globe load

Globe Telecom, Inc., commonly shortened as Globe, is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. The company operates the largest mobile network in the Philippines and one of the largest fixed-line and broadband networks. As of March 2022, Globe's total mobile subscriber base reached 87.4 million. It is also the country's largest telecommunications company in terms of market capitalization.The company's principal shareholders are Ayala Corporation and Singtel. It is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GLO and had a market capitalization of ₱363 billion as of the end of August 2021.Globe offers commercial wireless services through its 2G, 3G, 3.5G HSPA+, 4G LTE, and LTE-A networks, with 5G currently being deployed in key areas in the Philippines. Its 5G coverage is available in over 2,000 locations all over the country and about 96% of the National Capital Region.In 2016, Globe introduced its Globe Lifestyle brand as a way to connect to its customers through fashion. It also launched two entertainment divisions: Anima (formerly Globe Studios), which focuses on film and television production, and Globe Live, which focuses on live concerts and musical events.

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  1. A

    Closed 200 globe load

    fs 200 globe load via pasaload 20 dc
  2. M

    For Trade Looking to trade globe load to gcash

    drop your rate
  3. R


    mga gumana pa ip hunt.. try mo to..hehe ok panaman sakin.. Hidden content
  4. J

    Globe load to your gcash

    130 globe load to your 104 gcash. Get nyo na
  5. E

    For Trade My globe load to your gcash

    Sa legit trader lang po, mga scammers at sayang sa oras wag na kayo dito. 400-450 load po available ko now
  6. L

    For Trade Globe load to Dito

    badly need mga sir trade my 100 Globe lod to Dito load Ty
  7. A

    For Trade Badly need Trade TNT TO GLOBE LOAD

    pa trade naman ng 30 tnt load to globe badly need lang
  8. P

    For Trade 1300 globe load balance to gcash

    My 1300 globe load Po palit gcash. Offer niyo Po☕
  9. S

    For Sale 400 GLOBE LOAD

    Get nyo na po
  10. P

    Closed Globe load 6000 to gcash @ 18% dc

  11. P


    anu pinaka sulit na data load for globe or any network ngayun? Thank You
  12. B

    Globe TM Pa trade po globe load to gcash

    Pa trade po globe load to gcash
  13. B

    Globe TM Globe load to gcash

    May 200 load ako globe pwede palitan 130 gcash
  14. J

    Closed 440 Globe load to your gcash

    440 globe load trade to your gcash
  15. Z


    Pa trade po load to gcash drop po kayo dc nyo thank you
  16. C

    Looking For Buying > Globe Load @ 20% Discount

    Buying a load amount of 600 @ 20% discount (Php480). Check my profile for legitimacy.
  17. J

    For Trade (Sold) My 600 globe load to your 600 smart/tntload or 480 gcash

    Trade my 600 globe load to your 600 smart/tnt load or 480 gcash
  18. D

    Closed CLOSED

    need ko globe load baka gusto nyo convert to smart pasaload
  19. K

    Globe TM Selling globe load (Sold)

    Selling my globe load 20% dc 1k plus.
  20. A

    For Trade Globe load 300 trade to your tnt 200 load .

    300 globe load ko trade sa 200 tnt load nyo .
  21. S


  22. P

    Closed 19 Globe load

    For sale nalang di na magamit 19 load nalang sya
  23. E

    Looking For Buying Discounted Globe Load (DONE)

    Buying 100php worth of regular globe load either share a load or direct load 15% Discount Sana (Pang-Online Class) mode of payment Paymaya / Gcash
  24. B

    For Sale 250 Globe Load

    Load ko sa Gcash mo. Pm comment mga master. Salamat.
  25. L

    DITO Trade Globe Load to Dito Load

    Pa swap mga lods 100 Globe Load to 100 Dito Load Ty More power hahahah
  26. P

    For Sale 100 Globe/TM Load to Gcash(SOLD)

    100 Globe/TM Load to your Gcash
  27. P

    Closed Smart & Globe load to your Gcash

    400 smart & 225 Globe swap to your gcash ☺️
  28. B

    For Sale 250 globe load

    My 250 Globe load to your Gcash. Offer mga idol. Pwede rin swap sa Smart load 1 is to 1 lang.
  29. P

    Closed Globe load 1500 for 1200 gcash

    Get all niyo na po wala pong tingi tingi mga paps.
  30. A

    For Sale SOLD 1000 Globe load

    fs 1000 globe load via pasaloas 20 dc di ako mag bebenta tingi.
  31. I

    Looking For Globe Load 20-25% DC

    Looking for Globe Load: 100-200 at 25% DC preferrably. Thanks!
  32. D

    For Trade 150 globe load to gcash

    Globe load to gcash
  33. A

    For Sale SOLD 1300 globe pasaload

    fs 1300 globe load via pasaload 20% dc
  34. J

    Closed Globe load to gcash.

    170 globe load to your 135 gcash.
  35. C

    For Sale 1K GLOBE LOAD FOR SALE 20% DC

  36. G

    Globe TM LF 60 globe load for my 50 gcash

    Baka meron kayu dyan trade sa 50 gcash ko
  37. K

    For Trade 150 Globe load to your 120 Gcash

    Get nyo na mga boss, need ko funds pang casino babawi lang sa talo ko hehehe. 150 Globe load to 120 Gcash
  38. J

    Globe TM Selling Globe Load

    Selling po ng 300 globe load, discounted at 240 pesos
  39. M

    For Sale Globe load 300

    300 globe load to your 240 gcash
  40. M

    For Sale 300 globe load (sold)

    300 load = 240 gcash
  41. C

    For Sale Sell 1250 globe load

    Gcash payment
  42. M

    For Trade My globe load to your dito load.

    Baka kasi makalimutan ko tapos baka mawala na yung share a load. Baka naman may pasobra kayo jan hahaha
  43. J

    For Trade (Sold) 300 globe load to your 300 smart/tntload

    Trade 300 globe load to your 300 tnt/smart load Sold
  44. A

    Help Globe Load Extend 15 days

    Share ko lang sa mga di pa gumagamit at gusto makatipid Register to any Go Promo to 8080 then bago mag expire you can extend it to 15 days of validity by texting GOSURFBE34 send to 8080. 34 pesos load only to extend for 15 days.
  45. G

    Closed (SOLD)Selling my globe load 4k to Gcash - 20% DC

    via Pasaload check my other thread lang for legitimacy pwede tingi tingi will not go first marami na po akong proof of transaction visit niyo nalang po thanks!
  46. H

    For Sale For sale Smart and Globe Load to your Gcash- SOLD OUT

    Smart 1800 - Load to your 1500 GCASH ALL IN PO. Globe 850 - Load to your 600 GCASH ALL IN PO.
  47. J

    Closed 130 Globe load to 105 gcash

    130 Globe load to 105 gcash. Get nyo na!
  48. J

    For Sale My 200 Globe load to your 160 GCash

    20% DC po. 200 Globe load to your 160 pesos GCash 😊
  49. J

    Closed 140 globe load to your 105 gcash

    140 globe load to your 105 gcash
  50. T

    For Sale Globe Load

    100 Load