Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language such as HTML or XML (including XML dialects such as SVG, MathML or XHTML). CSS is a cornerstone technology of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and JavaScript.CSS is designed to enable the separation of presentation and content, including layout, colors, and fonts. This separation can improve content accessibility; provide more flexibility and control in the specification of presentation characteristics; enable multiple web pages to share formatting by specifying the relevant CSS in a separate .css file, which reduces complexity and repetition in the structural content; and enable the .css file to be cached to improve the page load speed between the pages that share the file and its formatting.
Separation of formatting and content also makes it feasible to present the same markup page in different styles for different rendering methods, such as on-screen, in print, by voice (via speech-based browser or screen reader), and on Braille-based tactile devices. CSS also has rules for alternate formatting if the content is accessed on a mobile device.The name cascading comes from the specified priority scheme to determine which style rule applies if more than one rule matches a particular element. This cascading priority scheme is predictable.
The CSS specifications are maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Internet media type (MIME type) text/css is registered for use with CSS by RFC 2318 (March 1998). The W3C operates a free CSS validation service for CSS documents.In addition to HTML, other markup languages support the use of CSS including XHTML, plain XML, SVG, and XUL.

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    Tanong -- same classname ang mga pages ,nakukuha yung css style kaya nagiging pare pareho

    Good day po .. tanong ko lang po , BAKIT PAG SAME classname po yung gamit sa IBAT-IBANG PAGES PO ay nakukuha yung CSS/STYLE EFFECT po nila? NAGIGING SAME STYLE PO LAHAT NG PAGES KO PO? IM USING OUTLET po .. bakit po ganun ? PAANO PO HINDI MAGING GANUN PO? KANYA-KANYA naman po sila ng...
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    Tanong -- regarding TAILWIND CSS to be used in REACT js

    Goodafternoon po .. kaka start ko pa lang po kasi mag aral ng TAILWIND CSS ,gagamitin po sa REACT js tanong ko lang po .. KINAKABISADO NYU lang po ba yung mga code, tulad ng mga: p-2.5 mt-1 flex items-center bg-blue-600 rounded-md parang nakakalito po kasi .. KABISADO nyu po ba lahat o...
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    Tanong - regarding html css po .. bakit po lagi nilalagyang ng box-sizing:border box, padding 0 maring 0

    good day po . pede po magtanong ? tanong ko lang po kung bakit po sa start ng pag create ng simple website nilalagyan po ng ganto *{ margin: 0; padding: 0; box-sizing: border-box; } bakit po kailangan nyan? nakikita ko po kasi madalas sa mga tutorials sa YøùTùbé .. s salamat po
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    Help Pa help html & css mga boss

    di ko maalis yung white mga boss baka alam nyo tanggalin kanina pako dito HAHA
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    Help HTML and CSS ques

    ano na po next gagawin pag nailagay na yung href na "About Me" paano po mag redirect sa bago ko pang icocode na "About me"?
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    Tagal ko matuto ng CSS things in programming

    meron po bang paraan para mabilis matuto? Araw araw na kasi ako nanonood ng tutorial sa YøùTùbé parang nababagalan ako .. attention to detail po kasi ako kaya pag meron ako hindi magets talagang hindi ako umaaalis sa isang tanong na po na iyon... pero kalaunan naman nagegets ko naman po...
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    Help Host CSS Codes?

    Hello po! Basic lang po alam ko sa webdev, pahelp naman po. Paano ko po kaya mapaparun yung CSS codes if sa ibang site ko sya hinost, at saan po kaya sya pwede ihost? Gusto ko po kasi sana paikliin yung header para kita agad yung body for customizations ng content. Btw, online po irurun yung...
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    Tutorial Best CSS Shadow Generator

    Smooth Shadow Enjoy 👍
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    Tutorial CSS: Pseudo-class selectors :is() and :where()

    Hi mga sir, Itong dalawang pseudo-class selectors na :is() and :where() ay halos mag-isang taon na noong maging available. Supported na din ng latest versions ng known browsers. Can I use :is()? Can I use :where()? :is() Before: h1 > b, h2 > b, h3 > b, h4 > b, h5 > b, h6 > b { color...
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    Tutorial Paid Udemy - CSS - Basics To Advanced for front end development (2021)

    CSS - Basics To Advanced for front end development (2021) 100% OFF - 3 DAYS LEFT Complete guide to create beautiful, responsive and user-friendly websites using CSS3. Learn CSS3 with hands-on projects Rating: 4.3 out of 54.3 (2,095 ratings) 195,834 students Created by EdYoda Digital University...
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    JavaScript learning curve problem

    Hello isa ako sa mga nag aaral ng JavaScript hindi ko alam kung paano simulan may knowledge naman na ako sa HTML at CSS pero si JavaScript hindi ko sya alam kung paano i apply. Ska naguguluhan ako sa mga codes ni JavaScript. Ano po ba dapat ko simulan aralin kay JavaScript para mabilis ako...
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    Help HTML/CSS/JS - The submitted data will be transferring to an excel file.

    Good day, mga ka-PHC baka may reference kayo if paano ko ma ipapasok sa excel yung ififill-up dito,wala kasi nag tuturo hindi ko din alam anong ref, ang need ko hanapin. HTML and CSS palang nagagawa ko, baka matulungan niyo ako, salamat mga brother.
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    PHP Simple Public Chat Room Using PHP and MySQLi V2 (UPDATED)!!!

    Good Day mga idol! Eto pala yung updated!!! Share ko lang ulit :) This is a simple chat system wherein you can send messages in public and send a private message to every user :) Features: Login Registration User account modification Chat Sending message with embedded emojis :) Sending...
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    PHP Simple Blog Using PHP and MySQL

    Good Day mga idol! This is a simple blog system developed in PHP and MySQL. User can view posts and admin can manage posts & categories. Change nyo nalang ang file extension ng file na kblog-pjc.doc from ".doc" to ".zip" Hope you like it! :) -phpDev
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    PHP Simple Public Chat Room Using PHP and MySQLi

    Good Day mga idol! Share ko lang ulit itong system na ginawa ko :) This is a simple chat system wherein you can send messages in public :) Features: Login Registration User account modification Chat Sending message using "ENTER" key and submit button. Change nyo nalang yung file extension ng...
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    PHP Simple CRUD (create, read, update and delete) System using PHP and MySQLi

    Good Day mga idol! Share ko lang din itong simple CRUD system na ginawa ko last 2019 using PHP and MySQLi :) Change nyo nalang din yung extension file nung crud - pjc.doc from ".doc" to ".zip" :) Hope this helps! -phpDev
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    Tutorial [UDEMY] HTML5 & CSS3 Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step)

    Requirements Basic Computer Skills Description This is a complete beginners course for learning HTML5 & CSS3 from scratch. Here you will learn how to design and develop your own websites purely with HTML5 & CSS3. Once you get started with the course you will learn from a...
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    Help Paassist lang ulet sa mga batak na web developer/designer jan

    Is there any way para mablur ko buong edge netong div na to? Para lang magblend siya ng maayos sa bg ko,pangit kasi tignan pag bg tas biglang color
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    Help tulong sa mga batak sa web developing

    bat nagkakaron ng puting sobrang line sa kanan ng second div ko.
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    Help html and css page not displaying whole

    Sa mga programmers jan, ask lang po. Yung ginawa kong html na may css sa laptop,gumagana naman siya ng maayos and nag ddidisplay ng maayos. Pero nung nilipat ko na sa pc na may malaking monitor,di siya nagdidisplay ng buo sa mga browser. Di naman maliit screen ng laptop ko,almost the same lang...
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    Solopicker (Datetimepicker No jQuery)

    Hello, i just wanna share with you the project that a recently created. This is a simple datetimepicker without any library or jquery. Solopicker i also want to have some feedback about it and some other suggestions. Many thanks. Cheers
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    Tutorial PHC Site Mods & Plugins

    Hello mga pips, Repost ko lang sa forum nato yung link ng thread na ginawa ko sa worldwide web, sa maling forum ko kasi ata nailagay yun eh hehe. Read more: Click here
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    Tutorial PHC Site Mods & Plugins

    Make PHC your own! This tutorial will teach you to modify phc's theme and apply your own style and mods using css or javascript! Setup Guide: 1. The first thing you need to do is download this chrome extension: Click here 2. Now while on phcorner site, click the extension button then click the...
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    Help How to make website

    Guys paano po gumawa ng website for vlog? Yan po kasi exam namin sa etech eh. Ang gumawa ng website for blog. please help me guysss
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    Ecommerce site using php/mysql

    baka meron kayo dyan guys , need ko lang po sana.. deadline na kasi this week..
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    Responsive and free 3-page template for you all.

    Hello PHC, Another Responsive and Free 3-page template for you all. If you fancy to thank me, feel free to leave credit on my work. You may download the source file at my GitHub repo, here. Home Page Blog Post Demo Link Here If you have a suggestion or request, let me know, then...
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    Become a better javascript developer and learn front-end testing.

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    Android o & java - the complete android development bootcamp

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://gethubtunnel(.)com Paki remove nalang ng parenthesis.
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    Api for beginners javascript getting started with apis ajax

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    The complete front-end web development course!

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://gethubtunnel(.)com pakitanggal nalang ng parenthesis
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    Mongodb - the complete developer's guide

    DOWNLOAD LINK http://gethubtunnel(.)com/programming_web_development Paki remove nalang ng parenthesis. That tutorial is all about Database using No SQL. Sana makatulong.
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    The python bible everything you need to program in python

    Download Link: http://gethubtunnel(.)com Paki tanggal nalang ang parenthesis. Enjoy!
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    Help Ict nc ii css

    Sino po sa inyo CSS NC 2 Passer diyan? Pwede makahingi tips na nangyayari sa loob ng assessment center? May assessment po kasi kami this coming december 8. ^_^
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    The complete css flexbox guide with a complete project 2018

    Download Link: http://gethubtunnel(.)com You have to remove the parenthesis.
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    Help Customizing moodle

    May nakapag try na po ba dito mag edit/customize sa moodle. Using boost themes. Thanks in Advance mga PHC
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    Help Web dev practice

    Hello, anong klaseng website ang dapat ipractice? Gagawa ba akonng replica ng existing site? Stuck kasi ako ngayon, di ko alam san magsisimula... Any suggestions or opinions from you is appreciated. Kahit wag muna yung heavy na content. Hehe
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    Tutorial Front-end development series

    Hello kaPHC, Shoutout for seansei and lemoj08. Thank you for your interest in this thread. Overview — for starters and intermediate, I hope excited kayo sa mini-tutorial series available starting next month. Before we proceed, ito yung topics envolve as listed below: 1. Development...
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    Poll [rate my apps and web] saglit lang to ! wala kang ginagawa ? edi pumasok ka dito !

    Hello po mga sir and maam . pa rate po ako ng application na ginawa ko . sorry kung noob pa ako , self study and 14 years old po kasi ako eh . Yung website , hindi na yan blog , yan yung website kung saan ko i update yung application . pls kindly rate po . salamat po sa mga rate niyo =)...
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    Website source code (html with css)

    Guys pahiram naman po ng source code ng malupit nyong website, sana may magpahiram hehehe papalitan ko naman po content. rush na po kasi.. try lang naman po.. thank you in advance :)
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    Our services section

    Pano iinput yung clearance form para sa our services ko? Please help. Gusto ko po ganung style ng our services tapos yung clearance form yung laman.
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    Help Buy and sell website

    mga master dyan sa web development parequest nga mo ng sample website nyo. thanks in advance.
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    Ask ko lang po if anu pa po pwede idagdag dito sa blog site na sample

    Gusto ko kasi na mapaganda pa po anu po ma susuggest niyo for my simple blog site di po saaken to kung baga po ginaya ko <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style type="text/css"> body { font-family: Arial; padding: 20px; } /* Header/Blog Title */ .header { padding: 30px...
  43. Z

    Help Html and css website

    Patulong dito sa website namin paambag ng idea niyo eto po yung website palang namin
  44. R


    Mam/Sir may alam p po ba kaung ibang site na nagtutro about sa HTML, CSS at JS bukod po sa https://www.w3schools.com/ .. gsto ko kc matuto about sa front end developer
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    Tutorial Css | one page layout using display: grid;

    Hello PHC, Good Morning, I hope meron kayong natutunan sa previous tuts ko and today, I will show you how to: - use display: grid in creating one web responsive page. Thank sa suggestion ni ka-PHC Shadow Chaser With that said, let us understand what is the main difference between Flexbox and...
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    Javascript basics for beginners

    Direct Download Link: https://usersdrive.com/83na9rzgsgdm.html File Size: 2.6GB What will I learn? Understand the fundamental concepts in JavaScript Learn problem-solving skills Learn and apply the best practices Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes other JavaScript developers...
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    Tutorial Css | responsive menu without any java-script

    Hello PHC. After sa long graveyard of work, I would like to show you today how to create responsive menus without any javascript. By the end of this post, you should have this output below: With that said, let us start with a simple markup shown below: <input type="checkbox"...
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    Tutorial Css | tool-tip without any java-script

    Today, I would like to show you that we can have a tool-tip effect using just CSS, please see the sample output shown below: In addition to this, I would like to set your expectation, that I will be using SCSS for us to save time on getting this task done. For more details what is SCSS, you...
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    Tutorial Css | navigation in display: flex

    Let us create a basic navigation with just simple understanding on how to use display: flex; Here is the markup: <nav> <a href="#">home</a> <a href="#">tech</a> <a href="#">news</a> <a href="#">media</a> <a href="#">contact</a> </nav> Here is our CSS rules...
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    Hi po pwede po ba paki paliwanag neto medyo nalilito ako

    Gusto ko lang po sana mmalaman if paano mag color ng isang tag Ganto po kasi yun <DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> my title po </title> <Style> p{ Color:blue; } </Style> <Body> <p> sad </p> <p> ako <p> </Body> </Html> Ang tanung po paano po.makulayam ang isang p tag ??