Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ( HWAH-way; Chinese: 华为; pinyin: Huáwéi) is a Chinese multinational technology corporation headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It designs, develops, produces and sells telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics and various smart devices.
The corporation was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, a former officer in the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Initially focused on manufacturing phone switches, Huawei has expanded its business to include building telecommunications networks, providing operational and consulting services and equipment to enterprises inside and outside of China, and manufacturing communications devices for the consumer market.Huawei has deployed its products and services in more than 170 countries and areas. It overtook Ericsson in 2012 as the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, and overtook Apple in 2018 as the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, behind Samsung Electronics. In 2018, Huawei reported annual revenue of US$108.5 billion. In July 2020, Huawei surpassed Samsung and Apple in the number of phones shipped worldwide for the first time. This was primarily due to a drop in Samsung's global sales in the second quarter of 2020, owing to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.Although successful internationally, Huawei has faced difficulties in some markets, due to undue state support, links to the PLA, and cybersecurity concerns that Huawei's infrastructure equipment may enable surveillance by the Chinese government. With the development of 5G wireless networks, there have been calls from the U.S. and its allies to not do any kind of business with Huawei or other Chinese telecommunications companies such as ZTE. Huawei has argued that its products posed "no greater cybersecurity risk" than those of any other vendor and claims that there is no evidence of the U.S. espionage. However, experts point out that the 2014 Counter-Espionage Law and 2017 National Intelligence Law of the People's Republic of China are far-reaching legislation that compels Huawei and other companies to cooperate in gathering intelligence. According to former staff "it is no secret that employees often work with intelligence officials embedded in the company", with 25,000 Huawei employees previously serving in the Ministry of State Security or the PLA. Intelligence agencies have also implicated Huawei in several häçks of telecom networks, while several rival telecom manufacturers like Nortel and Cisco Systems have traced industrial espionage back to Huawei.Despite claims that it operates as a private company, questions regarding Huawei's ownership and control persist. Huawei is considered a national champion in China's "techno-nationalist development strategies", and has received extensive support including financing from state-owned banks, plus China has engaged in diplomatic lobbying and threatened trade reprisals against countries who considered blocking Huawei's participation from 5G. Huawei has assisted in the surveillance and mass detention of Uyghurs in Xinjiang internment camps, resulting in sanctions by the United States Department of State. Huawei also tested a facial recognition AI that recognizes ethnicity-specific features to alert government authorities of members of an ethnic group.In the midst of an ongoing trade war between China and the United States, Huawei was restricted from doing commerce with U.S. companies due to alleged previous willful violations of U.S. sanctions against Iran. On 29 June 2019, U.S. President Donald Trump reached an agreement to resume trade talks with China and announced that he would ease the aforementioned sanctions on Huawei. Huawei cut 600 jobs at its Santa Clara research center in June, and in December 2019 founder Ren Zhengfei said it was moving the center to Canada because the restrictions would block them from interacting with US employees. In 2020, Huawei agreed to sell the Honor brand to a state-owned enterprise of the Shenzhen municipal government to "ensure its survival", after the U.S. sanctions against them.

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    Help Huawei hg8546m firmware from V3 to v5

    Good day mga master pa help po sana kong sino meron available firmware sa huawei hg8546m from v3 to v5 po....tnx po nang marami
  2. I


    Para sa mga Huawei users po na walang playstore at hindi maka pag install ng apps Hidden content
  3. D

    Help Huawei router converge random reboot issue

    mga ka phc ano pong problema ng huawei router ng converge nag rereboot po ng kusa tas minsan nawawala yung ilaw ng wlan salamat sa sasagot
  4. X

    Help How to recover Huawei Nova 3i

    Dinala ko po kase sa tech sa mall dahil nabasag lcd, medyo matagal po di nagamit. Then after mapalitan lcd, sabe mga sinaksak po sa charger dahil drained batt po, sabe mga 1hour bago mag open kase drain na drain daw po. Ginawa ko nagpa xerox muna ko 5mins lang nakalipas pagbalik ko nakaopen na...
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    Admin Access B315Bs-936

    HUAWEI MODEL: B315Bs-936 MAC ADDRESS: 14:5F:94:D9:13:E3
  6. S

    Sino naka try mag modify ng external antenna port ng Huawei CPE Pro 2 o H122-373

    Sino naka try mag modify ng external antenna port ng Huawei CPE Pro 2 o H122-373? Ilang ports ang pwde ilagay?
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    Help Globe huawei admin access B315s 938

    hello po. pa help naman po admin access ng b315s 938 LAN MAC FCAB90474C15 thanks po agad
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    Hello guys. Pa help naman normal lang ba yung huawei matebook d15 na binili ko sa abenson na walang hdd slot? Ngayon ko lang kasi napansin after 2 years. Ni try ko kasing buksan para sana tingnan yung size tapos napansin ko na wala syang saksakan ng flex cable as in wala.
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    HuaCtrl PRO V1.0.47

    HuaCtrl PRO V1.0.41 For Huawei Router Download link:
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    Help Huawei 936

    mga idol,, tanong ko lang bkit nawawala yung connection ng huawei 936 ko,, pag restart ko gagana lang ng 10sec tapos mawawala na connection,,
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    Help Hello, DI KO NA MA OPEN WIFI PW kO SA

    papaltan ko po sana yung old pw ko, kaso napatagal ata yung pag iisip ko ng pw. Wala pa kong ineenter, pero nag log out na kusa yung acc. Ngayon tinry ko ulit buksan, ayaw na pong gumana ng lumang pw, *Epuser then pw. Help po please.
  12. R

    Help po Firmware & flasher to epon (HUAWEI HG8145v5)

    Baka meron kayong naitago dyan. Problema kasi nito yong upstream port nya sa loob di makita.wala sa fw di gaya ng mga naunang labas. Sana may makapag share
  13. E

    Huawei EG8145v5 / HG8145v5

    Sino gusto mag change gpon to epon or gpon to xpon or Unlock ung para madebrand ung router at ma unlock mga features na locked sa isp firmware. R019-R022 Kaya yan Chat nalang kayo dito
  14. K

    Help Help! YøùTùbé revanced/extended issue on Huawei

    Nagkakaproblema ang pagplay po ng YøùTùbé revanced sa Huawei matepad 11.5 ko po, ayaw mag stream ng video. salamat sa makakatulong.
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    Help Administrator Huawei EG8245H5

    pa-help lang po mga master. Ano po kaya username and pass para mapasok po yung admin. salamat
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    Huawei E5576-856 not working for games

    huawei E5576-856 hindi gumagana ang mobile legends paano ko to aayusi tulong naman jan plsss
  17. L

    Huawei E5330Bs-2, Help!

    Hello mga paps, na experience nyo na po ba sa Huawei E5330Bs-2 (Pocket Wifi na openline ko na din)na pag hating gabi na kahit anong lakas ng signal di na nagbibigay ng data/internet? Salamat po sa sasagut.
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    Help Huawei Y6P 2020 MED-LX9

    guys ask ko lang po sa mga may ganitong model po dito. ano po ung current version ng EMUI na meron ung phone po ninyo? ung akin po kasi is version may nakikita kasi ako sa google na mas mataas ang EMUI version like pano po ba magawang ganito...
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    About Huawei Admin Access Generator b315s 938

    MGa master pwede po ba pa Admin Access ako ng modem. Zero signal kasi ang modem ko. Salamat
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    Help 100mbps capped converge huawei

    good evening mga ka PHC ano kaya pede kong gawin dito sa LAN nag try nako mag change ng CAT6 pero 100mbps parin sa pc kahit naka auto negotiation na tapos kinonnect kodin sa isa pang router ang resulta 100mpbs parin ano kaya solusyon dito?
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    Tools Huawei Router Tool v1.1

    Huawei Router Tool v1.1 Download Link: Hidden content
  22. D

    Pa Admin Access Huawei B535-932

    Pa help din po sana ma admin access Huawei Model: B535-932 LAN MAC address 94:E4:BA: D8:59:E8
  23. J

    Help What is the admin password for PLDT Huawei router?

    Hi sa lahat po. Anyone po na may alam ng admin access sa huawei na router po ng pldt? Thanks in advance po.
  24. P

    Help How to install google Huawei Matepad11

    nagsearch search na ko, hindi talaga naa-unlock tong tablet na to. balak ko kasi maglaro ng nightcrows. problema naman kapagnaka GSpace ako. nadedetect niya na 3rd party
  25. G

    Openline huawei bm535-932

    Mga idol may paraan p kaya paano ma openline to? Wala ng signal yung sim sa loob ng modem try ko sana i openline kaso sabi ni globe sa chatbdi daw sila nag oopenline ng prepaid modem.
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    Huawei P40 Restart ng Restart Lang

    Huawei P40 Restart ng Restart Lang . Ano Kaya pwede gawin sa factory reset. Kahit factory ganun pa rin, nag hang na sa restart.
  27. M

    Help Bypass frp huawei mediapadm2

    baka may alam kayo mga boss sinubukan ko na lahat ng nasa YøùTùbé, medyo outdated na kz tong tab pang laro lang ng bata sana may makatulong salamat
  28. H

    Huawei P40 Pro Huawei ID Lock

    Ask ko lang po if meron po nag reremove ng Huawei ID via remote dito or kahit mag rent nalang ako ng unlock tool na supported yung Huawei ID removal
  29. B

    Pa openline po huawei E5785-92C

    Pa open Line Po Huawei E5785-92C imei -- 867044040224453 salamat po
  30. 4

    Admin Access Huawei B535-932

    Huawei b535-932 18:70:3B:6C: D4:C5 sana po baka meron maka help unting tulong lang para pag aaral ko po🥺🙏🏼
  31. S

    Android Root huawei y9

    may suggestions ba kayo pano maroot huawei y9 2019? laptop ready na ako, waiting pano or how kasi wala ako nakikita sa web
  32. E

    Huawei EG8145V5 R021 Firmware

    Download Link Hidden content Feedback nalang, Pwede direct upgrade sa mismong webpage ng router. ex.
  33. 9

    Help Patulong pano mag build/compile non-GKI KernelSU for PRA-LX1 (Huawei P8 Lite 2017) Kernel 4.4.302

    Paturo po paano ito i-build/compile KernelSU sa phone ko. Na lilito ako paano. Yung pwede sana ma run sa Github Actions Kernel Source Code: GitHub - turex/siberia_hi6250_kernel
  34. M

    Tools Huawei Admin Access Generator

    Huawei Admin Access Generator Hidden content Hidden content Pascreenshot na lang ng results. Salamat! 😎 Credits: Lucas Liam, Jerome Laliag and Jhowel Huerto
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    Help Huawei Nova 5t not working wifi, bluetooth and personal hotspot

    Tanong ko ng po kung narerepair po yung wifi bluetooth and personal hotspot ng huawei nova 5t? At magkano po kaya kung sakali?
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    Help Huawei B310as-938

    pa help ako guys username and password incorrect daw eh kaka reflash ko lng ng bagong firmware yung 2023 version. lapit na ako mabuang kaka solve ano to hahaha. di rin naman nalalogin yung dating username at pw sa admin page nya. may space ba yan pagkatapos ng @?
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    HUAWEI 603HW

    huawei 603hw need 16 digit code pang unlock baka meron kayo willing to pay po wag lang OP salamat po
  38. G

    Help Camera app for huawei y9 prime 2019

    Guys baka may alam kayung puwede cam app ng huawei y9 prime 2019 yung installed cam nya kasi pag nag pic ang patay ng kulay ei ibang iba habang kinukunan.
  39. W

    Pa unlock po huawei 301hw

    huawei 301hw imei 862626020420161 thanks po
  40. S


    bat kaya di ma read sa TFT unlock yung device ko na huawei p20 lite okay naman mga USB CABLE ko, nilipat lipat ko na din sa mga usb port na reread sya sa laptop yung CP ko pero sa TFT UNLOCK di talaga .. any suggestion ?
  41. W

    HUAWEI 603HW

    Huawei 603hw unlock code need po unlock code 16digits imei : 861590030202830 willing to pay po sakto lang sana thanks
  42. C


    Huawei 5v5 version 2 flasher free for all. no password na po yan . please support this PTC link. thank you No Title | - Create and share pastes
  43. K


    paano fix yung 2G interner sa old pocket wifi? na huawei may nakita kasibakong old pocket dito gumagana pero 2g net full bar siya kaso no signal
  44. G

    Huawei HG8145V5 V2 R021 HELP

    saan ba tayo makabili ng tool ?
  45. K

    Help Huawei e5573cs-322

    hello mga master, me chance po ba ma openline ang zain huawei e5573cs-322? sayang kasi galing labas, hindi na magamit gawa ng need pa i openline.baka po me makatulong, salamat po!
  46. L

    Help HELPPPPP!!! Pocket Wifi

    Baka meron marunong mag openline nang Huawei pocket wifi 🥹 Mahina signal samin nang GTM. Huawei mobile wifi E5573C IMEI : 864355038925908