An image is a visual representation of something. It can be two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or somehow otherwise feed into the visual system to convey information. An image can be an artifact, such as a photograph or other two-dimensional picture, that resembles a subject. In the context of signal processing, an image is a distributed amplitude of color(s).In optics, the term “image” may refer specifically to a 2D image.
An image does not have to use the entire visual system to be a visual representation. A popular example of this is of a greyscale image, which uses the visual system's sensitivity to brightness across all wavelengths, without taking into account different colors. A black and white visual representation of something is still an image, even though it does not make full use of the visual system's capabilities.
Images are typically still, but in some cases can be moving or animated.

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    Tutorial Remove Objects Or People From A Photo. lets you remove people from a photo in a few seconds for free. You don't need complex softwares such as Adobe Photoshop. With you can achieve professional results in a few clicks. Pro tip: Select a bigger brush and don't hesitate to cover more than the area you...
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    Help UHD/HD Profile Pictures Download Free [4k]

    MAGANDANG HAPON MGA KUYS Baka meron kayong website link jan kung san maka download ng 4k Images like pang profile lng wala kasi me mahanap atm na source eh
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    Tutorial Male Dynamic Pose Reference Pictures for drawing

    Here are some High Resolution Dynamic Male Poses Best for Anatomical Sketching kitang kita yong mga masols I call him Lolo Zeus Please Enjoy
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    Help Sino Merong AI Website ρrémíùm Access Para sa Content, video, pictures, research.

    Pasabit mga boss. Nag susulat kasi ako now. Need ko ng inspiration :) Salamat ng marami sayo bosing.
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    ArtStation 870+ Dress Reference Pictures

    ArtStation - Grafit Studio - 870+ Dress Reference Pictures part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4: part 5...
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    Help [INQUIRY]Iphone deleted pictures recovery

    Mag tatanong lang po if meron po bang way ma recover ang mga deleted pictures sa Iphone X na deleted nadin sa mismong icloud? Maraming salamat po.
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    Help Ch

    MOD6assigmentAA.docx - DANIEL GABRIEL L. PUNO BSA 1-5 GEAA Module #6 Analysis 1. Can you determine which among the pictures are functional and | Course Hero
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    Anime Profile Pictures you may like

    Nakita ko lang ito sa tiktok, share ko lang. Download: Hidden content
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    Help Ch travelogue.odt

    Travelogue.odt - Caroline Conel ABM 11-C B. Inserting and Editing Pictures: Travelogue This is rumagangrang beach resort one of my favorite place to | Course Hero
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    Naka auto-delete na c meta sa mga files, links at pictures paki check nyu po sa messenger nyu mga paps

    ngayun ko lang napansin mga paps #MetaNEWUPDATE
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    Trivia Old pictures of VIGAN, ILOCOS SUR

    Vigan is one of Philippines’ most beautiful cities, as it showcases the Spanish heritage of the country. Vigan city is located in the northern part of the Philippines and it’s historical center, which is called the heritage village, is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list since 2 December...
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    Help Collect and mount pictures

    pahelp po sa aming activity guys, can you give an example or pwede pasagot nito? Madami kasi akong activity e, natambakan na. Thankyou in advance po.
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    Help Taking photos in a panel interview?

    I am a fresh graduate and technically, it was my first time in a job interview, much more in a panel interview. May I just ask, is it normal na may nagte-take ng photos (not one from the panelists, but one from the organization I am applying to) during the panel interview? Is it for their...
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    Photoshop common fails

    Good thing marami na ngayon gumagamit ng Adobe Photoshop, karamihan self taugh at iba sa work na natuto. Ako nagsimula sa unang version pa ng PS pero di ko masasabi at ma-consider na expert o master na ako. Kahit marami na tutorials sa internet ay napapansin ko na madami pa rin ang nagkakamali...
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    Closed Help

    Bakit di ako makapag up ng pic PHC gamit browser?
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    Closed Post-mortem pictures during the victorian era

    Creepy Post-Mortem Pictures From The Victorian Era That Will Haunt You Forever Taking photos has been popular since the day the camera was invented in the 19th century. The daguerreotype was invented in the 19th century. This was the earliest version of the camera. People were so excited to...
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    Closed The reflecting pool

    Did you know that one of the creepiest photographs ever taken was "The Reflecting Pool" by Peter A. Cohen. Curious? You may search.
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    Closed Fb lite tricks

    Another tricks. Free pictures sa fb lite kahit free data lang? (Pwede ba yuon?) Yes! Pwede. Make sure na may app kayo na FB lite. Kasi gagana lang sya pag may app ka. Pero kung browser lang gamit mo. I suggest i view mo yung isa ko post about sa free fb pics. Proceedures 1. I clear data mo si...
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    Closed Free fb pictures

    Hi mga ka PHC. May tricks ako about sa Fb browser. Kadalasan umaasa lang tayo sa free data. Kahit walang picture okay lang. Pero dahil sa trick na ito. Na enjoy ko nang 3 days for free ang Free FB ko with pictures! First punta tayo sa settings and i deactivate naten ang account naten. May...
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    Closed Where to store pictures online ???

    andami ko po kasing pics sa ipad, need ko ng online storage na madaling gamitin at safe, ( I don't want to use fb) lol , ano po ba yung okay na online file storage na okay gamitin??? yung hindi maaccess ng iba????( sample logged in sa iba't ibang samsung phones it shows up in albums right?)
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    pwede ka gumawa na wallpaper sa bahay. yung mga pictures mo sama sama sa isang MUKHA.. MOSAIC. INSTALLER copy easymosaic folder into program files open easy mosaic folder and right click on the exe file...
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    Closed Export Photos Shot by iPhone/iPad/iPod to Your Computer Easily

    Shot a lot of photos by iPhone, iPad or iPod, do you want to save them to your computer for a better keeping or enjoying? TunesGo for iOS can help you transfer photos from iPhone, iPad and iPod to your computer easily without iTunes or iPhotos. Watch Video: YøùTùbé.com/watch?v=EWiwDp4Jp_g...