globe load

Globe Telecom, Inc., commonly shortened as Globe, is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. The company operates the largest mobile network in the Philippines and one of the largest fixed-line and broadband networks. As of March 2022, Globe's total mobile subscriber base reached 87.4 million. It is also the country's largest telecommunications company in terms of market capitalization.The company's principal shareholders are Ayala Corporation and Singtel. It is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GLO and had a market capitalization of ₱363 billion as of the end of August 2021.Globe offers commercial wireless services through its 2G, 3G, 3.5G HSPA+, 4G LTE, and LTE-A networks, with 5G currently being deployed in key areas in the Philippines. Its 5G coverage is available in over 2,000 locations all over the country and about 96% of the National Capital Region.In 2016, Globe introduced its Globe Lifestyle brand as a way to connect to its customers through fashion. It also launched two entertainment divisions: Anima (formerly Globe Studios), which focuses on film and television production, and Globe Live, which focuses on live concerts and musical events.

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  1. J


    1k amount pm nalang po payment gcash only
  2. D

    For Sale Globe load

    For sale 200 globe regular for 170gc fix po 😊 via loadcard.
  3. J


    mga boss madam, ano magandang load for unli data kay globe? para sa prepaid wifi? pang ran and pang browse. salamat po!
  4. P


    20% discount po sana salamat
  5. H

    For Trade My GLOBE LOAD to Your GCASH

    Namali kasi ng load. ₱800, trading it to ₱700 GCASH.
  6. P

    Help Offline po ba Globe load ngayon?

    Nagtry ako magload ng ez50 sa customer binalik lang yong bayad both gcash and lazada store.
  7. C

    Help Globe load.

    Mga idol, may way ba para maipasa sa Smart yung load sa Globe? Saka di ba pwede ipambayad ng bills ang load sa Globe? Salamat 🙏🏻
  8. X


    500 Globe Regular Load
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    Looking For Globe load 110 to my 100Gcash

    Buying Globe Load 110 via gcash
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    For Trade My globe load to gcash

    Trade po 500 globe load to your gcash.
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    For Sale 500 Globe Load Card to GC

    Baka lods gusto nyo 17%DC kapag d get all, pero 18% DC kapag get all 500 lods 83P/per piece * 5 = 415P 410P/get all🔥🔥🔥
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    For Sale 500 Globe Load Card Prepaid to GC 18%Dc

    Lods baka gusto nyo, 17% DC kapag tingi, kapag 500+ 18DC pm me lods kapag interested kayo
  13. P

    Help Maintenance po ba globe load ngayon?

    Subukan ko loading platform lazada shopee gcash.. refund lang yong fund.. golbe athome wifi po niloloadan ko.. homesurf50 or famsurf50.
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    For Sale 500 Prepaid Globe Load Card to Gcash

    500 Globe load lods pa bid nlng lods, dko alam bentahan ng card
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    For Sale Prepaid Globe Load Card 500 to Gcash

    Bid po muna, sa load card globe
  16. A

    For Trade Globe load 100 card deno/dtu 1k

    16% dc po globe load lang
  17. P

    Looking For Globe load 150

    Yung mura lng sana yung kaya sa budget lng hehe
  18. J

    For Trade Globe load via amax to your gcash

    150 globe load 25% dc
  19. P

    Help Globe load promo upon registering gets refunded, is there maintenance going on?

    Keeps on refunding.
  20. I

    For Trade Globe load 150 to GCash 125

    Sino po gusto ng Globe load 150 palit po sa GCash, akala ko kase pwede pambayad sa globe one yung regular load
  21. C

    Help Globe load

    anong magandang iregister ngayon sa globe?
  22. R

    Closed Papasa po ng regular globe load piso lang po nandito kasi ako sa bundok need lang mag expired kasi sim ko mamayang gabi

    Thanks po
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    For Trade 1000 globe load to your 900 gcash

    Yung legit sana
  24. N

    For Trade My 10peso dito load to your 5 peso globe load

    For trade
  25. R

    For Sale Globe Load Card 240 gcash

    For Sale Globe Load Card 240 gcash
  26. U

    For Sale 500 globe load card to 450 gcash

    Baka may need bulk load jan ng globe bilhin nyo na ito pangdagdag lang tuition sa summer class. Unscratched, pwede ko i scratch while on vc tayo after the payment need lang talaga pang tuition.
  27. L

    For Trade 400 globe load to 350 gcash

    Selling 400 globe load to gcash.. 350
  28. C

    Looking For Globe AMAX, Globe Load card, and Razer Gold

    Bulk buyer here! 17 to 18 % discount for AMAX and LOAD CARD. 15% discount for Razer Gold any deno po. Chat, comment, then offer na lang para mapag usapan.
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    For Trade 1k globe load to maya

    for trade my 1k globe load to maya 500*2 prepaid cards. 20% dc
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    For Trade Globe load card

    Pa trade globe load card 300 250 sana need lang🥲
  31. F

    For Trade 100 Globe load to your 85 Gcash

    Sayang lang e
  32. S

    For Sale Globe load

    300 globe load for 285 gcash
  33. C

    Looking for globe load card suppliers!

    i'm looking for globe load card suppliers! 17-20% discount. bulk buyer and can provide proof na buying talaga. badly needed lang for stocks.
  34. M

    Looking For 1k globe load

    get ko na 8h need pang top up
  35. Y

    Looking For 200 GLOBE LOAD

    Need ngayon, 20% DC sana
  36. Z

    For Trade Globe Load swap to Gcash

    Pa buy ako globe mga paps
  37. B

    Globe TM 500 globe load to gcash

    Pa swap 500 globe load ko to gcash kahit 300 gcash lng.salamat
  38. I

    For Trade Globe Load trade BNB sa metamask

    $2 BNB papalitan ko P150 load baka meron kayo boss kinapos lang ako pangswap sa metamask
  39. C

    Help 1 month Globe load

    Hello po merong po ba kayong tutorial paano makakuha ng free load in 1 month sa globe? MARAMING SALAMAT♡
  40. O


    Hello, would like to trade my 100 GLOBE LOAD CARD to your GCASH Comment po sa interested
  41. A

    For Sale Globe load card 100 deno x2

    Kunin niyo na 15%dc
  42. A

    Help Regular globe load GOMO

    pwede ba regular load gamitin pang sub sa promo ni GOMO?
  43. M

    Looking For Globe load 800 good discount

    Rush need pang now pm nyo ko
  44. P

    Help Globe Load Card to TM Sim

    Hello mga ka-phc. Ask ko lang kung pwedeng ipasok sa Tm sim yung load card ng globe? Salamat agad.
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    Looking For Globe Load Card Suppliers

    Looking for globe load card suppliers! 17-20% discount, Bulk order or tinggi. Pm or comment down below if you sell or know someone who sells. Pins First before payment. Can send payment every after you send the pins. 100% LEGIT and Sure buyer! Proof: Looking For - Globe Load to Gcash
  46. B

    For Trade Globe Load to Gcash

    LF Gcash po Salamat
  47. S

    For Sale Globe load 15% off

    selling ako globe balance ko tas may 300 load card, 15% discount sa bibili thanks po
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    Globe TM Forsale Smart & Globe load

    200 autoloadmax sa smart for 170 150 autoloadmax sa globe for 120
  49. A

    For Sale Globe load 350 trade to gcash

  50. E

    For Sale 300 Globe load for Codashop Topup.

    Upto 300 load topup with 25%dc for Genshin, Wildrift, Valoran or anything na walang patong.