An electric battery is a source of electric power consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections for powering electrical devices.
When a battery is supplying power, its positive terminal is the cathode and its negative terminal is the anode. The terminal marked negative is the source of electrons that will flow through an external electric circuit to the positive terminal. When a battery is connected to an external electric load, a redox reaction converts high-energy reactants to lower-energy products, and the free-energy difference is delivered to the external circuit as electrical energy. Historically the term "battery" specifically referred to a device composed of multiple cells; however, the usage has evolved to include devices composed of a single cell.Primary (single-use or "disposable") batteries are used once and discarded, as the electrode materials are irreversibly changed during discharge; a common example is the alkaline battery used for flashlights and a multitude of portable electronic devices. Secondary (rechargeable) batteries can be discharged and recharged multiple times using an applied electric current; the original composition of the electrodes can be restored by reverse current. Examples include the lead-acid batteries used in vehicles and lithium-ion batteries used for portable electronics such as laptops and mobile phones.
Batteries come in many shapes and sizes, from miniature cells used to power hearing aids and wristwatches to, at the largest extreme, huge battery banks the size of rooms that provide standby or emergency power for telephone exchanges and computer data centers.
Batteries have much lower specific energy (energy per unit mass) than common fuels such as gasoline. In automobiles, this is somewhat offset by the higher efficiency of electric motors in converting electrical energy to mechanical work, compared to combustion engines.

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    The Best Way to Charge Your Device Will Make Its Battery Last Way Longer

    Finding an outlet in any place and situation has become somewhat of a modus operandi for any tech user. It’s always the same old story, too: As the batteries in our electronics endure daily wear and tear, their ability to hold a charge becomes weaker and weaker—leaving us with a dead smartphone...
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    Help Windows 11 update low battery

    baka po my naka experience na ng ganito update from windows 10 to 11,recently lng ng simula ka ka update ko after restart for completion sa update windows ng stock sa low battery d ko matuloy young update, error: The upgrade process has been suspended because your battery charge is too low...
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    Help Help . About cmos battery laptop.

    Help po . Pano po ba palitan cmos ng laptop . Acer e5-473G . Di pa kase ako naka encounter ng ganitong cmos .
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    Help Mid range phone with long battery life

    Ano po kaya magandang mid range phone ngayon with long battery life. 8-10k budget.
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    Battery Lifespan

    Ilang oras po ba talaga ang tinatagal ng battery ng laptop?(bago pa) Kasi nag charge aq 100% ginamit q saglit plang 83% na agad.... Paano po ba malalaman kung okey ang battery ng isang laptop? Thanx po sa sagot. :)
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    Help Battery for Redmi Note 7

    Good Morning mga paps. sino may link ng battery for redmi note 7 GSMSandwhich sana brand?
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    Xiaomi redmi note 9s Battery

    Ask ko lang magkano po ang bayad pag magpa replace ng battery sa authorized service center ng xiaomi? at tsaka kailangan pa po bang tumawag muna sa service center nila or pwedi na diritso punta agad sa Xiaomi service center?
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    Help Tanong lang po regarding laptop battery

    nasira po kasi ng pusa ko yung key sa laptop ko po then nagpalit po ako ng keyboard .. keyboard lang po pinalalitan ko as in wala ako nagalaw na iba kasi madali lang naman palit ng keyboard ng asus pero nung naayus ko na keyboad yung batter naman ayaw gumana , pag unplug ko sa saksakan ndi...
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    Acer Battery Problem

    Hi mga lodi!!! Need ko lang payo ng mga experts.. ito scneario. pag tinatangal ang saksak or charger ng laptop ko namamatay sya.. so ginawa ko pinalitan ko ng OEM na battery.. so after ko mag palit nababasa ng laptop yung battery percentage ng battery pero walang nakalagay na nag chacharge...
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    Battery Motoposh 125

    Hello mga paps, makikirescue po. Sira na kase battery ng motoposh namin. Pwede ba gamitin battery ng UPS sa PC na 12V din? Hindi po ba delikado sa sunog? Salamats in advance mga paps
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    Help Poco x3 pro battery

    San po pwede bumili ng legit na battery ng poco x3 pro guys? Thanks sa sagot ❤️
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    Poco battery saver question

    sa mga poco users specially x3 gt ok lng ba lging naka on ang battery saver?
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    Need help with a replacement battery for my laptop

    Hello, Kailangan ko po ng replacement battery para sa Lenovo Thinkpad L440 Type 20AS kaso wala na kasing stock sa mga malls. Legit po ba ang binebenta sa Shopee or Lazada? Salamat po ng marami. Eto po sample pic ng luma kong battery.
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    Help About battery draining fast

    Helping a friend lang po. Can I ask if may solution paba sa mabilis na pagbaba ng battery ng android phone ng friend ko? From 100% (fully charged) to 85% real quick walapang 10mins. Browse browse lang daw siya sa fb and insta. Thank you sa mga sasagot hihi 🥰
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    Help LF Evoluzn FX-PR4 Pocket wifi battery replacement

    Naghahanap na ng battery replacement ang FX-PR4 pocket wifi ko. Mabilis na itong ma-lowbat. Hindi ko alam kung aabot pa ito o magagamit ko pa sa buong November (next month na 😟). Ang sabi sa akin ng Aftersales person ng Smart ay bumili na lang ako ng bagong unit dahil wala daw silang battery...
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    Help M365 essential lite battery problem

    Ano kaya ang sira ng battery ng scooter ko na nagbiblink na red kapag sinaksakan ng charger pero ayaw mag red ng charger,salamat sa sasagot
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    Help Poco m3 pro 5g battery

    Lumubo battery ko pero gumagana pa din kailangan ko naba palitan yung battery or may solution pa dun sa lumubo kong battery? Pahelp naman mga boss
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    Help Laptop Battery Life? (Useless & Optional to have)

    Mga lods, tanong lng about Battery life on Laptops, is it like not relevant anymore na sabihing "Battery Life Consumption Matters" in this era where power hungry PC's are in demand on whatever you are doing heavy. Like gets ko naman battery life but We Can Always Resort to "Plugged while using"...
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    Help Suggestions Arduino battery?

    Tanong ko lang kung anong Battery ang posssible na tumagal for Aduino project? Aside sa Battery ng motor, ano pa pwede? Yung project kasi ng kapatid ko ay Automatic Pet Feeder. Ang Feature kasi nila is kaya mag tagal at least 7 days. Naiines ako, di kasi muna nag feasibility study bago ang sabi...
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    Help Nova 3i battery problem help

    ano po kaya problem ng 3i ko? pangatlong palit na ng battery pero ganun padin problem, nagtatagal po siya sa 100% parang 2-3 hours kahit gaming 100% padin tapos kapag bumaba na sa 99 madali na itong malowbat 99 and below di na umaabot ng 1 hour na pag gamit hayss,, board ba sira nito? anong...
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    Help May Pag-asa pa bang marevive etong 18650 na battery ko?

    Nadischarge kasi masyado detected sya as other type of battery instead of lithium.
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    iOS Apple Confirms iOS 16 Battery Percentage Display Not Available on Certain iPhone Models

    In an updated support document, Apple says that the new battery percentage display is not available on the ‌iPhone‌ XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini. Apple provides no additional information about why these devices will miss out on the new feature. Apple added the battery...
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    Looking For Acer aspire 4755g battery

    looking po ako ng battery para sa model na un kasi sa lazada at shoppee puro OEM eh baka mga ilang araw lang mabilis nang malowbat
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    Tutorial Check Battery Information on Xiaomi devices using LADB app

    Requirements: any Xiaomi/POCO smartphone with Floating window tab feature (window tab in between Wireless Debugging & LADB app during Pair Device) LADB app (paid app), use google search Must be connected already with any WiFi AP or Tether/Hotspot AP (for Wireless Debugging) Steps: 1. Activate...
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    Help Battery replacement service fee for xiaomi...

    tanong lang ako ano range ng service fee sa pagpalit ng battery ng redmi note 8 sa service center... napalya na kasi tong batt neto... tia!
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    Magkano pag binenta ko Smartphone kung may basag LCD at walang volume button?

    Gumagana pa naman, jump neo. Benta ko sana di ko lang alam magkano. Yung battery bago rin lang 350 bili ko.
  27. A

    Iphone 6 plus battery

    Anu po magandang brand na pang replace nang battery para sa iphone 6 plus? Hope yung may nakapag try napo
  28. V

    Help Lenovo battery not detected

    Paano po ba ayusin? No battery detected sa Lenovo laptop?
  29. M

    Help IPhone 7+ no power

    Patulong naman po kasi 4 years na po saken to isang araw na po hindi nagbubukas yung phone ko ano po kaya posibleng problema po? Bigla po kasing namatay nung nagchacharge ngayon po wala po lumalabas kahit ano as in black screen lang po. Thank you in advance po!
  30. M

    [HELP] Ayaw magbukas ng iPhone 7+

    Hello po tanong ko lang po kung ano pwedeng problema or solution sa phone ko gawa ayaw na po magbukas or charge. Gumana naman yung volume down + turn on tatlong beses pero kusa namamatay padin tas ngayon ayaw na talaga.
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    Tutorial Calibrate Your Phone's Battery & Extend It's Life.

    What is Battery Calibration? Battery Calibration is a method of correcting battery stats that go wrong and show wrong battery time. Some times in laptops or android phones, the devices shut down before the time mentioned. This causes a problem and a disturbance for the user. To solve the...
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    Help Bootloop problem? or Hardware Problem? or Battery Problem? Asus A007

    mga boss, anu kaya ang problema sa Asus Zenfone Live ZB501KL / A007 kasi panay bootloop. kaya ang ginawa ko change firmware ako via csc fastboot pagkatapos nag success na pero still ganun pa rin ang nangyari any suggestion kung anu problem nito at kung paano maaayos itong phone.. (Charging)...
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    Help What dc motor works on 3.7 volt battery

    Hi magandang araw mga ka PHC Baka maka kuha ng kaalaman sa inyo Gusto ko gumawa ng DIY Mini dril wala kasi ako pambili ng new one kaya dito nalang ako sa DIY mini drill. Meron akong power bank apat ang battey sa loob 3.7 volt (tama ba same value kapag naka parallel?) Gusto ko lang po malaman...
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    Help Battery Concerns (Android Phone) Change or Renew?

    May tanong po ako about sa CP ko po. Nung nabili ko po ang CP ko ay maganda at malakas ang battery. 4.2K mAh siya. Siyempre, habang tumatanda, ang battery na ito ay humihina. Charging time. Life expectancy. Lahat iyan ay magkaroon ng pagbabago. Lalo na ang mg piyesa ay naluluma din. Gusto ko...
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    Tutorial Samsung Phone Battery Calibration Guide

    Description: This guide is for those who are experiencing battery issues (e.g., battery suddenly dying at percentages >1% or battery draining too fast or messed up battery readings after custom ROM flash). If your phone is relatively new, unless if it came with a factory defect or you somehow...
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    Smartphone Battery Problem Survey

    Magsusurvey lang ako guys sa mga nasiraan na ng original na battery ng phone. Yung madali nang malowbat or halos di na magamit kasi kahit mataas pa battery percentage, biglang 0% na at magshushutdown na phone. Trinay ko na lahat ng battery calibration apps pero walang epekto mga yun. Kahit anong...
  37. D

    Help Battery Not Charging

    Good Day, mga ka-PHC! Sobrang thankful po ako sa PHC dahil dito laging may topics about free internet, mga earning sites, mga movie and series links, mga ρrémíùm paid accounts like Nétflí×, Spotify and Crunchyroll, di man ako naaambunan ng mga yun pero dahil dito lagi akong may net, salamat sa...
  38. P

    Help Battery problem

    Mga boss patulong naman, yung phone kasi sobrang tagal pag chinacharge, kagaya kanina 4am pa lang sinaksak ko na tapos nung tinignan ko ngayon 60% pa lang, samsung galaxy j5 yung phone. Possible kaya na battery na mismo ang problema o yung charging pin?
  39. S

    Tutorial How to Charge a Phone Battery Properly!

    Charging method of smartphone is a very important matter for us. To keep the battery for long time we need to know some tips and information. There are also battery life cycles which will depend on your using habit. Batteries are one of tech’s most boring subjects….. until your phone, tablet or...
  40. F

    Help Battery saving myth?

    gud pm! may nababasa akong articles sa net na myth lang daw na para makatipid sa battery e iclose mo mga di mo ginagamit na apps... totoo bang myth lang yun o clickbait lang mga articles na yun? tia sa mga sasagot...
  41. K

    Tutorial Lumobo ba battery mo? Hali ka pasok ka dito may technique ako.

    Bloated Battery Life häçks (Warning: Ano mang sira o pagkakamali ay hindi ko na sagutin. Guide lang ako, kayo ang gumawa ng procedures.) Oh napa silip ka? tama yang naiisip mo gagawa tayo ng trick sa batterya mong bloated o lumobo na paano? pakinggan nyo muna itong mga litanya ko hehe. Totally...
  42. J

    Help Iphone battery problem

    so eto po yung sinasabi sa phone any idea or help para sa problem na to?
  43. E

    Help Phone Battery Problem!

    Anu po ba yung problema pag mahina na nag chacharge yung cellphone?
  44. L

    Help Laptop Battery

    Magandang Gabe!! Tatanong po sana ako kung saan po pwede makabili ng battery ng laptop?? Salamat po. :) (y)
  45. N

    Iphone 5s battery

    hi nga mamser tanong ko lang kung normal ba tong iphone 5s ko. Mga 3-4 hours lang kasi lowbat na agad
  46. P

    Help Mga Cellphone Technicians, Tuloy po kayo..

    Hi po. Mag-aask Lang po ako about sa problem ng phone ko. Kasi po mabilis sya malowbatt. Dumating din sa point na di sya nagoopen at ayaw magcharge. So bumili ako ng battery through online seller. So bumukas nmn. Kaso pag umaabot nang 15% ung battery eh tuloy2 na syang baba to 1% within a...
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    Help how to replenish not totally broken ios baterry to 100%?

    my battery diagnosis is 86%.can you help me replenish it to 100% kasi sabi ng tech kaya gawing 100% pahabain buhay ng battery.
  48. C

    Help ASUS turns off after unoliggung the adapter or cord

    This just happens that even the battery is full, it turns off when the adapter is unplugged. It even does not turn on unless the adapter is on. I had just bought the laptop months ago, brand new. I eevn tried rrinatlling the AICPA something. Yet, it failed. Have any suggestion besides replacing...
  49. V

    Bluetooth Battery Indicator....

    Guys.. may bluetooth earphone kasi ako.. sa IOS kasi nakikita ko battery kung malapit ng malowbat or kung full pa android kasi,, d ko makita..bale ang gamit ko pa din sa android eh version 6 android..wala na kasi pambili bago eh.. ahahaha aun..anu kayang application ung may accuracy kasi...
  50. R

    Help Ang bilis ma lowbat ng phone ko (Leagoo t1)

    Nabili ko toh 3 months ago sa lazada pero ngayun parang naghihinayang na ako binili ko ang bilis ma lowbat nasa 3 hours lang ang mas malupit pa dito pag nasa 40% na drain agad 5 mins lang atah GG na 2400 mah toh kaya dapat kahit nasa 4 - 5 hours toh diba?, Medyo maarte din sa charger to mabagal...