In UNIX computing, the system load is a measure of the amount of computational work that a computer system performs. The load average represents the average system load over a period of time. It conventionally appears in the form of three numbers which represent the system load during the last one-, five-, and fifteen-minute periods.

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    For Sale 100 TNT/SMART LOAD

    For sale 100 SMART/ TNT LOAD for only P90 GCash
  2. O

    DITO Selling dito load

    DITO LOAD 200 PESOS swap sa gcash na 200 pesos thank you
  3. S

    Globe Load Promos

    Any globe promos po na mura ung mga tricks po sana na pang budget meal lang po....thank youuuu
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    Globe TM GTM No Load - Pang Malakasang DO Servers 03-02-24

    New JKim VPN Update! - March 2, 2024 • Smart/TNT/Sun users now have access to 3 private slowdns (DNSTT) servers and 3 UDP Hysteria servers. • Globe/TM users also have 3 private slowdns (DNSTT) servers available. If connecting is an issue, try using Termux. - GitHub - JKimDevs/termux •...
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    For Sale SOLD OUT: 1200 smart load 15% dc

    For sale 1200 smart load. 15%dc
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    Help Zivpn no load

    Mga boss puwede makahingi ng config sa zivpn for globe no load ,
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    Help No Load

    Ano pong sim may no load?
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    For Sale Smart Load Card

    Buy nyo na 2x100 Smart Load card ko offer kayo Dc salamat
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    Looking For TNT LOAD 700

    Buying TNT LOAD 700. Yung legit sana at discounts
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    bilhin nyo na to 80 load trade sa gcash 60
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    Help Paano magpasa ng load sa globe to globe?

    paano magpasa ng load sa globe to globe?
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    For Sale 600 STS Load

    15 dc via load card (direct load)
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    Libre vpn pro GTM No load DNSTT Working All Area No need to Addtime free to used Feedback is Always Good 😊 Download App Here: Hidden content
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    Smart TNT Sun STS NO LOAD UDP FAST FAST (03-01)

    Libre vpn pro Sts no load Fast Connect No Addtime Needed ready To use Download Here; Hidden content
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    Help Need network suggestions for no load

    Hi guys kakabalik lang sa no load scene, ano method na popular ngayon na pang no load tsaka anong network yong di masyado nam bloblock xD, thanks..
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    200 DITO LOAD TO GCASH, get ko lowest dc
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    For Sale STNT LOAD

    dm lang
  18. E

    For Sale 700 Smart load 20%dc

    DM niyo nalang ako mga boss
  19. Y

    Looking For 500 Dito load - 20% dc

    Palitan ko ng 400 gcash.
  20. C

    For Sale SOLD OUT: 1000 smart load 15dc

    For sale 1000 smart pasaload. 15dc
  21. R

    For Sale Sale load 100

    Sino gusto bumili load ko 70 pesos 100 load via pasaload
  22. P

    DITO Todo data 10 Pa load po

    pa load mga paps message need lang
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    Smart TNT Sun Looking for regular load smart

    700 pesos regular load for smart po looking po ako 20dc po sana ty
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    For Sale Dito load

    620 dito load 15% discount
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    For Sale Dito load

    Baka my need sa inyo 180 gcash
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    Looking For Lf discounted 580 load

    Lf yung goods na goods yung discount.. for academic purposes ty.
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    For Sale DTU & Globe Load

    Offer kayo Discount 4.5K DTU available 400 Globe Load card available
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    Help GTM no load

    its been 5 years po na di ako nagamit ng mga vpns or no load häçks, may blocking parin po ba sa mga sim till now?
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    Smart TNT Sun Sell 100 load

    Sino gusto bumuli nang rewards ko sa tongits go 100 load for only 70 pesos via gcash
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    Smart TNT Sun STS No Load - UDP Hysteria & DNSTT [Private Servers]

    STS No Load UDP Hysteria & DNSTT Private Servers! Link: Hidden content
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    Globe TM GTM No Load Pangmalakasang Update - 02/28/24 (7 Private Server's)

    Updated Link: Globe TM - GTM No Load - Pang Malakasang DO Servers 03-02-24
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    For Sale Sold 4000 Smart/tnt load to Gcash

    4000 smart/tnt load to Gcash 15% dc
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    For Trade Regular Load 100 = 70php nlng tru gcash

    sa interesado po maam/sir pass po sa load first di ko maopen kc yung gcash na yan tru globe one ko lang sya mailoload
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    For Sale Lf Load buyer

    Selling 1k load with 30% Discount
  35. 0

    Todo data 10 pa load pp

    Paload sana ako hehe
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    AstralFort VPN New Free Vpn Smooth UI Interface Easy To Use Fast ρáíd Udp Inside The App. Direct Link Hidden content
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    Globe TM Paano po magpasa load Globe

    Hello po pa help po meron papo bang ganitong feature ni globe magpasaload
  38. A

    For Trade Trade gcahs to load

    Pa trade 30 gcash to 50 regular load