Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 12 also known as TNF-related weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TNFSF12 gene.

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    Tools FPS Boost Windows 10/11

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    S6 Lite Tab Performance TWEAK!

    Hidden content Comment if working. aa
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    Tutorial MLBB Performance Tweak

    *No root *100% work •Requirements *For android 11 above Ready to use shizuku+termux or Labdb *Extract folder inside the to internal storage •Script Features *tempcontrol to 0 *Mlbb driver *performance tuning *swapinterval *kernel,hwui to extreame mode *fps divisor *sampling rate...
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    Gaming and Performance Tweak

    • No root • For Advance android user • Put this code on labdb,shizuku+termux android apps or using pc,loptop cmd • Works on android 13 below • Enjoy 🙂 Hidden content Notes: To Remove All Command Reboot Your phone.
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    G·TM How to set UDP Tweak in HTTP Custom? 2023

    Hello Guys, this time I share how to set udp tweaks in HTTP Custom App,Follow these steps : 1.First, you open the App "HTTP Custom" And follow the pointers in this screenshot
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    Tutorial Revo Uninstaller Pro any version Tips and Tricks. Easy Exploits

    Hi, I've found a perfect execution and exploits for Revo Uninstaller Pro latest version. Usually, license now have expiration date ( even crcked ones ) but this exploit makes expiration infinitive. All you have to do is: Hope this also works for other trial programs. Thank you.
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    iOS Whatsapp Tweak For IOS Jailbroken

    Add this source to your Cydia app (, search WhatsApp Reveal, and install the tweak.
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    nagawa ko rin siguro basa basa lang din sa una di ko gets at yung binasa ko ulit ulit yun nakita ko rin yung tutorial sa una di ko pa gets..
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    Closed iOS 11.3.1 how to jailbraek

    Mag master pa tulong po mag jailbreak no iPhone 7....salamat po ng marami
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    Closed Huawei e5573cs-933 review

    Good day mga idol... Patulong naman dito sa pocket wifi ko kasi kapag nasa company ako sa epza kahit 5 kami nakakaconnect pero pag nasa bahay na ako hindi kami pwede magsabay ni misis mag connect at ano po yung site para ma change ko settings nito. ty.
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    Closed True legit lodi

    Eto ang tunay na mastah mga repa:):)
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    Closed Lag ba phone mo sa mga high graphic games? pasok na!

    First of all, REQUIREMENTS: MEDIATEK Android phone Custom recovery Kung wala kang custom recovery o hindi mo alam kung ano yun, search ka lang kay pareng google. Prcedure: Make sure you have a CUSTOM RECOVERY Download this flashable zip file...
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    Closed Alam ko na pano maging stable yung shadowsocks for movies!

    Hindi naman mahirap e eto lang gawin mo basta gumamit ka lang nang shadowsocks hindi sscap Pumunta ka nang global settings at i sundin mo lang kung ano ang nakalagay sa screenshot NOTE: hindi eto stable pag mag ddownload kase nag cocorrupt yung files. kung gusto mong mag download ng files i...
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    Closed Help: openline | nokia 6300

    Pa-Help po i-openline yung Nokia 6300 ko. Smart locked po, need ko sana globe. Will use this one as backup phone. TIA.
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    Closed Boost your android 3g connection ( need root )

    INCREASE YOUR DATA CONNECTION! Para po ito sa mga hindi lte capable ung site nila.. ung mga 3G Lang .. na nagrereklamo sa signal ng phone niyo humanap ako ng solution upang mapalakas ang data natin pwede rin po eto sa mga lte para mas lumakas pa speed ng net niyo ☺ Sa mga may problema po n...
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    Closed Question

    may paraan ba na malagyan ng emoji yung aosp keyboard?ayaw ko kase ng ibang keyboard .my gusro ko gmitin yung default lng.tnx
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    Closed Question lang po

    Mga ka phc tanong lang po ... I tried na sa google kaso wala aq mahanap na kasagutan hahaha How to tweak mgc payloads? Salamat po sa sasagot
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    Closed Always h+ to all 3g phone

    ito po another trick Sa engineer mode parin Follow po steps First Go to Para Set 2nd Go to RF Sender Power and follow it And set it After you set. restart your phone Feed back and Like malakas din sya sa YøùTùbé
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    Closed Choosing the right recovery

    CWM and TWRP Features of CWM: -Navigate by Volume Up and down and enter is power button -Nandroid Backup -Simple but useful -Most common,maybe almost 60% devices are supported. -Just Google your unit and brand and search for it's recovery -Also known as clockworkmod Features of TWRP...
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    Closed How to speed up your phone

    Hi guys.Sa mga nahihirapan maglaro ng mga mabibigat na games ito yung mga applications at tested.Tested on game:Nba2K16 and Wrestling Revolution 3D Test 1=NBA 2k16 Test 2=Wrestling Revolution 3D 1.Gamebooster3=Test 1:failed Test 2=Passed 2.Power Clean(Professional settings)Test 1=Passed Test...
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    Closed Windows 10

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    Closed ZTE MF90 with smart bro LTE slow connection

    Magandang Gabi mga master. Newbie here. I have a ZTE MF 90 pocket WiFi with smart bro LTE sim. My problem is kahit nakablue yung indicator meaning LTE area ang location napakabagal pa din yung connection. Any tweaks or recommendations to speed up my connection? Matsala po sa mga response...
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    Closed ZTE MF90 with smart bro LTE slow connection

    Magandang Gabi mga master. Newbie here. I have a ZTE MF 90 pocket WiFi with smart bro LTE sim. My problem is kahit nakablue yung indicator meaning LTE area ang location napakabagal pa din yung connection. Any tweaks or recommendations to speed up my connection? Matsala po sa mga response...
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    Closed Gusto nyo bang malaman kung working ang antivirus nyo?

    Share ko lng mga boss kung meron pong katulad pa delete nalng itong thread.. lets start 1. Gumawa ng bagong notepad at ilagay ito: X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H* 2. Pagkatapos Press CTRL + S at ang ilagay na name ay ito: W2H.vbs 3. Kung totoo ang...
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    Tutorial How to improve dota 2 performance

    How to improve dota 2 performance (works only at computers with more than 2 GB RAM) Effect : (disables all video settings but sets texture quality to high) (it also reduces rendering quality) (additionally, it makes some network performance adjustment which was probably the real issue before)...
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    Tutorial How do i install ubuntu-tweak? fix several issues and or installation problem while using deb file.

    up vote 20 down vote accepted The Ubuntu-Tweak Home screen Instructions: Installing Ubuntu-Tweak is rather simple and easy. Follow these simple steps, and you will have Ubuntu-Tweak installed, and be on your way to tweaking Ubuntu to your liking. For 12.10 and Earlier: Steps: Add the PPA...
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    Tweak to boast performance of your modem [no installation - very safe]

    Unbelievable speed right at your fingertips! A simple tweak that may triple the performance of your modem.. Just follow the procedures presented in the screenshots.. you may want to have the step by step procedures in a script for future use.. if the screen shot seems blurry to you i also...