An image is a visual representation of something. It can be two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or somehow otherwise feed into the visual system to convey information. An image can be an artifact, such as a photograph or other two-dimensional picture, that resembles a subject. In the context of signal processing, an image is a distributed amplitude of color(s).In optics, the term “image” may refer specifically to a 2D image.
An image does not have to use the entire visual system to be a visual representation. A popular example of this is of a greyscale image, which uses the visual system's sensitivity to brightness across all wavelengths, without taking into account different colors. A black and white visual representation of something is still an image, even though it does not make full use of the visual system's capabilities.
Images are typically still, but in some cases can be moving or animated.

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    Meanwhile the Images

    confirm you're not a robot 🥴
  2. Y

    Help 3D Images Download site

    San po kaya pede magDownload ng 3D images or naggegenerate? Need ko lang po para sa website project.
  3. A

    Help Facebook Issue slow loading images and videos

    Sino nakaranas dito na ang Facebook di nagloload ng images and video? ISP po ba yung problema or Hindi?
  4. M

    Help Help po. Cant upload Images and Documents by phone or Laptop

    Maganda umaga mga ka PHC, pahelp naman po dito sa pictures na naka post. Ayaw ma upload ganyan lagi sinasabi. Thank you
  5. P

    Sites without copyright images

    goodmorning sa mga master jan pwede ba magtanung mga kuyzz saaan pwede kumuha ng mga images na walang copyright like sa mga vector yung safe sa copyright at di na need ng license para gamitin pa help naman guyzzz sabi daw public domains di ko alam kung ano talaga na public domain sites ang...
  6. O

    Help AI generated images

    Saan po maganda mag generate ng ai images pasabit po sa chatgpt4 kung meron, yun lang kasi naiisip ko na pwede mag generate ng ai images
  7. N

    Course Udemy - Mastering Midjourney and Generating Stunning Images (Downloadable)

    Terabox: Udemy - Network häçking Continued - Intermediate to Advanced shared from Ne****han - TeraBox
  8. M

    Closed Calendar 2024 with Holiday Images

    Ready to Print 2024 Calendar with images of holiday
  9. C

    Help Ai text with images

    Hello po,baka may alam po kayo na ai site na nag ge generate ng images for samples,thanks
  10. O

    Help Images posted to NSFWPH have lowered resolution

    Lods Admin Draft , tanong lang po bakit kaya nagiging low resolution ang mga posted or attached images doon sa NSFWPH? Example po ito yung orig image sa imgbb Tapos ito yung side by side sa attached ko sa post sa NSFWPH Bumababa resolution, nagiging mas may...
  11. Y

    Help Willing to pay po if marecover yung images ko

    Na corrupt po images ko after ko ma transfer sa SD Card tas naduplicate lahat ng files and folders dun sa SD. Anyone po na pwede makatulong sakin? I need this po kasi asap Ganito na po nangyare.
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    Corrupted Images

    Yan po nangyari sa pictures ko after ko ma transfer sa SD Card, 100% complete naman yung transfer pero ganyan nangyare tas yung files and folders ko sa SD na duplicate. Tanong lang po kung pwede pa ba tong ma recover mga pictures ko? Sayang kasi memories.
  13. Y

    Pahelp po about sa corrupted images

    After ko po matransfer sa SD Card ko mga pictures naging ganyan po na lahat tas naduplicate mga file and folders. Wala akong back up or copy man lang. Sayang na sayang po kung pwede po may makatulong sakin marecover po mga pictures ko. Thank you po sa makakatulong.
  14. M

    High Resol.. Anime Girl Reference for digital and traditional artist (461 images)

    High Resolution Anime Girl Reference for digital and traditional artist (461 images) It Contains 461 Images of Anime girl for digital and traditional art reference Download Link: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3...
  15. X

    Website Tool for Images

    Every tool you could want to edit images in bulk CLIK HERE Hidden content
  16. E

    Help! How to recover Videos and images on android

    Hi Guys akoy nagbabakasakali, Any Idea pano marecover ang permanently deleted Videos and Images sa Andoid? Deleted na sya sa recycle bin and hindi sya naka back up sa google. Sana may maka tulong, Thank you.
  17. B

    Here are some Useful ai website that generate images through text part #5

    1. uses deep neural networks to transform your text descriptions into visual artwork. The platform employs style transfer algorithms to apply the characteristics of famous artists or styles to your input text, resulting in unique and personalized images. It provides an...
  18. K

    YøùTùbé Vanced v18.25.39 MOD APK (ρrémíùm, Lite, No ADS)øùTùbé-vanced-134/1
  19. O

    Crop & Resize Images Online Free Sites

    I got it from the telegram! So feel free to notify me if this thread is not allowed Hidden content
  20. K

    Help Download HD Images

    Meron pa po bang website na pwedeng pagdownloadan ng image or wallpaper except google?
  21. C

    Tutorial Adobe Photoshop Editing Stunning Images for Any Project 2023

    Description In this comprehensive course, you'll learn everything you need to know about Adobe Photoshop to create stunning visuals for any project. With over 50 lectures divided into eight sections, this course is designed to take you from a beginner to a master of Photoshop. In the first...
  22. U

    Flex your AI Generated Images, Ito sakin ...

    I am Using Maze .Guru Maze Guru is an AI art generator that supports generating various impressive images from "text to image" and "image to image". Here's my AI Generated Images using MazeGuru
  23. W

    Help How to access images on disabled IOS

    Please po help need kolang mga pics sir 😭
  24. B

    NBA images / stock / PNGs

    Hello PHC, Meron ba ditong working under NBA media company? May bago kasi akong client under NBA and I REALLY NEED HD images of NBA players, stock images, PNGs if possible. Willing to pay if may bayad (bulk) Thank you!
  25. S

    Tutorial AI Generated Images (Just Cool Stuff to Do With Free Websites)

    This maybe looks uninteresting but I'll be posting my latest AI generated images in here, you can comment here your generated images too. Happy generating..! List of AI Generated Images Website I Usually Use: See comments below for my generated AI images...
  26. Y

    IMDb: Movies & TV shows v8.8.2.108820400 [Mod Extra]

    IMDb: Movies & TV shows v8.8.2.108820400 Requirements: 8.0+ Overview: IMDb, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. Watch trailers, get showtimes near you, buy tickets, read critic and user reviews. Explore popular movies and TV shows...
  27. Y

    Colorize Images v4.3.4 [rémíùm]

    Colorize Images v4.3.4 Requirements: 5.0 and up Overview: Colorize your black & white, grayscale or nightvision photos automatically with Machine Learning model! Our AI-powered app uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically add vibrant colors to your grayscale images, giving them...
  28. M

    Help May alam po ba kayong website for FREE TEXT to Images

    Hello po ginawa ko po tong thread para magtanong ar magcollect ng info if ano ano pong FREE TEXT to Images kayong website at app. Feel free po to comment. Advance thanks po
  29. M

    Tutorial FREE TEXT to Images v2.1

    Stable Diffusion 2.1 Demo Stable Diffusion 2.1 is the latest text-to-image model from StabilityAI. Access Stable Diffusion 1 Space here For faster generation and API access you can try DreamStudio Beta. Hidden content
  30. M

    Android App ImageTitan Photo/Anime Images Enhancer

    ImageTitan Hidden content Ganito lang siya gamitin guys After niyo mainstall change language niyo nalang sa english Change language to English Dito naman may 2 options kayo sa pag-enhance ng photos. Enlarge Photo at Enlarge Illustration Photo Mode - Enhance Photos Taken With A Camera...
  31. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 55

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content
  32. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 54

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content
  33. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 53

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content
  34. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 52

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content
  35. B

    High Quality Stock Images - Collection 51

    High quality stock images para sa mga projects niyo mga compadres! ρáíd stock images at garantisadong High Quality / Resolution :D Enjoy! Hidden content
  36. M

    Tutorial Reduce/Compress Images without losing the Quality (Simple Webiste)

    IMGFY Hidden content How to compress jpg / jpeg / png and gif to lower size ? Browse image by clicking Browse File button or Drag and drop the file. Select the desired compression percentege as you want to compress After that click compress image button. Now preview the compressed image and...
  37. C

    Midjourney Image

    Created using MidJourney. Guys, What do you think? Libre lait po. Any suggestion? Any comment?
  38. R

    Tutorial Grab any high-quality images/videos without watermarks in ALL IN ONE site!!!

    Mga ka-PHC, pag naghahanap po kayo ng high quality photos/videos, most often po makakakita kayo pero may watermark. Pwede po nating alisin ang water mark. Example: Shutterstock imager Search po kayo ng image. SAMPLE PO KITTENS tapos try po ninyo grab siya makikita po ninyo...
  39. W

    Question : Twitter not loading image

    Hello. baka po may nakaka alam sa inyo neto.. hindi kasi ng loload yung images sa twiiter sa google chrome.. kailangan ko pa iclick yung load image para lang makita.,. pa help po mga master..

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