Spotify () is a proprietary Swedish audio s†rêâmïng and media services provider founded on 23 April 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It is one of the largest music s†rêâmïng service providers, with over 433 million monthly active users, including 188 million paying subscribers, as of June 2022. Spotify is listed (through a Luxembourg City-domiciled holding company, Spotify Technology S.A.) on the New York Stock Exchange in the form of American depositary receipts.
Spotify offers digital copyright restricted recorded music and podcasts, including more than 82 million songs, from record labels and media companies. As a freemium service, basic features are free with advertisements and limited control, while additional features, such as offline listening and commercial-free listening, are offered via ρáíd subscriptions. Spotify is currently available in 180+ countries, as of October 2021. Users can search for music based on artist, album, or genre, and can create, edit, and share playlists.
Spotify is available in most of Europe, as well as the Americas and Oceania, with a total availability in 184 markets. The service is available on most devices including Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, smart home devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Nest lines of products and digital media players like Roku.Unlike physical or download sales, which pay artists a fixed price per song or album sold, Spotify pays royalties based on the number of artist streams as a proportion of total songs streamed. It distributes approximately 70% of its total revenue to rights holders (often record labels), who then pay artists based on individual agreements. According to Ben Sisario of The New York Times, approximately 13,000 out of seven million artists on Spotify generated $50,000 or more in payments in 2020.

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    Help Pa help nagkakaltas sa gcash ko di ko alam saan spotify

    Pa help ako mga sir nagkakalatas monthly sa gcash ko eh di naman ako gumagamit ng spotify tsaka wala naman ako na connect na spotify ano kaya pwede gawin para ma stop yung payment monthly huhu salamat
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    SPOTIFY ρrémíùm AUTO RENEW TO GIVEAWAY Kung sino ang mapili sa roleta ang siyang mananalo ng spotify premyum account. Paano sumali? 👇👇 Hidden content Follow me for more giveaways and updates!
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    Android App Spotify

    Hi my ρrémíùm Spotify po ba kayo pwede pa share po, thanks😌🥹🥰
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    Spotify ba kamo?

    Hidden content
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    Help ρrémíùm Spotify How?

    How to make ρrémíùm spotify mimigay ako pagnaka hit
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    Spotify USA

    Napansin ko lang to kahapon pag log in ko nag renew pala siya nung August 29. Pag check ko kase nung araw na yun eh nag failed payment na. Di ko naman akalain na mag rerenew siya on the next day 🤭. USA country pala ito. Check niyo din sa inyo baka nag renew din sainyo. :) swertehan lang talaga...
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    Pa help po bakit kailangan pa iverify ng Credit Card pag mag avail ng subscription sa NF pag may VPN po, pag walang VPN ay Phone Number naman ang iveverify po sana matulongan niyo po ako para makagawa din ng NF bins para sa kapatid kong mahilig manuod ng Movies. Thank you PHC!
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    Help Mga lods meron ba update ng spotiflyer or ibang applicaton for windows ng pwede mag download ng playlist ng spotify

    mga lods meron ba update ng spotiflyer or ibang applicaton for windows ng pwede mag download ng playlist ng spotify
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    Contest Ber months, spotify auto-ren. PASOK!!!

    Hidden content
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    May nag spoti upgrade dito lalagyan daw ng prem. Share ko lang na experience ko dahil may nag change pass nung acc ko haha, ok lang naman sakin mawala yung acc ang habol ko lang don is ung data na kung ilan hours ako nakikinig and yung most listen artist ko. kaso napaltan ng pass haha awit sa...
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    Spotify hits

    Matatapos nalang ang promo ng Spotify 3 months hindi pa talaga ako naka hit😆😆😆
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    Contest Spotify Upgraded Account

    New upgraded acc now lang Hidden contentcomplete name dapat
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    Contest Spotify Upgraded Acc

    May case na umaabot ng 1 year Hidden content
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    Contest Spotify 3M

    Hidden content
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    Contest SPOTIFY ACC

    Hidden content
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    Contest Spotify

    Hidden content
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    Contest Spotify Upgraded acc

    Eto yung kanina binawi ko sa hit and run Hidden content
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    Contest Spotify 3 Months

    Kung marami ka alam na sites may advantage ka Hidden contentGoodluck hulaan mo kung anong site yan na hit ko
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    Contest Spotify 3M

    Hidden content
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    Contest Spotify Lifetime

    Hidden content
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    Contest Spotify 3M

    Hidden content tatlong hula lang po kaya kung anong number ang napili mo dapat nasa iisang comment lang para di mag kalat Goodluck
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    Contest Spotify 3 Months

    Hidden content
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    Looking For LF spotify account na legit seller

    Pagbilan spotify yung di sana häçk para di bigla bigla nawawala yung ρrémíùm. Padrop price kung meron
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    Help Pasabit po spotify mga lodi

    pasabit po spotify mga lodi pampatulog lang po HAHAHAAHHAHA
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    Help Spotify Can't Download

    pano ayusin to mga paps hinde kasi maka pag download?
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    Help Spotify

    May way paba para matanggal yung 3 likes nayan? gusto ko tanggalin yung nag like sa playlist ko
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    Closed Spotify 3 months

    LF Spotify yung presyong tropa lang sana, kahit trial na 3 months mas maigi.