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    which is more prone to h@cking?

    curious ako sa mga masters jan which is more prone to häçking android or iphones? PTPA
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    Android Themes Themes

    mga master pahingi po ako android thenes for cherry mobile HD salamat po
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    Tutorial Using blackberry imei for free data?

    Reason to change/convert your device's IMEI number,1. Make you device untraceable and unreachable, 2. Convert Android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI to use GLO BIS plan, 3. Fix invalid IMEI number problem on any devices, 4. Reset/Update/Repair your Device, 5. Getting an Unique device ID.How to...
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    How to Stop Battery Drain on Your Android Phone

    Battery drain is one of the biggest issues with regards to android smartphones and devices. Some batteries do drain even when the phone is in “Sleep Mode” and in spite of the various battery saving apps that you installed.This article will help you get up to 5 extra hours on your battery by...
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    Help help anu po upgrade

    ask lang poh anu na sunod kapag na upgrade na sa jelybean ang galaxy y
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    How to run .APK file On PC?

    Sir patulong po pano poi run ang .APK files sa PC..please po help......tnx sa makakatulong\! (y)(y)(y)
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    Philippine TV Shows Replays Android App > DIRECT DOWNLOAD <

    Simple lang gamitin to mga ka PHC lagi pang updatedABS-CBN, GMA, at TV5 ung mga video dito sirkahit nasaan kayo pwede kayong manood ng mga replayWifi connection at 3G lang or kahit anung connection lang ang kailangan mkakapanood na kayo