In computing, a server is a piece of computer hardware or software (computer program) that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called "clients". This architecture is called the client–server model. Servers can provide various functionalities, often called "services", such as sharing data or resources among multiple clients, or performing computation for a client. A single server can serve multiple clients, and a single client can use multiple servers. A client process may run on the same device or may connect over a network to a server on a different device. Typical servers are database servers, file servers, mail servers, print servers, web servers, game servers, and application servers.Client–server systems are usually most frequently implemented by (and often identified with) the request–response model: a client sends a request to the server, which performs some action and sends a response back to the client, typically with a result or acknowledgment. Designating a computer as "server-class hardware" implies that it is specialized for running servers on it. This often implies that it is more powerful and reliable than standard personal computers, but alternatively, large computing clusters may be composed of many relatively simple, replaceable server components.

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    S·T·S UDP setup VPS server 10dys valid

    sana gumana sa inyo Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content
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    C & C++ GPS data not showing on my web server

    Hello, everyone. I'm working on a project with two systems, and my board is the ESP8266. The 1st system is the mq9 gas sensor, and the second is the ublox neo6mv2 gps. The gas sensor works fine, but the GPS web server is not displaying any data. Here's my code for it #define sensor A0...
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    S·T·S Http custom UDP private server Test 10dys

    Download UDP private server tas hanggang sa mag-down yung server " 🌎🌍
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    VPN with PH server na pwede pag nag Aus/NZ?

    Hey guys, Meron po ba kayong alam kung anong VPN na pang laptop or mobile na meron Philippine servers? For use sana pag nasa abroad like Australia, para maka open ng mga apps na accessible sa philippine IP. Thanks!
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    G·TM Gtm no load flash speed until server down use netmod apps

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    Closed .

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    Counter Strike 1.3 Online server (Direct Download)

    join kayo sa facebook group search Counter-Strike 1.3 Online Philippines CSPLay Pag ka download open cs 1.3 tas punta sa console then type connect
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    Course Udemy | Master MCSE: Windows Server 2022 OS Administration Course | Limited Time Only | April 07, 2024

    Learn How to become a System Administrator What you will learn: ✅Networking Basics ✅Windows Server 2022 Operating System ✅Windows System administration ✅Active Directory ✅System Administrator Enroll Here: Hidden content
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    Cheat Ran Private server EP/VP tricks meron ba?

    may alam ba kayo pano yung tricks sa mga ran private server ep/vp pano madagdagan? like hellsing ran vp?
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    Help HydraX server

    hello po! gusto ko kasing mag download nang pinoy movies from this site, noon I can easily download 1080p movies with ease dito, especially sa hydrax server. ngayom kasi mahirap na, baka naman may alam kayo how to downoad movies from embedded videos?
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    Closed Closed.

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    Help Bakit may DNS queries pa rin sa secondary DNS server ko?

    Local DNS Server: AdguardHome Primary DNS Server: (Left Photo) Secondary DNS Server: (Right Photo) Bakit may DNS queries pa rin sa secondary DNS server ko? Di ba dapat primary DNS lang ang dapat may query? Sabay ba talaga ginagamit ng DHCP server (ng router) at ng mga...
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    Help It's all about Apache Server httpd.conf

    Hello mga boss, baka may expert dyan pwede kong makausap re setup ng apache.
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    Patay naba evozi server dnstt?

    Patay naba evozi server slowdns 🤔 ayaw na gumana kahit may termux Patay nadin mainssh sg2 😭 Baka meron kayo Public panel na working ngayon pa share naman
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    Closed Closed.

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    Closed Closed.

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    Flyff U Rhisis server

    Anyone baka may nag lalaro nito?
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    Help Server

    Saan pwede ideploy yung mobile application database para accessible siya online? Yung free sana.
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    Course Free Udemy Course: Ubuntu Network Server

    Hidden content here's the link: Hidden content PA FEEDBACK NA LNG PO TYTY!!!
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    Night Crows server

    Hello, beginner po ako. Help me which server maganda pasukan?
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    Tutorial Private Server | One piece Mobile Game | Free Unlimited Recharge | Max Level

    -Unlimited Summon -Unlimited Top up -Updated One piece chacters Everthing is free - Claim Coin Recharge in the Profile Settings section next to the Reedem Gift code - Claim VIP Prizes to Get ★90 Heroes Giftcode Hidden content -Download Link Hidden content Kindly reply if you want to request...
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    Help Pashare slowdns ph server?

    san kayo gumagawa ng slowdns ph server, bukod sa vpnjantit? pashare naman salamat
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    Cheat Ran Online GS Private Server

    Looking for cheat engine source code ng Ran GS, currently napapagana ko yong drone view at long range di ko alam kung anong value ang isearch para sa attk speed, movement speed, pet speed, at kung anong iba ang puwede pa i edit para dito: Ran Online (GS) also meron din akong existing trainer sa...
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    Night crows server 205

    bka po may taga server 205 jan pasali naman po sa guild
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    Tutorial CODM New Test server 2024

    New Call Of Duty Mobile Test Server Season 4 2024 Hidden content
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    Help Cross Server problem

    may alam po ba kayong way para di mag lag yung kalaro ko po kasi is from Dubai naglalag yung isa samin
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    Tutorial Private ControlD DNS Server Custom Configuration - Auto GEO DNS, YøùTùbé ADs, ADBlocking Universal, Stream Sites, Gaming, Unblocks Restricted Sites.

    Rely on my latest thread about ControlD DNS Custom Config... Tutorial - ControlD DNS Configuration Made for YøùTùbé ADs, General AdBlocking, and Security - Smart Phones, Windows, and Web Browsers.. Thank You.
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    Android TV as a server (web, file server etc.)

    Sino naka try na? Currently meron ako dito MXQ Pro 4k na ginawa ko web server (local). Setup: - AWebServer Http Apache PHP Sql turn on auto run lang sa settings. Pa share if meron kayo.
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    Help Specs ng Server sa DepEd

    Ano pong specs nang server na makakadaig sa 40 plus na computers, gamit lang ang Windows Multipoint Server?
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    Help VPN for PC PH Server

    pa help mga ka Sensei, ano magandang VPN for PC na may PH server, pa tulong po...or baka may free account kayo pa try, thanks.
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    S·T·S Godspeed Netmod Slowdns and ZIvpn UDP aws and contabo SG Server

    ρrémíùm Servers Contabo and Aws Till ServerDown Enjoy!! This is Open Configs So Pwede nyo Palitan DNS IP or Itermux si NS For GTM :) No Blocking For Registered Sim(Zivpn) Hidden content
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    ♨️GTM promo - OVPN ♨️ --------------------- GO SHARE > Hidden content Tutorial: Download OVPN file Open Apps OPENVPN Connect/ OpenVPN Client Import file .OVPN Done.. Work or not work please report me..
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    Spotify Prèmium MOD Apk Download Server-side Info

    Kung nakakapag download kayo ng mga kanta gamit ang Spotify Prèmium MOD apk hindi yan nanggagaling sa mismong Spotify kundi sa Yoùtube lng at sa iba pang music platforms.. Same rin sa ilang website na Spotify Downloader at Telegram bot.
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    Cheap NAS/File Server

    pakopya ng setup nyo. mahal kasi ang synology. goal lang naman ay meron ako ako backup ng mga files na pwede ko ma access anytime na no need ng pc. ayoko din mag bayad monthly ng cloud storage
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    Pa try ng Jellyfin server ko guys!
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    Tutorial Jellyfin Media Server

    Patry ng Jellyfin Media Server ko guys Heheeh