When the Pawn... is the second studio album by the American singer-songwriter Fiona Apple. Released by Epic Records in the United States on November 9, 1999, When the Pawn... was wholly written by Apple, with production by Jon Brion.
In 2010, Spin named the album the 106th-greatest of the last 25 years, and Slant Magazine named it the 79th best album of the 1990s. The album received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Alternative Album. In 2020, Rolling Stone ranked When the Pawn... at number 108 on its "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list.

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  1. Z

    When Biden Introduce Zelensky as Putin.

    Need total replacement. https://www.facebook.com/100049391824705/posts/1003218681334517/?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v Source: Fb Jose Enrico Libunao
  2. C

    When you get ads

  3. Z

    Child Was Waiting For His Father When Fell From Bridge

    CHILD WAS WAITING FOR HIS FATHER WHEN HE FELL FROM BRIDGE — LOLO LOOK: A candle is lit at the spot where a 4-year-old child fell into a river and died on Sunday, June 30, in Sitio Tal-ot, Barangay Inayawan in Cebu City. According to his grandfather, the child was sitting by the small bridge...
  4. R

    Ito Ang When

    🖼️ Ctto.
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    When You See It. Ngiting Tagumpay Pa Ba Mr.Chiz?

    Okay no comment,Normal lang po yan "Senate President" ginawang butler. Partida First Lady lang yan at walang government position.
  6. F

    When you Extract Here

  7. H

    When kaya?

    Sana all po 🥺 https://streamable.com/gvcloj
  8. R

    When Kaya

  9. P

    Trivia What are the best arguments when debating religious people?

    “Magic isn’t real”—is a good start. Although—to be fair—this statement isn't an argument in itself but rather an assertion about the nature of reality. So, how about you?
  10. C

    When you tap

  11. P

    Help How to put password when opening Chrome (PC)

    May nasearch kasi ako sa YøùTùbé that was uploaded 1 year ago pero wala na sya sa Chrome Web Store. Tapos ang sabi pa sa comment section, may malware daw yung extension na yun kaya inalis. Any extension that offers the same feature na safe? Help!
  12. I

    Help me optimizing my phone when playing games

    Mga boss, recommend naman kayo ways pano ma optimize when playing games like pang bawas frame drops ganun heheeheheh, non-rooted device here. Thank youuuu po!
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    Help Solar Panel no current when full sunlight.

    sana may maka tulong.. meron akong solar setup small setup lang siya 100 watts.. during early morning malakas ang harvest niya nasa 80% to 90% or minsan lagpas pa sa 100%.. pero pagdating ng mga 11 am pataas nawawala yung current niya bigla mag zero amps siya tapos babalik tapos mawawala na...
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    When light suddenly fade

    Yung passive-aggressive bully ka. https://streamable.com/mcevvc ctto
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    When you're tired

  16. J

    Crypto Gala event May16 ( earn NFT when you sell 10 MetaCraft

    Reflect on your strategic brilliance and outshine the competition in this dazzling event. Craft and sell Mirrors to brighten up every corner with style and efficiency! Mirror Magic Meta: Sell Mirrors Trade Time: 60s & 1 Gasoline Biome: Forest E Edges: Mountain N, Forest E, River S, and...
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    When I'm giving birth

  18. M

    Help Only works when plugged in

    Hello guys, I just wanna ask if may naka encounter din ng ganitong problem sa laptop. My laptop is Acer Aspire A515-56g and the problem is nag oopen lang sya kapag nakasaksak yung charger. Pero kapag tinanggal charger instantly din mamamatay yung laptop. I tried searching sa web kung ano fix...
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    When you're tired

    ganito yung pakiramdam ko sa polo ko tuwing pagod na pagod ako. kayo ba?
  20. R

    Did Jesus preach in Hell when He went there, and if He did, how many souls were saved?

    Did Jesus preach in Hell when He went there, and if he did, how many souls were saved? You may open your bible and quote your reply with the verse in it so we can both learn. Thanks brothers and sisters in Christ!
  21. P

    Using the Sledgehammer when Removing Tire from Rim

  22. B

    Help Acer aspire 3 a315-41g-r5u3 automatic shut down when launching games

    specs: AMD Ryzen 3 2200U Amd Radeon 535 with 2gb dedicated vram 4gb ddr4 memory 1000gb hdd Kahit anong games launch ko mapa steam o kahit anong games auto shut down sya. Pero wala sya mga random shut downs talagang kapag nag launch lang ko games. Bagong install din windows 10. Saan kaya ang...
  23. R

    When The Time Is Right.

    Ctto. :GSheart:
  24. M

    Girls when they can't marry their korean crushes

    Trigger warning: Offensive to Kpop fanatics. It may cause anaphylatic seizure. Hidden content

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