A mobile phone, cellular phone, cell phone, cellphone, handphone, hand phone or pocket phone, sometimes shortened to simply mobile, cell, or just phone, is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area. The radio frequency link establishes a connection to the switching systems of a mobile phone operator, which provides access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Modern mobile telephone services use a cellular network architecture and, therefore, mobile telephones are called cellular telephones or cell phones in North America. In addition to telephony, digital mobile phones (2G) support a variety of other services, such as text messaging, MMS, email, Internet access, short-range wireless communications (infrared, Bluetooth), business applications, video games and digital photography. Mobile phones offering only those capabilities are known as feature phones; mobile phones which offer greatly advanced computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.The development of metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) large-scale integration (LSI) technology, information theory and cellular networking led to the development of affordable mobile communications. The first handheld mobile phone was demonstrated by Martin Cooper of Motorola in New York City in 1973, using a handset weighing c. 2 kilograms (4.4 lbs). In 1979, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) launched the world's first cellular network in Japan. In 1983, the DynaTAC 8000x was the first commercially available handheld mobile phone. From 1983 to 2014, worldwide mobile phone subscriptions grew to over seven billion; enough to provide one for every person on Earth. In the first quarter of 2016, the top smartphone developers worldwide were Samsung, Apple and Huawei; smartphone sales represented 78 percent of total mobile phone sales. For feature phones (slang: "dumbphones") as of 2016, the top-selling brands were Samsung, Nokia and Alcatel.Mobile phones are considered an important human invention as it has been one of the most widely used and sold pieces of consumer technology. The growth in popularity has been rapid in some places, for example in the UK the total number of mobile phones overtook the number of houses in 1999. Today mobile phones are globally ubiquitous and in almost half the world's countries, over 90% of the population own at least one.

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    Need kalaro sa PUBG mobile

    Boring kase solo..tapos ako lang ata naglalaro sa baranggay namin samahan nyo na ako..add ko kayo comment nalang po ID
  2. F

    Mobile Gaming

    Any mobile gaming na pwede din pagkakitaan?. Thanks!.
  3. B

    Help Clash of streamer or mobile mini games

    panu pala mag gift ng crypton para maging purpose sakin Kasi ayaw lagi naderekta sa blackchain d ako makagift panu Kaya to mga papsi
  4. R

    Help Mobile Legend Partnership for tournament

    May alam po ba kayong org or page na nag sponsor ng mga diamonds for tournament sa school campus? Thanks
  5. M

    Help Mobile legend

    Guys pano po makakuha Ng free collector skin sa ml.🥺
  6. J

    Help Baka po may nba game po kayo for pc or mobile

    Pa share naman po 🙏😇
  7. C

    MOBILE LEGENDS(Mampagaling sa mga BV )maph@ck

    Hidden content Hidden content uwu....labas mga mahihina!! ung fakeskey nyo buksan ung modded na APK para ma kuha ung password ..wag abuso..
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    Tools Mobile Legend Skin Injector P93

    Imoba Reborn part 93 Update nung una kong upload 😁 ⚜️modded by me niremoved ko lang mga ads para di kana mahirapan pa ⚜️100% no ban proven and tested ⚜️Enjoy ! ⚜️Pa comment po kung need na i update si app. 🔰Tutorial para sa di alam pano paganahin. 🔰Visit this Thread: Whoop whoop 😈 Hidden content
  9. A

    Tools Pubg mobile gfx tools

    Help po for Pubg mobile best gfx tools na available..salamat po.
  10. G


    Sino nakapag try mag root ng cp nato?, rootable ba sya?, wala ako mahanap na files pang root dito, patulong sana.
  11. H

    HELP! Need Tipid Mobile Data for Outdoor Use.

    Hi mga ma'am/sir. Need help lang sana kung ano maisa-suggest niyo na mobile data promo/s kahit anong network. May ISP kasi ako sa bahay, kaso need ko din ng data pag nasa labas, mas matipid po, mas better. Open for suggestions and tips. Thank you mga ma'am/sir. Hoping matulungan niyo ako...
  12. D

    Globe TM Globe and Gcash mobile transaction failure

    Guys, are you experiencing the same issues in Gcash or Globe? Balance inquiry - hour late response send money from gcash to other bank - amount deducted but still no confirmation received if transaction push through or not This happens today from 7am up to now?
  13. M

    [NEW] Yomi Hustle Mobile APK 0.1.5 (Unlimited Money) for Android

    Yomi Hustle APK Latest Version 2022 for Android Download You can download the latest Yomi Hustle APK and access all the files you need! This app is easy-to-use and comes with a rich library of modified apps. For Android Free Download. And it’s 100% SAFE and FREE! Yomi Hustle is an online...
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    Help Paano ba makagawa gmails no need mobile num

    Hello po paano po , willing to pay
  15. R


    ESET Internet Mobile Security for 30 days License key: H4H2-XDNF-EANA-KKTH-HR7P Expiration date: 16.12.2022 *ESET INTERNET SECURITY * 30 days🔧 HADE-XAHC-XDUG-WKDP-W7PJ...
  16. R

    Smart TNT Sun Mobile Data / 4G sign not appearing

    Hi help po regarding sa phone ko na nagamit ko lang this morning pero nawala po yung 4G signal when my mobile data is ON. Active naman po account and no pending balances. Thanks!
  17. Q

    Top 3 Best Hero in Mobile Legends 2022 (Accurate)

    3. Carmilla 2. Wanwan 1. Kaja 4 to 10, number 10 is Terizla. Visit for the remaining best hero here. Also Interesting post about The Rise of Carmilla.
  18. G

    Download Yomi Hustle APK Mobile free for Android 2022

    Yomi Hustle APK is an online, turn-based fighting game and superpowered fight scene simulator. Using a unique and accessible control scheme, harness the power of precognition to land the perfect blow. You are given a predictive specter that tries to simulate the outcome of the selected action...
  19. J

    Help Coding App for Mobile

    Mga boss ano magandang app sa mobile na pang code or develop ng app/apk?
  20. L


    Hi po sa lahat. Sino po may alam pano mag download nang GTA V Mobile. Sana po mapansin.
  21. I

    For Sale PUBG Mobile global Account

    Selling my main PUBG mobile account 1k nalang mga boss check nyo lang mga inventory ko Pm lang sa fb ko sa may gusto 👇👇👇 Log in or sign up to view May name change card pa Bibigay ko lang sayo email pang login tapos ikaw na mag link ng social media mo NGF
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    Help Call of Duty Mobile 1.6.35 Free Cheat?

    Call of Duty Mobile 1.6.35 Free Cheat? Baka naman
  23. N

    For Sale Mobile Legends Account

    rfs: di na malalaro busy na sa work 800 sagad sa mang babarat
  24. S

    Help Infinix Mobile Suggestion for Buying

    Hello po, hingi lang po ako ng suggestion kung ano po yung the best na phone dito plano ko po kasi bumili di lang po ako makapagdecide infinix note 12 pro, infinix note 12 pro 5G , Infinix Zero X Hingi lang po ako ng mga experienced nyo sa mga phone users po ng inifinix. Salamat po. :)
  25. D

    Mobile Legends Mod 50.7 Menu By Fakecez + Kēygén

    🔴 New Update Check my New thread for new version of mlbb fakecéz mod 👉 Mobile Legends Bang-Bang 👉 Mod Apk [v50.7]
  26. M

    Football Manager 2023 Apk Obb Free Download | Mobile Mod Apk

    Football Manager 2023 Mobile Apk is created by Sports Intelligent and distributed by Sega. It’s accessible on various stages including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and PlayStation Versatile however we are focusing on the Android adaptation here. Everything no doubt revolves...
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    Tools Mobile Legend Skin Injector P92

    Imoba Reborn part 92 Update nung una kong upload 😁 ⚜️modded by me niremoved ko lang mga ads para di kana mahirapan pa ⚜️100% no ban proven and tested ⚜️Enjoy ! ⚜️Pa comment po kung need na i update si app. 🔰Tutorial para sa di alam pano paganahin. 🔰Visit this Thread: Whoop whoop 😈 Hidden content
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    [HELP] Mobile Legends Stuck after update 08-Nov-2022

    Mga lods may same problem ba kayo na nagiistuck sa black screen after logo after update today especially sa mga naka poco f3? Or ako lang? Pahelp if anu gawin. Salamat
  29. A


    sino may preset for piano po?
  30. S


  31. A

    New MMORPG on Mobile

    Hi mga lodi. Share ko lang bagong bukas na game sa playstore. Nung November 2 lang nagopen ang server. Sa Asia-2 ang server ko. Game Name: TRAHA GLOBAL Traha Global is RvR MMORPG based on the confrontation between two major factions. You can play multiple roles, create unique builds of your...
  32. A

    CODM Leaks

    You can now Delete Resources of an Operator you dont like. Deleted Operator will be added to the Deletion List.
  33. P

    For Sale Mobile Legends account

    Pm lang sa may gusto clean bind mura nalang quit ml na kasi
  34. Y

    Mobile Legends MPLI, IESF and M4. Open Discussion..

    Sa tingin nyo Bakit na talo yung Black sa MPLI? Dahil bah overconfident sila? Throw? Ayaw mag bigay nang strats? nag underestimate sila sa GeekFam? Sa tingin nyo may chance ba sila sa IESF at M4?
  35. R

    FS Mobile Legends Account

    Pm sa sure buyer quit ML good winrate offlane role
  36. J

    Help Mobile phone suggestion.

    Magandang gabi phc! Anyways‚ ano magandang phone under 5k yung maganda ang specs, tia sa sasagot.🙂
  37. K


    Baka may mod menu or any häçk kayo dyan mga boss hehe
  38. S


    Mag kano ko mabebenta tong account na to?
  39. B

    Help Sulit na mobile for mir4 budgetmeal only

    Mga lods anu ma irerecomend nyo na mobile phone na budgetmeal for mir4? Ung pang matagalan na afk ung kailangan ko. Thank you
  40. N

    Pubg Mobile Banned

    Di ko alam bakit na an yung Pubgm account ko. Nag cheat daw? 2 years ko na rin kasi di binuksan. Tapos sa Logs na binigay nila May iba Phone. Ganun ba talaga ka pangit ang security ng Pubgm?. Tagal pa magreply ng support ahahaha.
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    Hello mga boss share ko lang tong mobile legends 32bit apk! Good for low end devices, hirap ba selpon mo sa ML? Eto ang sagot mga bossing!!! Laking tulong mga boss lalo sakin luma na phone ko mga boss, vivo y11 (2019) Android 9. Try nyo din mga boss para sa mga low end device jan! Download link...
  42. M

    Download Fluxus Executor APK Latest Version For Android

    Fluxus Mobile APK Released ! NEW MOBILE EXECUTOR Better than Arceus x v3 MOD APK is one of the most popular Action created for Android. It includes some advanced features really easy to use. It is a cool free game and is definitely worth having on your phone. Fluxus Mobile APK Released ! NEW...
  43. A

    Help Suggest Blasphemous-like mobile games

    Nakita ko po yung PC game na Blasphemous sa TikTok. May alam po ba kayong ganong type ng games pero pang mobile?
  44. B

    Help Mobile app editor

    Ano ma suggest niyong mobile application editor na kayang mag tanggal ng oblject sa picture ung madali lang sana gamitin. thank you in advance :)
  45. P

    For Sale Mobile Legends

    Bilihin nyo na mga lods, badly need 370 pesos nalang sa sure buyer ngayon. Clean bind / Surrender Gmail
  46. I

    For Sale Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamonds (Mas mura kaysa sa Codashop)

    Selling MLBB Dias 11 Diamonds - ₱ 9.00 22 Diamonds - ₱ 18.00 56 Diamonds - ₱ 46.00 122 Diamonds - ₱ 94.00 224 Diamonds - ₱ 188.00 336 Diamonds - ₱ 282.00 570 Diamonds - ₱ 470.00 1163 Diamonds - ₱ 940.00 2398 Diamonds - ₱ 1,820.00 6042 Diamonds - ₱ 4,720.00 Twilight Pass - ₱ 465.00 Message...
  47. J


    Guys gandang tanghali sa inyo ask ko lang kung may app ba dito or tut na pwede mag pababa ng ping sa ml?? kasi kahit ok naman yung wifi signal ko pag dating sa ml mataas padin ang ping ko anu pwedeng solution dito guys??
  48. H

    Mobile Development Programming Language

    Sa mga mobile developers diyan, ano gamit niyong language or framework? Share niyo naman experience niyo. Thank you! PS. Kaway kaway sa kapwa ko react native developer na mag-uupgrade ng version tapos maraming package na ginagamit:ROFLMAO::cry:
  49. P

    Cheat Looking GTA SAN cheats for mobile

    Mga priiiii baka pwede maka hingi ng cheats sa gta san for mobile ayaw kase gumana ng jcheats nag fo-force closed agad. Thank you!
  50. I

    Help Mobile work from home

    Baka po may alam kayong part time job na kahit mobile phone lang gamit huhu looking po ako 🥹