"Love Etc." is a song by English synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys from their tenth studio album, Yes (2009). It was released on 16 March 2009 as the album's lead single. The single was also made available on the US and Canadian iTunes Stores on 24 March 2009, making it the duo's first single to be released in the US, albeit as a digital download, since "Break 4 Love" in 2001.The song was co-written by Pet Shop Boys with production team Xenomania, who also produced the track. Pet Shop Boys describe "Love Etc." as "a post-lifestyle anthem which sounds like nothing we've done before." The single became the duo's ninth number-one entry on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart; the pair thus overtook Depeche Mode to break the record for the most chart-toppers by a duo or group on the Billboard dance chart.The music video was directed by Dutch digital artist Han Hoogerbrugge. The website Stereogum described it as a "horizontally scrolling animated video [that] is part Sonic The Hedgehog (dated video game reference!) and part Pac Man (chomping down on hearts, shamrocks, and cash money), with a lineup of Chrisses, Neils, and others shouting, flexing, unmasking, and turning into draculas."

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    Need Component Design like button, cards, etc?

    Guys share ko lang this site, madami syang component design na pwede nyo gamitin if may project kayo
  2. P

    IPTV New IPTV update dropped!!

    Some channels might not play but hey atleast there's some that's working right now. IPTV - Wonypium IPTV | IPTV M3U File
  3. J

    Referral Shopee P100 Off Grocery Items - Ariel, Downy, Lucky Me, Colgate, Surf etc

    Sign na to para mag-grocery ka na ngayon! Add to cart from video para may P100 off (30% Off). So yung P300 mo, P210 na lang babayaran! (Note: Daily po itong 30% Off Voucher sa video) Shopee Videos: Ariel Powder Detergent Check out my video on Shopee Video Ariel Liquid Detergent Check out my...
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    Tutorial Earning Site Using photo editors (remove ng and etc)

    hi, you can earn by removing photo background ng clients mo. working on pc/laptop/computer po siya and this is freelancing po. triny ko siya sa mobile kaso mahirap watch na lang kayong tutorial on yt kung paano siya nagwowork, again, on freelancing po hindi ka basta basta kikita kelangan mong...
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    Tutorial Night Crows Fix Game error, Crash etc

    1. Go to the Night Crows NXGame or Global Game Folder 2. Open These Folders: Client > Mad > Binaries > Win64 > Uncheater 3. Replace the 3 files xmag_64.xem and xinan_64.xem For Cheaters Delete this file: C:\Windows\xhunter1.sys Hidden content
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    (New Link + Bonus TV APK) Free IPTV w/ ãdül Channel, Netflix, Disney etc. (Updated version)

    Free Movies, almost some of the titles included in Netflix, Disney, HBO etc; with international IPTV Channels narin. Download na guys, habang valid pa ung link. Feedback nalang, salamat :) (Updated Link) LiveTV_Movies.apk is available for download Bonus APK para sa TV : APK For TV.apk
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    Direct Link (Gofile, etc.) Pre-Installed PC Games Collection [Com-shop games] | Offline Extract And Play (REQUEST)

    Please comment below if the link(s) you picked is dead. PRE-INSTALLED (EXTRACT AND PLAY) All of these files came from a list of sources gathered into one post here. Credits of their website should be inside the file. (If links are dead, please let me know.) [List of Games System...
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    Help I want to start selling on social media apps (lazada, tiktok, shopee and etc)

    may mga may alam ba rito where to find suitable supplier (clothes/clothing wears). i just need extra income kaya naghahanap ng suppliers, any tips po sa mga may online business din? thank you appreciated
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    MobLegend Claim Star Protection, etc.

    To claim all of these See picture below. Hidden content Open and click connect. Lastly, open the mobile legend app, click mail and click Claim. Congrats you receive the gifts! Pls. COMMENT what you've got! Thank you! 'No comment' will be excluded on the next codes.
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    Asan na mga "makabayan" na estudyante ng UP, etc. , bakit wala na sila rally

    dami nang issue na nalalagay sa alangain ang bansang pilipinas .. anjan ang POGO at iba pa . asan na ang mga estudyanteng makabayang ng UP o ibat ibang unibersidad .. bakit wala na silang rally? dati pag my mga issue ang bansa, kaliwat kanan ang pag rarally nila .. nakikisali o...
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    Use Brave Browser
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    Ask lang sa mga law students etc...

    May nag sabi kasi sakin na mag ingat daw ako dahil daw baka plantedan ako, may naka sagutan kasi ako medyo malaking tao. Ano kaya mga magandang gawin para incase maka pag prepare ako sa mga gantong scenario. Context: nag salita lang ako kasi mali yung pamamalakad nya sa organization, bossy sya...
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    Bakit mga babae mahilig sa maasim, mangga etc.

    Bakit sila mahilig sa maasim..mangga na may bagoong at iba pa
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    Sobrang blessed din tayo gaya ni Diwata, Rosmar etc. , alam nyo kung bakit?

    Sa pag gising na lang natin bawat umaga/araw sobrang blessed na tayo .. Naalala ko yung napanod ko, sabi nung guy sa mama , "Bibigyan kita ng 10M dollars ngayon pero bukas hindi kana gigising"... syempre hindi pumayag yung mama na sinabihan nya .. ...kaya bawat pag gising mo sa...
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    Trivia Questions about school (records, transfer, subjects and etc.)

    Drop your questions related sa school. I'm working at the Registrar Office sa isang shool dito sa province namin. You can ask me anything na need niyo na sakop ng work ko sa school. I want to give back to this forum by this. Thank youu
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    Free Adobe PSD/GFX Mockups etc. @

    Hey guys, I have this website providing for FREE all your graphic needs. Available sa Adobe apps, Davinci, and Final Cut. Search lang kayo. Will upload more contents! Thank you.
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    For Sale Ethical häçking Services (Web häçking, Security Pentesting, Security Auditing, Account Recovery, etc)

    CSPI now offers a range of ethical häçking services and other security-related services. Reference: CSPI Services Security Auditing: Security auditing involves a systematic evaluation of a system's security measures to ensure they meet the required standards. Website häçking: Website...
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    Tutorial How häçkers actually c'rack hashes in your database that got häçked (SHA256, BCrypt, etc)

    Doesn't mean It's hashed using BCrypt or some powerful hash algorithms It's already "unbreakable", nah. Dream on, the world is evolving and every problem has a solution. Hidden content
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    Tutorial How to get any one personal information in any big company (Google, Amazon, Government, etc)

    This is for educational purposes to aware you and doing this can land you in jail If you're caught through backtrack (i know how). :02Hype: Hidden content
  20. G

    Android TV as a server (web, file server etc.)

    Sino naka try na? Currently meron ako dito MXQ Pro 4k na ginawa ko web server (local). Setup: - AWebServer Http Apache PHP Sql turn on auto run lang sa settings. Pa share if meron kayo.
  21. V

    LF Work Tarpaulin designs for Birthdays, Weddings and etc.

    I'm a freelance/part-time graphics designer using Adobe Photoshop for more than 5 years. I make tarpaulin layouts sa isang Printing Shop sa area namin but due to nastroke mom ko, I stopped working full time. I'm accepting wedding invitation layouts, tarpaulin layouts for birthdays and...
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    BAKA NAMAN !!! 🙏🥰🙏 Mga ka phc baka po pwede makahingi ng winston pack code red or kahit ano basta winston lang po na may code. Sa mga may mabubuting luob jan na mag bigay advance thank you po. 🤗
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    Course Udemy Course Excellence in Product and Brand Management- FMCG, FMCD etc.

    here's the link: feedback lang mga paps tyty!!!
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    For Sale Tinder Verified Accounts (Customize City, Photo,Name & ETC)

    Affiliate Market Purposes ONLY! Disclaimer: Accounts is for personal legal use only. Please do not use account to conduct any îllégâl Activities. Buyer bears full responsibility for the use of the account.
  25. K

    Help PC Randomly Opens Apps

    mga lods patulong. ano ba gagawin ko? kusa na lang nag oopen yung Windows Search, Default Browser, Volume Control, etc. habang naglalaro o nagtatype sa keyboard. nireformat ko na ang pc, pangalawang beses pa nga, at nagpapalit-palit na din ako ng keyboard, ganun pa rin. ano ba problema ng pc ko?
  26. M

    Music, Movies, Games, etc.

    Sa mga naghahanap ng site na pwede mag-download ng music, movies, etc., share ko lang po itong site na nakita ko. Hidden content PS: pang-PC po pala ito. Hindi ko pa natry kung pwede sa CP 'to.
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    Help Closed.

    Closed. Ulitin ko po.
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    Movie, sports, t.v series etc: streaming

    malupet pa sa cable all country channel hbo, cinemax, discovery, etc: kayo na mag.explore..... link👉[] pakidelete f repost🤗
  29. M


    wala kb NBA pass? Watch na dito may ads nga lang pero sulit!! Hidden content
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    Tutorial How to have a secure and anonymous server, cdn, etc

    Don't.. Be... A... Leecher but appreciate. :) Hidden content
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    ( hindi ko po ito pinopromote! nagbibigay lang po ako ng tips para makatulong sa nangangailangan! sana wag ma delete ) First time ko po mag sheshare kaya pagpasensyahan na! pa delete na lang kung bawal! TATLONG LIBRENG PARAAN PARA MAKAPAGDOWNLOAD SA MGA MABABAGAL NA CLOUD STORAGE SITES! MOST...
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    Tutorial Free UHQ proxies. REPEATABLE

    Tested with OpenBullet and the CPM can hit over 250+ Hidden content
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    Help AdFly, Bitly etc.

    Mga master ano recommend nyo na shorten link na pwede pagkakitaan?

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Credit is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party wherein the second party does not reimburse the first party immediately, but promises either to repay or return those resources at a later date.

Lenders want to make sure all their bases are covered before they extend you credit. That means they may look at factors other than your credit score to determine whether to lend you money. Your employment status also can play a role: If your income is too low or you haven’t been at your current workplace long, those factors could weigh against you.

Errors can come in a variety of forms. You may not have been credited for a payment you made, or you may have been charged for a purchase you didn’t make. A debt might be listed more than once, or your balance might be wrong.