word "Code" if x is divisible by 7 but not by 3. Print the word "Chum" if x is divisible by 3 but not by 7. Print "CodeChum" if x is divisible by both 7 and by 3. Otherwise, print "None of the above"...
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    Help Hi guys baka may copy kayo jan sa tutorial course nato. pahingi naman

    hi mga lods baka meron kayo copy ng tutorial course nito or access (Next13 by netninja) pahingi naman need lang. course Next13 full by netninja
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    Andriod Programming

    Hi. Gusto ko sana mag ask if ano magandang gamitin for andriod programming yung magaan lang sana na kasa sa PC core i3 specs
  9. K


    Good morning po help po sana ako kung ano magandang programming laptop, yung pang multi task sana at goods then pag game like valorant.. budget : 30k -35k
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    Ask ko lang po what is the best way to start coding or programming as a beginner po gusto ko po kasi matuto for my self learning.
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    Help PHP or any programming

    Marunong kayo kumuha ng ssid at password any tips using php?
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    Help Pasabit po sa chat gpt for programming study purpose po

    Thankyou in advance po
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    Help Not related sa programming but for IT expertise pahelp

    Mga master baka may alam kayo na sites or software na free na pwede mag upload ng documents for reports na nagegenerate ng link or mas maganda din ng qr code para makuha ni client yung reports or vice versa. salamat mga master
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    Any programming languages for creating a Website?

    currently im trying to create my own website just in purpose
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    Tutorial UDEMY Java Network Programming - Mastering TCP/IP : CJNP+ 2023 JVA (4 days left)

    Learn Java network programming by practical example applications |You will develop Client Server,GUI Chat and other apps ⏰ : ASAP (Free For 500 Users Worldwide) ⭐️ : 4.2 / 64,064 students 👄 : English (US) This course includes: 8.5 hours on-demand video 1 article 14 downloadable resources...
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    Introduction to Computing and Computer Programming 1 PDF

    Hello po. Sino po sa inyo yung may module or pdf ng Intro to Computing at Computer Programming 1? Gusto ko po sana mag advance study since sa 14 na ang pasukan namin.
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    Programming Language

    Ano ang in demand programming languages ngayong 2023?
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    Help Buying programming Laptop

    Ano po kaya masasabi niyo po dito?
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    Kapagod mag programming .. parang gustu ko na lipat iba dept

    nag resign yung isang programmer samin na magaling , ung nagturo sakin ng backend at sinabay ko na din ako front end .. ngayon yung naiwan nya sakin napunta .. ehh baguhan pa lang naman ako tapos ganto na meju malaki napunta sakin .. pero na gegets ko naman pag inaaral ko yung codes nya ...
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    Bet major in electrical technology or electronics technology?

    electrical technology or electronics technology? what program/course mas focused ang programming
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    Databases Programming Languages for Jobs with Highest Salary

    I know you’re interested in learning programming languages which makes your career strong but there are huge number programming languages out their in the Computer World today. According to me these are the questions in your mind Which Programming Languages to choose? Where to study...
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    Help Computer programming basics

    mga paps/ka phc fam pahelp naman, salamat in advance. napagiwanan kasi ako gawa narin ng reponsibilities sa bahay at trabaho willing na back to basics ulit in all fields of computer programming. sana matulungan nyo ako paps sobra na yung pag sshare nyo ng tuts/tips/secrts ehe etc.. ng mga...
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    Help Laptop for Programming

    Hello po. Kapag tumitingin po ng laptop, ano po yung dapat kung tingnan?
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    Programming Prof.

    I just want to vent out my frustration sa prof ko sa programming. siya lang kasi nag pa experience sakin na mababa yung grade ko sa programming. My 1st and 2nd year i got 1.0 grade in my programming subjects. pero nong naging prof ko na siya, puro lang naman modules sinisend niya samin and di...
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    Help E-Books programming na pwede basa basahin

    Mga lods baka po meron kayong ebooks about sa programming na pwede basa basahin para ma refresh po utak ko. Fresh Graduate as Computer Engineering Technology po at balak ko po sana mag apply sa mga IT Companies para lang po ma refresh utak ko sa coding. Maraming salamat po sa mag share nang mga...
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    Help Tools/bot for programming

    Aside from phc robot and chatgpt, ano pang tools or Ai/bot pwede magamit para makatulong sa pagcocode? Kahit wag n'yo na idrop yung link kase bawal ata. Drop nyo na lang yung name then ako na magsearch.
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    Help Computer Fundamentals And Programming 1 & 2

    Hello, Currently I'm a BSCE Student at hindi ako informed na meron palang computer programming subjects sa CE. I do not have any knowledge about programming or about computer (tamang basic html at css lang ang background noong highschool). Any tips how to survive this subject?
  28. J


    sino po may tutorial ng plc programming from basic to advance. schneider or emerson will do. salamat po
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    Python Fast Python Programming For Absolute Beginners SQL in Python (COURSE)

    Python 3 Programming from Basics to Pro, JSON SQL - MySQL MongoDB PostgreSQL Python Database - PDF, Image , GUI Tkinter This is what you will get in this Python Programming course: Python Basics , Advance, Pro SQL in Python MySQL in Python MongoDB in Python PostgreSQL in Python JSON in Python...
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    Mega files programming compiled tutorials

    eto po pala nakita ko lang sa mega files enjoy po leave a reaction and reply
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    Help Bootstrap with Multiselect for searching?

    mga master baka may alam kayo bootstrap na pwedeng mag filter ng data with multiselect po tulad ng pipiliin ko yung age and year for filtering, salamat incadvance
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    Help Programming Language Recommendation for Website?

    Hi ka-PHC, currently ginagawa ko ung papeles namin from chapter 1 to 3 and ang capstone project namin is a web-based online repository and publication system for capstone projects ng university namin. Can you guys suggest kung ano best na programming language for that kind of system po? I can...
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    Help Difference between ρáíd and free

    Ano po ba pinagka iba ng ρáíd tutorial like coursera, udemy, skillshare sa mga free tutorial sa YøùTùbé or ibang site? balak ko sana i invest time ko sa pag aaral ng web developer course at programming language pero ang concern ko lang is alin ba dapat ang tamang piliin? ρáíd or free?
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    Tutorial Udemy : JavaScript And PHP Programming Complete Course (4 days )

    ⏰ : ASAP (Free For 500 Users Worldwide) ⭐️ : new 👄 : English (US) Rating: 4.2 out of 54.2 (326 ratings) 50,068 students Hidden content This course includes: 5 hours on-demand video Access on mobile and TV Full lifetime access Certificate of completion
  35. H

    Tutorial Programming (beginner)

    Hello good day po since newbie pa lang ako sa programming po, i would like to learn from scratch in web development, and mag simula ako sa html/css and then mag JavaScript and so on po. may mga recommendation po kayo na matuto ako like website, YøùTùbé, and more for free po.
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    Help Google App Script Test

    Pa help pano gawin yang dalawang automatically 🥹
  37. R

    I Love Programming

    🖼️ Ctto. Nakakamiss 🥺
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    PHP Bago lang sa programming Php

    ask ko lang if anu ang ending nito if naka gawa na ba ako ng working php pos system running xampp. if e deploy ko napo ba xammpp parin gagamitin ko sa client?
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    Help Survey lang hehe

    Ano bang programming language ang indemand ngayon sa IT industry?
  40. L

    Programming Language for Mobile Apps

    Kaya po ba lahat ni flutter ang mga apps na gawa sa JAVA? wala po ba tong limitation?
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    Tutorial Unlocking the Power of the Rust Programming Language

    Unlocking the Power of the Rust Programming Language Size: 1.66GB Unleashing the Full Potential of a Powerful Programming Language. What you'll learn learn the foundations of Rust, what makes it so performant when to choose to use it for your projects Rust syntax and language features: Students...
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    Python Python Network Programming for Beginners 2023

    Python Network Programming for Beginners 2023 Size: 381MB Learn Python Basics, Python Socket Programming , Build a Simple Chat Application with Python and Reverse Shell. What you'll learn Python Foundation Knowledge for Beginners ( For Loops, While Loops , IF ELSE, Variables, Lists...
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    Python RealPython Tutorials Collection

    RealPython Tutorials Collection Size: 14.7GB Gain practical, real-world Python skills with our library of Python video courses. Our tutorials are created, curated, and vetted by a community of expert Pythonistas. At Real Python you'll get the trusted resources you need on your path to Python...
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    Tutorial Dart Programming course for Beginners 2023

    Dart Programming course for Beginners 2023 Size: 815MB Learn the Fundamentals of the Dart Programming Language What you'll learn Understand the fundamental concepts and syntax of the Dart language, including variables, data types, operators, and control structures. Create and use functions and...
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    DataBase (For Website)

    Mga Lods, Baka may alam kayo na pwede kong gamitin na database.. gagawa po kase ako ng dating website..
  46. G

    Android studio, flutter code

    Pahelp nga po may code po ba kayo ng gantong interface gamit po android studio..
  47. P

    LF Programmer

    Patulong Sana mga boss. Willing to pay po🥹
  48. Z

    Help DJANGO

    What is the best website to learn django mga boss??
  49. B

    Tutorial Free course with certificate programming and more

    here the link Hidden content
  50. D

    Help Chatgpt

    Possible po ba gumawa ng website na parang chatgpt pero sa specific answers lang po ang sasagutin like yung mga questions about sa school lang namin.