Technology transfer (TT), also called transfer of technology (TOT), is the process of transferring (disseminating) technology from the person or organization that owns or holds it to another person or organization, in an attempt to transform inventions and scientific outcomes into new products and services that benefit society. Technology transfer is closely related to (and may arguably be considered a subset of) knowledge transfer.
A comprehensive definition of technology transfer today includes the notion of collaborative process as it became clear that global challenges could be resolved only through the development of global solutions. Knowledge and technology transfer plays a crucial role in connecting innovation stakeholders and moving inventions from creators to public and private users.Intellectual property (IP) is an important instrument of technology transfer, as it establishes an environment conducive to sharing research results and technologies. Analysis in 2003 showed that the context, or environment, and motives of each organization involved will influence the method of technology transfer employed. The motives behind the technology transfer were not necessarily homogenous across organization levels, especially when commercial and government interests are combined. The protection of IP rights enables all parties, including universities and research institutions to ensure ownership of the scientific outcomes of their intellectual activity, and to control the use of IP in accordance with their mission and core values. IP protection gives academic institutions capacity to market their inventions, attract funding, seek industrial partners and assure dissemination of new technologies through means such as licensing or creation of start-ups for the benefit of society.

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    Help Wise Transfer help

    Pahelp naman. Wala kasi akong bank account only e-wallet (gcash) Sapat naba na e-wallet information lang pag mag receive ako ng money from my client? Or need ko talaga iverify muna para makuha yung account details? need kasi ng 1,400 balance para sa verification. Thank you sa sasagot.
  2. J

    Help Redmi Note 8 Transfer Files from Internal Storage to USb

    Redmi Note 8 User here Android 10 MIUI Global 12.0.6 ganun na ba talaga di makapagtrabsfer from internal storage to OTG/USB? Lumalabas lagi Allow access to SD Card..nanuod na ku sa YøùTùbé troubleshooting permissions(mostly Indiano pa) dun sa Redmi 9a ku la naman problema to think mas latest...
  3. W

    Help Ang laki ng transfer fee sa paypal

    Guys pano ba to, ano ba alternative kase nag fefreelance ako tapos syempre thru paypal ang bayaran pero anlaki ng kaltas don. Ano po pwede ko gawin para mareceive ko payment ni client sa ibang bansa na hindi masyado ako makaltasan? badly need your thoughts mga ka-phc. Pahelp naman
  4. J

    Help Iphone photo transfer to pc

    baka po may apps kayo dyan na pedeng pang transfer ng picture ng iphone ko to PC ayaw kasi gumana nong documents, (64GB) to transfer thanks sa mga tutulong
  5. I

    Help, how to transfer photo from iphone to laptop

    Thanks in advance, any suggestions for my inquiry, tried wondershare mobiletrans but me bayad, is there another way na free😝
  6. C

    For Trade Paypal to Gcash Free of charge

    Paypal to Gcash free of charge. I just want to transfer my paypal funds to my gcash however I did not reach the minimum amount to be able to transfer it on my Gcash. So I'll be looking for someone to hop on to my paypal to gcash transfer, what you will send will be what you receive.
  7. F

    Help Transferring coinbase usdt to coinbase wallet

    ano minimum amount pwede itransfer sa coinbase to wallet? kasi ganto nangyayari pag nagtransfer ako...
  8. S

    Help Slow external hard drive

    mga sir baka may makatulong saakin ang bagal kasi ng transfer rate ng external hard drive seagate 4tb may paraan ba para mapabilis? ng walang format ? 100gb umaabot ng 2 hours
  9. M

    Gcash to gcash transfer unverified basic account

    Pano po kaya maitatransfer non verified gcash to fully verified? Naka receive na kasi ayuda yung iba dito need namin tulungan. Baka po may alam kayong way diyan. Thank you po.
  10. U

    PAYMAYA problem

    nagtransfer ako from my account sa bank TO paymaya account ko til now wala pa ring nagrereflect .. i dont know what to do please help! sino mga ninja jan patulong naman oh .. patransfer na lang nitong topic not sure where to post this PTPA
  11. L

    Help Music Transfer

    May alam po ba kayon way para mapasa yung music from ubuntu 18.04 to iphone. madami na po kasi ako na search pero ni isa wala pong gumana. Thanks po sa makakatulong
  12. N

    Help Gcash to paymaya not working

    Hello po, trying to transfer gcash money to paymaya, pero palagi “Service unavailable, please call 2488 for further information.”. Gcash number at paymaya number ko pareho.
  13. T


    helloo po .. ask ko lang po kung paano mag transfer ng load ng sun to other sun sim..kahit thru dial.. ayaw na kasi gumana ng via txt eh.. d na nag sesend ....pls po ano po gagawin ko sa 100 load ko po.
  14. H

    Help Gcash to gcash non verified

    Ask ko lang sana kung my kaltas ba mag send nang balance sa Gcash to Gcash non verifed? Mag papasana sana ako nang Gcash kaso nga lang di pa verified yong Gcash ko.. My kaltas kaya yun sakin or yong mag sesend nang Gcash Amount ko?
  15. I

    Help Question: pwede ba ipasok yong load sa or bitcoin?

    Hi mga kaPHC Paki delete lang po if hindi valid yong post ko San po ba pwede magpasok ng load para maging credit or maging wallet? Help naman po Pwede ba yong load gamitin sa codapay to bitcoin? Di na kasi pwede yong load to gcash pahingi naman po ng tip salamat Nagresearch narin ako gamex...
  16. P

    Help Transfer load

    paano po maintransfer globe load ko sa or gcash or pasaload saibang network??
  17. O

    Rapidleech not register need fast and easy

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    What is http

    The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, and hypermedia information systems. HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. Hypertext is structured text that uses logical links (hyperlinks) between nodes containing...
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    Closed Lipat ng contacts from iphone to any device

    Baka po naghahanap kayo ng way para mailipat yung contacts niyo sa iPhone niyo papunta sa ibang phone pero di na kasya sa sim card. Try niyo po yung app na: MCBackup Downloadable sa App Store :) Ineexport po niya yung contacts niyo into vCard and/or sa CSV dipende sa iset niyong setting. Tapos...
  20. E

    Closed Transfer nokia files to android

    Hello po. May nakakaalam po ba dito kung paano magtransfer ng files from Nokia 6300 to Android phones. Like contacts, sms etc.? Sinubukan ko na po noon igoogle yun at ginawa ang steps pero di ko matapos. Maraming Salamat po sa makakasagot.
  21. C

    Transfer Files Directly Pc To Pc Without Uploading to a third-party server.

    First Part (sender) 1. Go to 2. In the send portion click "choose file" then select the file you want to send. Any file / Any size will do. :D 3. Copy the URL/CODE given then send it to whom you want to send the file. 4. Click send file. (y) Done...
  22. V

    Closed Export Photos Shot by iPhone/iPad/iPod to Your Computer Easily

    Shot a lot of photos by iPhone, iPad or iPod, do you want to save them to your computer for a better keeping or enjoying? TunesGo for iOS can help you transfer photos from iPhone, iPad and iPod to your computer easily without iTunes or iPhotos. Watch Video: YøùTùbé.com/watch?v=EWiwDp4Jp_g...