The Chinese people or simply Chinese, are people or ethnic groups identified with China, usually through ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, or other affiliation.Chinese people are either known as Zhongguoren (中国人; 中國人) or as Huaren (simplified Chinese: 华人; traditional Chinese: 華人) or Hua people by Chinese language speakers, including among Chinese speakers living in Greater China as well as overseas Chinese. Although both terms are synonyms (referring to Chinese people), their usage depends on the person and context. The former term is commonly used to refer to the citizens of the People's Republic of China - especially mainland China - or ethnic Chinese living in China, although it can be used to refer to ethnic Chinese, regardless of citizenship or place of residency, as it was used historically. The term Huaren is used to refer to ethnic Chinese, and is more often used for those who reside overseas or are non-citizens, and is less commonly used to refer to citizens of the Chinese state.
The Han Chinese are the largest ethnic group in China, comprising approximately 92% of its Mainland population. They comprise approximately 95% of the population of Taiwan, 92% in Hong Kong, and 89% in Macau. They are also the world's largest ethnic group, comprising approximately 18% of the global human population.Outside China, the terms "Han Chinese" and "Chinese" are often conflated since those identifying or registered as Han Chinese are the dominant ethnic group in China. There are 55 officially-recognized ethnic minorities in China who may also identify as "Chinese".
People from Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), may also be referred to as "Chinese" in various contexts, though they are usually referred to as "Taiwanese". The territory of Taiwan is disputed and the ROC has limited recognition of its sovereignty.
The term "Overseas Chinese" is used to refer to the extensive Chinese diaspora and/or its ethnic Chinese descendants.

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    Trivia Alice Guo may have left PH using Chinese passport: Gatchalian

    While there are no Bureau of Immigration (BI) records showing that suspended Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo has left the country, Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian is not discounting the possibility that she might have already done so using a Chinese passport. Source...
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    Help Request: Missy's School Day

    Pa request po nitong Chinese Drama na Missy's School Day... Baka may makahanap... Salamat po
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    Trivia New deal establishes hotline CH and PH presidents can use to stop clashes at sea

    A recently signed agreement will open a direct line of communication between the presidential offices of China and the Philippines to help prevent any new confrontation from spiraling out of control in the disputed South China Sea, according to highlights of the accord seen by The Associated...
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    NBI Davao uncovers 200 falsified birth certificates' issued to Chinese

    DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said it had uncovered “close to 200 falsified birth certificates” issued to Chinese nationals from 2018 to 2019, all by the civil registry of one town. This was revealed as the NBI regional office here arrested on Tuesday a...
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    Test-drive Of Chinese Brand BYD in Flooded Section Of Mandaue.

    So following sa nauna ko na post. May nakita akong video they tested a BYD chinese EV Brand in the middle of flooded section here in Mandaue City Cebu. Source: FB Michael Jhaye Jordan
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    Help Ablaze with vengeance?

    Ask ko lang sa nakapanood ng episode 1-97 ng ablaze with vengeance may karugtong pa ba yun? kasi sobrang bitin ng ending dipa nila nalaman identity ni Layla York. baka naman mga lods
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    Trivia Chinese Mayor Guo Hua Ping's (aka Alice Guo) brother is actually Chinese national Guo Xiang Dian

    Wesley Leal Guo, embattled Bamban Chinese mayor Guo Hua Ping’s brother, is actually Chinese national Guo Xiang Dian. Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian disclosed this on Wednesday, citing fingerprint results provided by the NBI.“This again demonstrates that the late registration process was abused by...
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    MANILA, Philippines — Bamban Mayor Alice Guo’s fingerprints matched with Chinese woman Guo Hua Ping, Senator Risa Hontiveros said on Thursday. In a statement, Hontiveros said the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has confirmed that Mayor Guo and Guo Hua Ping’s fingerprints have matched...
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    Tools Chinese Miracle 2 2.58 without box

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    Should the Philippines roll out the red carpet for Chinese tourists?

    (1st UPDATE) Other Southeast Asian countries have brought in millions of Chinese tourists after waiving visa requirements. But political tensions and a wary local populace might prevent the Philippines from taking the same step. In late September 2023, Chinese tourists visiting Thailand...
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    Trivia Marcos responds to Chinese general's question on PH behavior' in South China Sea

    MANILA, Philippines – After the delivering the keynote address at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)’s Shangri-la Dialogue in Singapore on Friday night, May 31, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. got his first question from a Chinese military general who asked about the...
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    BI arrests 7 Chinese nationals 'illegally working' in Batangas quarry site

    Seven Chinese nationals "illegally working" in a quarry site in Taysan, Batangas have been arrested by agents of the Bureau of Immigration (BI). In a statement, the BI identified those arrested as Wang Zhenglai, 34, and his father Wang Shou Min, 67, and Gao Zhengyao, Wang Yongshang, Song Ke...
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    AFP initiates probe on concerning' arrest of Chinese man over guns, häçking equipment

    Yuhang Liu (Contributed photo) The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said Friday, May 31, that it has conducted an investigation after a Chinese man arrested by the police in Makati City yielded communications equipment linked to possible häçking. Personnel of the Philippine National...
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    Nanindigan ang kampo ni Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo na Pilipina ang nanay ng alkalde. Nanawagan sila sa ina ni Guo na lumantad na.“‘Yung mommy niya kasi, problema, hindi naman niya nakita ‘yan eh. Kaya sana lumabas ‘yung mommy niya para ma-DNA natin,” sinabi ng abogado ng alkalde na si Atty...
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    Gov't to seize 320 properties worth billions from Chinese drug lords

    Surigao del Norte Rep. Robert Ace Barbers MANILA, Philipppines — The government is set to forfeit billions of pesos worth of lands from suspected Chinese drug lord Willie Ong and his associates. Surigao del Norte Rep. Robert Ace Barbers said the Land Registration Authority (LRA) and the Office...
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    Smart daw sa business mga Chinese

    Eh ano to? 😂 Kahapon lang nag-Google! Alice Guo claims she’s unaware of business partners’ criminal records
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    Help REQ: Moment of Silent or Silent for the Moment Chinese Drama

    Request lang po mga sir, baka may makatulong. Thank you in advance
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    Chinese Invasion Is Laughable And Dumb says Human Rights Activist

    Human rights activist Teresita Ang See public statement about the imagined China invasion causing new controversial policy on stricter Visas for China passport holders.
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    Comelec verifying possible poll violations of Bamban, Tarlac mayor

    MANILA, Philippines — The Commission on Elections (Comelec) said on Wednesday that it is still verifying if any law was broken regarding the candidacy of Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo. Guo’s citizenship came into question after she failed to provide details about her birth and schooling when...
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    Chinese nationals pretending to be a Filipino

    Sen Hontiveros suspects there have been chinese nationals pretending to be filipinos, na nakaupo pa sa gobyerno, specifically sa mga LGUs, na posibleng mga asset ng China, in aim for china to build foothold and strong influence in the Philippines. This is alarming. Mayor of Bamban, Tarlac...
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    DND: Chinese Embassy's 'audio record' on WPS talks violates PH law

    credits: PNA MANILA – The Chinese Embassy's claim of having an audio recording of a Filipino general talking with a Chinese diplomat regarding a "new model" agreement on the West Philippine Sea (WPS) is tantamount to an admission of violating Philippine laws, Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro...
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    Trivia Expel Chinese embassy execs over phone wiretap Gibo

    Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro Jr. called on the Department of Foreign Affairs yesterday to investigate how unnamed people in the Chinese embassy in Manila allegedly recorded a supposed phone conversation between a Chinese diplomat and a top Armed Forces official discussing a so-called new...
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    [DONE] Offering up to 30-2k+ PHP for doing research about a chinese Surname

    CLOSED: Someone already did a research. Reward was 5.5k
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    Chinese car fans in reddit

    Pansin ko lang doon sa gulong subreddit. Subreddit iyan ng mga Philippine car owners at enthusiasts. Ang daming fans ng chinese cars doon. Take a quick look sa mga nag downvoters sa mga nag comments on leaning towards tried and trusted Japanese, American and European vehicles. No upvotes to...
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    Viral Chinese nandaya

    Viral ngayon, Organizers of a half-marathon in Beijing, China have launched an investigation after a video of Chinese runner He Jie winning went viral. Kitang-kita sa utube video na talagang ipinanalo ng apat na african yung chinese runner. Sinesenyasan pa na lumampas sa kanila, grabe. Hindi ko...
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    Shortbox (korean, chinese drama)

    Shortbox Palaging updated ng chinese drama Palaging updated ng korean drama Noted: Sa mahihilig na magbabad nang episode by episode lalo na sa mga idol o mga idolo niyo po. Featured: -Walang ads -Unlock na ang mga episode. -No Login Required -Modified and tested by me. Noted: Wag maglalagay...
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    Tutorial Chinese number otp receiver

    baka po may alam kayong sms receiver china number po. salamat
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    Ancient love poetry

    ancient love poetry meron po ba kayo tagalog for download sana.
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    36 Chinese recruits, nakapasok sa PCG auxiliary

    Aside from the chinese bombarding filipino vessels and filipino fisherman in ayungin shoal. May mga chinese na nakapasok sa philippine coast guard. Whats worse is that this chinese are not even filipino cetizens or not even half-filipino. ang exact number ng mga chinese na naka pasok sa coast...
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    Help Chinese ebook

    Baka may natatabi kayo jan na ebook para matuto mag chinese. Sulat at bigkas. Salamat.
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    Can we trust chinese Cloud Storages (e.g Terabox)

    No. Certainly not and one of this is Terabox. A lot Cloud Storages that provides 1TB+ for free have a very bad history some of them are doing exit scam, sudden reduce of the download and upload speed so you will be forced to upgrade your plan and lastly just suddenly disappears. Terabox dumped...
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    Direct Link Wandering Sword Build 12686552

    Wandering Sword is a Chinese martial-arts RPG where you play a young swordsman caught up in a feud and nearly dies. Escaping the event puts you on the path of pursuing the highest form of martial arts and exploring the pugilistic world to become the great hero you are always destined to be...
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    Gilas Pilipinas Vs. Chinese Taipei

    Bukas na ang laban Gilas Pilipinas Vs. Chinese Taipei Iba talaga kapag may justine brownlee...iba ang laro walang masyadong dribol drive in short walang buwakaw 😂 at lalo na mas nag improved laruan nila dahil si coach tim cone na may hawak ng national team 😍😍😍 Support Laban Gilas Pilipinas 😂👍💪👊🇵🇭
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    Unexpected knot: My husband is a tycoon

    Baka meron po kayong link? Salamat po
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    Trivia CSTool Chinese Smart Phone Tool V1.60 and S Module 2024 NOTE!!! > ang ponopost ko po ay Libre At walang bayad...

    CSTool Chinese Smart Phone Tool V1.60 and S Module 2024 CSTool is a revolutionary phone servicing solution that supports MTK and SPD-based devices. It offers a range of features such as flash, repair, unlock, data recovery, and more for Chinese and Android phones. In this article, we will...
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    Sarap naman kapag naka DITO! 🥰 Meron na ba lahat?
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    Tools CSTool Chinese Smart Phone Tool V1.60 & S Module Free By Jmvnzla 2024 Flash, Repair, Unlock, Data Recovery Support Vivo, Oppo, Meizu, & Other Brands

    🆕CSTool Chinese Smart Phone Tool V1.60 & S Module Free By Jmvnzla 2024 Flash, Repair, Unlock, Data Recovery Support Vivo, Oppo, Meizu, & Other Brands 🔴What’s New in CS Tool 1.60 & S Module 1.38 !!! 🔘MTK 6763/6367T : ✅Flash ✅Formatting ✅Repairing IMEI ✅Downloading...
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    Help Chinese Drama Request - Battle Through the Heavens

    Hello, San po pwede makadownload ng mga Chinese drama series like 'Battle Through the Heavens' live action sana hindi yung animation. Kahit link na lang po to download the episodes and sana HD na rin. 🙂 Pero kung may ma provide po kayo na websites, much better! Maraming salamat po. Here's the...
  39. Q

    May chinese akong gustong jowain pero

    Wala man lang ni isang social media na pwedeng gamitin puro banned lahat 😭
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    Tutorial How to visit chinese websites

    The government of the People's Republic of China is our enemy, not the civilian population. Hidden content
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    Taiwan says eight Chinese fighter jets crossed strait's median line

    TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's defence ministry said on Sunday that over the previous 24 hours it had detected eight Chinese fighter jets crossing over the median line of the Taiwan Strait, as well as one Chinese balloon. Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, has repeatedly complained...
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    PH Navy shoos away Chinese boats

    BRP ‘Cabra’ at approximately 3.5NM east off Ayungin Shoal blocked by CCGV 21551 at approximately 20 yards dead ahead. PHOTO FROM THE PHILIPPINE COAST GUARD© Provided by The Manila Times PHILIPPINE Navy personnel on rubber boats have been driving away dozens of Chinese boats that were trying to...
  43. F

    Chinese, Taiwanase and Japanse translation of Tsunami

    Magkaiba lang ng salita na 'Tsunami' dito sa translator na ginamit sa Chinese, Japanese at Taiwanese?
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    Help Old chinese kungfu movies link

    Mga bossing baka may alam kayong link mapapanooran ng mga old kungfu movies nila sammo hung saka stephen chow etc. yung mga about sa chinese zombie comedy film. sa doungyin (chinese tiktok) lang kase ako nakakapanood kaso wala sub kaya di maintindihan. salamat

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