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    Closed PHP Mysqli Pa help po

    Mga lods, patulong po sana nag-aaral palang po ako
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    Closed Sublime Text 3 Serial Number

    Sublime Text 3 SerialPlease let me know nalang if gumagana pag hindi hanap ulit ako. Make sure na for Sublime Text 3 yung software ninyo 😂Hidden contentEnjoy. ˃ᴗ˂
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    Tutorial 9 Sites to practice programming

    9 Sites to practice programming and solve challenges to improve programming skills.Hidden contentSupport 🤘
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    C & C++ LF commission C language c++

    sino po nag papacommission dito sa coding C language
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    C & C++ C++ Tutorial How to

    Good Day,Dito basic tutorials on how to code in C++1. how to count characters words and spaces 2. how to know if a word is palindrome3. how to count digits of a number4. convert decimal to binary5. how to find factors of a number 6. find the greatest common factor of two numbers 7...
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    Hello PhCorner,Plano ko sana maging self-taught programmer.May question lang ako sa mga professional dito hehe, san ako pwede mag start? Like anong mga topics ang dapat ko munang daanan o matutunan?Hoping na may makakasagot.
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    Help Coding book

    Bought this at lazada for 400 pesos, and im 3rd year college student as cpe.Okay ba tong book na to? or for fundamentals and basic principles lang?Kung mayroon po kayong book na marecomend much appreciated. Lalo na if available sa laz or shopee po thankss.
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    C & C++ Pa help po C language

    Kulang nalang po ng ganito#include <stdio.h>#define rSize 3 #define cSize 4void accScores(int scores[rSize][cSize]){ int row, col; for(row = 0; row < rSize; row++){ printf("\nStudent %d:\n", row+1); for(col = 0; col < cSize; col++){ printf("Quiz...
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    C & C++ Patulong po C Programming - C File Handling

    Hello mga kuys! Please pa help HAHAHHAHA been debugging this since morning tas di ko alam pano eh. Pano ba mag lagay ng file extension na .txt sa C File handling instead of typing it manually as a user?Bale ang magiging name ng file is depende sa name ng student na ininput as a user Example...
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    Tutorial [CY4NFILES] Learn Arduino in this 30 Days Challenge: From 0 to Hero

    Learn Arduino in this 30 Days Challenge: From 0 to Hero Master Arduino in this 30 Days Challenge with a Step by Step Practical Approach from scratch and start making projectsWhat you'll learnStart to programming Arduino Discover things that will help you to excel in Arduino programming...
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    Tutorial [CY4NFILES] Coding Basics and Problem Solving and Logical Thinking

    Coding Basics and Problem Solving and Logical Thinking Manual Testing To Automation Testing Part 1What you'll learnLearn Coding Essentials Learn on Critical/Logical Thinking Lean problem solving skills Understand the building blocks of programming Concepts before you start learning...
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    C# HELP. Paano ko po i-output yung "you win" pag nahulaan yung word in 2-3 attempts at "game over" pag di nahulaan yung word at nagamit na 3 attempts?

    Need ko rin po kasi gumamit ng StringBuilder at ArrayList.using System; using System.Text; using System.Collections;namespace GuessingGame { public class GuessingGame { public static void Main(string[] args) { bool OutOfAttempts = false...
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    Help Python experts, help please

    Hello po,I need help po sana sa pag write ng code ng python. I am not well versed sa python and I've tried searching the net for what I need, sadly wala ako makitang proper solution.So here's what I want to do:Assuming na meron akong 4 button latching inputs. Okay na ako sa part na...
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    Electric Bill calculator using functions

    Mga boss pa help naman jan AHHAHA bumigay na utak ko sa kaka debug. Pano ba mag lagay ng functions? BSIT freshman here INSTRUCTIONS [Task Should be Separated into Functions] +1st Function Determine the Charge/Unit. +2nd Function - Calculate Unit Charge. +3rd Function - Calculate Surcharge. +4th...
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    Help Pahelp JAVA

    Mga boss pa check ako ng code ko dko alam kung pano isolve ung error. Gumagana namn sa c++ ung pseudocode.Ito ung code ko mga boss:package HelloWorldExample;import java.util.Scanner;public class HelloWorldExample { public static void main(String args[]) {Scanner sc = new...
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    Python [CY4NFILES] All Python Courses - Udemy

    All Python Courses - UdemyAndroid-App-Development-Design-Patterns-Mobile-Architecture Ethical-häçking-Mobile-Devices-Platforms Ethical-häçking-System-häçking Ethical-häçking-Website-Web-Application-Testing jQuery-Essential-Training Learning-Functional-Programming-JavaScript...
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    Python [CY4NFILES] Beginners -Python Coding for Teenagers Simplified

    Beginners -Python Coding for Teenagers SimplifiedHidden contentMore Contents:
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    Tutorial [CY4NFILES] Become a C++ Expert

    Become a C++ ExpertWhat you'll learnWhat will learn students You will C++ From Basic to advanceRequirementsBasic computer knowledge Internet connection Learning is EarningDescription: If you don't have computer programming knowledge previously then don't worry about covering C++...
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    Java Request complete java programming module preferably pdf or e-book format

    Gandang araw po mga ka-phc request po sana ako kung may alam kayong complete java programming modules na naka pdf or e-book format pang aral po sana ng kapatid ko, yung iba po kasi na na-search ko eh putol putol.Maraming salamat po in advance. 😁
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    Databases Similar to Facebook: Only in the Philippines

    Is there a 'way' that our programmers could somehow create a similar and typical social media site like Facebook?Natanong ko lang ito kasi bakit di tayo gumawa ng sarili natin kaysa tangkilikin natin ang gawang banyaga.Kung tutuusin marami tayong HTML/XTML/JAVA/PYTHON/C++ programmers na...
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    Closed DELETED~

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    Anomor alternatives?

    sa mga familiar po sa Anomor and Shadowave, may alam po ba kayong alternatives? kahit po yung mag a upload ng php files sa hosting. hehehe salamat po.
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    Tutorial CodeBreakthrough - Ultimate Programming All-in-One Tutorials

    This site offers you the best and ultimate tutorials you want to learn about programming for free.Hidden content 100+ Hours (not a typo) of solid content without interruptions.These are the contents and provided lessons with their estimated learning time. PythonBeginner Python Programming...
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    Help Recommend hardware and software requirements for mobile application development (native, hybrid, web)?

    Naguguluhan ako kung ano ang mga hardware at software na kinakailangan sa mobile development. Magkakaiba ba ng mga requirements para sa mobile application kung ito ay native, hybrid o web?Gusto ko matutunan ang magdevelop ng mobile application.Ito ang specs ng computer ko. Sapat ba ito kung...
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    Help Bakit po nag iiba yung order ng output sa 1st and 2nd?

    import java.util.Scanner; import java.util.Map; import java.util.HashMap;public class StudentList { public static void main(String[] args) { Map<String, String> students = new HashMap<>(); Scanner sc = new Scanner(;String num; String name...
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    Help Deleted

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    Tutorial Tanong kayo about java

    Kung may problem kayo about java, reply kayo rito. Try natin isolve
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    Sa mga magpapagawa ng website thesis. Aym here! Need ko lang 999 or 500 pang load online class

    Hello, I am Raldin Casidar, Junior Web Developer.Check my website at: https://raldincasidar.gaSa mga magpapagawa ng website jan. Kahit anong website legit gagawin ko dahil kailangan ko ng pera pang load dahil mag eexpire na ako and wala nang pang online classSkills:Web Design (HTML CSS...
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    Murang Tablet pangProgramming meron ba SUGGEST po kayo mga lodi

    Need ko po ng tech reviews sa mga tablet na mura like ipad mini na 3K na lang or teclast tablet,xiaomi, etc. na alam niyo
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    Tutorial Develop A Production Ready REST API in Go

    Develop A Production Ready REST API in Go This course will cover absolutely everything you need to know in order to build a production ready REST API using Go! We'll look at everything from project layout, to structuring your code to make it easily testable to finally deploying it to a...
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    Tutorial The Best Websites to Learn Programming Online

    The Best Sites to Learn Programming ━─┉┈◈◉◈┈┉─━ If you are ready to take the plunge, here are some of the best websites that offer courses in a variety of programming languages for free. I have also added a list of companion ebooks that will give you a more in-depth understanding of the language...
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    Java Help di ko po gets yung sinasabi na use the setter methods to accept user input???

    Ito yung codes before pa i-modify so wala pa yung encapsulation dito:class BloodData { static String bloodType; static String rhFactor;public BloodData() { bloodType = "O"; rhFactor = "+"; } public BloodData(String bt, String rh) { bloodType = bt...
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    Java SOLVED

    Baka matulungan niyo ko mga papsy kung papa ano magawa itong ganitong output using stack operations.
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    Java Good day, papa tulong lang po sana.

    Good day, papa tulong lang po sana if pano ma fix to, salamat mga masterpackage act4; import java.util.Scanner; import java.util.Stack; public class Act4{ public static void main (String[] args) { Stack<Integer> stack = new Stack<Integer>(); Scanner scan = new...
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    Help Patulong Database Query Optimization

    Patulong naman para maintindihan ko kung bakit naging 4 ang cost ng plan na (3,3,3) naman ang nakalagay na cost sa SQL Plus na window.
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    Android App Dcoder - Mobile Compiler (For students na walang PC/Laptop)

    Dcoder compiler: a mobile coding IDE to build projects, code & learn algorithms Dcoder is a mobile coding IDE and platform (Compiler for mobile), where you can run your projects, code and learn algorithms by programming on mobile.Download: Hidden content
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    WordPress Paano gumawa ng video website?

    Hello guys. Paano nga ba gumawa ng video s†rêâmïng website like YøùTùbé/Nétflí×? I know need ng webhosting/wordpress. Pero paano sya actual na ginagawa? Sabi nila need ng malaking ram and cpu yung server? Also, need seperate yung ram and cpu nung video s†rêâmïng side ng website na dapat hiwalay...
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    Help Suggest language na in demand?

    Stock nako sa java mga pre, di makapag breakthrough.
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    Help Help: Need php, cgi or cgi proxy na based dito sa pinas

    need to access an api na sa pinas lng pwede iaccess using file_get_contents.
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    Help Help this flowchart

    Enter a number. If it is a positive number print "POSITIVE", otherwise print "NEGATIVE. Display "ZERO" if the number entered is zero.salamat sana meron
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    Java Help ano po mali sa codes bakit hindi nagcocompute yung balance pag nag deposit? dapat 1650.0 yung answer.

  42. W

    Reviewer Python for everyone book pdf

    Python Book Pdf for Beginners Download the file below:Hidden contentEnjoy.....
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    Java Java Error (HELP)

    Newbi here, baka may maka tulong sakin di ko ma identify yung mali
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    Java Paano po pagsamahin yung scanner at inheritance sa isang program?

    Paano ko po ma-aapply yung scanner habang gumagamit rin ng inheritance? Mostly po kasi nakikita ko may given na, eh dito need mag add yung 10, 100, 1000 sa user input like diyan for example 20 yung input, tapos lalabas yung 20 plus 10 is 30 and so on.. sinubukan ko na yung mga nakita ko and...
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    Aspiring Developers Pasok

    Hi good evening :). May mga aspiring Developer paba dito ? Yung may sincerity talaga matuto hindi yung makikiuso lang (really mean it) . If meron and walang budget para bumili ng online course esp kay Udemy. Eto gawin mo . Punta ka kay Udemy type mo lang kay google then search ka ng course na...
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    Useful Website for Aspiring Programmers

    Hidden content
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    Closed Closed

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    Closed Patulong sa library system

    Patulong po, ano po kayang pwede kong gamiting logic dito, na mag aautomatic mag update ung nasa book information pag nag add? hindi ko po kasi masyadong ma gets yung mga tutorial na nasa google or YøùTùbé e. d ko ma iapply. ang gamit ko po ay C# at mysqlworkench.Edited: Fixed
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    Closed (Closed) Python For Beginners Course In-Depth

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    Android App Para sa incoming IT/CS na walang Laptop or PC para sa inyo to.

    Programing Hub ρrø Mod apk Version: v5.1.46 (Latest)💠MOD INFO :-🔹Learn Coding & Programming 🔸HTML, Python, Java, C, C++ 🔹From basics to advance coding 🔸Web, Apps, Games development 🔹5000+ programs, 20+ CourcesHidden content