A guide is a person who leads travelers, sportsmen, or tourists through unknown or unfamiliar locations. The term can also be applied to a person who leads others to more abstract goals such as knowledge or wisdom.

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    Materials Engineer (need guide)

    Hello mga kaCE, im planning to take exam on ME-1, currently reading Blue Book of DPWH, meron pa kayo mareco na books? thank you
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    Help guide naman po dyan mga bossing para sa GlobeATHOME Prepaid WiFi ZTE MF286RA.

    Help guide step by step guide po dyan para sa GlobeATHOME Prepaid WiFi ZTE MF286RA, lalo na po sa mga tools at yung pagsetup ng USB to TTL, sana po may tumulong. newbie lang po ako
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    DITO Dito SIM registration Guide

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    PHP Ask lang kung ano need aralin sa PHP ?

    Currently front end po ako kaso lilipatan ko software engineer sa php daw po ako mapupunta ask ko lang po ano po need aralin ?
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    GUIDE: How to Register Your SIM Card Telco subscribers, you will soon have to register your SIM cards or risk having your number deactivated with penalties under the SIM Card Registration Act, which aims to curb the proliferation of spam texts that flood subscribers' inboxes. GUIDE: How to Register Your SIM Card©...
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    Help EBook on solar installation guide

    eBook on solar installation guide
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    Help Please Guide me for NFT Selling

    hello po manghihingi lang ako payo tips and trick as first time ko lang pumasok sa NFT Art Selling sa Open Sea ako nag register sa mga veteran baka may maipapayo kayo sayo sya nga pala ok lang ba yun pinili ko polygon kasi no Gas fee sya pwede nyo din icritique yung art ko at open din po ako sa...
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    Help Looking for scanned copy/digital copy of Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song strategy/game guide

    Since malapit ng irelease ang remastered version ng Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song, meron ba dito na may copy ng strategy guide ng game in digital format? Care to share?
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    Tutorial React, NodeJS, Express & MongoDB The MERN Fullstack Guide

    Build fullstack React.js applications with Node.js, Express.js & MongoDB (MERN) with this project-focused course. What you’ll learn Learn how to connect ReactJS with NodeJS, Express & MongoDB Build an entire project from scratch! Refresh the basics about ReactJS, NodeJS, Express and MongoDB...
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    Guide : How to unbrick E5577s-321 with black screen after flash and read adb mode

    The problem is stuck in logo then go to adb mode with black screen The solution : 1- You need to erase all partion by go to fastboot from usbloader ( folder 1 in rar ) 2- Then send safe loader ( folder 2 in rar ) 3- flash firmware ( folder 3 in rar ) link ...
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    ANO PO dapat gawin if mag gym? if kukuha ako personal trainer need ba may tip? ano yung mga apps na pwede ko gamitin para malaman ko routine ko I want to target abs and lose weight. para sa gym goers only and pls don't tell me just google it lol
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    Tutorial Ultimate Carding Guide to Hero( Nétflí× , bitcoinvv, prime, etc) | Make your backup | @Archtrmntor

    🔥 Carding Course Free Download 🔥 Topic: ➖History of Carding ➖Definition of Carding and Carder ➖The Levels of Carding ➖Tools Needed for Carding ➖Types of Credit Cards ➖How to Check Credit Card Balance ➖How to Check CC is Live or Dead ➖Types of VISA Credit Cards ➖How to Start Carding...
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    Looking for Half Marathon Training guide

    Baka meron makapagrecommend ng magandang half marathon training for 2 months. Ung subok n. Salamats po.
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    Tutorial Flashing recovery guide

    Hidden content note: make sure you are unloack bootloader before doing this.. Tested : Xiaomi phone..
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    B A S I C M U S I C C O U R S E KEYBOARD course GETTING READY TO PLAY THE PIANO Hidden content simpleng salamat lang ayos na :)
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    (Help) Inventory System Android Interface na OpenSource

    Pa guide naman po paano simulan Inventory System para Android Interface na OpenSource
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    Tutorial LineageOS19.1 (12L) Unofficial for Redmi Note 9/T 5G - Guide

    Note: Do at your own risk, mga ka-cannong. Changing ROM/Firmware might comes with issue; also can brick device. Ito ay pawang guide lamang, hindi utos. Pre-requisite: Cannon/g Device Unlock Bootloader SDK Platform Tools ADB/Fastboot Set-up PC and a Data Cable Currently in MIUI 13 firmware...
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    Help Best laptop

    Ano po ba ang best laptop sa 20k to 30k na budget boss. Nice ba yung acer at asus sabi daw nila maganda daw pero sa tingin ko pangit sila. Any advice po Salamat
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    Crypto Crypto

    Hi Lods Gusto ko sana matuto ng Crypto, Sana mabigyan niyo ako ng tip or guidelines about sa crypto Salamat ng Marami
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    Help What is best book to read?

    Guys ano ba magandang basahin na libro for reading comprehension which is na magiginf significant tlga sya and ano magandang hobby for cognitive skills
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    Android How to install PHC apk in Chrome (Guide)

    Hidden content
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    My Time at Portia -Gifts for NPCs

    Requirements : Android 4.4 - Up Split Apk Installer File Size : 1.16 Gb OFFLINE Short Description : Open World Game w/ RPG Elements, Play Sims, Craft items, & Help Build the Town. & Here are the Gifts that will Make Your Relationship with Everyone (Except Higgins) Better! Hidden content
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    Android Let's Talk about These VMs.

    Hidden content[/COLOR]Hidden content[/B]Hidden content[/COLOR]Hidden content[/COLOR]Hidden content[/COLOR]Hidden content[/COLOR]Hidden content[/COLOR]Hidden content[/I]Hidden content[/COLOR]Hidden content[/I]Hidden content[/COLOR]Hidden content[/I]Hidden content[/COLOR]Hidden contentHidden...
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    Genshin Impact v1.6 Golden Apple Archipelago Guide (Hidden Chest, Time Trial, etc.)

    All the things you need to get on the Golden Apple Archipelago Hidden Chest Time Trial Challenge Hidden floating Crates *Credits to the original owner *Photos not mine *Share
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    Android Android Touch Sampling Rate (How to access and monitor your TSR)

    Responsive ba ang touches ng screen mo? on paper ba ang specs ng TSR ng phone mo? totoo ba ang nasa advertisements ang TSR ng smartphone mo? dito mo malalaman ilang hertz ng Touch Sampling Rate of your Android smartphone. What is Touch Sampling Rate? read here...
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    The Guide to Staying Motivated While Working Alone

    1.View your personal schedule as your work schedule A 9-to-5 job requires getting up every morning, preparing for the day, leaving the house, and commuting to your workplace. In other words, it requires going to work. You want to recreate the same rhythm at home. You may not actually need to...
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    H*cking TOOLs

    Ayan na ha. para sa lahat yan..di yan naka hide para kita din ng iba Paalala: Di po ito ung pag nag click ka..h*ck na kaagad.. Tools lng po ito. salamat...!NBwHXBpb!0qG7ugtYPt698B1vSfUQnsJSk-7r0gazKEgG0vc8Q9c
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    MLBB Lag Problem

    Halos lahat nakakaranas ng low ping o unstable connection where nagdidisco ang ping during the game. No need to worry panandalian lang daw ito sapagkat katatapos lng ng update at meron pang darating na update this Feb 21. Check niyo mona internet connection nyo bago maglaro so di masasayang...
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    Tutorial 4th time globe bugged - extra guide

    So hey, Nakapagbug nanaman ako for the 4th time, The Streak Continues! The Question: Paano? 4 times nakapagbug na? Nani? The Answer: (Medyo Old Na Ing Method Na to, Pretty sure reposted na din, But Im 100% Positive na working ito) -Register to Any Promo, Kahit Ano, Whatever the Promo you Want...
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    Tutorial Detailed guides and methods for bugging

    This is a one step go-to thread kung tinatamad ka going page by page The Start: Kamusta Po Sa Lahat, So i made this kasi wala akong magawa, So i think, "Hey, How bout make a Detailed Guide and some information for the good and bad people out there?" Sabi ko, "Sure why not?" The Question: Paano...
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    Help Come back

    guys how to play this game again after years??? i still have my old account and i don't know how to play this game again please help me
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    Sun Help po sa sun

    Best promo po para sa yung para sa unli download at no blocking? Ano po ba amg best promo
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    Titanic textview

    Titanic TextView #Share #Guide Translate ko lang po. :) ©//Source by Romainpiel //ReEdit object and method by Minh Nhật Link:
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    Meron ba kayong guideguide ***** links? for photoshop extention?

    Mahirap hanapin sa web, meron ba kayong GuideGuide ***** links? for Photoshop extention? I hope meron.
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    Crypto Sa mga nag tatanong kung legit ba si bnl

    Sino si BitNow Limited (BNL) ? - BNL ay isang company na involved sa Trading of Cryptocurrency (BTC to Etherium, BTC to Euro vice versa). Naregister noong October 2017 sa London, UK at lehitimong nakatala sa UK SEC with Company No. 10994520, Office Address of Kemp House, 160 City Road, London...
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    Help Cm flare xl2

    Help po mag unbrick ng CM flare xl2. pls paguide po.
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    How to make a website guide for beginners

    How to make a website guide for beginners. eightcupsofcoffee .org
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    Ultimate guide on how to make a website for beginners

    I just want to share this guide on how to make a website with WordPress for beginners. eightcupsofcoffee .org
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    Globe TM Nétflí×?

    may way pa po ba para mkacreate ng 1 month free subscription sa Nétflí×? kase sinusubukan ko ayaw na sa globe prepaid, 3 nlng options which is paypal, CC/DD at globe postpaid. pahelp nmn po , thankyou!
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    Tutorial Nougat panel on lollipop

    Nougat Panel on Lollipop Only Easy Guide For Modders :) So Lets Start :) Pre-requisite - Apktool PC/Android - Notepad ++ / Quick Edit - Brain For Rooted Only Copy SystemUI.apk from Working Directory Open ApkTool Then Decompile The SystemUI.apk After That Merge This Files Link Open...
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    Håck pc games part2!!!tutorial and guide to håck almost all pc games and some online games!!!

    Magandang umaga po ;) ☆PC Games Håck/Cheats Part II <summary> how to håck almost all offline PC games and some online PC games. <part 1 sum.>links of tutorial and tool link. <part 2 sum.>tutorial of how to use the Håck tool. /PC Games Håck/Part 2/: ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× Hi guys...
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    Håck pc games,cheat for all pcgames!!!includes:time,currency (gold,gems,coins,etc.) håck and more!!!

    Håck PC games You can håck pc games with memory range editing and/or memory attribute editing to håck in-game digits,You can also use the Speed håck to håck the gameplay speed of the game you want and more!!! Madali lang gawin pero mahirap iexplain kaya bigay ko na lng link ng tutorial...
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    Tutorial Mtk version and qualcomm version of xiaomi redmi note 4x

    All You Want Know About Redmi Note 4 Variants Introduction About Redmi Note 4 Are you guys looking for a budget but powerful phone? Seems impossible right? But I tell you what's possible! Meet the next king of budget phone -----Redmi Note 4. There's no way you gonna missed this phone. Redmi...
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    Smart Nag didisable ba data ng smart pag di ka nag paload?

    na disable ung simcard within 2days of activation tia sa makakasagot
  45. P

    Tutorial Compilation of programming tools

    Credits sa may-ari... Self Study Guides For future programmers Educational Purpose only Teach yourself photoshop in 14 Days. Link: Teach yourself C++ in 21 Days. Link...
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    Help Hi pwede po ba mag pa help? may .ehi config po ba na pwede gamitin for mobile hotspot?

    marami kasi ako kaylangan idownload sa pc ko tia sa makakasagot
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    Tutorial Beginner sa pcs?click and drivers to follow.

    Welcome to this post!Karamihan ng mga tanong niyo siguro,masasagot ng post na to. If not,please post or pm or whatever means of communication to contact me about it. 1.1 Hardware at kung paano mamili para sulit ang pera mo 1.2 Paano magassemble ng pc 1.3,1.4,1.5,and 1.6 kasunod na 1.1...
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    Tutorial A beginners guide to: worms, malware, and viruses.✔(2018)

    Malware, viruses, and worms – A look at the “virtual diseases” of electronic devices. Table of Contents: Malware Worms Viruses Trojans Spyware Vulnerabilities Prevention Firewall Avoid Spam Digital footprint Securing your computer Passwords in Web Browsers Keep Programs Up-to-Date Thread...
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    Final fantasy xiii-2 piggyback official guide

    Baka may nag lalaro din ng FFXIII-2 jan share ko lang nakita kong scan ng guide :)
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    Tutorial Ways and prevention in facebook häçking

    5 Ways to häçk a Facebook Account | Facebook häçking 1) Phishing : The first and very basic way of häçking Facebook accounts is via Phishing. Phishing is actually creating fake web pages to s†éál user’s credentials like email,passwords ,phone no,etc. DRAWBACK : Users nowadays are aware of these...