Social organisms, including humans, live collectively in interacting populations. This interaction is considered social whether they are aware of it or not, and whether the exchange is voluntary or involuntary.

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    Help Social Media Manager

    Hi guys baka may mga batikan na SSM dito. San po kayo magstart mag aral? Sobrang nakaka overwhelm kasi mga info. Alin or saan po kaya pwede magsimula mag aral or train?
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    Crypto Social good update

    Mga paps pabulong naman kong pano to ma wí†hdráwal malaking tulong to para sakin
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    Course Udemy Ultimate Recruitment Talent Acquisition & Social Hiring 2023

    Hidden content
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    Mga natambay sa Starbucks mga social climber daw?

    May napanood ako isang video social climber daw mga natambay sa starbucks. Totoo ba? Di ko pa natry dun dahil quit na ko sa kape dahil acidic
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    Help Udemy request: Any social media manager or marketer course

    mga boss, baka po may udemy course po kayo ng any social media manager or marketer sa udemy, balak ko po kasi mag tranition into SMM gusto ko pong matuto and at the same time may certificate po
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    Tutorial Any leads to move facebook page to own personal account?//

    Pls help
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    Help In 100 words Why it is important for young people to engage and participate in critical and reflective discussions on the use of social media? (Bot)

    In 100 words Why it is important for young people to engage and participate in critical and reflective discussions on the use of social media?
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    Help How do you describe your social roles, capacities, and challenges as a participation of a network society?(bot)

    How do you describe your social roles, capacities, and challenges as a participation of a network society?
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    Help In 100 words What are the recurring issues and debates surrounding the social network in the 21st century?(bot)

    In 100 words What are the recurring issues and debates surrounding the social network in the 21st century?
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    Help What are the two dominant views about social institutions? (Bot)

    What are the two dominant views about social interactions?
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    Help Why do you think humans build and participate in social network? (Bot)

    Why do you think humans build and participate in social network?
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    For Sale Social Media Accounts w/ Organic followers

    sellong social media account with ph organic followers. i am selling tiktok accounts, facebook page, facebook account, instagram accounts, group pages, and twitter account. — low and high followers — green qualities — recommended — can change all info's — active, semi inactive or inactive —...
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    Hey Guys! Do You Know That Vlrginity is a Social Construct?

    I just would like to give you an information so that everyone knows about the mythology associated as being a vlrgin in girls dahil long, long time na po na ganito pa rin ang ipinahahawakan ng mga tao. Hindi pa rin nila binibitawan. Vlrginity is a religion-driven concept and it can only be...
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    Social Engineering in a nutshell

    CTTO PS. Ingat kayo sa pag protect ng info niyo
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    Course FREEMIUM UDEMY COURSE | Adobe Photoshop Social Media

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    Help Phcbot - models of corporate social and environmental responsibility

    What is the key differences between economic model, moral minimum model, stakeholder model, and strategic model in the subject of corporate and social and environmental responsibility.
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    All In One Social Media Management SolutionFor Small Businesses

    All In One Social Media Management Solution For Small Businesses the perfect solution to improve your social media presence and maximize your results. Publish, Respond, Analyze, and Automate Hidden content
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    Social Experiment lang

    Ano kaya reaction Dito kung mag type Ako ng words na Arabic Letters? 🤔
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    Help Difference between ethics, morality and social justice.

    Create a 250 essay describing the difference between ethics, morality and social justice.
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    Backward Parenting Mindset and Social Justice

    Within the LGBTQ+ conversation, one of the criticsms by conservatives is the of parents "right to control" their children as a part of their disciplinary routine. The claim is, if inclusivity and tolerance is the goal, then to be inclusive, parents who believe in this type of discipline practice...
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    Help Need for IBM SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science)

    help naman po kung sino mayron thanks
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    DSWD commits to continuously aid poor and indigent patients through the Malasakit Centers; Bong Go promotes welfare of social workers

    Senator Christopher "Bong" Go expressed his support for the proposed 2024 budget of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) during a public hearing on Wednesday, September 20. While endorsing DSWD's proposed 2024 budget during a public hearing, Go sought clarification on the...
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    Help Hingi lang po sana Canva for social media managing

    malaking tulong na po sakin to bilang nag sisimula palang thankyou
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    Help Unlimited bypass social apps

    mga master baka may alam kayo jn na pwedi magamit na apps pang chat or text kahit wala load salamat
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    For Sale Social Media Boosting Services

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    Help Social security system link

    patulong po
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    Looking For Social Media Boosting Bot

    Twitter facebook bots
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    Crypto Zoozpad New earn Social media App

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    Help Give two Benefits of pop dance in physical, emotional, mental and social (bot)

    Give two Benefits of pop dance in physical, emotional, mental and social (bot)
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    For Sale Cheap Social Media Boost - Self Service

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    Taking A Break From Social Media

    🖼️ Ctto.
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    Social Engineering and Beliefs: Fear an Urgency

    Fear is one of the most primal instinct of a human being. Fear is a trait that allowed human beings to survive for as long there are humans, avoiding danger, pain, injury or death. According to Maslow, human needs can be arranged to heirarchy of importance, with the most important on the top...
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    Referral Closed

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    Social Media or Memes Media?

    While drinking a cup of coffee, of course.
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    Social Engineering and Beliefs: Odds/Reward Miscalculation

    Here is a scam you probably already heared of: So, why does this work? It is easy to assume that people who fall for this are stupid. That is a grave mistake to think. Doing so will make you not appreciate the brilliance of the social engineering that goes into the design of this M.O. That...
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    Poll Social application in the Philippines

    Instructions: Vote for the social application you believe is the most used in the Philippines. If you think there's another app not listed, choose "Other" and specify the app's name.Hidden content
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    Help Social media boosting service

    Naghahanap po ako ng cheapest offer for social media boosting service po "YøùTùbé views". Thank you