ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. It is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3 family of large language models, and is fine-tuned (an approach to transfer learning) with both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.
ChatGPT was launched as a prototype on November 30, 2022, and quickly garnered attention for its detailed responses and articulate answers across many domains of knowledge. Its uneven factual accuracy was identified as a significant drawback.
Following the release of ChatGPT, OpenAI was valued at $29 billion.

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    Use one of the following AI LLM: Claude 2 Gemini 1.5 pro Text prompt: Claude 2: [Your text here] humanize this(say "humanize this" again if it's not 0% in zero gpt) Gemini 1.5 pro: [Your text here] Use simple language and analogies to explain the concept Maintain a friendly and engaging...
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    Course Free Udemy Course: Building AI Saas Apps / AI Tools with [No Code] x ChatGPT

    Hidden content here's the link: Hidden content PA FEED BACK LANG PO SA MAY GUSTONG GUMAMIT TYTY!!!
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    Course Udemy | Master Any Language with ChatGPT: Boost Your Language Skills | Limited Time Only | April 05, 2024

    Unlock Your Full Foreign Language Potential with Cutting-Edge ChatGPT Technology: Speaking, Writing, Listening, Grammar, What you will learn: ✅ How to effectively use ChatGPT for language learning and practice. ✅Strategies to improve speaking skills through interactive conversations with...
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    Course Udemy | ChatGPT Security: Privacy risks & Data Protection basics | Limited Time Only | April 05, 2024

    Master Safe & Secure ChatGPT Deployment: Confidentiality, Privacy, Compliance & Best Practices What you will learn: ✅Safely implement ChatGPT, ensuring data confidentiality & compliance. ✅Understand US & EU data protection laws and their application to AI. ✅Learn secure prompting, data...
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    Course Udemy- Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course + Meta 410-101 + ChatGPT | Limited Time Only | April 04, 2024

    Optimise your Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Budget. Boost E-commerce Sales. Enjoy HOT Leads. Ready for iOS Restrictions. What you will learn: ✅ LEARN Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads AFTER APPLE iOS 14.5+ APOCALYPTO. Optimise your Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Budget. Boost...
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    Course Udemy- Introduction to AI and ChatGPT | Limited Time Only | April 04, 2024

    Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Dell-E, Generative AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Jobs and Interview Preparation What you will learn: ✅ Introduction to AI is, its history, and its key features. Learn about ChatGPT, search engines and other chatbots, like Bard, and Gemini. ✅See how AI...
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    Tutorial ChatGPT with GPT4 Turbo (No Need API Key / ChatGPT Plus Account)

    ChatGPT with GPT4 Turbo No need for ChatGPT Plus account No need for OpenAI API Key Hidden content
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    Course Udemy- Hand reflexology for relaxation and pain relief | April 03, 2024

    Pain relief relaxation What you will learn: ✅ You will learn how to relieve stress and anxiety ✅You will learn how to boost energy levels ✅You will learn a treatment which you can do on yourself aswell as others ✅You will learn how to help relieve specific ailments Enroll Here: Hidden content
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    Help Chatgpt code to chart

    Pano po gawin yan? Like need ko po kase ng flowchart tas code lang po yung binigay ng gpt, pano po sya gagawing flowchart gamit yung code na yun? Ano website po? Yung free po sana salamat
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    All ChatGPT Favor Bible Text Than Pagan Text

    Bias lang ang Chatgpt. Halos lahat. Hindi naman masisi dahil ang tao na gumawa behind ng AI ay ubringing nito is Judeo-Christian influenced and mainstream beliefs kase po. Unfair dahil hindi nagbibigay ng inpormasyon na meron kilalaman sa Pagan text , halimbawa , spells to protect our loved...
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    Help Pano po ito gawin gamit ang chatgpt po?

    Adhere to the client's requests and provide a solution to the problem. Making the webpage efficient and improving the overall appeal of the website is a plus. (Include your name in your webpage design) Whenever you resize the window, the web page distorts, and images and fonts appear bigger...
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    Bypass ChatGpT

    May gumagana pabang Jailbreak kayong nalalaman?
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    ChatGPT alternative free with gpt4

    Recently nakahanap ako ng AI na pwede magamit like ChatGPT, and ang maganda rito is pwede ka maka access sa GPT4 pag nag invite ka or naka earn ka ng coins, lifetime access or montly access habang mataas pa ang refferal rate nila why not diba baka sa susunod mawala na yung earning system nila...
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    JphGPT Terms and Conditions 1. Acceptance of Terms By using the JphGPT AI Chat Service ("Service"), you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using the Service. 2. Use of the Service 1. Personal Use Only...
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    Help ChatGPT

    Baka may chatgpt po kayo diyan mga paps?
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    Tutorial Everything you need to know about AI Tool ChatGPT

    Everyone's talking about #ChatGPT. But (90%) of you are missing out on the AI Revolution. Here are the Top AI Tools you NEED to Know About. Hidden content
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    Help Chatgpt

    Pa sabit naman po chatgot ρrémíùm For school lang
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    UDEMY - ChatGPT Expert Professional Certification

    ChatGPT Expert Professional Certification Hidden content
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    Help Chatgpt 4

    pa sabit po chatgpt 4 for learning purposes lang po
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    Question.AI - Chatbot&Math AI v2.1.4 b247 (Plus) - AI virtual assistant powered by GPT4 Get accurate answers to all questions Get answers in real-time Ability to handle with 140+ languages Scan any math problem to get step-by-step explanations Plus / ρáíd Features Unlocked Multi Languages &...
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    Help CHATGPT 4 account

    Pasabit po.. for learning purposes only
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    Tutorial How to Use ChatGPT to Create Excel Formulas

    Hidden content Simply follow and react so you can get notify when i posted something useful.
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    Referral Chatgpt free 30 queries per day

    Need Kiwi browser for mobile Chrome for PC Ito po ay Chrome extension. Link: Sider -- ChatGPT Sidebar, GPT-4, Draw & Web access
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    Course [UDEMY] - Zero To Hero - Chatgpt &Amp; Build Llm Powered Apps In Langchain

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit react button for more sharing Hidden content Take note that this is limited time only pa feed back if okay pa yung link thanks! 😁
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    ASKI Chatbot - Generative AI v1.3.1 | Features & Mod Info - AI virtual assistant powered by GPT4 Get accurate answers to all questions AI Art Generator to turn text prompts into images Benefit from professional expert advice AI Chatbot has information in all fields Ai Bot Support 100+...
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    ChatGPT Tools

    3 Best ChatGPT to Use Hidden content
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    Course [UDEMY] - The ChatGPT, SEO, Social Media, & Digital Marketing Course

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit react button for more sharing Hidden content Take note that this is limited time only pa feed back if okay pa yung link thanks! 😁
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    Tutorial Verry Fast Free ChatGPT Online - More Setting and Prompts

    Hey this my project. Look this: Verry Fast Free ChatGPT Online - More Setting and Prompts Left column support, search session, new/rename/delete (session/folder), Chinese and English bilingual, light/dark/auto theme mode, export/import/reset session and setting data, shortcut keys, display...
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    Help May kumikita na ba dito gamit ang chatGPT?

    Tanong lang baka may alam kayong pwedeng pagkakitaan gamit ang chatgpt. Hindi ba na baban sa facebook ang Chatgpt generated balak ko sanang gamitin sa affiliate marketing kung baka pwede.?
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    Course [Udemy 2-4-24 Limited] Chatgpt Essentials - Master The Basics In 49 Minutes

    Description Introducing "ChatGPT Essentials: Unlocking Conversational Excellence" Are you ready to take your conversational AI skills to the next level? Look no further! Our comprehensive course, "ChatGPT Essentials," is designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to...
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    Tutorial Free ChatGPT Browser

    ChatGPT Sidebar: Streamline workflow with ChatGPT, Claude, Bard for thorough searching, reading, and writing. Hidden content
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    Course [Udemy] Complete WordPress, WooCommerce, GA4, SEO, & ChatGPT Course [Feb 1 2024]

    WordPress Website Creation, WooCommerce Payments, Woo Products, SEO Yoast, SEO RankMath, GA4, Search Console, ChatGPT Udemy Link: Hidden content ✳ 🎀 𝐿𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝐹𝑒𝑒𝒹𝒷𝒶𝒸𝓀 𝓅🌞 🎀 ✳:02Hype:
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    Help ChatGPT pasabit po.

    Pasabit po mga lods. thank you po.