Hide-and-seek (sometimes known as hide-and-go-seek) is a popular children's game in which at least two players (usually at least three) conceal themselves in a set environment, to be found by one or more seekers. The game is played by one chosen player (designated as being "it") counting to a predetermined number with eyes closed while the other players hide. After reaching this number, the player who is "it" calls "Ready or not, here I come!" or "Coming, ready or not!" and then attempts to locate all concealed players.The game can end in one of several ways. The most common way of ending is the player chosen as "it" locates all players; the player found first is the loser and is chosen to be "it" in the next game. The player found last is the winner. Another common variation has the seeker counting at "home base"; the hiders can either remain hidden or they can come out of hiding to race to home base; once they touch it, they are "safe" and cannot be tagged.
The game is an example of an oral tradition, as it is commonly passed by children.

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  1. Y

    Help Paano i hide ang gang and joke forum?

    di ko na kase makita paano i turn off masyado natatabunan mga importanting thread.
  2. S

    Help How to

    How to do this sa posts po? Thanks
  3. M


    Hi po! kakainstall lang ng Globe internet namin mga 1 week pa lang.. gusto ko sana i-hide yung wifi namin pero hindi gumagana ang broadcast button yung nasa screenshot po.. pahelp po baka may nakaexperience sa inyo dito or may idea po kayo. TY po
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    Hi po! kakainstall lang ng Globe internet namin mga 1 week pa lang.. gusto ko sana i-hide yung wifi namin pero hindi gumagana ang broadcast button yung nasa screenshot po.. pahelp po baka may nakaexperience sa inyo dito or may idea po kayo. TY po
  5. V

    Tutorial How to Hide User

    Para to sa di pa alam kong pano mag hide user Hidden content
  6. A

    Hide content unless someone reacted

    paano po gawen to
  7. O

    Help Patulong pano makita naka hide na wifi

    Pano po Makita naka hide na wifi Educational purpose lang
  8. I


  9. P

    Help Paano ko po makikita yung mga nka hide

    paano ko po makikita yung mga nka hide
  10. G

    Closed .

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    Help Paano mag hide comment?

    Paano po mag hide ng comment?
  12. T

    Android App Hide Message : Secret text v3.6 [ρrémíùm]

    Playstore Link: Hide Message : Secret text - Apps on Google Play how to hide whatsapp message?HideMessage can steganograph text messages! play.google.com Spoiler: APP DESCRIPTION Special Features Pro / ρáíd Features Unlocked All debug Info Removed Credit: Pradzee Download Link(s): Hidden...
  13. P

    Hide Facebook NF

    Hidden content
  14. N

    Gcash Hide Developer Options detection using Geto in Android(Open source)

    Open Source🫨 Available na sa GitHub at F-Droid: Gusto ko sana i-share tong app na gawa ko last month. Sa mga naka-Developer options diyan, alam naman natin na pag-turn off ng Developer Options sa settings, lahat ng settings eh marereset gaya ng Animations etc. Meron naman way para i-turn off...
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    Help Can't hide comment

    Pa help nmn po bkt hnd ko ma ganit yung hide features dati ok naman meron ba kailangang req. Para mka hide ng comments
  16. G

    Help Hide comment

    How to hide my comment on your posts? Any requirement to unlock the feature?
  17. M

    Help My IP Hide VPN

    Mga master baka pwede po maka request ng ρrémíùm account ng My IP Hide VPN or baka pwede po sana makisabit sa account nyo po. Maraming salamat po.
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    Tutorial React hide

    Hidden content
  19. S

    G·TM Pabulong naman ng script nyo sa slow dns no load pa hide nalang

    Pag sa last command nag eerror akin pabulong sana lods may load ako unli data pero walng magamit papa ko kaya ginagawan ko ng paraan lods sana may mag bulong
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    Help Hide user feature

    What is the hide user feature on PHC used for? Can someone please explain
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    Help Paano po mag hide ng post ko?

    Yung isang tao lang makakakita or selected lang po.. Maraming salamat po..
  22. P

    Help Ako lang ba hindi makapag hide ng reply sa thread?

    kahit text attachment hindi mapindot ayaw lumabas
  23. V

    Android App Anyone Calculator Hide Photo / Videos ?

    Baka meron kayong Latest app mga Lods pashare naman Thanl You :)
  24. N

    Help How to Hide Attachment

    Hello Good Day po mga Lods .. pwede po mag pa turo paano mag HIDE ng file or email sa post po .. maraming salamat mga ka PH .
  25. H

    Help Paano po i hide ang telegram?

    Meron po ba kayo alam paan i hide app like telegram?
  26. M

    Help M3u

    Baka meron po kayo na m3u na may local channels. Pa hide na lng po. Thanks.
  27. J

    Help Globe gpon onu hg6245d how to hide wifi

    hi po.. pa help sana if paano ma hide yong 5 Ghz na wifi. at 2.5 Ghz lang makikita.? tia
  28. G

    Help How To Hide My Device Name??

    Hi po mga paps, ask lang po kung may tricks ba paano i-hide ang name ng phone ko sa nakonekan ko na wifi? yung di sana makikita kung sinong device ang naka konek sa wifi.. salamat po 😊
  29. Z

    Help How to hide comment

    how to hide comment
  30. R

    Help Paano po mag hide ng comment?

    Need ko po step by step guide kung pano mag hide ng comment... please po
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    Android App Calculator Hide Photo, Video v1.69 Mod

    Calculator – Hide Photo, Video v1.69 Mod Size: 6.9MB No Ads Calculator Lock is a vault app can secretly Hide Pictures, Hide Videos without anyone knowing as gallery lock installed in your phone looks as just a regular calculator. Your files will be secretly stored in vault and can only be...
  32. C

    Help Help hide location

    Hi, I i am trying to hide my location from a developer, but he bans me. I tried vpn and gps fake, but he still bans me. Help pls
  33. P

    Help Hide image for post

    Gusto kong mag hide ng image, yung andun sa hide reaction 😅 Paano ba? San ko siya e uupload 😅 Pa help ako. Mwa!
  34. F

    Help May option ba na i hide yung mga ads dito sa PHC?

    pwede ba? napipindot kase hindi nman ako interesado sa ads. tsaka ang gulo tingnan, sakop pa yung malaking space kesa mga nakapost dito.
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    Help Hide Facebook friends

    How to hide number of Facebook friends
  36. A

    Help Hide user how

    Pano yung download button Hidden content Hidden content
  37. L

    Help Hide post option nawala

    sakin lang ata? pati dito sa post wala din di ma click haha
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    Help Hide comment nawawala

    bakit po kaya nawawala ung hide comment ko?