CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems. It is a special ASCII text file that contains user-accessible setup or configuration directives evaluated by the operating system's DOS BIOS (typically residing in IBMBIO.COM or IO.SYS) during boot. CONFIG.SYS was introduced with DOS 2.0.

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    Help Reverse/bind shell sa LPB piso wifi system?

    May nakapag häçk naba ng LPB pisowifi dito or kahit anong pisowifi.. (RCE/ACE) ng walang admin privs?
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    Garena Shell 10 for 5 pesos gcash

    May gshell ako 10 bilhin nyo na 5 gcash nalang wala kasi ako paglalagyan sayang naman pm nalang
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    Pearly Shell

    Summer Activity be like ctto
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    UDEMY - Learn Linux and Shell Scripting From Basic To Advanced

    Learn Linux and Shell Scripting From Basic To Advanced Hidden content
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    Shell shocked

    kaya pa yan basta 'wag lang ma-draw sa last 2 matches para sa 6pts taz sana dapat din draw na mga FT score ng nasa 1,2,3 na games nila para tig 1 point lang makuha nila
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    Shell : from Gas to Electric

    Shell Energy Transition Strategy | Shell Global “We are focusing on public charging, rather than home charging, because we believe it will be needed most by our customers,” Shell writes. “We have a major competitive advantage in terms of locations, as our global network of service stations...
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    Ano po bang meron sa SHELL?

    Ano pong meron sa shell kahit mahal jan nagpapa gas lahat ng mga tao? sa petron napaka friendly at mura
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    Course [Udemy] Free Courses | Linux Shell Scripting Beginner Course

    What you'll learn Understanding Shell Scripting Fundamentals Mastery of Control Structures and Looping Automation and Scripting for System Administration Integration with External Tools and Systems Hidden content
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    [ Shizuku, Termux] Samsung Exploit 1000 uid

    Future Rooting Method... For Samsung The Elite && Aú4elio System3 brings back the System User Exploit HI guys :) Kasama pala ako sa pag-diskobre ng Exploit na to mga kasama ko mga developer and exploiter rin sa ibang-bansa :) Share ko lang to'ng Exploit na to na affected ang Samsung. Ang...
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    Course UDEMY - Linux Command-Line & Shell Scripting for Absolute Beginners (Active Code) 01/02/2023

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit like button for more useful sharing. thanks Hidden content *Take note that this is limited time only guys and please pa feedback na lang guys if buhay pa yung link. Enjoy 😊
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    Tutorial Free Clash of Clans clam shell decoration

    nakita ko lang sa YøùTùbé shorts tapos sinubukan yun gumana pa. scan nyu lang yung qr code..
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    Course UDEMY - Master Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting from Scratch 12/05/2023

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit like button for more useful sharing. thanks Hidden content *Take note that this is limited time only guys. Enjoy 😊
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    Tutorial AIO Shell Script to Boost Gaming Performance in Android Using Brevent (No Root)

    Bago pala kayo maka execute ng script need nyo activate yung brevent. Tuwing maglalaro kayo iexecute yung script😅😊 Hidden content
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    GARENA SHELL 100 (PHP) for 60 Pesos Only

    GARENA SHELL 100 (PHP) for 60 Pesos Only Hurry! Bilhin ninyo na. 😅
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    Local ADB shell (LADB) FULL

    Usefull tool for rooted devices LADB APK – Simplify ADB server connections with Wireless Debugging. Seamlessly troubleshoot and pair your devices hassle-free. First off, what the heck is this LADB thing? Short for Local ADB Shell, LADB packs an ADB server right into the app’s libraries...
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    Naka disable ang Developer Options sa GCash, pero naka-ON ang USB Debugging at Unknown Sources! Na-bypass kaya? (Non-rooted, ADB method)

    Na-disable ko yung Developer Options sa GCash, pero naka-on ang USB Debugging at Unknown Sources! Na-bypass kaya? (Non-rooted, ADB method) Dito ko nadiscover na nabypass ko si GCash kahit naka-on ang USB Debugging, at naka on rin ang Unknown Sources. Gamit ko ay SetEdit. Hidden content Hinide...
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    Course UDEMY COURSE 100% OFF Bash Shell Scripting Bootcamp: 10 Project-Based Learnings

    Bash Shell Scripting Bootcamp: 10 Project-Based Learnings Become a Linux Bash scripting expert through hands-on project-based learning with 10 real world beginner's projects. This course includes: 4.5 hours on-demand video 12 downloadable resources Access on mobile and TV Full lifetime...
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    Help Lpb pisowifi shell

    Sino pa nakakaalam pano mag lagay ng shell sa lpb pisowifi admin? Tulad nung wso.php shell. Gusto ko kasi lagyan ng shell iyong pisowifi ko para na rin maedit ng maganda.
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    Help REQ. Ghost in a Shell 2017

    Ghost in the Shell (2017) ⭐ 6.3 | Action, Crime, Drama Baka meron po kayo 1080p MediaFire po sana salamat.
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    Help REQ: ANIME Ghost in the Shell (Movie, 1995 )

    Good day baka meron kayo 1080p MediaFire po sana salamat
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    Course Svelte, Perl, Shell Scripting and C++ Course Bundle 2022

    Svelte, Perl, Shell Scripting and C++ Course Bundle 2022 Size: 3.94GB Svelte, Perl, Shell Scripting and C++ Course Bundle Learn all of these in a single place. What you'll learn Students will be able to understand shell scripting concepts How to use C++ language in action Learn how to use Perl...
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    SHELL ba to?

    Kyut ng shell
  23. J


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    For Sale Garena Shell for CODM and LOL Pc

    Good morning! Available po ang ating Discounted Garena Shell 🥰 Comment and dm lang po! 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐂𝐎𝐃:𝐌 𝐏𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐬 100 COD Points - ₱ 48.00 208 COD Points - ₱ 97.00 416 COD Points - ₱ 189.00 648 COD Points - ₱ 284.00 1080 COD Points - ₱ 470.00 2320 COD Points - ₱ 940.00 𝐁𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐏𝐚𝐬𝐬 Regular Battle...
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    Help anong shell to?

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    Help Car PMS at Shell stations?

    syempre walang tatalo pagdating sa PMS ng casa, kaso pricey. okay din ba magpa PMS sa shell stations? anong coverage ng full PMS nila?
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    Discounted Garena Shell (COD Points)

    Baka want niyo lang pwede kayo mag comment doon sa thread ko sa buy and sell section or you can message me na lang directly.
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    'East Asia could be next Ukraine'

    WASHINGTON: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Saturday (Sunday in Manila) he told Western powers that East Asia could be the next Ukraine, as he urged a united front on a rising China and bellicose North Korea. WASHINGTON: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Saturday (Sunday...
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    For Sale 15% DC Garena Shell 200 / 300

    SELLING 15% Discount Garena Shell 200 GS = 170 PHP 300 GS = 255 PHP Payment First Policy MOP: GCash / Paymaya
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    Help 100php for 300php worth of Gas. Shell Stations only

    Isa kaba sa napaaray sa taas ng presyo ng Gasolina ngayon lalo na at ginagamit sa panghanap buhay? Eto na ang solusyon. Usap tayo..
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    Tutorial Kung IT/CS ka need mo to malaman

    Pampadali ng buhay, mas maganda kung mamaster nyo ngayon pa lang yung tinatawag naten na terminal, the command line, or the shell. :cool: Enjoy learning, feedback naren guys Basahin nyo to ... Hidden content Tuts naman dito ... Hidden content For reference ...
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    Looking For LF discounted garena shell

    Baka meron po kayo alam na legit seller
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    Next Launcher 3D Shell 3.16

    Guys share ko lang ito.. sa mga naghahanap ng Launcher.. maganda ito guys.. wala na akong screenshot.. try niyo na lang po.. sa mga mahilig mag customized.. subukan niyo po ito.. Salamat po.. hit niyu na lang po ng like guys.. thank you thank you Google Drive
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    I'm using B310As-938 na openline, may busybox na rin. Telnet gamit ko para magpadala ng root commands sa modem. Paano magpadala ng AT commands via terminal? Pang kuha sana ng ICCID ng old sim ko.
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    Closed Shell

    Baka po meron kayong shell dyan pahingi naman or buy ko nalang.,.
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    Closed Learn how to code from basic to hard coding

    Treehouse: HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and Python Development Courses Check out all the topics Treehouse has to offer: CSS3, HTML5, Ruby, JavaScript, iOS, Photoshop, and more. Learn to Code - for Free | Codecademy Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It's interactive, fun, and you can...