A telephone is a telecommunications device that permits two or more users to conduct a conversation when they are too far apart to be heard directly. A telephone converts sound, typically and most efficiently the human voice, into electronic signals that are transmitted via cables and other communication channels to another telephone which reproduces the sound to the receiving user. The term is derived from Greek: τῆλε (tēle, far) and φωνή (phōnē, voice), together meaning distant voice. A common short form of the term is phone, which came into use almost immediately after the first patent was issued.In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was the first to be granted a United States patent for a device that produced clearly intelligible replication of the human voice at a second device. This instrument was further developed by many others, and became rapidly indispensable in business, government, and in households.
The essential elements of a telephone are a microphone (transmitter) to speak into and an earphone (receiver) which reproduces the voice in a distant location. In addition, most telephones contain a ringer to announce an incoming telephone call, and a dial or keypad to enter a telephone number when initiating a call to another telephone. The receiver and transmitter are usually built into a handset which is held up to the ear and mouth during conversation. The dial may be located either on the handset or on a base unit to which the handset is connected. The transmitter converts the sound waves to electrical signals which are sent through a telephone network to the receiving telephone, which converts the signals into audible sound in the receiver or sometimes a loudspeaker. Telephones are duplex devices, meaning they permit transmission in both directions simultaneously.
The first telephones were directly connected to each other from one customer's office or residence to another customer's location. Being impractical beyond just a few customers, these systems were quickly replaced by manually operated centrally located switchboards. These exchanges were soon connected together, eventually forming an automated, worldwide public switched telephone network. For greater mobility, various radio systems were developed for transmission between mobile stations on ships and automobiles in the mid-20th century. Hand-held mobile phones were introduced for personal service starting in 1973. In later decades, their analog cellular system evolved into digital networks with greater capability and lower cost.
Convergence in communication services has provided a broad spectrum of capabilities in cell phones, including mobile computing, giving rise to the smartphone.

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    Suggest Phones for Vlogging

    Mga paps anu magandang phone pang vlog at maganda camera, ung affordable lang sana , mga 7 to 10k budget?
  2. R

    Asus Reveals Android 13 Update Schedule for Its Phones; Check out the List!

    Asus has revealed that will start providing the Android 13 flavor to the Zenfone 9, which is its current flagship phone. This will start in December 2022. To recall, it released the Android 13 beta update for the Asus Zenfone 9 back in August. All its smartphones are expected to get Android 13...
  3. L

    Meron pa bang 5.7 inch phones sa market?

    Hello po, hingi lang po sana ako ng suggestions kasi naghahanap po ako ng phone na may 5.7-inch display. Preferably octa-core, at least 3/32, at under 10k. Bibilhan ko po sana mama ko eh hindi niya type ung mga 6+ inch phones ngayon hehe
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    Help About mga phones ngayon

    Bakit puro amoled at super amoled na mga phones ngayon ..e madali lang naman magka screen burn issue..
  5. F

    Help Magandang Camera phones under 15k

    ano po magandang camera phones under 15k? balak ko bumili ng Redmi note 11s not the 5G variant. kasi yung 5G is 50mp lang
  6. G

    Help Mga phones ni oppo ngayon

    Ok ba yung mga oppo ngayon..ok din ba sa gaming???.....realme 9 available dito samin prang pangit ng snapdragon 680 ..
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    Trivia 10 surprising facts about cell phones

    10 surprising facts about cell phones June 18,2019 (Tuesday) Credits to : ( original post ) 10 surprising facts about cell phones - JN8【japan navi 8】 10 surprising facts about cell phones Ilan sa mga cellphone facts na ito ang alam mo na? Ang unang “phone call” ay ginawa noong 1974 ni...
  8. A

    Gaming phone suggestion 10k-12k

    Mga idol, pa suggest naman po. May 11k po ako na hawak. pa suggest magandang gaming phone na available ngayon. mukang kulang maging source yt kase andame atang di ko nakikita . Maraming salamat po
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    Help Android Studio for Mobile Phones

    Hi po, tanong lng po kong meron bang parang android studio rin pero pang mobile phones po. Wla kasi laptop eh hehe. Salamat po sa sasagot.
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    Help Budget 7K phone!!

    Pa suggest naman po ano magandang phone na 7k ngayon and saan maganda bumili? 1st time ko bumili ng phone galing sa bulsa ko so gusto ko sana worth yung bibilhin ko...
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    Help Is Infinix the best when it comes to specs:value ratio?

    Ano po yung flagship model ng Infinix? And sulit po ba ang pinaka malakas nilang phone compared sa price nuon? Ano pinaka magandang phone ngayon for gaming, excluding phones dedicated for gaming.
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    oppo F1S specs and comments as a user

    Share ku lng specs ng phone at comment ku...baka gusto nyo.bumili 😊 Android version:5.1 Processor:octa core RAM:4.06GB ROM:64GB maganda po tlga sya paps... Pwde rin sa pang gaming... Ung camera maganda rin😊
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    Help Gaming Phone Below 3k?

    mga sir anong phone ang magandang gaming phone na below 3k kahit di ganun kalakas mga paps basta matibay lang at pang matagalan ang battery salamat sa sasagot
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    Trivia Huawei's Android replacement

    As spotted by Android Headlines, Huawei filed multiple trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on May 24th, less than one week after Google stopped working with the Chinese giant. Of course, this could be purely a coincidence, but it may also mean the company is...
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    PASURVEY best android brand for you?

    yung mas better pa sa iphone or kasing okay ng iphone PTPTA
  16. B

    Help Root phone On J2 prime

    Pa help po ako sa pag root ? J2 prime unit
  17. N

    Help BEST?

  18. J

    Help Korea Samsung Phonr

    So baka This Septemeber punta ako Korea and I'm wondering if ever Bumili ako ng Samsung M20 dun den dalin ko dito sa Ph. Gagana kaya yun? I mean Compatible kaya siya sa Network natin? Salamat sa Sasagot💝
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    Help Best budget gaming phone under 5k

    Hello po! Need ko po Suggestion. Yung Best phone pang Mobile Legends,Ros etc. Mga 3gb ram po Meron napo akong nakitang isa •Cherry Mobile Flare S5 -Ram 3gb -Rom 16gb (expandable 64gb+) Budget ko po 5k+ hindi aabot ng 6k basta mga 5,999 lang po budget ko. Thank you
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    Help Iphone 6s plus factory unlock

    good day mga ka ph pa help naman po pa factory unlock ng phone ko eto po ung details sa picture sana po matulungan ninyo ako salamat po
  21. P

    Help Swap samsung j7 prime to vivo y81 pasok please

    Mga paps lugi po ba ako swap ko yung samsung galaxy j7 prime sa vivo y81? Pina pa add pa ako ng 1k lugi poba ako? Help po thanks
  22. P

    Help Xiaomi or asus

    Ano po mas maganda at solid na brand ng phone? Xiaomi or Asus in terms of gaming po. Tia
  23. R

    Anong maganda budget phone na pang gaming?

    Under 20k po. Anong prefer niyo na unit?
  24. P

    Help Help ano magandang phone under 7k

    Balak ko bumili Ng Oppo a3s 1.8ghz Snapdragon 430 2gb ram 16gb rom 4260mah batt. Maganda naman yung Camera Saka reviews sa YøùTùbé pati heavy games like pubg mobile Okay ba talaga to bilhin mga paps? Suggests naman kayo ng mas maganda Under 7k lang talga!
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    Help Oppo a3s pasok pls sa may alam

    Mga paps balak ko kasi bumili ng oppo a3s Ilang GB po ba yung firmware nya! Ilang gb balang natitira
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    The 10 best smartphones of 2018

    Here's the round-up of Top 10 high-end smartphones for 2018:) *Guys for example lang at you can afford kahit yung pinaka mahal ang price dito sa list alin ang gusto nyong bilhin? Comment down your best picks pwedeng more than one po:) 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 For a few months last year...
  27. R

    Help Alin kaya mas maganda?

    Oppo F7 or Huawei Nova3i?
  28. P

    Recommend phone

    Paadvice naman ako mga sir ng phone na 128gb internal storage sana. 20k budget. Salamat
  29. G

    Help Pa help sa pagbili sa greenhills

    Hi guys I'm planning to buy my next phone in GH kase nakakahikayat yung mga phones nila dun and aware ako sa mga repacked na phones o yung mga refurbished. Tanong ko lang po if yung unit ba may warranty sa mismong brand niya e.g. Im buying a huawei mate 10 and the store said that it has a Huawei...
  30. J

    Mi store near cavite

    Saan po kaya ako pwede makabili ng xiaomi phone near Cavite. Imus po ako
  31. G

    Help Help

    Ano po ba yung mix 9 na model na cp at meron po ba nito sa pinas?
  32. P

    Asus zenfone max for ml

    Ka PHC Family maganda pobba yung Asus Zenfone Max 5.2 + up Budget ko 9k to 11k nalang Pang ML sana hindi po ba cya delay or down fps at d po ba Umiinit? Need your advice kung Ok ba c Asus Zenfone Max? 3gb + 32Rom Target ko
  33. P

    Ask ako about samsung j7 prime

    Maganda po ba yung Samsung J7 Prime 2017 pang Laro ng Mobile Legend?
  34. P

    Help Ask lang mga boss

    Anong magandang android phone pang onlune games? Yung smooth at no lag kapag nagoonline games mga paps. Reply kayo
  35. K

    Help What phone can you recommend?

    I was thinking what phone to buy, Im so into gaming and the camera, plus the phones unique features. May ma rerecomend ba kayo mga bros? I need an opinion please.
  36. S

    Help Technicians pasok kayo dito!

    Mga boss? Yung phone ko may sira ata pag echacharge ko pag off yung phone ko ay walang lumalabas na charging kung elan ang percent? Unit samsung grand 2 please help meee salamaat
  37. J

    Budget phone 2018?(suggest po kayo)

    Anong phone po ang Di mabigat sa bulsa ang presyo Swak na swak di ka lugi sa specs At super smooth sa heavy games. Paestablished lang po. Salamat
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    Trivia After many debates, sleeping with phones is proven to cause cancer, infertility

    People are being warned to keep their mobile phones at a distance to reduce radiation exposure and associated health risks. The warning from the California Department of Health, comes after mounting evidence that mobile phone use could be linked to a string of health concerns including cancer...
  39. J


    maganda ba ang LeEco le s3 x626
  40. C

    Help My28s

    ano po ba ang dapat gawin dito para malagyan nang gtm na sim? my28s
  41. R

    Help Anong magandang phone ngayon?

    Hi guys. sino gumagamit ng lenovo p2 or zuk z2? mukhang di ata to na release sa pinas. Z2 pang flagship ang chipset at p2 naman sd 625 pero massive 5100mah battery. Di ko alam kung durable ba. any recommendation? gaming camera 4g LTE snapdragon 625 above chipsets parang gusto ko rin nokia 6...
  42. I

    Closed Iphone 5s, 6 or samsung s6

    Mga boss hindi ko alam san magpost.. if kayu po paipiliin anu phone maganda?salamat
  43. C

    Closed Anong maganda samsung,oppo or vivo?

    tulong naman...hehehe
  44. A

    Closed Please open

    Mga boss. Mga batikan. Mga malulupet sa mga specs ng phones. Pahelp po ako ano ang best na android phone na mabibili sa budget na 5000-6000, good camera, internet speeds, removable battery,basta best mga boss. Sa budget ko. Sana matulungan nyo ako.
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    Closed Which phone do you like?

    Vote for the phone you like the most
  46. A

    Closed Android or apple

    Good evening Guys ^_^ Pa suggest naman po ng magandang phone bibili sana ako ngayong bakasyon. Palagay po yung NAME: SPECS: PRICE: Sana po yung hindi madaling masira at hindi siya naglalag hehehe Thanks ka PHC ;)
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    Sa mga nagbabalak magroot ng mga phones nila at hindi alam kung ano ang gagamiting rootapplication

    This thread is Repost only...... Credits sa post ni Mr. Cyruz Delaroma sa facebook Sorry sa mga hindi nabbanggit na model ng phones . di ko po masasagot ang pangroot sa android nyo ALCATEL Alcatel 4030e - Kingroot v3 Alcatel 4030e - Root Master Alcatel 4033e - Framaroot Alcatel 5021e -...
  48. J

    Closed Best phone para sa inyu

    Best Phone para sa inyu yung gustong gusto nyung bilihin?
  49. K

    Closed iPhone 4s Icloud Lock

    hi guys cno po may alam kung paano magtanggal ng Icloud Lock?? Unit:iPhone4s Imei:013171001188865 di po po sya factory unclock, at&t lock po atta ung network niya, pls po patulong...
  50. K

    Help pwd bang ma palitan ng android os ang os ng fake iphone 4s 64gb?

    pwd bang ma palitan ng android os ang os ng fake iphone 4s 64gb?