A performance is an act of staging or presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment. It is also defined as the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.

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    SMOOTH UI AND PERFORMANCE WITH 8GB ZRAM v1.1 stable sya skin for G35 series try nyo sa inyo nag stable akin nag lock sa 54-59 fps online games sheesh! pa feedback para ganahan pa mag bahagi🫡🫡 Hidden content
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    Any comments for Kai Sotto's performance sa yesterdays game?

    Any comments for Kai Sotto's performance sa yesterdays game?
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    Best Value Processor for PC (Mid Gaming Performance)

    The most balanced and well performed processor right now in the market is Hidden content Pros Strong Single Core Performance. Overall better Multi-Core Performance over the last gen. iGPU 4x more E-Cores over the last gen. 1GHz Sustained Clocks on all P-Cores. 9GHz Sustained Clocks on all...
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    Physical activity improves mental performance

    Physical activity improves recovery from stress and creates conditions for neurogenesis: The following proteins are produced in the body during physical activity and are involved in recovery processes: Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) Fibroblast...
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    Help 6800xt vs 3070ti

    Mga boss, in terms of performance and future proofing. Alin po sa tingin niyo mas okay?
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    Closed Closed

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    sa mga rooted phone jan try nyo tong gawa kung magisk module sa nag lalag jan using custom rom or gsi try nyo na working na working saken hehe Hidden content
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    Huawei D14 8/512 performance 2023

    Hello mga lods! How was the performance of Huawei d14 8/512 this year 2023? Is it still good to buy this year paba? Planning to buy po sana ako. Thank you sa maka notice 😊
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    Help Bot answer

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    Yoobao Iphone Battery

    Sino mga naka yoobao na battery sa iphone?kamusta performance nya?may inorder ako for iphone 6s yoobao battery advance 2200mah..ok kya mga boss?umorder dn ako tool kit pra ako na magkabit..good sana to..😊😊😊
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    Help Fitness Status

    Why is it necessary to know our fitness status before conducting training exercises?
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    Help Gt1660 super using Ygt top1 750watts psu?

    Pede po bakong mag gtx 1660 super kahit na yung psu ko ygt top 1 750 watts lng? Pc specs ko is Ryzen 5 5600g 16gb of ram Gusto ko kasi sana maboost performance pagdating sa gaming hehe
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    Help GPU

    Ano pong gpu ang pinakamura para makalaro ng Valorant with decent fps?
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    Street Magic

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    Pcx 160 upgrade

    suggest naman po kayo magandang upgrade sa pcx na 1month old palang
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    Say yes, kunting tiis nalang pre matatapos na yung concert kaya mo yan!
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    Meet the dancer of the year

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    Help AMD A6-9220e vs Core i5/i7

    parehas lang po ba sila or magka equivalent ba sila when it comes to performance?
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    Anu po best na Home Prepaid wifi na maganda performance at durability?

    Anu po best na Home Prepaid wifi na maganda performance at durability? pa latag naman po ng mga suggestion mga bossing
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    Help Slow performance laptop problem

    Hello po, magtanong lng po ako anong problema ng laptop ko bigla nalang po nag slow ung performance nya. Kapag mag bukas ng folder parang nag framedrop ung pop up. Pag bukas ko ng photoshop nakalagay your graphic processor is incompatible. Nangyare ito nung kinulikot ng dalawang tao ung laptop...
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    I Don't Feel I Am ρáíd Fairly For My Job Performance

    I feel that the pay I'm receiving isn't commensurate with the effort I'm putting in and I'm considering other options that better reflect my hard work. I think it's time to move on and find a position that better rewards my efforts… what do y’all think?
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    Help Performance ng Kumho Tires?

    Sa mga nakagamit ng Kumho tires kamusta naman po ang performance?
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    Sino sino pupunta? Libreng live performance ng isa sa pinaka astig na OPM Band
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    Tutorial How to enable Windows 10 Ultimate Performance mode (Power Option)

    Lower Latency Lower Stuttering Maximize Performance Step 1: Check for updates mo muna yung windows mo, if di updated update mo muna. Step 2: Windows key + x then select mo yung Windows Power Shell (Admin) Step 3: Copy this code: Hidden content Step 4: Go to search bar tapos search mo Edit...
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    Closed Smart c0ndom that tracks your performance and judge you

    When it comes to sexual intercourse, there is a lot of pressure on the male to not only perform but to perform in a passionate way. Asking for feedback from their partner may not always work because the partner may not feel comfortable giving that sort of feedback or it hurts the man’s feelings...
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    Closed Help help help pls

    help please, how to fix po ang slow and choppy video playback ng old netbook ko. for video editing and school projects ang role ng netbook ko, eh 1080x1920 palang ang vid na pinaplay ko baka 3-4 fps lang. pls help po. acer aspire one d270 po name ng netbook. (i know po na kapag old na ang...
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    Closed good performance and budget friendly

    hello good morning and happy mothers day po sa lahat ng nanay natin. :) tatanong ko lang po sana kung anu mga android phone na maganda ang performance pero budget friendly yung mga 7k to 8k price at kung magkano nalang yung 2nd hand price nya. hnd naman ako gano pala games. gusyo ko lang...
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    Closed flagship but friendly price

    hello good morning and happy mothers day po sa lahat ng nanay natin. :) tatanong ko lang po sana kung anu mga android phone na maganda ang performance pero budget friendly yung mga 7k to 8k price at kung magkano nalang yung 2nd hand price nya. meron ako nakita na mga phone na pag pipilian...
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    Tutorial How to improve dota 2 performance

    How to improve dota 2 performance (works only at computers with more than 2 GB RAM) Effect : (disables all video settings but sets texture quality to high) (it also reduces rendering quality) (additionally, it makes some network performance adjustment which was probably the real issue before)...
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    Closed Overclock your galaxy Y to 1.2GHz

    Hi guys! gusto ko lang ito i-share na mod: OVERCLOCK YOUR GALAXY Y to 1.2GHz (50% performance increase) pag nasira phone nyo for any reason(bricked), go to Closed - UnBrick your Galaxy Y Okay, let's get started. Things needed: Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 (malamang meron kayo nito) USB...
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    Tweak to boast performance of your modem [no installation - very safe]

    Unbelievable speed right at your fingertips! A simple tweak that may triple the performance of your modem.. Just follow the procedures presented in the screenshots.. you may want to have the step by step procedures in a script for future use.. if the screen shot seems blurry to you i also...