Player versus player (PvP) is a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game between human players. This is often compared to player versus environment (PvE), in which the game itself controls its players' opponents. The terms are most often used in games where both activities exist, particularly MMORPGs, MUDs, and other role-playing video games, to distinguish between gamemodes. PvP can be broadly used to describe any game, or aspect of a game, where players compete against each other. PvP is often controversial when used in role-playing games. In most cases, there are vast differences in abilities between players. PvP can even encourage experienced players to immediately attack and kill inexperienced players. PvP is often referred to as player killing in the cases of games which contain, but do not focus on, such interaction.

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    Help Best videoke player in the markert? suggestion

    best videoke player in the markert? suggestion
  2. 4

    Better Player

    How to be a better player and rank up fast kahit may mga kasama kang toxic.
  3. G

    Help UAE based ML Player need Squad Member

    láρág IGN lng 5 man rank game tayo 8-10 PM UAE Time Tamang Laro at Libang lang tayo mga LODS
  4. S

    Justin Brownlee ng Brgy. Ginebra as naturalized player!

    ito na mga tol! umusad na ang papel ni JBL para maging isang ganap na pinoy👍 mukhang mapapalaban ang Lebanon sa nxt window 😂 kaway kaway sa mga fans ng ginebra dyan😍😍😍
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    Help Programming

    Pahelp po sana mag program ng mini mp3 player sa arduino. Tnx
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    Help Google Drive Music Player

    Hello po, baka po may alam kayo na Music Player apk na pwede i-connect sa Google Drive. Wala na kasi akong phone storage, puno na. Kaya di nako makapag-download. Pwede naman makinig direct sa GDrive, kaso hindi nagpi-play (unsupported) ang FLAC, MP3 lang yung pwede. Salamat sa sasagot!!!!
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    ML returning player

    Code: 2e68kvn
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    Tools Dvd Player for karaoke (help sa karaoke disc neto)

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    Video Player Generator with subtitle embed free (JWPlayer)

    Generate Video Player Encode URL to protect your real URL. You can use url or iframe after encoding into your website easily and quickly. Link: Hidden content
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    Help Iptv app player for LG TV

    Mga idol, ano po ba magandang IPTV player sa LG TV? Salamat po
  11. A

    Help Kantioke player software

    Sino may alam na ***** o software licensed ng kantioke player po? Pasabit naman 🙂 Thank you in advance
  12. R


    Baka may code kayo for Return Player. Palagay naman mga boss.
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    For Sale ML Account

    Rush na po ml account fix price na yan.
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    Help Best music/video app player for jOS?

    Pa suggest po ng the best na music player at video player for iOS yung ads free sana Thanks
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    Nétflí× Pro. You don't need any account to watch any movies you want. Hope you Enjoy Nétflí× Pro Link: MV CastPlayer: INSTALL THIS 2 APPS TO YOUR ANDROID
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    I am a newbie here so i am not familiar with this but i will learn it soon..

    I am a newbie here so i am not familiar with this but i will learn it soon..
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    Pubg mobile lite (2gb ram and below)

    Wala nang intro-intro pa, yan na link! PUBG MOBILE LITE PUBG MOBILE LITE is here! Built with Unreal Engine 4, this version of PUBG MOBILE is compatible with even more devices and optimized for devices with less RAM without compromising...
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    Help Any tips for kagura user

    Sa mga pro Kagura user. Penge naman po ng tips diyan. Di man lang ako makapagbuhat. Kung di magaling kakampi di rin ako makapatay. :)
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    Sony dvd player problem

    nakakainis bakit ganun yung mga player sa bangketa eh nag plaplay ng pirated sa,antalang pqg sony parang pahirapan magplay ng dvd minsan ayaw pa mag read may mga dvd ako dito ayaw magplay haai help meee ..any tips??? huhu
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    Pambansang laro

    Mga paps meron po bang larong sepak takraw? Penge nmn link ohh Salamat
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    Closed Video player using .prx

    help lang mga popshie at momshie ano magandang player pang stream gamit ang .prx o kaya naman magandang app kung manood ng movies and tv series gamit ang .prx? mas gusto ko kasi mag stream kesa download
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    Closed Help: what is the best media(video) player in windows?

    What is the best video player aside from VLC?
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    Adobe flash player offline installers (win/mac/linux)

    Adobe Flash Player is the standard for delivering high-impact, rich Web content. Designs, animation, and application user interfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, attracting and engaging users with a rich Web experience. Link (always contains the latest installer)...